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Theirs was a love that would not dieThey had played together as children the Indian lad and little Hannah Kincaid Then Shadow and his people went away, and when he returned, it was as a handsome young Cheyenne brave Hannah, now a beautiful young woman, had never forgotten her childhood friend but the man who swept her into his powerful arms was no longer a child He aTheirs was a love that would not dieThey had played together as children the Indian lad and little Hannah Kincaid Then Shadow and his people went away, and when he returned, it was as a handsome young Cheyenne brave Hannah, now a beautiful young woman, had never forgotten her childhood friend but the man who swept her into his powerful arms was no longer a child He awakened in her a wild, erotic passion she had never known.But war was about to erupt in Dakota Territory, a war that would pit the settlers against the Indians Both Hannah and Shadow knew they would have to choose between passion and duty, in a conflict that would test to the limit the steadfastness of their love.

  • Title: Reckless Heart
  • Author: Madeline Baker
  • ISBN: 9780843945270
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Madeline Baker

Madeline Ruth was born on 1963 in California, where she raised She married her high school sweetheart and they have three sons, all handsome enough to be cover models Growing up, her favorite pastimes were going to the movies and going horseback riding on Saturday mornings at Griffith Park Madeline has always been horse happy A horse was the one thing she asked for on every birthday and every Christmas Many years later, that dream came true when she bought an Appaloosa mare named Candy because she was so sweet Madeline loves animals Over the years, she s had numerous dogs, cats, fish, mice, hamsters, turtles and birds, and her horse, of course The most exotic pet was a crocodile that belonged to one of her sons Currently, she has a terribly spoiled Pomeranian named Teddi, six goldfish, a catfish, and a betta When she s not writing, Madeline enjoys going to movies and the theater Her favorite plays are The Phantom of the Opera, The Scarlet Pimpernel and her all time fave, Beauty and the Beast She also loves reading, going to lunch with her best friend, collecting Star Wars, The Phantom of the Opera and Beauty and the Beast memorabilia, and playing with the most beautiful, adorable, brilliant grandkids in the world.Madeline started writing when her children were still at home, and she wrote for several years, finding time to write after her children were in bed and her husband was at work In true clich fashion, she wrote the books and put them under the bed, never telling anyone what she was doing, until one day she let a friend read one Encouraged by her friend s comments, and armed with a copy of Writer s Market supplied by said friend, Madeline began sending out query letters After six years and 31 rejections, Leisure Books bought Reckless Heart, and she s been writing ever since After writing several Westerns, Madeline decided to try her hand at something else and wrote her first vampire romance It was a short story titled Masquerade for an anthology She loved writing that so much that she wrote her first full length vampire romance, Embrace the Night, and thus Amanda Ashley was born One of her dreams had been to write for Harlequin, and she accomplished that in 2003 with the publication of her Silhouette Romance novel, Dude Ranch Bride Madeline loves to hear from her readers You can reach her online at DarkWritr aol or by mail at PO Box 1703, Whittier, CA 90609 1703.

Comments Reckless Heart

  • Mummy Cat Claire

    I got this free on .WOW was this an action packed book. Twists and turns everywherede my head spin. Baker really takes the readers emotions on a rollercoaster. The heroine is a young adult woman whose parents are pioneers trying t settle a new town in a difficult area of the Midwest. There is local Indian tribe where the hero comes in.During her growing up years she meets an Indian boy who the family takes in, teaches him English and other school subjects. When the Indian boy grows up her choose [...]

  • LadyCalico

    I have to agree with the reviewer who said it was ridiculous how much I loved this book. I would have immediately read it again, except that I would know when the sad parts are coming, and I couldn't bear to go through them again. There were several things I found far-fetched, but I will forgive them because I loved the book that much. There is a whole lot of love, danger, adventure, nail-biting, grit, and tears stuffed into these exciting, fast-moving pages. This is the kind of book that makes [...]

  • Tegs

    I really wanted to like this book, but rape of a heroine is a hard thing for me to move past. I gave up after that.

  • Mermarie

    Free today on Kindle. :D

  • Nessa

    THIS STORY WAS MORE ON THE NARRATIVE AND LESS ON DIALOGUE COMPARED TO MOST HISTORICAL ROMANCES. ITS WRITTEN IN FIRST POV AND WAS QUITE A CLASSIC CATCH.OUR HERO is called Shadow as a boy, but as a man he is called Two Hawks Flying. When he was younger and stumbles upon our young heroine, circumstances happened whereby they became playmates and even met her parents, despite her father's reluctance. The war between the Whites and Reds are getting stronger and hostile by the years, eventually causin [...]

  • Ada Geringer

    Reckless HeatI love your stories they are so much in history, that you can see it and believe it I'm sure that it true. I have many of your books and look forward to the next one. Thank you for the good work you do. Ada G.

  • steve siegel

    Great story!I love how you keep a reader engaged with each of your main characters. Than you keep them turning in new ways. I could see this as a Hallmark movie.

  • April Brookshire

    3.5 starsI liked some things and I didn't like othersLIKED: when Hannah and Shadow first met as childrenthat the author didn't hold back with the hatred between whites and IndiansShadow's period when he is held captive by greedy men, it was differentDIDN'T LIKE:Shadow not putting Hannah's welfare first when the Indians has been defeatedthat the author turned Joshua into an asshole

  • penelopewanders

    Stories set in the wild west are not my favorites, and this first in a series mooched with a number of other books (several of which were sent as random acts of bookmooching kindness), has yet to change my mind. The white girl falls in love with her Indian friend at a time when this is not acceptable in civilized society but the reader is prodded to question who and what true civilization is. It lets itself be read, but not a keeper.

  • Jess F. (From Me to You ... Book Reviews)

    It was a good book, no doubt about that. However, it dragged on enough that by the time I reached Chapter 10 I knew I couldn't finished the novel, so I stopped reading it altogether. =0/To read a teaser from this novel click here: frommetoyouvideophoto/2013/01/teaser-tuesdays-reckless-heartml

  • Angeles Pedroza

    I have to start by saying OMG, I am totally hooked on Native American historical romance. I usually read Regency historical because it's one my favorite categories but now I may just change my mind after reading Shadow and Hannah's story. I was captivated from the begging of this story and I kept on reading until I was done. Give this book a chance you wont be disappointed.

  • Kathleen

    I appreciate historical accuracy and detail in a novel, but I appreciate it so much more when it's not delivered in huge, frequent authorial intrusions reminiscent of school lectures or history texts. Nuff said.

  • Selena

    This was my favorite book when I was 15. I can't say if it would still be a five star book to my adult self since I have not reread it since high school(I read it several times). Maybe I'll reread it soon for old times sake.

  • Vicki

    I got this book free and was pleasantly surprised. It is the absolute best free book I have read. Madeline Baker's style of writing draws you in and keeps you. This is first in the series and Iambic looking forward to the next. Highly Recommended!!

  • Nancy Muller

    I love this series so much, it is ridiculous how much I love it.

  • Mrspam4ever

    It was a normal romance! I love Madeline's book, though this was not one of my favorites. I read it for a reading contest & it was a fast read!

  • Katie

    OMG!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!!!!! it brings out the spiritual wayz of life of the chyenne natives, and the wonderful pride of a true worrior. soooo inlove with shadow. touched my body and spirit

  • helen gibbens

    Captivating!!I couldn't put this book down! held my interest to the very end! In fact have re-read several times! Well worth the purchase!

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