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By Miguel Lopez de Leon | Comments: ( 395 ) | Date: ( May 31, 2020 )

Carry the Knight is an urban fantasy novella about a struggling writer whose life suddenly takes a turn for the worse, as he experiences devastating loss, career failure, cruel heartbreak, addiction, and self loathing But in a fantastic twist of fate, a magical fairy suddenly appears, and reveals a great destiny that awaits him Filled with screeching serpentine villains,Carry the Knight is an urban fantasy novella about a struggling writer whose life suddenly takes a turn for the worse, as he experiences devastating loss, career failure, cruel heartbreak, addiction, and self loathing But in a fantastic twist of fate, a magical fairy suddenly appears, and reveals a great destiny that awaits him Filled with screeching serpentine villains, vine covered women, powerful enchantresses and a multitude of otherworldly creatures, Carry the Knight is about never giving up on your dreams, and most importantly, never giving up on yourself.

  • Title: Carry the Knight
  • Author: Miguel Lopez de Leon
  • ISBN: 9780692229033
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Miguel Lopez de Leon

Hi My name is Miguel Lopez de Leon and I m the author of THE COVENS OF ELMEERIA and the GALADRIA fantasy trilogy I love all kinds of books, especially young adult fantasy

Comments Carry the Knight

  • Anita Lock

    Jeremy appears to have everything that he needs. Leading a simple lifestyle, he enjoys spending quality time with those he lives with, namely his girlfriend Lily and their dog Flouncy. To top it off, Jeremy's career is taking off, now that he has successfully published his first book. Life doesn't get any better than this, or so he thinks until he is confronted by a flurry of disheartening events and an unexpected visit by a fairy.Carry the Knight is the first of a new set of novellas created by [...]

  • Chandy

    I won this book in the contest. It was a very quick and interesting read. It is a novella about a writer, and his trials trying to make it as a writer. This particular writer is going to write a book that is "THE book," so he is protected by a Guardian from another world, unknown to himwho ends up revealing herself to him. Throughout the story he struggles with typical writer things - marriage, deadlines, alcoholism, writers block, etc. But, when this Guardian is introduced, he also has to stru [...]

  • WriteKnight

    Carry the Knight was an easy, light writer's fantasy, geared it seems to YA readers.I was particularly sympathetic to the message for YAs/NAs – of self-regard, hope, and never giving up. As I got further along my reading, I did begin to think, however, that the story was a little self-indulgent. It was a fantasy about a struggling writer that had a destiny of writing every writer's dream, a great book, (view spoiler)[which he titled Carrying the Knight (hide spoiler)]. Okaaay, I know they say [...]

  • Victoria

    A simply beautiful,quick and easy read. I loved the main character and rooted for him all the way. And I'm beyond in love with fairy Eonie (oh sorryGuardian Eonie).I'm glad being a part of this little amazing adventure.

  • Glenn Conley

    This is a very important review. It will change your life forever, and inspire countless millions to rise up and take control of their lives. It will be the cornerstone of a new civilization. Monuments will be built because of this review. People will bow down, and praise me as some sort of oracle. For I am Glenn. And I fucking hate this goddamn book.Of course, all of that is a lie. This isn't an important review, just as this isn't an important book. In fact, it's a completely useless book. It [...]

  • Dixie Conley

    I've been putting off reading this one because it was so small, it looks like a pamphlet rather than a book. I wish I'd put it off forever. But, alas, I was going to be stuck at the hospital all afternoon, so I took it with me. And left it there, which says everything about it.It's about a writer who has trouble writing as well as trouble publishing and becoming a real writer, i.e one who gets paid for his work. As indeed, most writers do have problems with these things. Most writers, however, d [...]

  • Emily

    i received this book through a drawing/giveaway. It was much shorter than I expected! I felt like I had just started to get into the story when I realized I was at the halfway point of the book. I probably read this book in less than two hours, which is unusual for me. I enjoyed the book, but honestly I felt like I was reading a very everyday spiral of what life is like, and there really wasn't a whole lot for me to dig into. I think that was the point of is book though, to be a short read that [...]

  • Sandy Grissett

    This is a great short story about a guy named Jeremy who is a writer. His girlfriend Lily and Flouncy the dog live with him. Jeremy and Lily have lived together for the past 10 years and have a comfortable and close relationship. When one of his books is published he has to spend time away from home to promote his book. When he returns home he finds Lily has started drinking heavily, he gets an upsetting call about his book. Lily and the dog go to her mothers and he goes back to trying to lead a [...]

  • Glen

    I won this novella in a drawing.A fairly simple story about a writer who will write a book that will change the world. Unfortunately, after some tough experiences, he is slipping into an alcoholic fog. Desperate to shake things up, his fairy bodyguard reveals herself. This causes a host of problems, as the guy can now see a plethora of extra-planar creatures all over the place. Once these beings become aware he can see them, they attack.Not a bad read, if a bit abecedarian for my taste.

  • Stacy

    Carry the Knight is a nice, quick read. It is a book about not giving up and how life isn't always a fairy tale. If you are looking for a fast read and are interested in mythical creatures this book is for you! This novella is about 50 pages long and can easily be read on one sitting.**ARC provide in exchange for an honest review**

  • Alaina

    I loved this book. It is more of a short story but was really good. It really did show never to give up on your dreams. This is the second book I have read of this author and want to read more. My full review is at bookreviewsandwallpaperss I received this book in first reads giveaways for an honest review.

  • Marilyn Stanley

    WOW - there is a lot packed between the front and back cover of this novella. The authors imagination runs the full gamut in the fantasy packed story. It is for sure a "read in one sitting" book because it's impossible to put down once you have read the first couple of pagesAVO - great job!!!

  • Emily

    Not just a great fantasy but a moving tale of recovery after losses suffered from alcohol addiction.

  • Vykki

    This was a great novella it swept you into the story and you had to keep reading. I won this book on good reads.

  • Corey Henio

    We all fall down, but we find the confidence, the courage to get back up. Never give up on your dreams, your goals.

  • Laura Reading

    I won this book in a giveaway and have the author's other books on my TBR list.As a writer, he does a onderful job. I was pulled into the story and read it straight through.I liked the Guardian, she is NOT a fairy.Perhaps the author also enjoys a few cocktails and alows his imagination to wander.The fictional author has an alcohol problem and drags down his dear friend and roommate.At first they are barely making ends meet, then he gets a book contract and a healthy advance.Life seems to be goi [...]

  • Tex Reader

    2.5 of 5 stars – Fine, Not Too Involved Supernatural Novella.I’m a fan of fantasy, especially the supernatural and paranormal; and with this being the first I've read by Miguel Lopez de Leon, I found this to be a quick, relaxing diversion.I found the writing style and plot flowed fairly smoothly and at a good pace, with some interesting turns. But I guess I'm a little tough in my ratings, and I thought this was cute but nothing earth-shattering compared to the creature/world-building of some [...]

  • Melinda

    This is a short book that can be read in one setting. It is definitely geared for YA Adults. The book was given to me to read, so I followed through on reading it, but it was not my favorite book.To me it was an odd story of a struggling author who writes a book, but the book publisher closes so the book never gets published. The author falls into a deep depression, has some mishaps and struggles with alcoholism. In his downward spiral of contemplating his existence, he encounters mystical creat [...]

  • Coleen

    This short book (novella) is an easy and fast read, enjoyable and has a lesson to be learned.I had read the third Galandria book by the same author, and like his style of writing. But this bookwas different, with some fantasy, but not much. At least, I believed most of it anyway! Who can't relate to a young writer, Jeremy, trying to meet a deadline? And who can't relate to ruining a good relationship because of bad habits that we don't recognize and /or don't know how to correct without help? Bu [...]

  • Brenda

    I won a copy of this book through a contest. I was excited to receive it and thought I would be able to read the book in a short amount of time.I started the book, but every other page was blank. I tried to read it and make sense of what parts I was missing. The pages I could read showed promise, but I quit about 20 pages into the book - or 10 pages into the book if you only count the pages with actual words on them!So, I cannot recommend this book based on what I saw. I wouldn't have entered t [...]

  • Beth

    I received a copy of this book free from the publisher in return for an honest review.I didn't particularly care for the main character Jeremy. He was to self centered and depressed. I know a lot of people suffer from depression and everyone gets overwhelmed and I try not to judge anyone based on that, but since this is a fiction novella I just couldn't relate to Jeremy and I have experienced depression and overwhelming obstacles where I felt like I was never going to get back on track. I might [...]

  • Cheryl

    Loved it. A very short book but so much happens in the story. Jeremy is a struggling writer living with his girlfriend of over ten years,Lily. They seem to have a perfect life supporting and loving each other. Slowly they each start to drink more and more. While Jeremy is away on a book tour Lily takes to drinking too much leaving their relationship. At first Jeremy is able to handle life and his drinking but finally he looses all control. At the point of suicide he is rescued by his guardian fa [...]

  • Matthew

    To say I'm too old for this book would be a bunch of blasé hogwash; an unwarranted discourtesy to the author. The truth is: Carry the Knight is a well-written and entertaining moral fantasy.Though at times uncomfortably preachy from the adult perspective, with its transparent use of foreshadowing vis-à-vis alcohol, I will gladly try to sell the read to my young niece and nephew.Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book through the First Reads program. Despite that, this is an unbiased a [...]

  • R. Bonne

    I received a free copy of this short story through First Reads. A strange short story about a young man named Jeremy who is sort of a misogynistic Holden Caulfield but less witty. His girlfriend gets depressed and becomes an alcoholic, for reasons never explained. Jeremy rolls around in self pity and denial. Then, he has a brief infatuation with a woman who was smart enough not to get involved with a narcissist. After this, he whines and almost commits suicide. Poof! At his lowest, his fairy go [...]

  • TR

    This could have been an interesting story if presented differently, and it could even have been a good book if it had been, well, written better. The narrative style was rambling, the writing style was childish and amateurish, and so on. It's also really short; it's more of a booklet than a book. There were lots of other problems, but I already feel bad about giving a negative review and I'm not in a snarky mood, so I'll stop there.I received a free copy of this book through Giveaways.

  • Shannon

    I received this book as a Giveaway in return for my honest review. I do not usually read fantasy books. It was a very quick and unique read for me. Since the writing style was very basic, I believe this book may be geared to YA readers. The beginning of the book drew me in describing the relationship between the writer and his girlfriend however when it moved into more fantasy with the Guardian (Fairy) protecting the writer the book became a little strange for me. Since the book is only forty-n [...]

  • Cynthia A

    Short and enjoyable book. A writer has one book published, but he begins to lose hope when the publishing company goes belly up. He turns to alcohol, his wife divorces him, a new girl he falls in love with leaves, and he is heading to the suicide side of life.But there is hope when a magical fairy reveals herself to him. She is his guardian and she reveals that he has a great destiny ahead.Sit back and enjoy.Won on .

  • Cc April

    I receive this novella as part of a Firstreads promotion in exchange for an honest review. Carry the Knight Miguel Lopez was a book I was looking forward to reading. The premise sounded promising however it was not a book that I found very interesting, but that is just my opinion as I see that he received many 4 or 5 star reviews. I'm sorry and don't usually like to say anything bad about a book but this felt like a high school paper written for an English class.

  • Tammy Downing

    I won this book from Goodread's Giveaways. It is a short fantasy novella. The main character is a writer who has the world on a string until it all falls apart and he descends into depression. Then his personal guardian, who looks like a fairy, appears to him and lifts him up again. Very enjoyable novella.

  • Lee

    Love this story! I wish I would have read it sooner. A captivating look at the world of a writer when times are perfect and times are horrendous. It was fascinating when the fairy guardian appears to the depressed young man and shows him a whole new world. I highly recommend this novella. Thanks to the author for providing a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

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  • ☆ Carry the Knight || ☆ PDF Download by Î Miguel Lopez de Leon
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