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By Courtney Hamilton | Comments: ( 383 ) | Date: ( May 29, 2020 )

A Post Hollywood novel and a really intelligent and satirical take on the vanity of wealth and the alienation of privilege Kindleman A hilarious, scathing tale of LA life Kirkus Reviews Courtney Hamilton is a Velveeta loving attorney driven to distraction by a city that seethes with soul sucking status seekers When her friend Marcie formulates an impossiA Post Hollywood novel and a really intelligent and satirical take on the vanity of wealth and the alienation of privilege Kindleman A hilarious, scathing tale of LA life Kirkus ReviewsCourtney Hamilton is a Velveeta loving attorney driven to distraction by a city that seethes with soul sucking status seekers When her friend Marcie formulates an impossibly detailed rating system for acceptable men the Los Angeles Eco Chain of Dating Courtney goes on a self destructive binge that doesn t stop until she gets thrown out of group therapy for insulting a former child actress.Courtney is mortified as she watches her best friends give up stellar careers in law and the arts to marry entertainment royalty and civilian overachievers Worse, they expect Courtney to do the same So they hatch plots to get her to give up her career, break her addiction to fake cheese, marry into high orbit wealth and rule the stratosphere alongside them.But Courtney resists She doesn t want to be a poster child for the Opt Out Generation And she certainly doesn t want to be molded into date bait for the top rung of L.A society All Courtney wants is to be left alone so she can search beneath the surface for a meaningful life But between a meddling, narcissistic mother, a self absorbed therapist and friends trying to send her to dating re education camps, it seems that fake cheese is the only genuine thing left in the city Social ambition combats self actualization in this biting tale of one woman s search for certainty in a city full of mirages.

  • Title: Almost Royalty: A Romantic Comedy...of Sorts
  • Author: Courtney Hamilton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Courtney Hamilton

Courtney Hamilton has worked in Hollywood with writers, directors, executive producers, actresses and actors in the entertainment industry in L.A Las Vegas and New York, including Golden Globe and Emmy winners in television and feature films particularly in the humorous fiction, humor romance and women s fiction genres Based in Los Angeles, California, Hamilton is a keen observer of L.A Royalty and southern California society which many consider a romantic fiction of its own Almost Royalty is a fictionalized satire of Los Angeles social classes and especially those who aspire to be part of the city s A Level Royalty.Sit Read Have some Velveeta Enjoy Laugh.

Comments Almost Royalty: A Romantic Comedy...of Sorts

  • Rae

    Courtney, The main character in Courtney Hamilton’s Almost Royalty, is on my level. I have no idea what level that is on the L.A. Eco-Chain of Dating, but I think I’ll be ok if I never find out.Almost Royalty tells stories throughout Courtney’s time in L.A. right after she broke up with her second fiancé. It’s a romantic comedy of sorts, but with a dark side. Luckily, though, that dark side is real and funny.Courtney and I live in the same reality, which appears to be on a different pla [...]

  • Rick

    Hysterically funny and well-written.I read an advance review copy of this extremely funny, penetrating, and heart-warming novel about a young native Californian woman who survives a constant barrage of ill-conceived advice from her misguided friends, her narcissistic mother, and the men she dates who are afflicted with "testosterone poisoning." The backdrop to this well-written drama is an authentic depiction of daily life in Los Angeles tainted by the explosions of abysmal celebrity and immigra [...]

  • Jo Berryman

    Hilarious. A savvy, sophisticated, spot-on satire of characters with upscale lifestyles who are intent on climbing, or scrambling, ever higher on the ladder of success and self-importance.Courtney Hamilton combines wry observation with witty analysis to offer insightful glimpses into the self centered, self assured, self-appointed world of entitlement. She has a sharp eye and peels away appearances to reveal her characters' interior thoughts and ulterior motives as she cleverly exposes their fai [...]

  • Ange

    Courtney Hamilton is also the name of the fictitious heroine of this satirical novel based on postmodern Los Angeles society. Courtney is a single professional woman at 35 years old. She's on the prowl for a husband that stations her into the proper place in the caste system that exists. Meanwhile, she's trying to balance her career, physical fitness (training for a marathon), friends, dating and caring for her cat Abyss whilst perfecting the melting of her favorite food staple: Velveeta, in var [...]

  • Debbie

    A crack up of what life is like when you are just a normal girl living in Los Angelos. I simply adored this story and how well it was told. This was about Courtney a girl who makes it as a lawyer but lives a simple life in Los Angelos. She still believes in things like working, taking care of yourself and being a good person. OH MY!! How could she? Especially when she is living so near Hollywood. A funny take on what it is like to be surrounded by people, some even friends that feel this need to [...]

  • Amanda

    I’m a fan of romantic comedies and chick-lit, so I was excited to read a novel that was described as both. The story is told from the point of view of Courtney Hamilton (also the name of the author), a professional woman who is trying to figure out her priorities in life while watching the world around her through a slightly cynical and snarky lens. Her hesitation to join the “married with children” set makes her an outcast among her peers, including two vapid “friends” who try to dict [...]

  • Julie

    Check out my other reviews at Little Miss BookmarkI'm sure you can tell by my one star rating that this one really missed the mark for me. This is not a book that was made for me or anyone that likes having money, for that matter. I know that sounds really weird who doesn't like money?!? Or at least who doesn't like what money can buy like food and stuff. From the very first page, I got this distinct feeling that the main character in the book hated money. Or the author hates money. Someone ( [...]

  • Jennifer

    A witty novel about Courtney, a young, single woman living in socially stratified Los Angeles. This city has as its own 'celebrity royalty' - a complex and occasionally feral group. Courtney manages to pull her life together while dealing with non-supportive friends, a narcissist mother, a crazy therapist and some unfortunate boyfriend choices from various links of the dating 'eco-chain.'Hamilton makes wry observations about Hollywood, the Los Angeles dating scene, and dysfunctional families. In [...]

  • Theresa

    When I started this book I didn't have high expectations, thought it would be an average book about a done many times story. I was so wrong! Courtney is a gifted and funny writer, the forward movement of the story never slows down. The main figure in the story is very familiar, 30ish, single career woman with snarky friends and a series of loser boyfriends. It's Ms Hamilton's writing style that sets this book so far apart from any other I've read for a long time! I was sorry when the book ended [...]

  • Linda Quick

    Quirky and funny chick lit tale of a woman trying to find herself, and her perfect mate, in LA - the land of Almost Royalty, and "ruled" by a pseudo caste system among potential dating partners. This book is told in a series of vignettes. Each chapter could be read independently, but together they tell a cohesive story. The writing style took a bit to draw me in, but once I understood what the author was doing, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone seeking a non traditio [...]

  • Tim

    I received a free copy of Almost Royalty in return for an honest review.In a city of fame and riches, Courtney is surrounded by the constant headache that is brought on by her so called friends, relationships, and celebrity encounters. Breasts are not the only thing fake within Los Angeles. Courtney does everything in her power to not become part of the stepford wives lifestyle, which includes abandoning their ivy elite degrees to pursue their dreams of marrying a man with money, and lots of it. [...]

  • Jinky

    Beautiful book cover and fascinating blurb so I'm not sure what this tells about my sense of humor since I struggled reading this book. I couldn't get into the rhythm of this class defining romantic comedy. It literally took me a month to read this because I wasn't getting it. It felt like reading a boring textbook. Haha, maybe I'm too low in the "Eco-Chain" to understand! But seriously I plugged along trying to read between the lines and see a purposeful plot. Still wasn't getting it. Not that [...]

  • Jill

    UH-MAZING!Courtney Hamilton's brain operates so much like mine that there were moments while I was reading this book when I wondered if I had accidentally wandered into my own self conscious. Her hatred of all things phony (apart from cheese, of course) is downright inspiring. Never have I laughed so hard while reading a book. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes comedy. I would recommend this book to anyone who can handle the truth about what the world is really like. I would recomme [...]

  • Mayda

    If you live in Los Angeles, or are even just thinking about making it your home, this book is a must-read. And for the majority of us who live elsewhere and lead just average lives, this book will make you appreciate your normal existence. Courtney, too, is an average woman with a savvy perspective on life, though she does lives in L.A. A lawyer, she is not a status-seeker and does not buy into the attitude that if your child is not enrolled in the most prestigious and expensive kindergarten, he [...]

  • Thomas Sawyer

    Courtney Hamilton burns away pretense and artifice like some cool acid tinged with Givenchy Dahlia Noir. I tend to prefer books that offer insight into the way things work, tinged with clever wit and often turning things upside downa Catch 22 by Joseph Heller or Party Girl by Anna David. Courtney Hamilton brings a rather keen eye to the L.A. scene (ever noticed all the renovated homes built out to the property line with zero yard?) and I enjoyed some rather wicked chuckles at the expense of thos [...]

  • Jo-Anne

    I received a complementary copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. I really wanted to like this book, but just didn't.Almost Royalty: A Romantic Comedyof Sorts is about the young, rich and famous, and the want-to-be rich and famous of Los Angeles. Some friends think they are helping Courtney by trying to get her to fit into the social culture in LA. This was suppose to be a chick-lit comedy but I didn't find it particularly funny. Yes it was chick-lit. You would never catch a man [...]

  • Jen

    Story was good, but the writing jumps around a lot and was confusing at times. Once I got through the first jump around chapter I realized what she would be doing and the rest of the book was fine to read.

  • Kiran.kap

    I love reading books by authors new to the Chick Lit scene. This doesn’t mean I do not enjoy books by the established authors of the genre, like Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella, Jill Mansell and Paige Toon who are all master story-tellers, but it is always exciting to see a new name enter the field of woman’s fiction. Courtney Hamilton is one such name.I was sent an advance reading copy of this novel through Net Galley to review.Almost Royalty by Courtney Hamilton is a tight, fast-paced, witty [...]

  • Jenny

    I received this book free as a giveaway for the First Reads program. I am under no obligation to submit a review, but it's encouraged.It reads like a memoir--- but, I'm not sure if it is. Hamilton definitely puts her life experiences into it. I assume. Overall, I think this a 2.8/5 star book. There are some grammar and sentence structures issues that I hope are corrected by the time it hits publication. I think the author rambles on too much, but I did stumble upon some laughable and entertainin [...]

  • Silvana

    Close your eyes and imagine one young woman in her thirties, attorney by profession, good looking with two unsuccessful engagements and you are her friend and you try to find someone for her but she is so stubborn an cynical. So, you just imagine Courtney Hamilton the main character in this book. Courtney lives and work in L.A. with her cat Abyss and with her cynical approach of life. She has a girlfriens which wants to suits her in L.A. society and find her a man who is compatible according the [...]

  • Beelover

    I loved the story and laughed continually while reading "Almost Royalty" by Courtney Hamilton.This is a great book for anyone who would like an original and honest perspective of life for any woman who has attempted to have a career and a personal life-- as the story shows, it's not easy, especially for Courtney (the main character and name of the author), who has not-so-helpful "friends", a narcissistic mother, a therapist with questionable motives, and a soon to be ex-fiance. She also lives in [...]

  • Dianne

    The hours I spent on this novel are hours I will forever regret losing. The idea that this was supposed to be a funny and satirical novel leaves me speechless. Courtney our protagonist allows everyone in her life to walk all over her. her nut case of a mother, to her 'best friends', and the men in her life.Frankly I didn't even want to see if Courtney ever made it to a HEA.Whatever is so funny about your mother stealing your clothes and showing off her inflated boobs at a family party? Or how ab [...]

  • Cynthia

    I really tried to enjoy and like this book but I did not. I did not fine it funny at all, with so many wonderful reviews I read on it I expected more. It is hard for me to believe that one woman could stay with so many men that are so for themselves. Once maybe but all throughout her life I truly hope there is no women that dumb. I would have told those around me a long time ago to go get a life and leave me alone. I had a very hard time getting into this book and found myself going back rereadi [...]

  • Chanpreet

    It seems times have changed from Jane Austen's time when well-to-do men needing wives to be complete to today when all a woman needs to be fulfilled is apparently a husband and then children. I love how Courtney Hamilton's debut book took this head on. I haven't read smart chick lit in a while, so when I was asked to read this book in return for a review, I couldn't say no.The book took a really good luck at the superficiality of what society and some women place importance on today. The issues [...]

  • Sabrina

    3.5 stars. I really wanted to love this book, but it just didn't do it for me. I loved the main character, Courtney. She was witty and for the most part, a strong and smart woman. But unfortunately, almost every other character in the book was extremely unlikeable and unbearable to read about. Courtney's interactions with them were usually quite funny, but in general, I was more just annoyed by them until the very end of the story when Courtney started putting them in their place and they starte [...]

  • emily

    Rating: 4 emmysReview: A good book will make me cry. A good book will teach me things without my knowledge. A good book can be subtle and bold and crazy all at once. This was a good book. The Fabulous: The redemption. Of all circumstances. If you don’t read any other part of this book, read the last two pages. It’s all anyone ever needs to know. The Flaws: At first, I thought the characters shallow and one sided. Then I got it. They’re supposed to be, or the book would never work. Favorite [...]

  • Tina

    Okay, this book was hilarious and wonderful at the same time. I loved that Courtney was just a little bit off to the right, that is she never seem to be "just like" everyone else or even think like them. Of course, the fact that she finds herself in the dating pool without quite agreeing with the rules of society just added to the story.I found myself laughing out loud at some of the darker side stories, yes, I guess laughing is not appropriate, but like Courtney, I never live by society's rules [...]

  • Meg

    Almost Royalty . This book was very funny at times , I like how the stories are told by Courtney herself and they are about her ,I thought that was really neat and very different from anything I've read before . I felt like this book is more directed to an older age But defiantly a worth while read !!

  • Kim Brickley

    A laugh-out-loud novel that's spot-on about the complexities of living in Los Angeles, or any large metropolitan city. Funny and satirical, I would recommend this book to anyone who would like a modern comedy and a great laugh.

  • Kristan

    Not the fun chic-lit book I had hoped for.

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