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By L.R. Nicolello | Comments: ( 493 ) | Date: ( Feb 26, 2020 )

You can run from the past but you can never truly hide Detective Evelyn Davis delves deep into the minds of monsters for a living She s the best psychological profiler in the Seattle P.D with a talent that comes from heartbreaking experience When Evelyn was just eighteen, she received word of her family s murder in the form of a horrifying video Fifteen years lateYou can run from the past but you can never truly hide Detective Evelyn Davis delves deep into the minds of monsters for a living She s the best psychological profiler in the Seattle P.D with a talent that comes from heartbreaking experience When Evelyn was just eighteen, she received word of her family s murder in the form of a horrifying video Fifteen years later, tracking down other psychopaths is the only thing that brings her some peace.But now two local families have been wiped out Though the chilling crime scenes suggest murder suicides, Evelyn believes a serial killer is at work So does Special Agent Marcus Moretti, whose easy charm and fiercely protective instincts are breaking down all her defenses Evelyn needs to put aside her emotional attachment to find the madman stalking her city but with each discovery, this case becomes personal She s starting to suspect the killer wants her and he is edging closer with every step, ready to make Evelyn pay a devastating price.

  • Title: Dead Don't Lie
  • Author: L.R. Nicolello
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

L.R. Nicolello

L R Nicolello has been obsessed with all things suspense and justice related for as long she can remember When other girls her age were watching the latest chick flick, she was watching Top Gun, dreaming of flying fast Growing up, if a fighter jet flew over while she was driving, her sister would pray they wouldn t crash still happens, actually She thinks a man in uniform is swoon worthy and her husband likes to tease her about it, especially whenever they are near a military base Growing up, her parents instilled in her and her sister that women can be strong without losing their femininity, and she takes that to heart with every character that comes to life.She lives in blue sky Texas with her husband and daughter, but travels a lot When she s not writing, she watches and re watches her favorite television shows, exercises or reads anything she can get her hands onAD DON T LIE, her debut novel, is out September 2014, followed by the next book in her series, DEAD NO MORE, released January 2015 She is currently working on her next novel and is represented by Jill Marsal of MarsaLyon Literary Agency.Say hello below

Comments Dead Don't Lie

  • Becki

    I have honestly debated *not* reviewing this book. That I would just quietly move it to my “Read” shelf in and call that sufficient. It is so difficult to critique without bias a book by someone you personally know. And I personally know L.R. Nicolello to be one amazing lady. She is strong and creative and full of life. So I decided to go ahead and write a review like I do for most of the books I read. I’ve been brutally honest with the books of many strangers. I will be attempting to do [...]

  • Dísir

    A pretty good read and a surprisingly engaging one from L.R. Nicolello about a model-turned-detective when her dream on the catwalks of Milan falls apart 15 years ago. With her family murdered, all Evelyn has in her life is her partner and her partner's family to lean on, and her cases to work for as she fights for justice and closure for them. The strange family-slayings however, soon start again and she has every reason to believe, along with FBI Special Agent Marcus Moretti, that this time, s [...]

  • Kathy

    WOW! Fantastic book. This book grabbed you from the first chapter and didn't let go til the very end. You laughed, you cried, and you sat on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what happened next. I highly recommend this book.

  • Alima Livzletlivz

    What an amazing story of pain, loss, courage and an evil that goes beyond monstrous!!!!A chance request for “Dead Don’t Lie” by L.R. Nicolello via Netgalley, took me on a ride of anguish for the loss of loved ones, courage and grit to overcome a past and channel fears to help victims, and a patient love that gave unconditional support and strength through despair and havoc as a demon wages a war on innocent families.Detective Evelyn Davis, beats the nightmares and pain of losing her family [...]

  • Karsyn

    Finished ~ Dead Don't Lie by L.R. NicolelloCompleted 8/18/144.5 of 5 stars230 page Kindle bookI received this book from NetGalley for my honest review.Evelyn is a detective who has risen as a star within the ranks. She's really able to understand murderer's and it comes from her own tragedy. When she was 18, her parents and sister were killed. Now, a series of deaths are occurring and she, her partner and an FBI agent sent to help are scrambling to try to figure out what is going on.I LOVED this [...]

  • Lisa Richards

    I’ve always been fascinated by the criminal profilers on TV, Criminal Minds being a favorite of mine. So when I read the blurb on this book, it was a no brainer that I was going to read it. It was a very fast-paced psychological thriller that hooked me from the start and did not let up until the very end. I find it hard to believe that this is the author’s first book but was excited to see that there is another book coming out in the Dead Don’t Lie series in January of 2015, Dead No More.I [...]

  • Donna

    I knew as soon as I read the jacket that this was my kind of story. I was hooked from the first few pages. Once I started I could not put the book down. I read it in less than a day. You are drawn in immediately and the further into the book the more your heart will race, rushing against time as the characters were, seeking the answers and wanting to catch up with the killer and place a perfectly aimed shot into his heart. I find it hard to believe that this is her first novel. It flowed, kept y [...]

  • Lily

    I absolutely loved this book. Finally something different! When I saw one of my favorite authors Jennifer Armentrout one clicked, I knew she wouldn't steer me wrong. This book was like all my favorite crime shows rolled into one. I felt like it was very much how a Criminal Minds episode would go, mixed in with some romance. And I'm pretty sure I cried like a baby at some parts. This poor woman, so much grief and tragedy in her life! One shining spot in her life is Marcus. I really liked her. He [...]

  • Margaret Samson

    I started reading this book around 10pm the first night and had to force myself to put it down around 2am. That's how this story ensnared me. It was a quicksand trap taking me into the world of a kick-ass woman with an unbelievable story and an amazing will to survive. The romance was just right- not too mushy and just enough to get the blood moving. The danger was so palpable, I was checking blind corners for a bit. And the characters were so real, I feel like my best friends have left me, at l [...]

  • Lynette Ott

    I'm so very happy that I listened to one of my favorite authors, J. T. Ellison, when she suggested this was a great book to read! It was suspenseful, chilling, emotional - it kept me riveted throughout the whole book! I gasped, the tears rolled down my face, and at one point in my reading I was so involved in the story that when my son walked into the room I jumped out of my chair and gave a shriek!

  • Cmkage

    This book certainly isn't for the faint of heart. It's romantic suspense, but very dark and intense. It might have started out a bit slowly, but boy did the action pick up in the second half. A good read for those who like romantic suspense and don't mind some intense emotions. I'll be looking out for more books from this author.

  • Rebecca

    An exception début novel from L.R. Nicolello, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. The storyline is thrilling, the characters engaging, I even shed tears at one point. This book was so hard to put down as I didn't want to miss what happens next. Can't wait for the next release in this series, this is an author worth following

  • Lisa Barber

    LR does not disappointment with her first published book!!!!! I did not want to put this book down. I tend to take awhile to read a book but not this one.I didn't want to go to sleep without knowing what was going on with Evelyn and her crew. I'm so excited to read Dead Know MoreDecember seems like forever away.

  • Cindy Boepple

    Excellent Debut. What an emotional roller coaster ride. It really did feel as if being on the top of a roller coaster ride front seat and then one heck of a ride started. Wow is all I could say. I just loved this book and I am looking forward to the next one.

  • Davinia

    I Loved this book and I couldn't put it down so I read it all in one sitting and now, most of my day is gone :P And it wasn't even fantasy! go figure, thank you amazon for this suggestion, I loved it.

  • Amanda Kramers

    thought this book was amazing look for review on my blog at amankram.wix/amandasbookblogs

  • Angela Vanburen

    Loved this book!!!!!

  • Jessica Zweiacker

    so excited to find a new series and author.enjoyed the book very much.

  • Trude

    Great debutwill look forward to more from this author

  • Zita

    Suspenseful crime thriller with a romance…At the age of eighteen, the gorgeous Evelyn Davis was starting out on a promising career as a fashion model in Milan, Italy when she receives a taunting video from a serial killer showing her family’s murder. Her life changed irrevocably in that moment. Her personal tragedy drove her to study and become one of the best psychological profilers for the police. She can never bring her family back but she can help to stop psychopaths from destroying othe [...]

  • Quynh

    3-3.5 starsThis book started off really strong and it gets you holding onto the pages. But as a storyline overall, the motive and fixation the killer had on Evelyn was a bit far fetched. Lots of aspects made it a good suspense novel but there were a few loopholes that weren't covered.15 years go, Evelyn was living her dreams of becoming a model in Milan at the young age of 18. Then one night, her life came crashing down and she lost everything, including her entire family when she watched their [...]

  • Sparkymom

    Wow!!! This book totally took me by surprise! I requested the opportunity to read this book on Net Galley primarily because I was drawn to the striking cover. I had never heard of this author and really was just hoping it wouldn't be sappy. As soon as I started reading, I knew sappy was not going to be a part of the picture. I was drawn in immediately to a story that was definitely not for the squeamish or the faint of heart. My expectation had been an everyday average romantic suspense, but thi [...]

  • Amy

    Good idea but too much fluffMy main issue with this book is the dialogue. I don't think cops, especially male cops, sit around and have discussions like portrayed in this book. Everyone is in touch with feelings and willing and able to spend a paragraph detailing them. It is totally not believable. For instance, when they are about to raid a house but stop to discuss why a certain detective is there. Or when the Captain of the squad has to have an emotional moment as they are all rushing out of [...]

  • Michelle (Much Loved Books)

    I initially requested Dead don't Lie as the synopsis sounded like this would be a great read. However, when I began reading I wasn't too impressed. I found myself getting distracted too easily, but I was determined to carry on reading. There was something about the whole mystery of the investigations that I needed to find out more about.Approximately halfway through Dead don't Lie I found myself suddenly drawn into the story, the investigation took on a whole new meaning and got even more per [...]

  • Lisa

    You can find more reviews Mademoisellesnow BlogThis was an amazing story of pain, loss, courage, bravery and how one detective overcomes all to catch an evil beyond words.This book grabbed me with its first chapter and didn’t let go until the very end. There were parts of the story that left a chill down my spine while reading. I’ve always been a huge fan of the crime genre so this book was just my kind of book to read. I loved all the characters from Evelyn to her partner and of course the [...]

  • CoffeeTimeRomance andMore

    This dark psychological thriller will have you gripping your bedsheets and sleeping with the lights on. The sparks between Evelyn and Marcus are titillating, but painted against an intense backdrop of suspense. Definitely not something for the faint of heart.KaitlinReviewer for Coffee Time Romance & MoreOfficial Review @ Coffee Time Romance & more

  • Norma Steagall

    I lovd this book Evelyn is a very strong woman and the twist and turns are very good. It grabbed me and keep me till the end. cheers to the author she truly hit it out of the park.

  • Nath

    3.5/5 (B-)

  • E

    Very good story with a fantastic story line. I totally recommend this novel. The story of a police profiler with her own monsters from her past. its an excellent novel.

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