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By James Curcio | Comments: ( 895 ) | Date: ( Feb 19, 2020 )

She rubbed the skin off your headstone of a sternum and painted a sad picture of herself in your eyes We fell in love with that little peep show projection on the inside of an iris, pictures that amount to nothing than the thirsty moon over a spot of bloody ground Those weren t the nothings we restless sleepwalkers knew, no place no home no song So we heard her andShe rubbed the skin off your headstone of a sternum and painted a sad picture of herself in your eyes We fell in love with that little peep show projection on the inside of an iris, pictures that amount to nothing than the thirsty moon over a spot of bloody ground Those weren t the nothings we restless sleepwalkers knew, no place no home no song So we heard her and we followed until she went where we couldn t follow.She went down beyond the mountains and disappeared between the crease of sky and land, like a great eyelid folding shut No one knows what happened out in the Black Hills, but I imagine she lies buried in a rusty coffin under the stars And on nights when the desert crickets sing her tune, they say one day she will rise again On that day, there is no telling the kind of vengeance she ll demand of us Fair is fair.They say when she fell from Heaven she wore a crown of jagged stars that slit the skies throat They say she loved them all, in the secret corners of their shallow sleep Strangers, at the last They say a lot of things They re all lies Everything is already written.

  • Title: Party At The World's End
  • Author: James Curcio
  • ISBN: 9781311507778
  • Page: 490
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

James Curcio

James Curcio s career as polymath or dilettante depending who you ask began around 2001 when he graduated Bard college with the world s most lucrative degree Philosophy , and co founded a media collective Partially inspired by The Factory, Evolving Media Network cranked out UX by day for clients ranging from local business to Glaxo Smith Kline and Roche, and avant garde art weirdness by night.He left that partnership in NY to focus on a music project in LA, based on Jack Parson s Babalon Working, which worked for us about as well as it did for him Following that was ten years half lived on couches, futons, festivals, and conventions across America During this time he worked on numerous transmedia projects Some of these included Join My Cult , a postmodern occult novel satirizing postmodern occultism published by New Falcon, also of Aleister Crowley and RAW , Disinfo s anthology Generation Hex, which was launched at Alex and Allyson Grey s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, concept for a graphic novel series with Anna Young and creative consultant Neil Gaiman, and collaboration with Joseph Matheny and Dave Szulborski, two pioneers of Alternate Reality Games, on various popular ARG related comics, podcasts and websites He co starred in a bi weekly Gonzomentary web series inspired in concept by the writing of Hunter S Thompson This LSD soaked, mangled gibberish inexplicably won the Outstanding Lead Actor Award and Outstanding Writing by the 2013 LA Web Series Festival, while receiving an Honorable Mention for Best Documentary at the 6th Philadelphia Independent Film Festival.He was editor in chief of Rebel News, an independent news outlet he founded with House of Cards consultant Gregg Housh He keeps the dilettante tradition of corrupting the youth alive his previous non fiction anthologies, Apocalyptic Imaginary and The Immanence of Myth were both curriculum materials for several lit and philosophy courses at SUNY Binghamton He ceased musical live performance in 2005, with an opening act for Front242 only since releasing studio collaborations on obscure labels you ve never heard of.Present projects include Tales From When I Had A Face, Narrative Machines Myth, Propaganda, and Revolution, and endless research for the forthcoming anthology, Masks Bowie and Artists of Artifice.He lives with a harem of feral lesbians and lions somewhere in the mountains Probably.

Comments Party At The World's End

  • Irene Roth

    Party at the World’s EndBook One of the Fallen CycleBy: James Curcio This is a unique novel which will keep you at the edge of your seat as you are reading it. The novel has a lot of plot twists and it is raunchy in places. It is also evocative in nature. So, it is definitely adult reading. But once you get into the book, you won’t want to put it down until you finish reading it. James Curcio is a master storyteller. He takes the reader into deep mythological lore and applies it to today’ [...]

  • xJane

    The tagline says it best, "SEX. DRUGS. REVOLUTION. CROSSBOWS.", all things I'd've done well to have kept in mind throughout.It was hard for me to start, for some reason—perhaps, it was too good of a description of what happens in mental institutions. I wouldn't know, but it was uncomfortably…uncomfortable. Grime and sweat and blood and mental instability are not things I generally seek out—and perhaps my reaction to it is more telling than I'd like it to be.There's a lot of drugs in this b [...]

  • Ellen Gail

    Abandoned ship at 20%Have I mentioned that I hate leaving things unfinished? Even if I don't love a book, I will try to see it through to the end. (The exception being quite a few things that I had to read in college. In an ideal world, I would have finished 80% of my assigned reading, cause I'm a big nerd.)ThisI admit defeat. Book, you win. You have defeated me. Party at the World's End was supposed to be "Brutal, darkly funny, and, above all, honest." - Powell's Books 'Short List.' That was th [...]

  • Shelly Wygant

    This Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest Review.Take a mad ride past the event horizon of sanity with the band Babylon, in the final days of the American Empire. First in the occult punk, myth and fairy-tale laced transmedia series, the Fallen Cycle. Get on the roller coaster, strap yourself in and prepare for a wild ride. I felt like I stepped into a adult comic book while reading this book. James Curcio did a great job of interweaving the chapters to take you deep into [...]

  • Djaz

    This is a reboot of the original novel, Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning. Extensively revised and reimagined, this book offers tighter writing, absurdity and the inevitability of change in one small dystopian package.

  • Melinda

    Deeply Incisive Satire on the State of America - FIVE GLOWING STARSThis e-ticket ride, so strap in tight, get a snack and a bottle of your favorite beverage. You will be here until you finish this satirical, surreal, sexy, subversive novel. Reality is simply squishy. Identity rises from dreams, contact with enlightened entities, visions, sense memories and similar. Action is unpredictable. Whether two fallen gods boost a car, big pharma causes kids to become suicide bombers, instantaneous orgies [...]

  • Matt Kelland

    In these days of e-books, it makes a refreshing change - for me, at least - to find a book that really benefits from the medium of print. This isn't a collection of short stories. It's not a nice sequential comic book. It's a lovingly produced piece of art using the medium of the book, designed to make use of lush double page spreads and simultaneously assault and seduce the reader (viewer?) with the combination of words and images.The range of styles is what makes Words of Traitors so intriguin [...]

  • Erik

    I have to admit, I was lost throughout most of this book, probably because I had to keep putting it down to do other stuff. Time jumps around, characters get mixed up, schemes are laid out with the fuzziest of details, etc. This book is heavy on texture and is extremely surreal, so if you need your hand held as you march through a story, you will probably not dig this one. I actually loved the texture. It reminded me a lot of alt comics. And the storydid you read House of Leaves? If so, you know [...]

  • Carrie Clevenger

    Wow is my one word for this stunning novel. I give it four stars mainly because it's a little rough, typos and just a few rough edges to make it not perfect, but what book is really perfect, right?Let's get to the good stuff. James Curcio is an outstanding author. This book is a modern-day crusade against, well you fill in the blank. Comparable to masterpieces dealing with matters of the mind as Pink Floyd's The Wall, Curcio's book hops heads effortlessly, taking the reader into deeper waters, w [...]

  • Kirsten

    The writing style reminds me a bit of a gorier version of Neil Gaimanwith guns and transvestites. Overall I liked the theme and story line. You can tell James was a philosophy major. (Name dropper!)My only complaint is that some of the over top hedonism was a bit eye roll worthy.

  • Annette

    Really evocative. Seemed a little rough and hard to follow, but very enjoyable read.Dystopian literature usually falls short for me, because the authors often don't do a good enough job making a world believable without falling back on reality. This book doesn't use reality. James Curcio deftly weaves a world different from the current one and has his characters desperately claw through it.Drugs, sex, it's all there.I haven't read any of this author before. He's good, very good. I'll recommend m [...]

  • Djaz

    Dark, emotional, and gutwrenching, Words of Traitors will suck you in and spit you back out, a little sadder but also a little wiser. The artwork and stories fuse together to paint a vivid landscape of heartbreak, where hope is hard to come by but you keep reading because there is still beauty and humor in the midst of the pain.I had the privilege of editing these stories, and it is wonderful to see this book in print!

  • Dolly

    I won this on GoodReads.I found “Party at the World’s End” very descriptive with unusual and distinct characters, but it took several chapters to realize that it wasn’t short stories. I got the feeling that James Curcio was going for something metaphysical or paradigm shifting. It reads like someone trying to describe their dreams of after taking multiple strong hallucinogens. Given these facts, I’m sure it will develop a cult following.

  • Katie

    Received free copy in a Giveaway, reading soon.(Beautiful cover artwork, it looks great in person. I can't wait to see what's inside!)

  • James Curcio

  • James Curcio

  • C.R.

    Party at the World’s End is a lot of fun. It is beautifully chaotic, with events told out of order from the points of view of several different characters; sometimes in third person and sometimes first. Sometimes in recollections, in philosophical musings, in diary entries, and sometimes in dreams or hallucinations. Now I'm sure that sounds hard to follow, but it actually works so well with the subject matter and at no point did I find myself confused. After attempting to read Ulysses this was [...]

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