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By Caroline Lawrence | Comments: ( 800 ) | Date: ( Jul 12, 2020 )

It is A.D 79, and Flavia Gemina, daughter of a successful Roman sea captain, is about to celebrate her birthday Then the dogs in her neighborhood start dying mysteriously, and there are rumors of burglary in the houses on Flavia s street Set in the graveyards, houses, and alleyways of an ancient Roman city, here s the first in a series of fast paced, informative, and saIt is A.D 79, and Flavia Gemina, daughter of a successful Roman sea captain, is about to celebrate her birthday Then the dogs in her neighborhood start dying mysteriously, and there are rumors of burglary in the houses on Flavia s street Set in the graveyards, houses, and alleyways of an ancient Roman city, here s the first in a series of fast paced, informative, and satisfying mysteries.

  • Title: The Thieves of Ostia
  • Author: Caroline Lawrence
  • ISBN: 9780761315827
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Caroline Lawrence

Caroline Lawrence won a scholarship to Cambridge to read Classical Archaeology, then did a degree in Hebrew and Jewish studies at University College London She now lives in London with her English husband and teaches Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Art and French to children.Series Roman MysteriesWestern Mysteries

Comments The Thieves of Ostia

  • Jon

    So I've been reading a book on Roman triumphs by one of the best classicists writing today, Mary Beard, who holds the chair in classics at Cambridge. I noted in her bio that she has a fairly entertaining blog titled A Don's Life, to which she adds something about once a week. So I eagerly went there and found that she mentioned this excellent series by her old classmate in classics Caroline Lawrence, and highly recommended it. So I immediately tried the first one, and it really was quite a treat [...]

  • Shan

    Middle-grade Roman historical fiction? Sign me up! The sooner I can get Clare reading about my very favorite historical time period, the better. This will do very well while we wait for her to be old enough for I, Claudius or Kate Quinn. The first volume in a lengthy series does several things very well, including Lawrence's impressive evocation of the sights, sounds, and smells of the Roman port town of Ostia. I also appreciated that Lawrence doesn't sugarcoat the grittier parts of Roman life f [...]

  • Ben Kane

    I had the privilege of meeting Caroline Lawrence about two years ago, and I went and bought this, the first of her books, at once, which is something I nearly always do after meeting an author. Given that my pile of "To Be Read" books is never less than 50, and I have a young family, I didn't get around to reading it until yesterday, when I got a chance while on holiday. What a treat it was!The Thieves of Ostia is a delightful and well-written read, full of accurate yet lightly woven-in descript [...]

  • S.J.A. Turney

    I read this to my little boy as his bedtime story. He's still a little young for it, but enjoyed it nonetheless. So this review is more from me for the adults than anything.I visited Ostia a number of years ago with my wife and was extremely taken with the place. Now, having just read this book, I can feel that wonder all over again. With the memories of the city, reading the book felt so vivid and real, I could picture every nuance and detail as if I were watching on the screen or even experien [...]

  • Henry

    The Thieves of Ostia by Caroline Lawrence is an exciting book with suprises around every corner! This adventure takes place in the times of the late roman era and happens at the time of a murder! A boy's watchdog was slaughtered and his head was stolen. Four children find a witness and are lead to believe that a man did it, a man whos daughter was recently murdered by a dog with rabies. Can they find him in time before he slaughters more dogs? The moral of this story is that a hero can come from [...]

  • Katy Noyes

    I missed these in my own childhood, but would have loved this sort of series. It's a wonderful first book to a series set in Ancient Rome, always a favourite period for primary students, and involving children solving mysteries and murders.With Sherlock so popular at the moment, the detective genre should receive a boost, and the fact that this is quite instructive on life in Roman times as well as including a murder and several personable young amateur sleuths is in its favour.Wealthy Flavia an [...]

  • Femke Vos

    Brilliant childrensbook!I would certanly recommend it for learning the English language to anybody between 12 and 16 and again when they are over 20. Between 16 and 20 years of age, people will either know their English well or find themselves 'to old for this' like many teenagers and young adults do.Also a really nice tale to read to children under 10 before tucking them in.A good first mistery novel!

  • Evan

    The Thieves of Ostia isn't quite YA lit — it's aimed at children rather than preteens or teens — but it's still more palatable to the adult reader than, say, the Percy Jackson series.The best quality of The Thieves of Ostia is that it's genuinely educational. It skims over historical bullet points in service of the modern child reader, but it does inspire one to learn more about the setting — even adults who are familiar with Ancient Rome. In the already sparse arena of children’s histor [...]

  • Sam

    The Thieves of Ostia is the first book in The Roman Mysteries series written by Caroline Lawrence. Flavia Gemina, daughter of Captain Geminus, teams up with her friends Jonathan, a Jewish boy; Nubia, an African slave; and Lupus, a mute beggar, to find out who is killing the dogs in her street. They believe that Avitus, a neighbour whose daughter recently died from a dog bite, could be the killer and begin following him. However, when Avitus commits suicide, it becomes apparent that he is not the [...]

  • Sarah

    In this book heroine Flavia Gemina, a Roman sea captain's daughter, takes the reader on a suspense-filled adventure through ancient Rome. Set in 79 AD, Ostia, Flavia sets off to track down her father's stolen signet ring when she befriends a diverse group of characters. They team up together to catch the person responsible for the recent spate of dog killings in Ostia and find out what their motives are. This book is beautifully written and carefully explains what daily life in Rome was like in [...]

  • Alicia

    3,5/5Le titre français est "Du Sang sur la Via Appia". Ce roman historique jeunesse se déroule dans la ville portuaire d'Ostia en 79 après JC. Les 4 jeunes protagonistes enquêtent sur les meurtres de plusieurs chiens de la région. C'est plutôt bien mené, quelques détails historiques sur la Rome Antique parsèment le roman, les personnages sont attachants. C'est certainement un peu trop rapide dans l'enchainement des péripéties, mais le dénouement est convainquant ! A voir si je peux m [...]

  • jen

    I thought this was a good historical fiction piece for the intended age group. There were enough clues so you could figure out the mystery without it being completely obvious. The history teacher in me enjoyed the historical references and "teaching points" that were well integrated into the story. There was a lot to learn about the period without it becoming a history lecture.

  • Christine

    There are books that can make a difference to how a child views his/her world. Real concepts make for sincere conversations about life and spiritual awareness - this is a novel that not only takes a child on a remarkable adventure through real historical Roman life, but adds flavor with honest morals and values any adolescent should be apart of.

  • Minhyeok

    I think the book was not really true about Ancient Rome. The story was not cruel at all. People in the story were just too nice. From the time when they saw Lupas stealing the money, they should've killed him.

  • Sophia Koskinen

    I used to read this series because my mom is a Latin teacher, and I was obsessed with Greek & Roman mythology. Maybe I'll re-read it sometime? I barely remember anything, except for the fact that "Flavia" means nice hair or something like that xD

  • Karla Welch

    Synopsis: Set in Ancient Rome, Flavia and her friends try to solve the mystery of the dog murders.School Year Group: 4Key Words: Mystery, History, Friendship.Review: A really well written book which cleverly intertwines history with mystery.

  • Jeff

    The author seems to have done her homework here. This historical fiction series takes place in ancient Rome and I like all of the details. While the book was written for kids, it's good writing. It's recommended for ages 9 to 12.

  • Hannah

    Similar to Detectives in Togas, but not as good. Fun stuff, though.

  • Shani

    A mystery set in Rome AD79 written for children but which I could enjoy as well. A lovely way to introduce a child to ancient Rome.

  • Andrea

    A fun little mystery, set in Roman times. Would be a great introduction to the ancient world for kids of about 12 or so. I'll keep an eye out for more in the series.

  • Frances

    Children's historical mystery. Read to my son. Didn't continue the series.

  • Melissa Pinkley

    Very InterestingSet in the Ancient Roman Empire, this mystery subtly teaches a lot about the culture and beliefs of the time.

  • Divyesh

    A good historical fiction mystery set in the Roman town of Ostia, in 79 CE. The story contains quite a bit of detail, so it's educational, yet the information is well-distributed, so the reader doesn't feel as though she's sitting in a stuffy classroom, listening to a boring history lesson.It all starts when a number of dogs die in mysterious circumstances. They suspect a person named Avitus to be the killer of the dogs, but who knows; maybe the killer is their friend? During their search for th [...]

  • Katie Fitzgerald

    This review also appears on my blog, Read-at-Home Mom.The Thieves of Ostia takes place in June of the year 79 A.D. Flavia Gemina is a young Roman girl who lives with her father and who has a talent for solving mysteries. She and her friends - a Christian named Jonathan, a mute boy named Lupus, and a slave girl named Nubia whom she purchases to rescue her from abuse - are troubled when they learn that family guard dogs are being beheaded and left to die in their neighborhood. When they learn that [...]

  • May

    Good storyline with interesting characters and a compelling mystery. I was pleasantly surprised at how the author did not shy away from controversial topics (slavery, religion, animal brutality, homelessness, and suicide) in a novel that is geared towards pre-teens. This does not mean the author is taking a moral stance on these issues, especially when it comes to slavery. For instance, Flavia may express horror at seeing the slaves marched through the streets and uses her birthday money to buy [...]

  • Panda Pal

    It was a great book! I love Lupus because his name means wolf and I love wolves!!!!! And Pandas of course!

  • Ben

    Honestly, this one was not good. The history was thrown in, the plot was mediocre, and the characters not believable. Still, I wrote a booktalk. The Thieves of Ostia, by Caroline LawrenceThe year - A.D. 79. The place - the Roman port city of Ostia. The crime - dog murder. Yes, that's right. Someone has murdered a dog and may strike again. Young Flavia Gemina, daughter of a Roman Sea Captain decides it is up to her to solve the crime. The magistrates have no interest in the crime unless it involv [...]

  • T'Farcenim Retsam

    This is a story about four children living in the ancient Roman city of Ostia Antica. Surprisingly only two of these children are actually Roman: Flavia Gemina, the main character, and Lupus, the last character we are introduced to. The other two are Jonathan, a Jewish boy, Mordecai, his father who is a doctor, and Nubia, an African slave girl who doesn't know that much Latin. They all try to solve who is murdering the dogs in the city. The characters are not all introduced at once though. I tho [...]

  • Matilda Rose

    Flavia Gemina uncovers several priceless treasures while searching for her father's signet ring in a magpie's nest. She returns the ring to her father and takes the other goods down the market to sell. While she does so, she sees Venelicius the slave trader marching a parade of naked slaves around the market. She sees a Nubian slave girl called Nubia and feels sorry for her. Flavia decides to buy Nubia with her money. She and Nubia become best friends. Flavia teaches Nubia to speak Latin with he [...]

  • Liz

    As a fan of mystery, I liked this book very much, though it is aimed at a younger audience. The feeling of the book was very exciting and adventurous, with a really good element of friendship. I decided to read the series because my two friends kept discussing them and I had no idea what they were talking about.Plot of book:Flavia is an eleven year old girl living in Ostia in Ancient Rome. When someone starts killing the local dogs, Flavia finds friends in her new neighbour Jonothan, slave girl [...]

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    254 Caroline Lawrence
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