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By H.M. Ward | Comments: ( 136 ) | Date: ( Mar 31, 2020 )

THE SERIES WITH OVER A MILLION COPIES SOLD Volume 16 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement SerialsI ve gone from a future of possibilities to nothing in a single gunshot Homeless, penniless and without the man I love, my hopelessness overwhelms me and I seek unexpected comfort from people long absent in my life I can t lose Sean not now, not ever and I ll do anytTHE SERIES WITH OVER A MILLION COPIES SOLD Volume 16 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement SerialsI ve gone from a future of possibilities to nothing in a single gunshot Homeless, penniless and without the man I love, my hopelessness overwhelms me and I seek unexpected comfort from people long absent in my life I can t lose Sean not now, not ever and I ll do anything to catch the person trying to take him away from me, even if it means using myself as bait.Genre New Adult Romance This story unfolds over multiple volumes approx 125 pages each The Arrangement Vol 1 16 are on sale now.

  • Title: The Arrangement 16: The Ferro Family
  • Author: H.M. Ward
  • ISBN: 9781630350376
  • Page: 140
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

H.M. Ward

H.M Ward continues to reign as a NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author who is swiftly approaching 13 million copies sold, placing her among the literary titans Ward has been featured in articles in the NEW YORK TIMES, FORBES, and USA TODAY to name a few You can interact with this bestselling author at facebook AuthorHMWard Text HMWARD to 24587 and get a text reminder on release sale days.

Comments The Arrangement 16: The Ferro Family

  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

    *****2.75 DISAPPOINTED STARS*****I'm starting to get fed up with this series.I've devoted a lot of time and money in it and now it just feels like the author has lost her direction with this one. I'm not sure where she is trying to go but it's definitely taken a turn for the worse.I don't even know where to begin with all the things that are wrong with this one. First off, no STEAMY scenes at all between Sean and Avery. That was what first drew me to this story in the beginning. The sexy times w [...]

  • Candace

    This umpteenth book in The Arrangement series sees Sean make it out of the hospital, only to be kidnapped. Honestly, this series is just starting to get incredibly exhausting and irritating. I feel like I'm reading the script for all of the Days of Our Lives episodes from 1985 - present. I'm just waiting on Sean's dead wife, Amanda, to return from the other side. I'm sure it will happen soon.I really enjoyed this series when it started. Now, I'm just tired of the drama and the never-ending on-ag [...]

  • H.M. Ward

    releases MONDAY! :) cover and description are up!

  • Michelle

    ***Note to those who are not caught up on Bryan's story (The Proposition: The Ferro Family) This installment will have a major spoiler to that series - so if you, like me were not done with it and read this it sort of ruins the entire 5 part series. ***The Arrangement Series has pretty much been my book crack since March 2013 when I first read the first in the series. With each one I vow to wait before buying it - to let the series end before one-clicking. each time, I fail and I click. In the 1 [...]

  • Theresa Alberts

    If I could have given this book half a star I would have because it was that awful, stupid and utterly ridiculous! Before I even go on to review, I was under the impression, as I believe many other readers were as well that 16 would be the conclusion to this book and clearly it is NOT! The web of craziness that has been come this serial has only grown, leaving the reader with more questions, less if any answers at all, and wondering if the end is anywhere in sight. At the rate this is going and [...]

  • Lucratia

    I am so pissed off it isn't even funny!! Like, mad angry to the point of swearingg fuck it, I am swearing because this book truly deserves it!!! This was such a waste of my time it's unbelievable that anyone would give it anything beyond a 3!I loved the first couple of books in the series and liked the latest ones and was okay with another installment until I read this one!! Holly please end the torture seriously, you are not doing yourself any favors. You are a brilliant writer, you have very g [...]

  • Megan Crisp

    MehI think this series is about over, it took me a little less than an hour to read this highly anticipated arrangement 16, and for me it fell flat, I read reviews saying how we finally get answers. really? did I sleep through the entire book? I still have no answers I think this volume was the longest wait through all the volumes to be released and I could have done without wasting $3 on it I'm a huge fan of holly but I feel this book was thrown out, just to be out because of all the anticipati [...]

  • J

    This series is getting beyond ridiculous. I read so many other books between each instalment that I'm struggling to remember the entire storyline by the time the next book is released. Seriously, can we wrap this up already Ms Ward?

  • Jasmine Slaton

    I am so ready for this to end never thought I'd see the day but it's really starting to drag and become really predictable. I saw that ending coming, it was pretty damn obvious to me. I really need for Sean and Avery to get their happy ending. Maybe if we kill Marty it could happen.

  • LIA

    what I really hate bout this series is some scene missing! blah

  • Taylor Freeman

    Okay So,First - I'm still trying to figure out why they brought Tristan into Avery's storyline. What's the point of having that whole scene go down in the last book if they don't even know if they slept together or not. Just another reason for Sean to push her away and that's getting tiresome. Second - So now that she (view spoiler)[ went to Sean's room and had a morphine endured heart to heart, ended it again and then he chased after her are they together again???(hide spoiler)]Third - Another [...]

  • Michelle ♥♥♥♥

    I received and ARC in exchange for my honest reviewSo as you all know, I HATED (well disliked is a better word) 15 just because of my feelings toward Sean! If you've read Prop 5 you know that it happened prior to 15 So in this latest volume we play catch up. As well as move forward.I have to honestly say that I highly enjoyed this latest volume, so much more then all the rest I think. I'm not giving anything away as always. What I will say though is; you will be part of some heavy drama, have to [...]

  • Leanne

    These books are spiraling. I can't keep storylines straight. I thought this may be it but it is far from it.I can't tell if it is the Author's need to continue the storyline or Avery's absent mindedness that is confusing me but these reads are becoming less and less about love and lust and more and more about intrigue and action storylines.Just bloody well end this series so I can be done with these two.

  • Vivian

    (((ARC REVIEW)))***SPOILER FREE***First, and foremost, I would like to thank Holly Ward for blessing me with an advanced copy of A16! Your books are amazeballs and I'm honored to have the chance to review it before it's released. Thanks a bunch!WHOA! Don't even know where to start without giving spoilers. This is by far my favorite installment thus far! On the journey of "The Arrangment", there has been ups and downs and twists and turns in Sean and Avery's relationship and I feel like this inst [...]

  • Donna ~ The Romance Cover

    Betrayals, some answers and a hell of a lot more questions. The cross overs between this and all the Ferro books are coming in thick and fast, how HM Ward keeps track of it all is mind boggling. Once again, this is one series that I cannot stop reading and am always waiting for the next one. I do think though that now is the time that Avery and Sean should get their break much more crap do they need to go through?

  • Kendra Needs

    I have to say this is one of the best in the series.e suspense/cliffhanger at the end is rhe bestlots of mentions of all ferro men/women. was packed fullI was lucky eneough to have been given an arc for an honet review here it isloved loved it.g on book 17 holly I cannot waityou rock to the moon and back for your awesome books

  • Ashley

    Fucking Marty The mention of Bryan literally ripped me into shreds again :'( I truly loved him <3 Freaking Sean of course he would go and look for Marty in his condition that man is relentless. But i'm glad he's okay for now<3

  • Lori

    This story is just getting to far fetched. I also feel like I am being conned into having to buy her other books. I am thinking that I might just have to end this series with this book and not knowing the ending, if there is ever going to be one.

  • Betza

    O por los dioses,,,, el final esta jalado de los pelos, y no me puedo creer todo lo que esta pasando

  • Anita Powers

    This is a long review sorry just had to let it all out, this was a great book. Right from the start the drama begins, I was not surprised by who was in the audience and I hate that Avery has once again been betrayed by a friend. We get to see Trystan's reaction to a certain someone. I still think the relationship between Trystan and Avery is strange, so now she is his best friend??? Then we get to meet the not so charming Logan, Bryan's brother, yea another cocky Ferro. The only thing I can thin [...]

  • Leslie Atkinson

    I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.These last few books in the Arrangement series have left me hot and cold. I did not like 14, but 15 was much better, and this latest installment blows my mind. Here's the tricky part: You need to be caught up on the other serials before reading Arrangement 16. There are instances in the other books where characters overlap, but you won't be able to fully appreciate this story without having read her other series. (Tricky move, Holly!). That bei [...]

  • Julie

    Sometimes we don’t realize how we feel until we are faced with loss. This is the sentiment that Avery knows all too well. As she faces the reality of life without Sean, Avery finds herself at a crossroads. One that will take her back to the place she finds comfort. Revelations from her childhood will add more layers to the mystery surrounding her life. Ones that do not easily have answers. As Sean recovers, he confides in Avery about his demons. Circumstances will bring more Ferro family membe [...]

  • Rosie AvidReader

    The Arrangement 16 left off right where 15 left off.Sean's life on the line from the gunshot wound. Emotions are running wild. Sean is in surgery and nobody will tell Avery anything. Last she knew, they didn't think he would make it. Trystan gets there and is there to help support Avery. After convincing the nurses to let them see Sean, guess who greets them.Mari!! Omg! Trystan plays it offMari is just completely dumbfounded by seeing himAfter finding out Sean refuses to see Avery, she ends up g [...]

  • B at Spare Time Book Blog

    There is no way for me to do this review without spoilers. So proceed with caution! Avery is reeling from Sean getting shot by someone to protect her. He is having surgery and who knows what will happen. What if he doesn't wake up?! Avery is going through all of these scenarios in her head. She now realizes she needs Sean that she wants to be with him forever but, what if he doesn't survive? She will live through this life without the one man that she loves. Will Avery get to tell Sean how she f [...]

  • Kamilla

    Another kickass instalment. Apart from the first few pages where Avery' angst is suffocating and bloody annoying, the story is unfolding well. Sean is hurt, Avery wants to break down, but can't and has to keep being strong, but that is just too damn difficult. When she finally gets her act together, she goes to see him in hospital And right there is such a lovely rare moment between them. Sean is vulnerable because of all the meds. His tue self is surfacing. Aaaaahh! But not fo long of course. A [...]

  • Stacy Hahn

    I feel like I say this every time, but this series just keeps getting better and better! The Arrangement 16 is almost all Avery and Sean and I loved it! Avery realizes just how much she loves and needs Sean in her life after watching him get shot. Sean pushes Avery away because he thinks he's poison and loves her too much to hurt her. He feels his only way to protect her is to push her away, but Avery doesn't let him and she pushes right back. We also get to have interaction with Trystan and Mar [...]

  • 4smalls

    - ARC COPY FROM AUTHOR IN EXCHANGE FOR HONEST REVIEW -Although this is Sean/Avery's book series there are lots of Ferro's in this book. It also sorts out some of the questions surrounding Bryan's story. I must admit that I still get confused with all the characters and need to re-read a previous book to get the most out of the current one. At this point there are so many Ferro story lines that it's tough to keep them all straight. (It could take away from a readers overall enjoyment). With all t [...]

  • Karen Pierce

    Man what can I say except - Epic Cliffhanger - and now we hanging to find out what happens to our beloved SeanHM Ward just keeps us on our toes with each and every addition in the Arrangement series and this one delivered as promised. In this you will get to see Sean and Avery of course, and Trystan is here along with Mari - this is the first time we get to see Mari and Trystan come face to face since his series ended. Now I can not wait till his book comes out to find out what happened to them. [...]

  • Karen Bowman

    OMGonce again Holly did it! The pain that Avery was feeling then to hear them say he didn't want to see her crushed her. But in true Avery fashion she stood strong and made him see her. You see a side of Sean that only comes out for her. I still am really not sure about Marty but I guess we will figure out eventually then to throw into it the mystery surrounding her mother now.There is no good between Sean's mom (if you want to call her that) and the aunt. I do think (just my opinion) that it is [...]

  • Michele Adams

    When we last left off Sean was shot and we didn’t know if he was alive or dead. We also know that Avery saw Marty as the shooter, but was he really. All these questions were left swirling in the readers head.Of course we are given a seat on the roller coaster of emotions between these characters. At points frustrated, the other understanding and compassion which makes the reader not want to put the book down.Also for those reading HM Ward’s other series you are given more answers to the Prop [...]

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