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Tears will fall, hearts will pound, and bullets will fly in Greed in ParadiseJust when Madison and Fab think it s safe to dip their sexy bodies into the cool tropical waters of paradise, they get the shock of their lives when a friend and business partner turns up dead and they discover they ve been written into his will But nothing is what it seems, as the women findTears will fall, hearts will pound, and bullets will fly in Greed in ParadiseJust when Madison and Fab think it s safe to dip their sexy bodies into the cool tropical waters of paradise, they get the shock of their lives when a friend and business partner turns up dead and they discover they ve been written into his will But nothing is what it seems, as the women find out There are deadly secrets brewing beneath the surface of Tarpon Cove Come along on a steamy, thrilling adventure as the two try to find out why their friend suddenly died seemingly, without cause The fifth book in the series finds our sleuths waist deep in sexual tension, flinging barbs, and dodging bulletsAD THE WHOLE PARADISE SERIES Crazy in ParadiseDeception in ParadiseTrouble in ParadiseMurder in ParadiseGreed in Paradise

  • Title: Greed in Paradise
  • Author: DeborahBrown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Deborah Brown is the author of the Paradise series, Crazy, Deception and Trouble Florida Keys mysteries, which makes the reader laugh, cry and cheerMy personal ad would read There s nothing a new pair of shoes can t cure.Redhead Long legs There s nothing like a strawberry lemonade in summer Favorite activity Filling my pockets with seashells An avid rule follower when eating Animal Cookies Broken ones get eaten first, match up the rest, duplicates next, line them up favorite to not, least favorite go first South Florida is my home, with my ungrateful rescue cats, and where Mother Nature takes out her bad attitude in the form of hurricanes.

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  • Julie

    Greed in Paradise by Deborah Brown is a 2014 Paradise Books, LLC publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The dynamic duo of Madison and Fab are back for another adventure in Paradise. Naturally, these two manage to attract trouble so I couldn't wait to see what they have up to. Of course I was also on pins and needles about Madison's personal life, which left me wondering if what had happened in the last installment was real or if maybe it was all just a [...]

  • Debbie Denny

    Don’t you just LOVE book series. Each new Paradise escapade surrounds you, and the characters… they unwittingly become your extended family. Our favorite sleuths, Madison and Fab, are in the fray of a mystery once more. After the death of a friend (somewhat shady dude), The gals are shocked to be listed in his will. It becomes clear pretty that they inherited a bunch of trouble including some old debts. Also clear is the fact that something is very fishy about their friends death. We now hav [...]

  • Shecki B

    Unlike some series that fall apart after a few books, this one is still going strong. Madison and Fabiana find new adventures, meet new friends (and interact with old, familiar characters, of course) and have narrow escapes. One of the pair's new not friends is Violet, Gus Iver's daughter, who ends up being responsible for a very nasty swim the girls take in a swamp. From being held at gunpoint in the very first chapter to bringing Creole home from the hospital in the last chapter, Madison's esc [...]

  • Carole Harris

    When I was younger, a much younger girl, I loved Nancy Drew!!! Who didn't love a good sleuth and a woman, or young girl at that. Bring your margaritas and swim suits and join Madison and Fabiana on a chase for the bad guy or guys. Run into trouble while your at it, as these two surely do! You'll love the meddlesome mom, (don't we all) and love Creole, the protective sortally, or does he just want Madison? Find out with this trouble seeking, sleuthing twosome. Debroah Brown definitely sets the sc [...]

  • Jack

    I gave this four stars, but I really would have rated it a solid 3.5 if possible.Gus Ivers dies soon after his daughter has been hinting that maybe he's losing his faculties and has been looking at places to put him for his own good. I do not need my math degree to add up where this is probably going.There are lots of things going on in this book besides Gus Ivers' murder investigation. In fact, it seems like it's not even a major part of the book with so much other stuff going on. Maybe it's th [...]

  • Louise Pass

    Continuing crazy Florida keys funRepossession and recovery, what could go wrong? Are the good guys gangsters or hero's, is the car wash clean or naughty? Will our hero's survive their exploits?

  • Nickie

    So suspensefulCliffhangers around every corner. Great story and amazing ending, can't wait to read the next. Couldn't put this one down.

  • Leila

    I have a lot to say about this one.Greed in Paradise is the 5th book in the Paradise Series… where to start.I didn’t feel the mystery was a ‘big’ mystery this time. I felt like maybe the previous books had a ‘better, bigger’ mystery, but I enjoyed it all the same. How can you not when Madison and Fabiana are together?I will say that there were a couple parts where the suspense was high.There were a few stories in one which is the usual for the Paradise Series and it definitely keeps [...]

  • Kieran

    From simply looking at the front cover of “Greed in Paradise,” many may assume that this is a simple light-hearted mystery with airs of comedy and romance. While these things are all true, this description fails to capture just how risqué the writing can truly be at times. The character descriptions allow the reader to picture the sorts of above-average-looking people who might feature in a movie of a similar premise.Speaking of the premise, this book delivers fairly well in the mystery dep [...]

  • Veritas Vincit

    When it comes to tropical paradise books that are ideal for reading whilst lounging next to a pool on a Caribbean cruise, I must admit that Deborah Brown come close to the top of my list. I'm sure her books are enjoyed by plenty of other people as well, but ever since my wife first tossed a Deborah Brown eBook my way, I haven't been able to stop reading them. While some people may consider this "chick lit", I don't think that's completely true. Having strong female protagonists with various roma [...]

  • John

    This is the third Deborah Brown novel I've torn through in a matter of days, and I doubt it will be the last. The first time I picked up one of her books, it was for a leisurely distraction for a long flight to a tropical destination, so it seemed appropriate. The last two that I read were simply because they're funny, quirky, well-written, suspenseful, and packed with memorable characters that continue to improve with every book I read. Obviously, it's hard not to love Fab and Madison, but ever [...]

  • Kelli Guilbeau

    I'm telling you now, this series is my guilty little pleasure. I love this series and all of the quirky characters that will keep you guessing at what will happen next. Of course, I also love this one because Creole is more involved in this book, and I can just imagine how sexy he is. I don't know why Madison is hesitating on a relationship with him. Maybe this time something will happen.Whether or not you're still stuck in the house with winter weather (in spring), this book is the perfect book [...]

  • Lola Fow

    Number five in Deborah Brown's Paradise series, Greed in Paradise is another sparkling, slightly sweaty Florida-gothic crime/adventure novel that will keep a summer reader happy and titillated! This is the second Paradise novel I've read, and the adventure-prone hero, Madison Westin, is fun to be around again. She's a ballsy, firework of a woman who was (in the previous novel) a private investigator, but now has no license, but this time she is the new owner of a bar, putting her in the path of [...]

  • Teresa Kander

    This is the fifth installment in the series, and I love it more with every book. Madison and Fabiana are in fine form once again, bumbling their way through solving cases. Madison is between boyfriends, so the coziness of Fab and Didier sometimes makes her sick to her stomach--but that's before things start to heat up with Creole. I look forward to seeing how THAT relationship progresses in the next book.The girls interact with many of the characters from previous books, including Tolbert, Harde [...]

  • Joawmeens

    Take a chance and roll a "Paradise" with this book! @badwordplayI have read the fourth chapter in the Paradise series so far (and only that one…), so I decided instead of going back and starting over, to just push ahead, and read the next in the series. In this volume, Madison and Fabiana are about to relax, when one of their friends is found murdered. Jeez, Fabiana was accused of murder in the last one, one of their friends is dead in this one… I would just stop hanging out with Madison, ho [...]

  • Mave

    I love this series: I have read a few months ago Trouble in Paradise and I was struck, I could not wait to read the others. It 's a cozy mystery funny, humorous, full of action, crazy characters, mysteries to solve, twists, suspense but also romance and passion.Madison has bought Jack's bar but the old owner has left around a lot of debts and creditors seeks her to get their money back. Also dies suddenly a friend of her and Fab (her roommate and "colleague investigator"), who unexpectedly left [...]

  • Becca

    Deborah Brown is amazing! I am on this fifth book in the series and it is just as awesome as ever to read about Madison and Fab. Even though this mystery was not as intense as the others that have come before them, it was still a great read. There were lots of smaller mysteries along the way instead of one huge one. To be honest, I kind of liked this style a little better. The tenants that Madison also has to deal with always amuse me. Since I rent myself, it’s funny to read about how others a [...]

  • Shelly

    So here I am jumping into the series at book five.I was told that you don't have to have read the first four books to jump right in but I do believe it would be a good idea if you want some background information. I am a bit OCD about the details of characters in the books I read so if I'm reading a series, I always prefer to start from the beginning. After reading this book, however, I will be going back and picking up the first four! This book features the story of Madison and Fab who think it [...]

  • Leslie OBrien

    Cues appropriate squeal noises of approval. I LOVED Greed in Paradise. From page one, this book was pure entertainment from start to finish. Now, if you haven’t read any of her other books in this series, fear not. Not necessary. Ok, I take that back. Read them. Read them all. But it isn’t necessary to understand who the characters are or what’s going on, as she does an excellent job of bringing her readers up to speed on the backstory. And I love that trouble seems to follow both Madison [...]

  • Colleen B

    Deborah Brown continues to share Madison's fun and wacky adventure. I love that she somehow continues to come up with slightly silly cases for Madison and Fab to solve. The two of them continue to get into trouble but always seem to find a way out or someone to save them. The one big mystery (the death of Gus Ivers) plays throughout the book but the other smaller cases keep the pages turning. I love that until the last page Deborah Brown keeps me guessing.The characters are still my favorite par [...]

  • Cynthia Mitchell

    I absolutely have to give this five stars because I LOVE a good mystery, especially when it's filled with hot guys, whack-o killers, dysfunctional family members, and best friends who can keep you on your toes. Of course, I'm totally jealous that protagonist, Madison Westin, has red hair, plenty of hot single men to choose from, and lives in the beautiful and slightly funky Florida Keys. I found myself laughing throughout most of the book. The rest of the time, I was either panting over Creole, [...]

  • Sharon Martin

    It doesn't take long for the action to start in this story, page one and our heroine's new acquisition is held up at gunpoint for an outstanding debt owed from the previous tenant. This leads to a roller coaster ride involving all of her friends and family.The local police are divided in their views of Madison and this adds to her problems. Old contacts on the wrong side of the law have to be revisited and Ious to be honoured in order for Madison and Fab to gather the information they need to su [...]

  • Silvie Armas

    Author Deborah Brown hit the spot again with this fabulous book in the Paradise series Greed in Paradise! In this book you will find mystery, romance and of course my favorite…sarcasm. I am so addicted to this series and every book I have read not only delivers but leaves me waiting impatiently for the next! I love how this story kept me on my toes, and I love it when Madison and Fabiana are together. I love the characters that we have met in the past, the characters we have grown to know well [...]

  • Scott

    Greed in Paradise by Deborah Brown is the fifth book in the Paradise series and my first. In Greed in Paradise our heroines Madison and Fab find themselves in deep water when they discover that they have been written into the will of their friend and business partner who has passed away unexpectedly.This duo finds themselves elbow deep in trouble between new love interests, deadly secrets, new and troublesome tenants, and dangerous assignments from their boss. Deborah’s writing style brought t [...]

  • L.A.

    Greed in Paradise (Paradise Series Book 5) by Deborah Brown is a 272 page fiction novel written in first person. It has thirty-seven chapters, just numbers no titles, an author bio and Chapter 1 preview of Revenge In Paradise. It is obviously the fifth in the series however it is a standalone story. I did not feel I was missing any information and was able to jump right into the fast moving plot.I loved the backdrop for the story, Tarpon Cove, a small steamy town in the Florida Keys. The action [...]

  • Ashley

    Starting out with a shooting in her new bar, Madison Westin's life is as always one thrill after another. The gal pal is back again which means chaos and hilarity! Fab and Madison may be my most favorite girl power duo ever! Add in the love triangle of Madison, Zach, & Creole? Don't even get me started on that! I thought I was always a hardcore Zack fan but more and more I start thinking that maybe Creole is the way to go!When there is a murder of course Madison is on the case along with Fab [...]

  • Jan Woodruff dobbins

    Oh, my, gosh! This series is getting better and better with each book! Madison and Fab are surprised when they inherit property from a friend. The friend wasn’t really a real “friendly” type of man and although he did have a crush on Fab she didn’t have any idea that she would be in his will. He also was very grouchy with Madison even though she was a help to him and ended up being his partner in a car wash business. Things heat up in the boyfriend department for Madison and I like it a [...]

  • Sonya Neal

    Deborah Brown has done it again! What a fun, easy read that's nearly impossible to put down! Madison and Fab are thrown into yet another mystery, and combined with several mini mysteries they're kept busy chasing evil and driving like crazy people. And of course Madison has yet another set of obnoxious tenants that they have to deal with.It's rare for me to find books that make me laugh out loud while reading, and Deborah Brown is a guaranteed laugh for me! Between the mysteries and the humor th [...]

  • Michele

    Madison and Fab are at it again! Fab's boyfriend (the only one who can control her crazier impulses) and the guy who has been trying to convince Madison that he is the guy for her have joined forces. UH OH--plenty of laughs there!! And of course Madison's meddling Mom is right there--along with her long suffering brother. There is lots of murder and mayhem in this one--heck you would think that a girl could inherit some property without getting in all sorts of trouble!!I really can't describe ho [...]

  • Marcee

    Again, another fabulous book in the Paradise series! Greed in Paradise is full of laugh out loud moments and plenty of suspense. Deborah's writing makes you feel like the characters are part of your family and you can't help but love them, flaws and all. Brown's Paradise series will keep you wanting to read more of her writing. In case you aren't aware-each book in this series can be read as a stand alone. You will never feel like you are lost or missing information no matter which book you read [...]

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    259 DeborahBrown
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