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By Effy Vaughn | Comments: ( 585 ) | Date: ( May 25, 2020 )

The Sutton Boys those three words bring a smile to the faces of females of all ages in the small town of Malroy, Alabama Five brothers who help their momma run their farm during the work week, while seeing how many women they can sweet talk out of their panties on the weekends.Each brother has a story and just like with all families and small towns, their stories twistThe Sutton Boys those three words bring a smile to the faces of females of all ages in the small town of Malroy, Alabama Five brothers who help their momma run their farm during the work week, while seeing how many women they can sweet talk out of their panties on the weekends.Each brother has a story and just like with all families and small towns, their stories twist together into a tangled mess that changes each of their lives forever Because for each brother there will come a moment when he has to make a decision to keep playing or finally become a man.One will be given a gift that every man longs for.One will be broken.One will be lost.One will find out what it means to be owned.One will make the ultimate sacrifice.South of The Mason Dixon, the boys get naughtier, the nights get hotter and the southern charm is down right addictive.

  • Title: Bray
  • Author: Effy Vaughn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 275
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Effy Vaughn

Effy Vaughn is the pen name of Abbi Glines More info can be found here abbiglines 2014 06 eff

Comments Bray

  • Alba M.

    Me leí este en diagonal por ver si aquí me contaban algo, PERO NO. Lo único que hizo fue enredar las cosas con los demás hermanos. ENCIMA NO VA A ACABAR LA SERIE, al menos no por ahora. Así que me ha jodido PERO BIEN. GRACIAS POR NADA ABBI GLINES. Por joderme viva.

  • Luzmila♡

    ¡Necesito más, carajo! Estuvo buenísimo. Me encantó. ¡Muero por leer el tercer libro!

  • Imani

    So as of now, we have 2 love triangles with Scarlet, Bray, and Brent, and Dixie, Asher, and Steel.Come on Abbi/Vaughn you want me to go crazy??

  • Jerilyn

    Soooooooo good Abbi/Effy!!!!!! So much going on my head is spinning! Can the episodes be longer lol can you make it a soap opera hahahhaha. It's so adorable how they care about each other as a family. Yes people make mistakes but at least Bray owned up to it and keeping secrets aren't always the best plan. Each brother has their own demons and I can't wait to read the next episode! I'm nervous how this will all end and tie together bc it's just that AMAZEBALLS lol love this quote too!" Until Sca [...]

  • Primero

    Oh, my goodness. I can't believe she ended this episode like that! Why?! Nothing has been solving so far. Dixie still loved Asher and continued dating Steel and acted like a zombie (according to her mom and Scarlet) and Steel still acted like he didn't know Dixie still loved Asher and vice versa. And now this! Scarlet running off after Bray finally admitted he wanted her. I knew what she thought. She knew she was selfish and she came between twins. She thought running off would put them back as [...]

  • Michele A.

    Bray and Scarlet get their story told in this edition. Scarlet realizes that Bray is done with her. Her game with Brent to make Bray jealous went too far. Scarlet now has the brothers hopelessly caught up in their feelings for her. Scarlet loves Bray and feels bad for hurting Brent so she does what she thinks is right. It ends with more questions that need answers so I will patiently wait for the next installment. I wish Asher would man up and claim Dixie before it's too late already.

  • Zenttibal

    Sério mesmo que a Abbi/Effy/whatever deixou galera com esse final desde agosto/14 e nunca mais nem tchum? Porra, não tem nem menção do próximo E agora, caracoles? Afffffffffff F*** Off!

  • sher

    4.5. too short, ugh!!! love this little series

  • Autom

    What, that's how it ends!?!?!?!?! I need more now!!This is what Abbi does. She is the queen of drama with insane backstories. I think this series is the best so far and I am a big fan of her other series!These Sutton boys are holy crap h-a-w-t! I want one!! Can't wait for more of this series. If you are a late bloomer to this like me here's what you need to knowAbbi Glines decided to write under a pen name so she could write something for her.She started writing Asher and dang if she didn't stir [...]

  • Jessica (Chronicles of a Book Nerd)

    These Sutton brothers are panty-dropping fun and this series is so full of drama and angst that it makes for a truly compelling read. Every novella leaves you wanting more, and Abbi leaves us with some serious cliffhangers that had me on the verge of shouting "No" and/or a string of curse words out loud (I seriously had to fight that impulse, as I was sitting on a public metro while reading them). Why she ever doubted that we wouldn't love this story I don't know. It is just as fantastic as all [...]

  • Adrya Ribeiro

    3,5Eu não acredito que a Abbi fez uma coisa dessas. O modo que ela terminou esse livro é para deixar qualquer um doido pela continuação. Fiquei olhando para o kobo pensando que talvez o livro tenha vindo incompleto, mas pelos comentários, ele realmente terminou do jeito que foi Adorei conhecer mais de Bray, que eu já tinha gostado do primeiro livro, ele e os seus não sorrisos E a Scarlet, foi realmente atrás do que ela queria hein?!Só acho uma coisa estranha, nessa família ninguém res [...]

  • ALM188

    Abbi Glines writes interesting relationships. That down-home, southern boy charm and mystery. Bray is a lot rough around the edges, but has a secret we get a small glimpse of at the end. This was a little violent for me, and the female characters are unfortunately pretty weak. But this is still a fun, breezy read and I look forward to the next installments.

  • Prone to Crushes on Boys in Books

    Bray is hot like FIRE!! Total Alpha Male. OMG, Scarlet is sooooooo STUPID! I know she will be back. I DID NOT see THAT coming with Bray, how is that possible that only 2 people in the family knew??? WTF! Now I need Steel to get his head out if the "clouds" and Asher to GO GET HIS GIRL!!This story was too short and the author took too long between stories, but so glad it was FREE.

  • Rhonda Meller

    First things first, L. O. V. E. Bray! He's an Alpha-Alpha Male! Another wonderful addition to the Sutton Brothers stories! Short and steamy, and as always a fabulous storyline from Ms. Abbi! Can't wait for the next installment.

  • Nina

    Esta historia me gustó mucho más que la primera porque no hubo tanto drama.Bray wtf, Scarlet WTF!Amo la relación entre los hermanos y a Brent <3 Dallas es tan gracioso. Tendré que esperar como mil años para leer el próximo ep. Fuck.

  • Andrea

    I need more!!!! Nothing is resolved

  • Michelle

    Two wordse's mine. Love Bray and his dirty mouth. ❤️ Abbi's books.

  • Heather Lavoie

    I loved this installment omg can't wait until the next one, abbi glines has done it again for me she is amazing!!!!

  • Amanda

    Gotta love anything by Abbi!!!!

  • Rosa Pulido


  • Megan

    OMG! Wow! This serial is amazing. And this particular instalment was H.O.T.!!! I hope we don't have to wait too long for the next one, cannot wait to see what happens next.

  • Vangelina

    Review to come!

  • Tatiana

    Final inesperado! Por eso quiero leer el otro, haber si se revuelve tanto lío.No me gustó Scarlet, me pareció egoísta y sin autoridad moral de decirle cosas a Dixie.

  • Maf (Bookworm Wanders)

    I don't even know what to say right nowexcept for "WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE COMING?!"

  • Amy

    Holy crap that is what I call a cliffhanger! Spoiler belowScarlett needs come home, Bray loves you!!! Dixie needs to come to her senses and so does Asher!!!

  • Mira

    Oh my God!! Their lives are so complicated!

  • P

    Ohhh Bray!!! ♥ You are my favorite brother indeed Though I'm very curious about Dallas but I know he'll get his story last. Time to go back to stalking Abbi's site again for the next part.

  • Lilian

    Bray >>> Asher. Bray >>> Brend. I love the brothers but Bray is the best one! I want to know what happens to him. whyyy there's no episode #3 yet? :((((

  • Giselle Borjas ortiz

    It's not bad, but the end?? Dosen't explain anything!

  • Nivea

    Vicianterdando os outros livros!

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  • Free Download [Nonfiction Book] ✓ Bray - by Effy Vaughn ↠
    275 Effy Vaughn
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