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In xxxHOLiC Rei, Kimihiro Watanuki continues his relationship with the Space Time Witch, Yuko In her mysterious shop where wishes are granted for a price will he discover even secrets And what will he have to trade this time for the answers he seeks The latest chapter in the critically acclaimed xxxHOLiC franchise from manga legends CLAMP, creators of Tsubasa aIn xxxHOLiC Rei, Kimihiro Watanuki continues his relationship with the Space Time Witch, Yuko In her mysterious shop where wishes are granted for a price will he discover even secrets And what will he have to trade this time for the answers he seeks The latest chapter in the critically acclaimed xxxHOLiC franchise from manga legends CLAMP, creators of Tsubasa and Chobits The highly anticipated return of high school medium Watanuki and the mysterious witch, Yuko, as they take on new wishes and new enemies Beautifully seductive artwork and uniquely Japanese depictions of the supernatural will hypnotize CLAMP fans

  • Title: xxxHOLiC Rei 1
  • Author: CLAMP
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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kawa Nanase born 2 May 1967 saka, bloodtype A Mokona Apapa born 16 Jun 1968, Ky to bloodtype A Nekoi Mick born 21 Jan 1969, Ky to bloodtype O Igarashi Satsuki born 8 Feb 1969, Ky to bloodtype A CLAMP originally began in 1989 as a twelve member d jinshi circle, but by 1990, the circle had diminished from twelve to seven Of the remaining seven, Tamayo Akiyama, Sei Nanao, and Leeza Sei left the group during the production of the RG Veda manga Other former members of CLAMP also included Soushi Hishika, O Kyon, Kazue Nakamori, Yuzuru Inoue and Shinya mi Currently, there are four members in the group.In 2004, CLAMP s 15th anniversary as a mangaka group, the members changed their names from Nanase Ohkawa, Mokona Apapa, Mick Nekoi, and Satsuki Igarashi to Ageha Ohkawa, Mokona, Tsubaki Nekoi and Satsuki Igarashi her name is pronounced the same, but written with different characters respectively The August 2004 issue of Newtype USA, a magazine specializing in events of the anime and manga subcultures, reported that the members of CLAMP simply wanted to try out new names In a later interview with Ohkawa, it was revealed that initially Mokona wanted to drop her surname because it sounded too immature for her liking, while Nekoi disliked people commenting that her name was the same as Mick Jagger s Ohkawa and Igarashi, wanting to go with the flow of Nekoi s and Mokona s name changes, changed their names as well.In 2006, they made their first USA public debut at Anime Expo in Anaheim, California They were well received at the convention, with 6,000 fans in attendance at their panel.

Comments xxxHOLiC Rei 1

  • Selena

    I'm confused. It was good, but I'm confused.This isn't a direct sequel to xxxHolic. It's like "The Lost Adventures of" xxxHolic. It takes place during xxxHolic, but they're adventures we haven't seen previously. That's what is confusing me. I don't know where we are in the timeline. Granted, you don't really need to know, but it would kinda be nice.This volume also felt a lot slower than the original xxxHolic. There were only two tales in this volume, but they also didn't feel nearly so fleshed [...]

  • Kendra

    SO I MADE A TERRIBLE MISTAKEI definitely thought this was the first in the xxxHolic series. It's not. It's past the end. SPOILER ALERT KENDRA, SPOILER ALERT. Everything made sence once I figured that out! But I did read the three Rei books I had (embarassingly long, it took me to figure it out). And now I'll go read xxxHolic NUMBER ONE. SO much less confusing now! That being said, my original review of three stars and "I'm so confused and this book is so weird. Possibly the rating will change on [...]

  • Jo

    Extraño a Watanuki

  • Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson

    Completed this volume for abc manga challenge 2017.So, this was a continuation of the manga xxxHOLIC, and you're still following the same characters. If you haven't read the previous manga you'll likely be completely lost. I recommend that you don't start with this one.The art is still stellar, as most everything from CLAMP is. The plot is a lot deeper and darker than the previous series is, but it wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

  • Kate

    Based on a lot of commentary that I've seen about the ending of xxxHolic, I seem to be in the minority of those who liked how the story closed (the series ended in 2011). It was melancholy to be sure, but how could it not without Yūko?In xxxHolic: Rei, which is appropriately titled, as "rei" translates to "return" in English, we have a return to the story. Yūko is alive and well (from all appearances), Watanuki is still cooking yummy foods, and people still come to the shop because of wishes. [...]

  • Denise

    When xXxHolic ended in 2011, I felt like a lot of things were still left hanging and unanswered, there was a bittersweet aftertaste after I finished the last volume, but I couldn't really do anything about it since I knew CLAMP had a knack for being vague and mysterious that after reading any of their works, it leaves you like this:I didn't really keep tabs on the new works of CLAMP, so when I was browsing through my facebook newsfeed, I was really elated when I found out that not only is CLAMP [...]

  • Lex

    One of the mangas I adore so much! ❤

  • Steven

    I'm so happy to finally get my hands on the sequel to xxxHolic. It's just as mysterious and fun as the first one.

  • Anne Freya

    Rei di sini artinya return. Dan seri ini disebut sebagai sekuelnya xxxHolic. Awalnya kupikir ini sbnrnya bkn sekuelnya, tapi seperti untold stories in the past ketika Yuuko masi ada.Menurut dugaanku, kata "Rei" di sini bkn sekedar kembalinya seri xxxHolic ataupun kembalinya Yuukotapi punya maksud yg lebih mendalam, yaitu kembalinya Watanuki ke masa lalu. Watanuki sepertinya masih ingin hidup di masa lalu, ketika Yuuko masih ada. Walaupun saat aku merating vol 1 ini, aku masih sampai di chapter 2 [...]

  • Ricardo

    5 / 5Después de años esperando saber cómo continúa la historia de xxxHOLiC, CLAMP nos sorprende con esta nueva saga de una forma completamente inesperada. ¡Perfección!

  • Mehsi

    I am so excited to see this manga to get another series. Though I was also worried, how will it look? What will happen?I can now honestly say I am a bit confused. We seem to be back in the time before a lot of things happened (not going to spoil what). But if you read the ending of the previous manga, you will know what I am talking about.The whole cast is back again, Yuuko-san (yippppeee, I missed her so much), Watanuki, Doumeki, Himawari, the twins. It was so much fun to see everyone, to see W [...]

  • Sarah White

    I'm a bit disappointed to be honest. Continuation-wise, I would have like to have seen more of Watanuki in the position of shop owner/wish granter. Also that fact that the original xxxHolic series interacted and crossed-over with so many other manga successfully just throws the plot holes in Rei into the spotlight. Take for example Doumeki's egg. In the original, he doesn't get that egg until after Watanuki takes half of his eye and yet in Rei, Watnuki still has both of his blue/green eyes (see [...]

  • Yuu Sasih

    3,5 stars.I remember when the first chapter of Rei came out, me and most of my CLAMP-fans acquintages would scream, "What's the meaning of this? CLAMP, don't tell me you finally made this sequel because of Holic's popularity--and because many of the fans moan about the ending!" I remember when people speculated that Rei was just as the same as Rei anime--a filler to fill out popularity. Some of my friends said, "I don't know what CLAMP's thinking." And so do I.But now when the first volume was c [...]

  • Beth

    At first I thought, this is nice, a reboot of Xxxholic with all the things fans love: pre-timeskip Watanuki serving (and complaining about) Yuuko, the trademark beautiful and ornate CLAMP art (just a little different--more "polished" than in the original "Xxxholic), Doumeki, complete with the Wata/Dou "comedy team act", and of course the mysterious, baffling-at-first customers. Nice, but nothing specialuntil the last section. I won't spoil it, but let's say the story gets deeper, as it did in th [...]

  • Mosley Allen

    Spoilers!!!!Watanuki: : Don't just waltz in here."Domeki: " I'm not waltzing."Watanuki: "But you don't have a wish to grant"Domeki: " Not at the moment."Watanuki: " Then you have no reason to be here!"LMAO! Domeki gave him a can for white day.Watanuki: "Stupid, stupid Domeki. He doesn't even bring a lunch to school these days, he just eats mine by default."Yuko: : And yet you bring three lunches to school everyday."Creepy best friends forever charms. *POKE*Watanuki: "What was that fro?"Domeki: " [...]

  • Krutula

    Oh, how much I had missed this series! When XXXHOLic ended, I was so sad - no more Watanuki, Yuuko, Doumeki or Himawari. Though it had ended well, it was a bit sad with Watanuki being so lonely. This sequel, said to be the Return(the 'rei' stands for return) feels like an alternate reality where Yuuko is still in the shop and seems somewhere during the timeline of the original, but certain things are changed. For instance, Yuuko says 'necessity' instead of 'destiny' and Watanuki had that strange [...]

  • Ian

    Rated Teen by the folks at Kodansha Comics this is a series that deals with the supernatural and the affect it has on the world around us. Now just because it is not rated Older Teen does not mean there are not scary things in this book. Created by CLAMP this continuation (or perhaps an in between of the original series fleshing out the world)we find ourselves revisiting Yuki's shop as though Watanuki never took it over. Enjoy the artwork which CLAMP is known for but don't be surprised if you re [...]

  • Jenna

    Picked it up because I was intrigued, but then I hadn't looked that closely, as I thought it was a continuation. I should've known from the cover! But it was still entertaining and mystifying like its predecessor. The drawing style was as beautifully (and simply) done as all CLAMP work. I did find the voice over a bit forced and it pulled me from the story when it happened. I'll read more in this, but since I don't know where it fits in the xxxHOLIC story line, I almost just feel like rereading [...]

  • MJ

    This is supposed to take place after the preceding series ended, but there was no growth in the characters. Watanuki and Doumeki had the same, annoying, shouting arguments and acted childish for no reason. The "mystery" that stretched the first 4 chapters, with the two women and the cell phone charms, could have been done in one chapter. The art is lovely with the heavy use of black, otherwise it didn't have much to offer. I kept reading it hoping something would grab me and keep my interest but [...]

  • Skye (Skye's Scribblings)

    xxxHolic returns!! *flails* This series (or at least this volume) offers some in-between stand-alone cases that we skipped over in the original series, taking us back to the early single-digit volumes. Or, that's what it appears to be Yuko feels a little different, more mysterious (and her appearance is a little different as well), but it's still the same set-up. So happy to be back in this world - I was so sad to leave it when the original series ended last year. Can't wait for more!

  • Miss

    you know reading the volumes out of order makes this make a lot more sense because instead of being like '??? when is this set? is this holic: the lost adventures?' i've already read the reveal so i can just chill enjoying happy high school watanuki. it's nice returning to the days when everything was tsundere shenanigans and the tragedy limited to a low boil. 3.5 stars

  • Liza

    Going back to the roots of xxxHolic made this enjoyable for me. My enjoyment for the original went downhill after the Tsubasa Chronicles crossovers were super apparent and pretty much what the story was focused on. Also Clamp can't write endings well and have them make sense. It is obvious that this storyline is related to the previous one somehow. I just hope everything is tied together better.

  • Anna

    CLAMP didn't give us time to miss this series before they decided to reboot it. I don't really see why there was a need for an updated version, except to change Yuko's philosophy from hitsuzen to the consequences of man's desires. Artwork still looks the same, so there's that. No longer buying CLAMP series for me, though so this entire series will be read courtesy of the NYPL and BPL.

  • Orange

    Honestly, my high rating is mostly for nostalgic reasons, but man, it was good to see Yuko again. I've missed her oblique philosophising and off-beat wisdom. The scene where Yuko and Doumeki commiserate on their devotion to Watanuki followed by Yuko's gently possessive cradling of her two boys was so lovely.

  • Becki

    This manga confused me a little when I started it; I was expecting it to begin after the events in the final book of the xxxHolic series, but this is not the case. Once I got used to this, I really quite enjoyed this book. It's certainly an interesting start to the series.

  • Kimmie

    Love to be back in this world again. I saw it on the bookshelf at midtown comics and couldn't believe that CLAMP had revisited them. The art is gorgeous and there are mysteries abound as to WHEN this is happening. Glad to see Yuko, Watanuki and Doumeki at it again!

  • Shaun

    This seems to be an attempt to go back to the characters and situations that made xxxHolic so magical before the series concluded. It's okay, but I think it's missing a lot of the pieces that worked so well the first time around.

  • Sarah Sammis

    Anyone familiar with CLAMP's work, and especially's Watanuki's story, will recognize the theme of linked destinies — or more precisely, linked hitsuzen. pussrebootsir/blog/2014

  • Rebecca

    I am loving the concept of this return follow up series. It's all that I loved about the original series with an interesting under current of confusion and mystery. I want to go back and reread the first series and I'm really curious as to where they are going to take this.

  • Karissa

    Took a little bit to get back into the Xxxholic story (the ending of the previous series was so wonderful) but about halfway through I was swept away again. The creepy "best friends" story was not my cup of tea. But the voice and hints of what's to come!! Can't wait to start the next volume.

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