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By Amy Dale | Comments: ( 727 ) | Date: ( Jan 18, 2020 )

How Simon Gittany murdered Lisa Harnum.A terrified woman runs for the door, her final effort to escape a cruel and controlling fianc She is too late A secret camera captures him covering her mouth to suppress her screams as he drags her back inside 69 seconds later Lisa Harnum is dead But Simon Gittany insists he has done nothing wrong he claims his beautiful partneHow Simon Gittany murdered Lisa Harnum.A terrified woman runs for the door, her final effort to escape a cruel and controlling fianc She is too late A secret camera captures him covering her mouth to suppress her screams as he drags her back inside 69 seconds later Lisa Harnum is dead But Simon Gittany insists he has done nothing wrong he claims his beautiful partner died for a secret she feared would be exposed The grainy final image of Lisa alive would later horrify a nation, a chilling reminder that the greatest harm can come to us from the hands of those we love It was also the first hint police had that all was not what it seemed with the outwardly charismatic Gittany What was Lisa s secret Did the bubbly Canadian hide a past she would die to protect How far did Gittany, a man with a criminal past, go to watch her every move and conversation Police sensed a ruse the man who installed cameras in every room in his luxury apartment was trying to lead them off track with tales of his troubled lover s final days Their suspicions are further confirmed when it emerges his well kept recording devices had been switched off only hours before Lisa died With only two witnesses to that final minute, one who can no longer speak, detectives question if they could ever prove a charge of murder A week later, a grieving, distraught mother in Toronto answers the phone A man who looked up 15 storeys into the city skyline has come forward And what he s seen changes everything The Fall goes behind the headlines of the country s most captivating court case to bring the story of how Lisa fell in love and grew to fear her fiance It reveals that while Lisa couldn t escape the danger of Simon Gittany she left behind clues to help catch a killer from beyond the grave.

  • Title: The Fall
  • Author: Amy Dale
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Amy Dale

Amy Dale was born in Sydney and is the Chief Court Reporter for the city s highest selling daily paper, The Daily Telegraph She reported the Simon Gittany case from his arrest in August 2011 After reporting on every day of the trial and its dramatic verdict, she travelled to Canada to speak with Lisa Harnum s family and friends She joined the paper as a journalist in 2006 and in that time has reported on sport, police and business She became the senior court reporter in 2011 and covers the state s most high profile trials and anti corruption inquires.Amy Dale lives in Sydney, Australia

Comments The Fall

  • Carolyn

    Lisa Harnum fell to her death from a 15th floor balcony on 30th July 2011. In this carefully laid out account, Amy Dale clearly relates the events that led up to that fateful day. This is a story of a toxic relationship where extreme psychological abuse turned a vibrant, friendly young woman into a friendless recluse whose every move was watched and controlled by her boyfriend, Simon Gittany. Most Australians will remember seeing on the news the shocking images captured by the camera at the door [...]

  • Brenda

    Lisa Harnum had loved to dance as a child – living in Toronto in the United States with her brother Jason and mother Joan she had a happy childhood. She was a determined child, who grew into a determined teen; her love of dance would see her stay at the dance school long after her friends had drifted away with more to interest them. But illness would attack; her confidence would shatter – years later, leaving for Australia felt like the right thing to do. Lisa felt she needed to achieve some [...]

  • Josh

    One of the more sensationalised crimes reported in recent times, the murder of Lisa Harnum by Simon Gittany captivated arm chair juries and social media addicts throughout court proceedings. Having all the hallmarks of prime time crime; an attractive couple, never-before-seen video evidence after the fact, and the brutal and public display of the heinous crime, the trial which saw Simon Gittany sentenced to 18 + 8yrs was far from a media circus but it did provide an insight into a dark, dark pla [...]

  • Bri

    I was familiar with this case due to it being all over the media during the trial. The book was well written and thoughtful even if a little bit repetitive in some parts. I read a lot of true crime books but this one triggered me like no other has ever done. Having been in an abusive relationship before I could relate all too well to the tactics Gittany used against his girlfriend and then fiancee, Lisa Harnum. The author really captured how Gittany controlled every aspect of Lisa’s life. He k [...]

  • Lee

    This book was quite interesting. It took you through the background detail of the case and into the courtroom through the trial. It is blatantly obvious this man was controlling, arrogant and completely full of himself and Lisa never stood a chance against him. I felt very much for Lisá's mother, how hard must it be to sit there day after day listening to such distressing evidence.

  • Vanessa

    A very sad and tragic story retold well. I believe Amy Dale provided a thoughtful and factual account. She didn't hide that the victim suffered her own demons, but did bring to light the damaging effects of a controlling and domestic partner. May Lisa's mum find some peace in knowing she helped put away a murderer who could have done the same thing to another woman.

  • Kirby

    Justice Lucy McCallum was brilliant in this case.

  • Jane

    The Fall traces the trial of R v Gittany in the NSW Supreme Court during 2013 and 2014. Simon Gittany was found guilty of murdering his fiancée, Lisa Harnum on July 30 2011 and Amy Dale does an excellent job of telling Lisa Harnum's sad story and shedding light on the absolute arrogance and controlling personality of Gittany who managed to totally control every aspect of Lisa Harnum's life so that to her friends and family she became a shadow of her former vibrant self. In the end this is a sto [...]

  • Emily Webb

    Amy Dale did a great job with this book. A terribly sad story with lots of drama. I kept thinking throughout how sad it was that Lisa Harnum was so pathetically dependant on her boyfriend (and killer) Simon Gittany. I wanted her to leave and she nearly did He was so controlling and Dale has documented that well in this book.

  • Tina

    A fascinatingly, tragic story and a well told, sympathetic version of it. Unfortunately the grammar and editing were disastrous at times and I found myself having to read numerous sentences multiple times to attempt to decipher their meaning. Editors and proofreaders alike have failed grossly here I'm afraid and it detracted from the story hugely.

  • Olwen

    Interesting too, but also disturbing if you have ever been in an abusive relationship (and who wants to be reminded of THAT?) . Despite this, I think it would be useful reading for adolescent women to help them identify controlling men when they appear.

  • Andrew Crawford

    For a fascinating case I found this quiet a tedious read and found myself skipping not just pages but chapters

  • Tia

    Interesting and considerate narrative with plenty of facts. Dale was thoughtful in her writing and retold the story well.

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ The Fall | by ↠ Amy Dale
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