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By J.C. Valentine | Comments: ( 233 ) | Date: ( Feb 23, 2020 )

Warning RAINE contains adult situations some readers may find offensive This is a deeply emotional story that contains violence, explicit sex, strong language, and is not considered suitable for readers under 18 Shy.Intelligent.Naive.Statistic.Raine Forester was an average girl leading an average life She slipped beneath everyone s radar, until Camron Moss, the most poWarning RAINE contains adult situations some readers may find offensive This is a deeply emotional story that contains violence, explicit sex, strong language, and is not considered suitable for readers under 18 Shy.Intelligent.Naive.Statistic.Raine Forester was an average girl leading an average life She slipped beneath everyone s radar, until Camron Moss, the most popular guy in school, took interest in her and changed everything.Some acts are unforgivable.Raine thought she d been accepted She thought she was one of them She thought she was in love until one moment made her realize she d trusted the wrong person Lies are told, hearts get broken, secrets are revealed, and sometimes, true love is found in the least likely places.

  • Title: Raine
  • Author: J.C. Valentine
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

J.C. Valentine

J.C Valentine is the USA Today and International bestselling author of the Night Calls and Wayward Fighters Series and the Forbidden Trilogy Her vivid imagination and love of words and romance had her penning her own romance stories from an early age, which, despite being poorly edited and written longhand, she forced friends and family members to read No, she isn t sorry.J.C lives in the Northwest with her three amazing children and far too many pets, and together they spend much of their free time enjoying movies or the outdoors Among the many hats she wears, J.C is an entrepreneur Having graduated with honors, she holds a Bachelor s in English and when she isn t writing, you can find her editing for fellow authors.Sign up for J.C s newsletter and never miss a thing bit 1KxXWWBConnect with JC on Facebook facebook JCValetineAuthor

Comments Raine

  • Lady Vigilante (Feifei)

    2.5 stars!I picked this book up because of the catchy premise: the shy, studious girl gets the most popular guy in school but later ends up with his older brother?! Well, color me intrigued. Unfortunately, this book was SO far from what I anticipated it to be I was relieved that I finally finished. Don’t get me wrong, the groundwork of the story is a good one, but this book completely lacks depth: the writing was choppy, certain scenes got cut off at the most pivotal moments, and plot was seve [...]

  • Lustful Literature

    ** JEN'S 5 STAR REVIEW ** “This was the classic case of poor girl meets rich boy and rich boy saves poor girl from total ruin.”But this story goes deeper then that. So much deeper. As the synopsis warns us: RAINE contains adult situations some readers may find offensive. This is a deeply emotional story that contains violence, explicit sex, strong language, and is not considered suitable for readers under 18. Lies are told, hearts get broken, secrets are revealed, and sometimes, true love is [...]

  • Melyssa Winchester

    It should be stated that this book contains mature themes and as such probably shouldn’t be read by someone really young, or anyone who has issues with rape and the trauma that comes from an experience like that. Normally for me, given personal experience, that would be a no go for me, but I stepped out of my comfort zone in order to read this for two reasons. It’s JC Valentine and any book I’ve read by her hasn’t let me down yet, and secondly, Raine is my daughter’s name and just base [...]

  • Cassia Brightmore

    J.C. Valentine sure knows how to create a male that is not only drool worthy in looks, but a dream come true in every way imaginable. Leading characters like Raine and Jarret are ones that are unforgettable, enjoyable in every way and have the ability to break your heart as well as heal it. Their story is not a traditional one, hell it may not even be one that you hear of in this lifetime. But it is one that is worth reading, one that has topped the charts for me, and made me believe that even i [...]

  • Shannon (aka The Tale Temptress)

    This is a hard review for me to write because I loved this book so much that it's hard to really get my thoughts together about it. From the summary, you can probably guess what happens to Raine that is "unforgiveable", but I won't reveal it in case you didn't figure it out.I've read a lot of books where this type of "event" has happened in the plot, including a book I read not long ago which I ended up DNF'g. Whether I like this type of book or not depends largely on how the victim reacts. Bear [...]

  • P.J. Fiala

    These characters, Raine and Jarret were believable and the circumstances so real that it had my emotions spinning around.Raine is quiet and shy. She didn’t seem to fit anywhere with any particular group until she was asked out by the top jock—Cameron Moss. Not completely fitting in with Cameron’s friends but going through the motions, her life changes forever the night of prom. He told her he loved her. Now, she’s pregnant and totally alone.That is, until one day, she finds comfort from [...]

  • Rose Love

    I have read other books from Mrs. Valentine and couldn’t wait to read this one. She didn’t disappoint me. I couldn’t put it down from the minute I picked it up. Raine Forester was the quiet girl that no one really paid attention to, until the day Camron Moss came into her life. The events that happen on the night of the senior prom will forever bond them together. When Camron insisted that Raine is not carrying his child, Raine has been kicked out of her home and has been living in her car [...]

  • Ronda

    Oh my, what to say about Raine? This book was wonderful, that's what I'll say! At first, I was concerned that the story line would be too cliche; nerdy girl, jock guy, mean girls, etc however, I was pleasantly surprised to find that was not the case. The story was told with a fresh perspective and I appreciated that. From the start, I loved Raine (the character). She was so easy to relate to. I loved her strength in dealing with all that happened to her and her courage in continuing on a difficu [...]

  • Michelle

    2.5 - 3 stars? What is there to say about this book? Unpopular girl falls for popular rich boy. Boy rapes girl during a heavy make out session. Then informs her it was all a bet. Girl gets pregnant, parents don't believe her and kick her out because they are so religious. WTF?? Girl has hardly nothing to her name and lives in a dump. Popular boys brother is different from his asshole family and wants to help her. Girl refuses! But after her car breaks down she stays with the brother. They start [...]

  • Maria Lazarou--Obsessed by Books Blog

    ♦♦♦♦ I received an arc in exchange for an honest review ♦♦♦♦Here you have a book that touches on subject matter that some readers may find uncomfortable, but saying that it is written in a very tasteful way.As soon as you start reading the pages pull you in, you can connect to the characters. It is beautifully written and an easy to follow storyline.A book that everyone should read.

  • Kim Howlett

    I'm a huge fan of J C Valentines books and have read them all. When I saw the cover to Raine and read the blurb, it sounded like a YA book and nothing like what her books are usually like. As I love J C Valentine books I thought I'd still read it even though I was thinking it wouldn't live up to my expectations.BUT my goodness was I wrong!! This book was not for YA in my eyes at least and I'll explain why thoughout my review. And I never should of judged a book by its cover. This book had so man [...]

  • LA Spiez

    "Because I do." Sitting on the side to the bed, Jarrett tucked a few strands of hair that had escaped her ponytail behind her ear. "I haven't been able to take my eyes off you since the day I first saw you. You may have been my brother's first, but you've always been mine. And I'm yours Raine, mind, body and soul. Everything I have, everything I am, belongs to you." ~ Jarrett MossIf it's possible to fall in love with a book boyfriend in the prologue of a book, I fell in love with Jarrett Moss fr [...]

  • Romance Readers Retreat

    Oh Raine is one of those characters that you just want to hug and protect right from the off. And Jarrett is just adorable. We meet the two in the prologue of this story as Raine goes into labour and calls Jarrett to help, straight away questions jump up as to why this girl is alone going into labour and why Jarrett was not with her. Then Jarrett’s musing on his way to Raine reveals the cusp of this story he is in love with Raine and the child she is about to deliver is not his, it is his Brot [...]

  • Melissa Mendoza

    “His lips were a contradiction-soft but firm, hard but forgiving, demanding but cautious. The longer it went on the more her body craved.”Heat Rating:5 rescue me stars!!! OMG… Can Jarret be more perfect?? He may have ruined me for all other book boyfriends!Raine is the outcast at her school, not the popular girl, so when Camron The popular football player from school notices her, she’s elated. But Camron isn’t the dream she thought he was. After a drunk night at prom he rapes her… an [...]

  • Aisha Oaktree

    Originally Reviewed on The Bewitching BibliophileDo you ever get nervous for your characters?? From the synopsis of the book you knew something was going to happen and as I read I kept fearing this would be the moment and I was so scared for her. Like, no, I want to save her and keep her safe and nothing bad ever happens. I'm so glad I agreed to read this story because it was amazeballs.The story starts with Raine and we begin to watch it all unfold and I'm so happy that girlie had a backbone ev [...]

  • Escape Reality with Books

    What would you do if the hottest, wealthiest boy in high school takes a liking to you and wants you to be his? Would you believe it to be true or would you think it was all a horrible joke.This is the dilemma facing Raine. Camron is the hottest and wealthiest boy in high school and he meets her when jogging by her house one day. Following that, he takes an interest in her and the two start a relationship much to Raine’s disbelief. Sure Raine is pretty but she doesn’t believe she is at the ca [...]

  • TLBC

    My 5 star review!Review copy provided. I wasn't expecting such an emotional book. This is a book that is hard to review because I feel I could give too much away. Raine (h) poor sweet Rainee was the typical nerdy girl and average (or so she thought) in every way. She was raised with religious parents, never really had a boyfriend or dated until her senior year when Camron the most popular guy took interest in her. Raine loved Camron and trusted him, did things she's never donebut one night chang [...]

  • Kimothy

    Raine was such a great book. It was very hard to read in a certain part, where a very difficult situation occurs to Raine. One that some readers may find very difficult to read. From the start we know Raine is not some vapid attention seeking character she is out of her depth, both in her current social situation and how it plays out. She does not feel comfortable in her own skin or her way of life she has not found her path i felt, she is trying to find her niche but little does she realise bei [...]

  • Catarina Swartz

    Raine is a book about heartache, J.C. Valentine as masterd a story about heartache and betrayle.Raine is your average girl, the invisable girl who noone really knows, when the most gorgeous guy in school take notice of her and treats her like a princess, Raine can't help but fall iin love. At the school Prom Raine feels something isn't right between her and Camron and the un thinkable happens.Raine is left heartbroken and homeless, pregnant and no money. When she confronts Camron he, doesn't wan [...]

  • Carrie White

    I was graciously given an ARC for review! One god-forsaken night can change ones world in a blink of an eye. RAINE,a strong willed fighter is anything but close to popular in any way seeing how she has no friends, literally. She's shy, keeps to herself type of gal who was raised by old fashioned values which she believes in. On the right path making her parents prouder than ever with the most love until one jock-ass relentlessly pursues her! Cameron is 'THE' popular jock-ass, ya know the one? Hi [...]

  • Candi-

    Raine Forester is just your average, shy, ordinary girl. Basically invisibleat is until Camron Moss comes along. Camron is Mr. Popular, football captain and a total douchebag. When he takes interest in Raine everything will forever change. One night after a party the unthinkable happens and things just seem to keep getting worse for Raine. Jarrett is Camron's older brother and the black sheep of his family. Once he lays eyes on Raine his attraction to her is instant. After bumping into her after [...]

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group

    This book is powerful. It makes you really think about the actions we take, the judgments we pass on others. Most of the time in life we don’t know we even do it, but what if we took the 20 minutes to get to know their story? Would our opinion change? I LOVED these characters. They were original, had their own impressions of each other, and were just stubborn enough to make the whole story real. The writing made you feel what the characters were feeling, made you want to give them a big hug wh [...]

  • Kelly Kline

    Raine is the typical shy awkward teenager in high school. No one ever noticed Raine until Camron, the most popular boy in school.Camron is the star football player and the guy every girl wants. Something seems off to Raine. Why would the most popular boy in school want her? Things happen that send her life into a tailspin. She has a chance meeting with Camrons brother Jarret but with her life in turmoil can she find it in herself to trust him? Jarret is the black sheep of the family and he is dr [...]

  • Ashleyjo

    I'm stingy with my five star ratings, so much so that out of hundreds of books, only a select handful have been fives. I gladly add this book to that select handful. I'm not going to say much because this one is best just to be read! It will jerk at your heart, make you empathize with several tough teen topics, enrage you, give you little reasons to smile, and make you swoon when an unlikely knight in beat up armor makes you wish book boyfriends could be cloned! The author weaved a sweet and ten [...]

  • Red Cheeks Reads

    The synopsis for this book doesn’t give much away so I am going to keep this review as spoiler free as possible! I enjoyed this book and actually read it in one day; I really couldn’t put it down.Just a warning, there is one scene in this book that some people may find difficult to read. Like I said I don’t want to give too much away but I feel that the author handled this tough part as tactfully as possible given the topic and didn’t exploit it unnecessarily.I found “Raine” to be an [...]

  • Mitzi

    ���Something Raine had learned in her short nineteen years of life on earth was that nothing was permanent.���I love J.C.���s books, but this one is right up there among a favorite for me. The characters were believable and the circumstances so real to life that it had my emotions riding the old proverbial roller coaster. Quiet and shy, Raine seemed to not fit in anywhere until she was asked out by the top jock���popular and good looking���Cameron Moss. But did she [...]

  • Jo

    That ending has turned me into a big pile of mush. The most perfect epilogue!Right, the story. Camron is a douche. Raine is a survivor. Jarrett is the one. After one unthinkable act, Raine is left with a precious gift and one she is not willing to give up. Finding herself alone and in need of help, Jarrett finds her when she needs someone the most. He protects her, he befriends her, he develops feelings for her but is confused as to where it's all going. She accepts his help, but doesn't expect [...]

  • Stories and Swag Book Blog

    Raine by J.C. Valentine4 StarsWhat happens with the average girl who slips beneath everyone’s radar suddenly has the interest of the most popular guy in the school? Raine believes this is the beginning of being accepted but what she doesn’t know is that lies will be told, hearts will be broken, and she will be left with nothing.You will meet Raine who has her whole world turned upside down and forges ahead with determination. Cameron the popular guy in high school that that is not so nice. J [...]

  • Desirae (Dee)

    I am so very pleasantly surprised with how this book turned out. It could have gone a multitude of ways and so many things could have happened. But how JC Valentine let the story play out was perfect. The switch between two points of views was seamless and so easy to get into. I loved our characters. I loved Raine, she was easy to connect with and relate to. More importantly I was able to travel the ups and downs she was feeling throughout the story. The way JC was able to make me relate to both [...]

  • Alicia at Mean Girls Luv Books

    4.5 StarsI absolutely adore this story. J.C. Valentine pulled me right in from the very first page and didn't let me go until the very last word. The prologue itself was full of so much emotion.At first, the story is Raine's. She has her first boyfriend, Camron, who appears to be way out of her league. They are complete opposites: She's shy, he's outgoing, he's popular and she is basically invisible. They are together, seemingly in love, until something terrible happens and they suddenly split. [...]

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