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By Tito Colliander Katharine Ferre | Comments: ( 944 ) | Date: ( May 31, 2020 )

Written for lay persons living in the world, this is an excellent resource for daily meditation, spiritual guidance and a revitalized religious life.

  • Title: Way of the Ascetics: The Ancient Tradition of Discipline and Inner Growth
  • Author: Tito Colliander Katharine Ferre
  • ISBN: 9780881410495
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Tito Colliander Katharine Ferre

Tito Colliander Katharine Ferre Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Way of the Ascetics: The Ancient Tradition of Discipline and Inner Growth book, this is one of the most wanted Tito Colliander Katharine Ferre author readers around the world.

Comments Way of the Ascetics: The Ancient Tradition of Discipline and Inner Growth

  • Jane

    Spirituality for the ages. Finnish Eastern Orthodox author but I feel anyone can get something out of this book.

  • Brad and Suzanne

    This book wow! The chapters are extremely brief, but pack the force of a spiritual freight train. Outside of the Orthodox paradigm, I'd have no idea really how to process -- or even accept -- what I just read, but as a catechumen on the eve of reception into the Church, I see clearly that I am not even close to being a Christian, and I must spend the rest of my life conforming to this genuine asceticism of heart.

  • Nancy

    Our secular society recommends Hinduism or Buddhism for spiritual growth. What has been lost to Western Christianity is the huge amount of Christian literature on this subject.This is a concise book, almost poetic in its beauty. Good to read during Lent, or in times of spiritual conflict. spiritual growth

  • Adam

    A wonderful, brief book on practice and discipline in the spiritual life from an Eastern Orthodox writer. The book often refences Eastern church fathers, but very little of its theology will pose difficulties for Christians from other backgrounds. I found that the book reminded me much of The Imitation of Christ and of Thomas Merton.

  • Matthew Reed

    Great, well-written introduction to Asceticism and the Monastic Fathers in particular, but Christian Spirituality in general. And it is short. You can't beat that. The writing is simple and beautiful. I reread it as often as I can. The first and last chapters are worth the price of the book.

  • Matt

    I read this when I was in high school and it has stuck with me since. I believe lack of appreciation for asceticism is one of the biggest voids today.Nov 18, 2008: Great practical wisdom to be read over and over.

  • Zaina

    One I never tire of.

  • Lisa

    One of the most formative books of my life. I am continually reading it - with each ending I start once more at the beginning. Perhaps the title makes it seem unapproachable or irrelevant for those of us not living a monastic life, but in fact this is a book about the Christian life which is ascetic by nature. There are so many layers of wisdom packed into these few chapters; I'm not sure I'll ever uncover them all.

  • Lindsey Allen

    This book hurt a little bit. It stung to step outside of myself and acknowledge the superficialities floating on life's surface. I'm familiar with ascetic living, but this book offered beautiful origins and took my understanding to a deeper level. I was lured in by large declarations of asceticism and stayed for the intricate guidelines for actual practice. I'll never incorporate a pure ascetic lifestyle - I mean, c'mon, here I am on the internet! - but I will certainly take pieces of this book [...]

  • Andrew Corrie

    You can't help but feel a bit inadequate when reading this. As a Christian, it's the sort of stuff you know you should be doing - turn the TV off, try some prayerful reflection in silence - but always fall short. Nonetheless, Colliander highlights a way through the froth and bubble of the world around us.

  • Ben

    Simple and clear, Colliander proffers the experience of the Orthodox Church together with the fathers in this concise book about the inner life of the Christian. Asceticism is not a practice that applies only to monks; asceticism is the practice whereby we put to death our selfish-will in order to offer ourselves to Christ.This is a must read; a must re-read.

  • Joseph

    great book. very concise, and written with the layman in mind. much better than the snoozer that is most older Orthodox books on spirituality.

  • Ephraim Lawson Bowick

    Great book. Would recommend to any inquierer or catechumen to the Orthodox Faith.

  • Jonathan Lincoln

    This is a magnificent book for laymen searching for a greater connection to God and a lesser connection to the world.

  • Ircolle Colle

    Short, but rewarding work. Great Lenten study, as each chapter is only 2-5 pages (perfect for a daily reading), but full of weighty challenges.

  • Rick Boyer

    This little volume is a wonderful guide to the life of Christian prayer and spiritual growth. It features a selection of reflections on Scripture and the writings of a number of Orthodox church Fathers, including St. Basil the Great, St. John Chrysostom, Macarius of Egypt, and others. Colliander reminds us that these brilliant theologians still speak to us today; and their message is vital, as the church is assaulted by superficial pop-theology, peddlers of the me-first prosperity gospel, and th [...]

  • Realini

    The Way of The Ascetics by Tito CollianderWhere the ascetics seem to meet the positive psychologistsExcellent advice- but will we take it?This is a great book, albeit in small format it has only 125 pages.It is full of excellent advice.The trouble is, we do the opposite.It would be difficult to become an ascetic.That is one extreme, but the other is plainly accessible and we indulge in food, drink (even if only sugary colas) and watch TV for hours, without stopping and taking some time off.From [...]

  • Timothy Nichols

    Read this one slowly, or not at all. There are gems throughout, and bear traps for the unwary, too. It's a good little summary of the ascetic view of the Christian life, with all the brilliance and pitfalls of that way of living. Masterfully done; follow it at your great spiritual peril.The sticky points are the ascetic failure to be grateful for physical pleasures given by God, stemming in turn from a failure to apply Trinitarian metaphysics thoroughly enough. Experiencing plurality and tension [...]

  • Kenneth E. Hines

    Colliander faithfully passes on the tradition on the spirituality of the Holy Fathers of the Orthodox Faith. As a novelist (and theologian influenced heavily by Dostoyevsky), his writing is concise and vivid. Each chapter is at most four short pages - bite sized, really - and worthy of prayerful reflection. I read one or two every day. I have benefited tremendously from it.

  • David Gwartney

    A little book that packs a big punch. Each chapter is only a couple of pages, but I felt as if I needed to put the book down after reading each one and process the contents. The book reads as if you are checking in with a spiritual mentor periodically, and walking away with much work to do. A great read.

  • Dionysi Krinas

    A great little book of spiritual advice that one will keep going back to to re read again and again. If you don't know much about Orthodox spirituality this will give you a taste and if you know plenty this will teach you even more.

  • Steve Crenshaw

    I was humbled by this book. If you are truly striving to be more like Christ, this book will help you move in that direction.

  • Jen

    This is definitely a book I will read again in order to ingest more of it.

  • Kimberly Aikens

    I'm glad I have this resource for my daily devotion! Will refer to this book often.

  • Jt

    not what i expected

  • Valerie

    Beautiful, encouraging, blunt, and inspiring. Written for lay Christians of the Orthodox tradition or for those who wish to be more contemplative in their prayer life.

  • Kaleb Beard

    Exceptional little Eastern Orthodox guide for incorporating monastic principles into everyday life for the purpose of "following Christ literally". Initiates severe introspection.

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ Way of the Ascetics: The Ancient Tradition of Discipline and Inner Growth | by ↠ Tito Colliander Katharine Ferre
    395 Tito Colliander Katharine Ferre
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