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By Angel Igov Angela Rodel | Comments: ( 703 ) | Date: ( Mar 28, 2020 )

After deciding to take a semester off their studies to think about future plans, three long time friends decide to hitchhike to the sea A middle aged widower picks them up and it doesn t take them long to figure out they re connected to each other by than their need to travel specifically through Boril s daughter, whose actions damaged each of the characters.

  • Title: A Short Tale of Shame
  • Author: Angel Igov Angela Rodel
  • ISBN: 9781934824818
  • Page: 205
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Angel Igov Angela Rodel

Angel Igov is a Bulgarian writer, literary critic, and translator.He was oo winner of the Contemporary Bulgarian Writers Contest with his novel A Short Tale of Shame, now translated into English He has also published two collections of short stories, the first of which won the Southern Spring award for debut fiction Igov has also translated books by Paul Auster, Martin Amis, Angela Carter, and Ian McEwan into Bulgarian He is currently getting his PhD in European Literature.From openletterbooks collec

Comments A Short Tale of Shame

  • MJ Nicholls

    Boril Krustev brums into a mid-life crisis following his wife’s passing and embarks on a road trip with three hip teenagers. Rendered in long comma-sick sentences to make Marías blush, weaving like an erratic coupé between present and past, the novel is a breathless rush, however, one’s involvement in the characters or their lives is minimal, and much of the novel hinges on us being interested in these beautiful pups, so loses momentum as the non-linear zaniness speeds on and on towards it [...]

  • Antonomasia

    [4.5] A few weeks ago I found* a blog post on 'book kinks'. Not necessarily anything to do with erotica, although for some it will be. (I think 'fetishes' would fit the concept better, but that's by the by.) These are features of a book - and it would work equally well for films - character types, scenarios, perhaps ways of using language - that make you crave to read it almost regardless of general opinion or other potential drawbacks of the text. I'd been trying to describe this a while before [...]

  • Kaija

    Written in a captivating run-on-sentence-and-narrative style that leaves you feeling like you're in a pinball machine with the four narrators as the bumpers. It's a really effective storytelling approach and Igov's writing is wonderful--the story itself just wasn't my cup of tea.

  • Boris

    Така и не разбрах за какво става дума.

  • João Reis

    This was quite a disappointment. Maybe because I was expecting too much, since I love short novels, Bulgarian literature and Open Letter Books is one of my favorites publishers. Nevertheless, this one didn't do it for me Angel Igov is clumsy in his approach, and the book's 145 pages - easily read, by the way, for the style pleases me, though I think it's more suitable to a first person POV and not to this omniscient perspective - are too many (yes, in only 145 pages). He writes without saying an [...]

  • Chad Post

    DISCLAIMER: I am the publisher of the book and thus spent approximately two years reading and editing and working on it. So take my review with a grain of salt, or the understanding that I am deeply invested in this text and know it quite well. Also, I would really appreciate it if you would purchase this book, since it would benefit Open Letter directly.

  • Jaimie Lau

    Estranged from his daughter Elena and having just buried his wife, aging former rock guitarist, Boril Krustev, gets in his car and drives. With no destination in mind, he soon picks up three hitchhikers and decides to tag along on their trip. As it turns out, the group has had extended dealings with his daughter, most of which, were not particularly pleasant. Told through the introspections of the four characters, not much in the way of events take place in the present. Pleasantly, the book avoi [...]

  • Ian

    A novella. Former rocker, Boris Krustev (now a widower) takes off on an impromptu trip and picks up 3 young hitchhikers, who turn out to be connected to him via his daughter.He joins them on their holiday and his and their back stories are gradually filled in.I can see that the author can write well but didn't really do it for me. One of those books with which never really engaged .

  • Tara

    Coincidence and fortuitous meetings propel the plot of A Short Tale of Shame. Boril Krustev is a middle-aged, former rock star. His estranged wife has just died and his relationship with his daughter is not great. In a cliché attempt to outrun his grief, he jumps into his car and drives. There is no plan. Within the first few pages he picks up a group of hitchhikes, a college-aged boy and two girls. Maya, Sirma and Spartacus are likeable young people (just as Boril is likeable) who are unusuall [...]

  • Aaron (Typographical Era)

    When Boril Krustev spontaneously hops into his car one day and embarks upon a journey with no clear destination in mind, his only goal is to outrun the overwhelming sense of guilt and shame that has slowly come to define his life. A rock star in his youth, a middle-aged businessman at present, Krustev is suffering from the sting of failed marriage, the grief over a recently deceased spouse, and the pain of becoming increasingly estranged from his daughter Elena over the years. The last thing he [...]

  • Tiffany Heater

    This is the story of a widower who takes a road trip to deal with his grief, and picks up three hitchhikers. On their journey they discover how they are shamefully connected, though I felt there were only a few moments that really were shameful.I wasn't sure I liked this book when I first started reading it. I am the type of person that needs paragraphs. I need a place to pause so I can think about what I am reading, or just take a break from the book, and I often found myself trapped until the [...]

  • Yoana

    Не че е много лоша, но не е и хубава. Добре написана, лесно се чете, плъзга се, явно борави с езика с лекота, но ужасно многословна. Дълги предълги изречения, в които запетайките спокойно можеха да са точки. Но това не е най-големият проблем, въпреки че е досадно - проблемът, спор [...]

  • Brianna Ryan

    The book was an interesting set up which I think threw me off. It was written in more essay form so long sentences and no big breaks between chapters. I was also a bit confused about locations they mentioned due to the book taking place in Europe (Mediterranean somewhere). The book is a translation of the original so there may have been some differences there.The concept of the book is interesting. It revolves around this man who picked up 3 hitchhiker friends. Their lives all intertwine due to [...]

  • Susan

    Can't say I've read much Bulgarian literature so have little or nothing with which to compare this book. But I only finished it because it is short and therefore easy to take on the subway. One character, middle-aged successful man whose wife has recently died - sets off in his nice car with enough money to drive anywhere - picks up three youths who are "friends" of his daughter's. Not much happens and the conversation is not that interesting - nice kids, somewhat aimless, get a nice holiday pai [...]

  • Carolyn

    This a great book. I thought the multiple points of narration made the work--part road trip, part vacation and part love and youth lost. The one thing that I thought was an interesting but at time confusing was the use of place names (and adjectives) like Thracian and Dacian and Philippopolis and Sevtopolis. These names and places are probably familiar to a Bulgarian reader but can isolate an unfamiliar reader. Why not call Plovdiv, Plovdiv? Why move to Philippopolis? Parts of this book come acr [...]

  • Borislava Velkova

    Историята е завладяваща и добре построена и като изключим леко спъващата склонност към словесно излишество, се чете неусетно, така че почти до края оценката ми беше по-скоро положителна. В един момент мейнстрийм оплакването от мейнстрийма ми дойде в повече, но дори тогава [...]

  • Elizabeth

    Though this book was slightly more formal than I’d ordinarily be excited about, I nonetheless found it compelling from this formalist perspective. And, while its central conceit—having its protagonist illuminated by everyone in her life but the protagonist herself—may not have held up in a longer volume, this one was the perfect length to carry it and keep it readable, compelling, and memorable.

  • Carole Anderson

    This was a win, so I tried really hard to read it, but it was much too difficult to 1) follow the story and 2) ignore the run-on sentences. Sometimes a whole paragraph was a sentence. I do a lot of editing and the enjoyment of reading it just couldn't. So, I take some of the blame, but I just couldn't finish it.

  • Melissa

    This is a tale of secrets. Told from the perspective of 4 different characters, you find out things about them all that they never find out about each other. A very compelling story that slowly reveals the truth about very real people.

  • Peter McCambridge

    Loved this book and the way it was narrated.

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  • Best Download [Angel Igov Angela Rodel] ✓ A Short Tale of Shame || [Psychology Book] PDF ✓
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