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Book three of the bestselling historical futuristic series, The Tellaran.After spending a year enslaved by the Az kye, Commander Kyndan Maere has good reason to hate them On the eve of peace between the Tellaran Realm and the Az kye Empire, Kyndan finds himself drawn into a duel for the hand of Alari, the First Imperial Daughter When their passion ignites, Kyndan lBook three of the bestselling historical futuristic series, The Tellaran.After spending a year enslaved by the Az kye, Commander Kyndan Maere has good reason to hate them On the eve of peace between the Tellaran Realm and the Az kye Empire, Kyndan finds himself drawn into a duel for the hand of Alari, the First Imperial Daughter When their passion ignites, Kyndan learns the only thing harder than winning this princess would be losing her .

  • Title: The Consort
  • Author: Ariel MacArran
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Ariel MacArran

Ariel MacArran has had a lifelong love of books, stories and writing Nothing makes her happier than the opportunity to give back some of the magic of being swept up into a story that other writers have given her.Note From Author I love Romance, Sci fi, Histories and Paranormal and I have always been a voracious reader I love being caught up in world building, whether it s the past or a whole other galaxy.

Comments The Consort

  • Pamela(AllHoney)

    Listed as the third book in the Tellaran series on the author's website. The story takes place about four months after Stardancer ends. Commander Kyndan Maere has come back to Az-kyr to begin peace talks. But he finds himself selected by Alari, the First Imperial Daughter, for marriage. But first he must defeat Jazan for her hand.I enjoyed it. It was not a carbon copy of Stardancer. Here we had a man who smiles and jokes which is totally different from the hero we got in Stardancer. Alari loses [...]

  • Aisazia

    This is the sequel to Stardancer by Ariel MacArran. This continues to be a fun read with a futuristic romance that takes place in space and on another planet. This still takes place on Az-kye as Kinara attempts to make peace between the two races. She recruits her brother, Kyndan, to be the ambassador even though it's the position he wants the least after being enslaved to the Az-kye for a year. This is told from his point of view.I was still easily engrossed into the story even though I just re [...]

  • Charity

    First Imperial Daughter of the Empire Az-Kye, Alari, is about to wed a brutal beast of a Warrior and needs a champion. Fast. Her last-ditch choice is Kyndan Maere, Commander in the Tellaran Fleet and former Imperial slave. When Kyndan wins her hand and her heart, Alari’s life begins anew and the Empress deposes her as First Daughter. Living as Second Daughter promises Alari and Kyndan much more freedom and happiness until the First Daughter’s space ship is destroyed while she’s on a diplom [...]

  • Ginger Hall

    I was very fortunate to receive an e-copy of this book from the author with the request that I post my review. Ariel has, again, offered her readers a beautiful story that presents love, honor, betrayal and redemption to her readers. Her characters are believable and "rich". There are twists and turns to the plot that are unexpected and intriguing. The characters in THE CONSORT pick up where STARDANCER left us. We share in Kyndan's struggle to overcome the abuse he suffered in the past at the ha [...]

  • Celestine

    I read Stardancer by Ariel MacArran when it was released in 2014 and liked it very much. MacArran's next book, The Seer, was just an okay read for me, so I delayed reading The Consort. Big mistake. The Consort was a delightful read, full of action, emotion, humor and a really complete alien society.The Consort takes us back to the Az-kye world just a few months after Stardancer ends. We pick up on several familiar characters. This book focuses on Kyndan and Alari, and their "meet cute" is one of [...]

  • Ashley

    So, SO good! When is the next Ione coming out? :D I love these characters so much, and the worlds they live in, and their culturesI enjoy every single piece of it! I will put my extended review up once I get it posted on my blog!UPDATE: (From the blog)This novel is set in the Telleran Realm, and is the third of MacArran's books set here. Stardancer is the first Telleran novel, and The Seer is second, but each novel is a standalone romance, and can be read in any order. Of course, I absolutely re [...]

  • Riley

    I received this book from Ms. MacArran in exchange for an honest review. The Consort is a thrilling sci-fi/romance. Just my type of adventure! The story starts off very dramatically when First Imperial Daughter Alari names Commander Kyndan Maere as her preferred mate resulting in a duel between Kyndan and the Alari's betrothed. In a scene reminiscent of the 'Amok Time' episode of the original Star Trek series, Kyndan accepts the challenge before he understands all the rules. There would be no st [...]

  • Pratr- Authors

    We start out with Kyndan accepts the challenge before he fully understands all the rules. But dont worry it works out or there would be no amazing story of our favorite people.Kyndan is a man that all women would sell their favorite pair shoes for, he is handsome, sexy, loving and caring and so so Hot! (yummy)Alari is a woman she is a strong character but with a vulnerability that is heartbreaking and just want to shake her and hug her at the same time!I enjoyed this book just as much as i did t [...]

  • Lyndi

    I was really enjoying this until it came time for The Big Misunderstanding and the heroine went freakin' bonkers and was like "You broke my heart, so I'm going to commit genocide against your people!" Ew, no. I don't like her anymore. Way overkill, princess.Before that craziness, though The fish out of water theme was done well for both characters. It was interesting to see the Hero stumbling through the cultural expectations of behavior and when the heroine was disowned, I liked how she was ent [...]

  • Danielle Goodwin

    Ariel MacArran’s “Consort” is unbelievably even better than the first book in her Tellerans series, “Stardancer.” The storyline takes twists and turns and keeps you wondering what will happen. If you’ve ever struggled with in-laws, you need to read this to know that you don’t have it so bad! Alari and Kyndan are a great couple. I love that he fell for her at first sight. Again, there are elements of “Clan of the Cave Bear” and the Immortals After Dark series. The futuristic set [...]

  • Sally (LLL!)

    I love this series! Will post review soon.You can find my review for the book tour here!literatibookreviews/2014/0

  • Literati Literature Lovers

    Ever fall in love at first sight? Kyndan and Alari did. Even though The Consort was set entirely in a fictional world, the obstacles Kyndan and Alari faced were real and possible in our world. To understand any of the current relationships in The Consort or understand why Kyndan feels a certain way about the Az-kye, you would need to read Stardancer first.Kyndan Maere was an Az-kye slave before being freed. Now back in his home world of Tellar and back in the Tellaran Fleet, he has been chosen b [...]

  • Clarabelle Leigh Davis

    Started off fairly enthralling, instalove which I'm okay with. Around the latter end the politics started really muddling it in a way which i found boring.

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ The Consort | by ↠ Ariel MacArran
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