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By Mark Mahon Miguel Caceres Veronica Gandini | Comments: ( 542 ) | Date: ( Jul 12, 2020 )

A young Irish revolutionary, Brian Boru, unites the clans of Ireland, in an effort to lead his people to freedom against Norse tyranny Read one man s inspirational tale of struggle and triumph in his unyielding pursuit of saving his homeland This exciting story is based on the award winning screenplay by writer director, Mark Mahon, and is being made into a major movie.

  • Title: Freedom Within The Heart
  • Author: Mark Mahon Miguel Caceres Veronica Gandini
  • ISBN: 9780955715945
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Graphic Novel

About Author:

Mark Mahon Miguel Caceres Veronica Gandini

Mark Mahon is an award winning writer director, and founder of Maron Pictures.His first feature film, Strength Honour my link text starred Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones and Richard Chamberlain After notching up 24 wins and over 36 nominations official selections from film festivals around the world, Strength Honour was commercially released in over 22 countries Mark is a member of the Irish Film Television Academy and Screen Directors Guild of Ireland He currently has a slate of various movie projects at different stages of development and is planning his next feature, based on the novel and graphic novel of Brian Boru Freedom Within The Heart.

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Comments Freedom Within The Heart

  • Rajalakshmi Prithviraj

    History has always intrigued me and yes, it has never been my stronghold. However, Mark Mahon's story about Brian Boru changed my perception regarding this genre.First things first, I finished the book in one sitting. And I attribute it to the plot. What a story! The plot may appear to be cliched for some, but for me, it opened up a whole new world from an era gone by. It had everything in it to make it an enthralling read. Betrayals, siege, love, patriotism, wars, anger, you name it, it was the [...]

  • Barbara Ann

    This is a graphic novel based on a screenplay. Mahon bases his tale on the ancient history concerning the feuds between the Irish and the Norsemen and begins in 910 A.D. The pagan Vikings pillage the Church and meet with little resistance from the Irish. A short period of peace follows and the action picks up in the home of the Kennedy clan. Two young brothers Malhoun and Brian are listening to the legends of the battles. They are the protagonists who will struggle with the Norsemen in the near [...]

  • Maddie B

    I've left a similar review on the novel version of this graphic novel, which I read previous to this one. I've gotta say, it's one thing to experience the story of Brian Boru through text, but it's a whole other level when you see the blood, tears, and barbarism in some of these pages (just have a look at the preview!). As I mentioned in my previous reviews, Mark Mahon is quite an accomplished writer. Freedom Within The Heart may quite possibly be his best work to date. It’s an easy read about [...]

  • Mark

    I absolutely loved the plain text version of the book, so thought what the heck and went and got the illustrated version as well. Having the images adds a whole new depth to the story and really brings the events of the book to life. The illustrations are in the classic comic book style like you see on the cover and are really well done. Due to the nature of the story some of them are graphic (you can check some out in the preview) so if you are squeamish consider yourself warned. Not to sound t [...]

  • Mehedi Kobir

    I just found this novel randomly when I was looking for a graphic novel to read and I am SO glad that I did! Freedom within the Heart is a very enjoyable read! The characters are captivating, exciting and memorable. The storyline does not end drastically and flows smoothly. I love novels that centre around fighting for something you love and for injustice. Nothing can be more heroic than fighting for your homeland from invaders and it can be so relevant for even in our trying times. I would reco [...]

  • Victoria

    This is an absolutely brilliant work of art. From the writing to the illustrations, to the overall flow of the story, Freedom Within The Heart by Mark Mahon is a well-rounded and well-written graphic novel. There is humor, action, and a lot of gore, but all of these are balanced out that creates a wonderful narrative. I think it helps a lot that Mark Mahon is also a filmmaker, because he was able to transfer his vision very solidly in Freedom Within The Heart. From the get-go, it already sets a [...]

  • Mia Johnson

    This book is a good graphic novel for every one to read.The story deals on ancient historic warfare and it is a fabulous story.The Irish worrier's character impresses the reader's mind,The book is illustrative and the author has paid a greater attention in clearly emphasizing the image in order to convey the story.The pictures are highly descriptive and they stand for a millions of "not mentioned words" in the book.The author has given the story within bubbles where it is necessary. The troubles [...]

  • Blake Sabor

    History in wonderful comic book form! There is a unique, grim style to the illustrations that works exceptionally well with the tone of the story. With so much action and drama the novel feels quite cinematic. The hero (Brian Boru) grows up and becomes a courageous and talented warrior and leader. He would become the hero who turned back the Norsemen. In addition to the political ups and downs, there is a lovely romance that acts as a great counter to all of the violent fighting. This is an exci [...]

  • Betty Johnson

    Freedom Within The Heart is a story that draws the reader in and keeps them wanting more. I have to say that the book is not in my normal reading group but I found that once I started reading the book I could not put it down and I wanted to see what was coming. I think this book will also make a good book for young people looking to have a story. I know that my adult son also read the book after I got done reading the book and he thinks it is a great book to read. I would recommend this book to [...]

  • John Bernard

    I got this graphic novel because I was so impressed with the novel of the same title, Freedom Within The Heart. The main reason I picked it up was because I never really saw one and thought that it would be interesting to see the difference between the two formats. All I can say was it is truly amazing from the point of view of the work, attention and detail of it. I'm also not sure that I've ever seem a graphic novel of a novel or vice versa. Highly recommended.

  • Kelly Lynn

    I loved this book! The book was well written with a strong main character that wanted to see come out on top. The illustrations were amazing. They really brought the story to a bigger level. I was never fond of graphic novels in the past, but this one has changed my mind about them. it takes a talented author to write fewer words and still get the point across as if it was a full novel with no graphics. Thia author did an excellent job with with just that! Highly recommended!!

  • Stephanie

    Really impressed with the history and action. I couldn't put the book down. Very talented author who really knows how to write a page turner. I know I'm reading a good book when I look and see I've read into the middle of the night without even realizing it. I can't wait for more books by this author!

  • Christopher Leonidas

    The graphics in this book are well-designed. The author grabs my divided attention within seconds. It has been a while I have not read any comic books, but after reading this one, I will keep reading this author's works. The short sentences were grammatically correct, and this work is phenomenal. I recommend this book to people who want to read a real comic book.

  • Sara Matthews

    This story of Brian Boru and his adventures are extremely engaging. The graphics are so well illustrated that they add much subtext to the story and the battle scenes are awesome. I see on the back page that it’s being made into a movie too, which should be epic. A must read if you like action adventure and history.

  • Jessica

    An exciting graphic novel revolving around historical battles ! What fun ! The illustrations were fabulous and really helped to depict the epic story being told. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I know you will too !

  • Mark Mahon

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  • [PDF] ↠ Free Download Ü Freedom Within The Heart : by Mark Mahon Miguel Caceres Veronica Gandini ✓
    343 Mark Mahon Miguel Caceres Veronica Gandini
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