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  • Title: How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling
  • Author: Frank Bettger
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  • Page: 211
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Frank Bettger

Franklin Lyle Frank Bettger 1888 1981 was a salesman and self help author He was the father of longtime actor Lyle Bettger He played Major League baseball with the St Louis Cardinals in 1910 under the name Frank Betcher.After his brief baseball career, Bettger returned to his native Philadelphia, where he started collecting accounts for a furniture store on a bike He then started selling life insurance for the Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Co of Pennsylvania but was not initially successful, and considered quitting after 10 months During a moment of reflection, he remembered what his baseball manager told him about his lack of enthusiasm So he made a commitment to himself to start acting enthusiastically in his insurance presentations.He also met a successful salesman and took his advice to read the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin A light went on in his mind when he realized that Franklin s Socratic method of asking key questions might work with selling policies He tried it, it worked, and Bettger began to perfect his technique with great enthusiasm.After succeeding in life insurance sales and becoming Top Salesman for 20 years with Fidelity Mutual, he met Dale Carnegie Carnegie encouraged Bettger to write his first best selling books How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling and How I Multiplied My Income and Happiness in Selling How I Raised Myself was translated into over a dozen languages, including British English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, and Swedish Bettger also gave a series of lectures to Jaycees organizations nationwide with Dale Carnegie.Frank Bettger wrote a last book, entitled How I Learned the Secrets of Success in Selling, in 1960 The book focused on his life and lessons he learned during his short baseball career, and reflected how those lessons learned at an early age helped mold him into the success he became.

Comments How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling

  • Reid

    This is a book my father read. It was first published in 1949. Lots of stories, energetic writing, an easy readRT ONEI. These Ideas Lifted Me Out of the Ranks of Failure1. Force yourself to ACT enthusiastic and you'll become enthusiastic2. SEE THE PEOPLE to at least 4-5 people everyday3. Practice public speaking - club or organization 4. TAKE MORE TIME TO THINK and do things in the order of their importanceII. Formula for Success in Selling5. Find out what the buyer wants, then help him find the [...]

  • Tony Bradshaw

    Any salesman that hasn't read How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie should read this book. It has caused me to finally start the program that Benjamin Franklin did of applying one subject each week for 1/4 of the year (equals 13 subjects and Franklin's 13 subjects are Temperance, Silence, Order, Resolution, Frugality, Industry, Sincerity, Justice, Moderation, Cleanliness, Tranquility, Chastity and Humility.) Bettger kept 6 of these and added 7 of his own: Enthusiasm, Order: se [...]

  • David McClendon, Sr

    Maybe you aren’t intending on a career in selling. Perhaps your business has little to do with selling. The bottom line is that everyone sells something to someone, no matter what. If you are a child, you sell getting to stay up late to your parents. As a child you may sell going to a particular movie or event or even watching a television program. We all sell. If you are a preacher or priest or other type of clergy, you sell salvation to your congregation. If you are a teacher, you sell educa [...]

  • Jonathan

    It is a shame that I've grown up with disdain for salesmen. This book along with others like Think and Grow Rich, The Magic of Thinking Big, and How to Win Friends and Influence People have taught me to love the world of sales.I avoided such books for years because I thought they were books about techniques to get people to do what you want. I was so wrong.What I learned from these books is that true sales is about connecting with people and serving them. They taught me that integrity, honesty, [...]

  • Evy Hanson

    Classic advice from (at the time) the highest paid salesperson in America. I have given this book as a gift several times. Includes the inspiring poem by Herbert Kauffman which Bettger shared hundreds of times through his professional career.VictoryYou are the one who used to boastThat you’d achieve the uttermostsome day.You merely wished a show,To demonstrate how much you knowAnd prove the distance you can go…Another year we’ve just passed through.What new ideas came to you?How many big t [...]

  • Daniel Taylor

    Given the crappy appearance of the cover of the Amway edition, I thought this book would be filled with advice that has been deservedly long-forgotten. I was wrong.An associate of Dale Carnegie, of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" fame, Bettger's book is of that standard, but for salespeople. He gives you some ideas to change how you think about selling, provides a formula for sales success, shows how to gain a prospect's confidence, offers five things you can do so the prospect sells t [...]

  • Joel Valdez

    One of the best books I've read in terms of attitude towards selling, particularly for people that don't consider themselves as sellers. Highly recommended.

  • John

    From the time we first learn to cry to get fed or changed, we are selling. This is the best book I've found to teach how to sell properly.

  • David Skinner

    This is the best sales book I’ve ever read. I would recommend it at the same level as “How To Win Friends and Influence People.” Every chapter has intensely practical tips that are just as relevant and that was they were 100 years ago. Could not give a higher review.

  • Ash Lanser

    I don't know how exactly, but ever since I read this, I have no problem striking up conversation with people in the street. There was no particular chapter - it just clicked.

  • Galaxyflyer

    Franklin Lyle Bettgerwrote "How I raised myself from failure to success in selling." * Though he would seem egotistical by writing this book.* failed at selling life insurance* made 40,000 sales calls in 25years. * = made enough to buy a 70,000 estate and retire at 40* "I would walk [1,000 miles] to get this book." ~Dale Carnegie~- My stupid blunders- My mistakes+ lifted my self up= this book is about What this ideas did for me. Ch. 1 these ideas lifted me out of the ranks of failure-nervous -sc [...]

  • Jesse Jones

    If you read only one book on sales, make it this one. The writing style is in the same vein as "How to Win Friends and Influence People"; the author was mentored by Dale Carnegie. Overall it's a solid read that dives into the psychology of selling and changing your mindset/approach to selling.

  • Lucas Castro

    Excelente livro, apesar de antigo, tem muitas idéias boas e que continuam contemporâneas. O que mais gostei foi o reforço de vários conceitos modernos de vendas complexas com uma leitura leve e inspiradora.

  • Derek

    This book was one of the best books I have ever read. It does have a focus in the area of business/sales, but it applies to everything in life.

  • Michael Holloway

    If your going to deal with people and you are then you need to read this book.

  • Mindie

    Definitely dated, but good advice for any business owner.

  • Stephanie

    I actually REALLY enjoyed this book. There is so much about life in hereeven if you're not interested in selling. I like people who are genuine and real. There are neat lessons here.

  • Rudy

    Good strong fundamental sales book.

  • Adrian

    I doubted sales was such a big deal back in 1953 and started paging the book to get some amusement out of it. Soon I discovered I was very wrongBettger tells many fundamental methods and thoughts that have helped him growing, as the title suggests, from failure to success. He mentions how he actually got to learn every lesson, and always elaborates his teachings with examples. The book introduces instructions all the way from self-motivation to gaining the customer's trust, and from the importan [...]

  • Anirudh

    Not the type of book that I usually read. In fact, I usually run screaming from books of this type. I read this book for two major reasons. The first is that it came highly recommended to me by someone whose reading recommendations I have enjoyed in the past. The second is that I am trying to ensure that I do not enter into a bubble where I read only things that I agree with.All things considered, I found the book far more palatable than I expected it to be. One part of it was the conversational [...]

  • Kelli

    This book is as relevant today as it was in 1947 when it was originally published. More than 30 chapters full of actionable advice on salesmanship that can easily be applied to any number of contemporary activities: building an online presence, networking at any event, serving on a board, etc.The overarching idea behind this book is: be nice and thoughtful. People make sales through friends. People make friends by remembering others' names when they are introduced for the first time. People get [...]

  • Pete

    I read this because I believe selling is often about relationships and if you can get better at building and maintaining authentic relationships you'll get better at pretty much anything you do in life. It was a fun and relatively easy read and, as I had hoped, applicable for working with people outside of sales directly. Parts of it were a little dated as it was published in 1949, like the recommendation of finding myself a good haberdasher, but somehow that made it even more fun. And, bizarrel [...]

  • Bryan Tanner

    My biggest takeaways:-- Enthusiasm makes you $30/hr. Anything after that is due to skill specialization. -- Never sell. Help people discover that they want to buy. -- Attention --> Interest --> Desire --> Close.-- When transitioning from desire to close, assume the sale. If concerns arise, inquire as to why and ask if there is anything else. Then listen. Most people sell themselves.-- People like to be regularly scheduled (e.g tennis lessons). -- Always be honest.

  • Thomas Carey

    I enjoyed this book about 60% of the time. He has great advice, though it’s a bit dated. His first chapter was focused on enthusiasm it was mentioned about 1000 times a within a paragraph. He must have been pretty enthusiastic about it. Though, I agree With what he is saying, but I think he could have shortened it a bit.Will take his advice and apply it.

  • Suparnkumar Sathe

    Excellent book. Not only this book should be a foundational textbook for all in the business of selling but for everyone looking for success and improvement in his work this book is a must read. Frank Bettger has shown that with systematic work, exemplary work ethics and constant effort towards self improvement how one can become successful in any field.

  • Justin

    Has many different sales strategies and mentalities. I found the book to be interesting, love the call to action at the end telling us to focus on applying some of the book, or it has been a waste of our time.

  • Peter

    It's really old, but still relevant. I don't have much of a background in sales, but I realized how these principles can be applied to everyday life. It went by very quickly and kept my interest. I think it's a good start and has some good ideas that can propel you towards other aspects of selling.

  • Sunny

    Loved it. Between Audible and reading it in print, finished it in one day. It helps that I had a long wait someplace and I had my kindle with me. This is worth reading again and taking notes (and you don't need to be in sales to read this)

  • Francisco

    Inspiring Great book for anyone who is looking to better their attitude toward their craft, whether it is selling insurance, playing sports, or any other. Detail real life experiences which make this book that more entertaining and easy to read.

  • Craig Baldwin

    Classic Sales BookThis was a wonderful 101 in sales which I will continue to refer to over the years. I would recommend to anyone who has a profession which relies on convincing others to purchase from you.

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