✓ Luuseri päevik: Lood mitte kuigi andekast poptähest || ☆ PDF Download by ✓ Rachel Renée Russell Kadri Lutt

By Rachel Renée Russell Kadri Lutt | Comments: ( 531 ) | Date: ( Apr 03, 2020 )

REEDE, 1 NOVEMBERAPPIKENE Eile oli arvatavasti minu senise elu PARIM p ev Ma mitte ainult ei veetnud oma salajase silmar mu Brandoniga halloweenipeol SUUREP RASELT aega, vaid tundub, et ma vist t esti meeldin talle JEHHHUUUUU Muidugi selle meeldimise all m tlen ma, et ikka ainult nagu V GA hea s ber Kindlasti MITTE nagu t eline t druks ber v i midagi Olen kindeREEDE, 1 NOVEMBERAPPIKENE Eile oli arvatavasti minu senise elu PARIM p ev Ma mitte ainult ei veetnud oma salajase silmar mu Brandoniga halloweenipeol SUUREP RASELT aega, vaid tundub, et ma vist t esti meeldin talle JEHHHUUUUU Muidugi selle meeldimise all m tlen ma, et ikka ainult nagu V GA hea s ber Kindlasti MITTE nagu t eline t druks ber v i midagi Olen kindel, et SEDA ei saa k ll ELU SEES juhtuda MIKS Peamiselt seet ttu, et ma olen kooli k ige hullem LUUSER Ning oma kolme vistriku, kahe pahema jala, he n ruse sotsiaalse elu ja nullpopulaarsusega ei ole ma just sedasorti t druk, kes hel p eval ballikuningannaks kroonitakse Kuna p en praegu p ris t sist s dame KAOTAMIST, siis t nu minu praegusele pisut totakale, kuid ndsalt armunud ja veidi r situd ilmele v iksin vabalt kandideerida LUUSERITE PRINTSESSIKS Ennast luuseriks pidava toimeka ja sedapuhku natuke armunud koolit druku Nikki Maxwelli p eviku 3 osa Varem on samas sarjas ilmunud Luuseri p evik Lood mitte kuigi muinasjutulisest elust ja Luuseri p evik Lood mitte kuigi popist peoplikast Muude tegemiste ja toimetuste k rval on Nikkile n d oluline osaleda kooli talendiv istlusel ja see v ita Alguses n ib, et tal ei nnestu isegi v istlusest osa v tta, aga p rastpoole

  • Title: Luuseri päevik: Lood mitte kuigi andekast poptähest
  • Author: Rachel Renée Russell Kadri Lutt
  • ISBN: 9789949341726
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Rachel Renée Russell Kadri Lutt

Rachel Renee Russell is the 1 New York Times Best Selling author of the book series, DORK DIARIES, and the upcoming, THE MISADVENTURES OF MAX CRUMBLY to be released on June 7, 2016 For about Nikki s world visit DorkDiaries For about Max s world visit MaxCrumbly

Comments Luuseri päevik: Lood mitte kuigi andekast poptähest

  • Lisa

    Read this before my 7 year old advance reader gets to it.

  • Taylor

    I read Dork Diaries #3, by Rachel Russell. It is a fiction story about a girl named Nikki J. Maxwell. I think she is kind. She has brown hair and has no designer clothing, unlike Mackenzie. Mackenzie is the mean, super popular girl who doesn't like Nikki at ALL, along the other dorks at school. Like Chloe and Zoey. They are Nikki's B.F.F.s who seem to always stay together. Nikki says that their ideas can be a little dorky or wacky but they're super fun. Both, Chloe and Zoey, are really awesome a [...]

  • [Shai] The Bibliophage

    One of Nikki's best traits is that she is a good friend who tries to help as much as she can. That is one of the best lessons, aside from handling bullies, that kids will learn through this book (series).

  • Janae

    I want to read this book so bad!!!!!!!

  • Anna

    Τα "βάσανα" της Νίκι συνεχίζονται, όταν το μυστικό της υποτροφίας της απειλείται να βγει στην επιφάνεια, τη στιγμή που το βίντεο στο youtube όπου τραγουδάει με τη μικρή της αδερφή έχει ήδη διαρρεύσει. Μοναδική της "λύση" για το πρόβλημα της παραμονής της στο γυμνάσιο είναι να κερ [...]

  • Amy (Books, College, and Other Random Things)

    Tales from a Not So Talented Pop Star is the third book in the Dork Diaries by Rachel Reneé Russell.Nikki Maxwell has been at Westchester Country Day for about three months and is still best friends with Chloe and Zoey. Nikki finds out that the school is having a talent show where the winners will get to audition on 15 Minutes to Fame. Mackenzie Hollister, queen bee of WCD, shows Nikki a flyer about looking for dancers for her group Mac’s Maniacs. Nikki thinks that Mackenzie wants her in the [...]

  • Grace O.

    Dork Diaries #3 Tales from a Not-So-Talented Pop Star is an easy read for late elementary and early middle school readers. It is a Realistic Fiction book. This book is about a girl named Nikki, and she is kind of a big DORK! Nikki wants to enter the talent show, but her arch enemy, Mackenzie Hollister, is going to be in it too! Mackenzie is participating with her little popular group, the "CCP's". They are going to dance, while Nikki and her friends, Chloe and Zoey, were going to be little danci [...]

  • Opal Florey

    Title: Pop StarSeries: Dork Diaries #3Author: Rachel Renee RussellFormat: Paperback, 311 pagesRating: 4.75 stars!!Time to Read: 4 Hours!Recommend it to?: People looking for a light-hearted read.My Review: Wowee-zowee!! I really love this book and it is just so amazing and awesome and cool. I did read this book before I read book 2 so I did get a bit confused, but, Rachel Renee Russell does help by explaining some stuff! This book is pure awesomeness!!I really do recommend this book to people who [...]

  • Harshita

    After the Halloween dance when ever Brandon meets Nikki he says I had a such a nice time with you in the Halloween dance. Nikki thinks that Brandon likes Nikki. Which might be true or maybe not. Nikki planned to go to the mall with Chloe and Zoey but when she went to the mall her mother told to take care of Brianna.So Nikki went to a bench and started writting in her diary. Brianna was going to the wishing foutain and collecting coins. Nikki told Brianna to keep all the money back in the wishing [...]

  • Alyssa Mason

    Alyssa Mason,New school, new MEAN girl, new crush, new diary, so Nikki! Rachel Renee Russell's Dork Diaries 3 is hilarious and of the hook.The character in my book Dork Diaries 3 is Mackenzie, Chloe, Zoey, Nikki, and Brandon. Mackenzie's roll in this book is as the bad guy (girl) who must win 24-7. Chloe and Zoey are Nikki's best friends ever and are very good at being a best friend too. Brandon is Nikki's crush who like Nikki back and he slowly gives her hints that they are ment for each other. [...]

  • Allison

    I outgrew this series. This was targeted for girls ages 9 through 13 and I was a few years late. Knowing that, I don't know how I enjoyed the first two. I've been awfully critical of what I read so that is a good reasonI'll stick to that.It did have its few funny moments and her dad's bug truck practically screamed Dale Gribble (my paranoid weakman♥) but I felt like I was being yelled at with the occasional super big text and !!!!!!:)!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was it supposed to be funny or just plain anno [...]

  • Brecka

    Dork Diaries From a Not so Talented Pop starBy: Rachel Renee RussellI love the series of Dork Diaries. This series is super funny and can make you laugh if you having a bad day. The main character is Nikki. She is a high school student and has she has a diary her mom got her. She has a rival named Mckenzie and she is always trying to better her at every single thing. Mckenzie is the popular girl at the high school, and Nikki hates her.One day Nikki sees a flyer in the hallway and it says battle [...]

  • Lisa W.

    Kirkus Reviews -- 2009-05-15 When her father barters enrollment in a prestigious private school in exchange for his bug-extermination services, Nikki suddenly finds her life in turmoil. At Westchester Country Day, Nikki encounters über-snobbish MacKenzie, the archetypal mean girl and her pack of "CCP"—Nikki's acronym for the cute, cool and popular—friends. Nikki chronicles all of her new-girl angst and trepidations as well as her fledgling crush in her diary. Russell's narrative deftly capt [...]

  • Samantha Tai

    Nikki Maxwell has a secret that not even her BFFs Chloe and Zoey know. The only person who knows is Nikki's archnemesis, popular girl MacKenzie. The.Nikki Maxwell has a secret that not even her BFFs Chloe and Zoey know. The only person who knows is Nikki's archnemesis, popular girl MacKenzie. The only reason she can attend Westchester Day School is because her father is the school's exterminator and he worked out a deal for her to get a scholarship to the school. Her secret may get out when the [...]

  • Nishi Banker

    The book was good ,actually the whole series is good.The book was funny like when Nikki was roasting marshmallows in their backyard and their dads pant caught on fire.Nikki's little sister Brianna was annoying to Nikki because she had hand puppet named Ms Penelope.My favorite character is Brianna because she comes up with good ideas to bother Nikki.I think you should read the book .

  • LeonaCarstairs

    When I was reading this book I swear I could feel my brains cells dying. This series is absolutely stupid pile of steaming crap. Send help. SOS. I need to erase it from my brain. I'm just going to pretend it doesn't exist, because, it's stupid. (And has slut shaming. WHICH MAKES ME SO MAD.)

  • Mia Campbell

    This book is filled with so much drama and life problem I love it.

  • Ann

    Amazing❤️ - Probably one of the most hilarious books I have ever read!A very creative story with all sorts of characters! I would love for you to read this book if you haven't. The illustrations were neatly done and the contents were appropriate for all ages! Even grown ups would enjoy this book like little kids! It had so many sudden reversals that was really unexpected. In this book, there was even a new band that Nikki made called 'Actually, I'm Not Sure Yet!'A book that everyone should r [...]

  • Jaiseth Zubia

    Since I read the first book Dork Diaries, I fell in love with the searis. This book is about Nikki, but she has to go to the mall with her mom instead of with her friends.The worst part is she has to baby sit her little sister!Nikki is at the fountain and sees her sister getting the coins people throw in the fountain!Nikki's stomach growls and goes to Cheeses Pizza and buys a medium drink and a medium soda with the water fountain! A cashier says that the lucky table gets to sing with Cheese!And [...]

  • Marlee

    This book was fun, funny, and fast and easy to read. My 10 year old son especially enjoyed it. My 6 year old daughter also found it to be somewhat interesting. However, I found Nikki to be such a terrible person that I did not want to even finish the book. Though Mackenzie is set up as a bully and a horrible, shallow, though popular person, Nikki seems to do things that are just as horrible as the things Mackenzie does. And, Nikki is just as shallow. She also doesn't have any consequences for th [...]

  • Aleshanee

    In the book Dork Diaries Tales from a NOT-SO-Talented Pop Star by Rachel Renee Russell. There is an upcoming Talent show and Nikki and her friends are planning on singing and dancing together and MacKenzie comes up with a flyer showing Nikki that if Chole and Zoey wanted to join MacKenzies little group but didn't even bother asking Nikki and Nikki got so mad she teared up the flyer MacKenzie had given her and didn't tell Chole or Zoey and there best friends. Then nothing could of been much worse [...]

  • Elice Jrbashyan

    The main characters of this story are Nikki a girl that is a dork and goes to middle school, Mackenzie a girl that goes to middle school and makes Nikki's life miserable, Chole and Zoey Nikki's best friends, Brianna Nikki's sister, Brandon Nikki's crush, and Nikki's parents. The plot of this story is that Nikki goes to school and has a good/bad day because of Mackenzie and there is a talent show. Later in the story it turns out that Nikki is hiding secrets from everyone that she needs to pay for [...]

  • Bundles of

    Oh these books have yet to disappoint me! I love them! A couple years ago, I started reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and I loved the way they were set up. Then I discovered the Dork Diaries! I loved them even more than ever! This is probably because these are more directed towards girls and Wimpy Kid is directed towards boys. Nikki is facing Mackenzie yet again! Nikki does not want anyone to know her deep secrete only reason she is at this super fancy school is because she got a scholars [...]

  • Kelly

    Nikki maxwell is a normal teen who is attending school at a special academy. She has crushes, best friends, and enemies just like Mackenzie who is a spoiled no good evil girl who hates Nikki's guts. Things get worst when she gets a phone call from the school saying that she has to pay over 200 in money for no good reasonBut the only way to get that kind of money is to join the school talent show. The winning prize gets 500 dollars and to be a guest on a hit teen reality show. Nikki doesn't care [...]

  • Ryann Yamaura

    Tales From a Not So Talented Pop Star is the the book after Tales From a Not So Popular Party Girl. This book is probably my favorite book of the series. But I probably said that about every book in this series! Nikki is still trying to get through her first few months in her new middle school. It is her third month there and she still has not figured out when or how she is going to stand up to McKenzie Hollister. Which to catch you up is the most popular girl in school. Theres always something [...]

  • Samantha Cornejo

    I thought this book was very interesting because it seems that Nikki's life is falling apart and it can't get any worse but it just seems to get worse in the most TERRIBLE of times!Now, I think that when her life was starting to fall apart and she actually tried to fix it by being creative and mostly positive, I thought that it was very mature of Nikki to do that because it is really hard to fix the mess she was in,especially when her Dad is the school exterminator and that she has to deal with [...]

  • Michelle Francis

    I love that I can say I bought this for my daughter, but actually, I love reading them just as much. They are fun and cute stories. My daughter, who is going to be in 3rd grade read this book in 1 day and is on her 2nd or 3rd reading of it. She loves sharing all the things that happen in the story. If I had anything negative to say, it would be that the use of "OMG" is something that parents of 2nd grade students in my area don't want their student to be saying. I like to recommend this series t [...]

  • Siddharth Chakravarthy

    Would've rated it 5 stars if it wasn't for the climax which, I feel, was written in a hurry. :/ Nevertheless, Nikki Maxwell Rocks :P

  • Lauren

    I thought this book was really good! It really showed all of the girls drama and everything that happens as girls get older.

  • Mia Martinez

    The book “Dork Diaries Tales from a NOT-SO -Talented Pop Star” by Rachel Renée Russell is the third book in the Dork Diaries series. This book is about how Nikki Maxwell, as always, runs into a problem, her school ;Westchester Country Day middle school, starts to get a infestation problem. This is bad because Nikki has a scholarship at this school because her dad is the school’s bug exterminator, but Nikki doesn’t want anyone to know her dad is the school’s bug exterminator because th [...]

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