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By Megan Bright | Comments: ( 278 ) | Date: ( Jan 21, 2020 )

Mallory Dunlap has finally made something of her life and is proud of how far she has come She has learned how to deal with myriad OCD and PTSD issues all on her own, conquering the demons of an abusive childhood Her job at Sanderson Enterprises as the assistant to Arrick Sanderson Sr is rewarding and lucrative, and she is content as a single girl with a cat, living alMallory Dunlap has finally made something of her life and is proud of how far she has come She has learned how to deal with myriad OCD and PTSD issues all on her own, conquering the demons of an abusive childhood Her job at Sanderson Enterprises as the assistant to Arrick Sanderson Sr is rewarding and lucrative, and she is content as a single girl with a cat, living alone in the bustling city of New York Her best friend, Trish, makes her get out once in a while and on one fateful night she is approached by a tall, handsome, smooth talking playboy He introduces himself as Eric, and before she knows it, she s spent the night with the big stranger Her intent was to never see him again, and although her mind won t let her think of anything else, she continues on with her life It isn t until a few days later when he appears at her place of work, seemingly oblivious that she was the girl he d just spent Saturday night with His arrogant indifference confuses and infuriates her What s worst, he is her boss s son and when she is assigned to babysit him, refusing is not an option.

  • Title: Delayed Surrender 1
  • Author: Megan Bright
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Megan Bright

Megan Bright Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Delayed Surrender 1 book, this is one of the most wanted Megan Bright author readers around the world.

Comments Delayed Surrender 1

  • Jamie

    Hmm. I'm going to say 3.5 on this one. I liked it first half I like a lot, then it got kind of weird. The chemistry between Mallory and Arrick was smoking hot from the very beginning and he was into things a lot rougher than she was but she handled it like a pro for the most part and I was all ok with him Dom side coming out and it was obvious that was the scene he was in to but once we realized the role he plays in the city in the bdsm lifestyle was a little corny feeling I don't know hard to w [...]

  • Peni

    I very much enjoyed this story and series. It was a bit out of the norm for me, in a good way. This story I would classify as erotic contemporary romance. It is a story and the story itself was very good. I have already gone back to read favored parts over againSM is involved heavily here, however because Mallery is new to that world, there is a lot of explanation throughout the story. I felt, from what limited knowledge I have, it was nicely handled throughout, especially with regard to the dif [...]

  • Sherry Haynes

    OMG I just finished this book and have already ordered the next in the series. I cannot wait to see what happens next. Definitely worth reading but it is one you need to make sure you are over 21 and can handle BDSM world. So looking forward to the next book.

  • Rochelle

    Completely unexpected. I love Arrick!!!

  • Rossana Peña Rivera

    Fue un libro un poco crudo en la relación de dominación de esta pareja. Lo explica bastante bien pero creo que le esta exigiendo un poco mas de lo necesario a la chica. Pero ambos los están intentando, en este insta love. Quiero saber que va a pasar después con estos dos.

  • Angela Ruble Scott

    This is my 5 star review for Delayed Surrender by Megan Bright.Delayed Surrender follows the path of Mallory Dunlap and Arrick Sanderson Jr. Mallory Dunlap is the assistant to Arrick Sanderson Sr, CEO of Sanderson Enterprises. She has dedicated the past 5 years to her job. She suffers from PTSD and has to have things in order or her world doesn’t rotate like it should. What will she do when Arrick Sanderson Jr turns out to be a one night stand that she can’t seem to forget? Will she be able [...]

  • A

    At first this book made me roll my eyes. I was just like seriously wtf. The main character Mallory had flaws that I found refreshing. However, given how much emphasis they put on the OCD the sudden rush into things with Eric made me cringe a bit. After a while though I warmed up to it. I could easily relate with finding that one person and one thing in life that just makes everything seem far away. It gets your mind off the bullshit of day to day. You forget there is an issue, you just give in t [...]

  • Kerry Richardson

    This book had some good and positive reviews so I decided to download it. I've just finished reading it and cannot see why it had such rave reviews. I thought it was poorly written and the main characters, Eric and Mallory were totally unsuited for each other. She is a sufferer from severe OCD and PTSD from being bullied and dominated in her childhood and there is no way that she would suddenly allow an extremely dominant male to dominate her and speak to her in such a derogatory manner (using w [...]

  • Claudia

    I wish I could give this book a higher rating, but a few things disappointed me.This book started out so well. It was exciting and erotic. But then it fell apart for me when Jr. was screwing another girl, that's a big no no for me; yeah I understand that they weren't exclusive, but it still bothered me. Shortly after Jr. was messing with another girl, Mal became really annoying, she's always saying "what? I don't understand." It's really not that difficult chick. I liked this book but at the sam [...]

  • AJ

    Very IntenseI enjoyed this book. It was very intense from the beginning. The relationship between Mallory and Eric starts from the moment they meet and it is strong. He is a dom, but normally Mallory is not submissive but with Eric it seems to come naturally when she is around Eric. She has issues from her past and his mother abhors Mallory. Will it work? There is a cliffhanger ending but not an intense one. Want to read the next book.

  • Sinead6uk

    DNF 58%! started off good but seriouslye sneaks out without saying goodbye.r mentionede's sleeping with her ex boyfriend and she's seen and heard him with other women since her.but yes obviously they both realised they were madly in love as soon as they met! makes perfect sense that he loves her even though he ignored her and slept with other people! obviously!

  • Stephanie Phillips (Stephanie's Book Reports)

    Good beginningThis story is just the beginning of Mallory and "Eric's" journey. I would prefer some elaboration of some of the storyline. Hopefully that will come to light in the second book. Otherwise this story was quick to read and fun characters to meet.

  • Dar

    That was actually not bad but I am deeply disgusted that the story turns into a trilogy. It seems complete at the end of the book and I'll leave it there and not read the other two.

  • Amanda

    Delayed Surrender was a decent book that had interesting characters, but it left me wanting more development.

  • Kristen Mcpeek

    good book for being free

  • Elaine

    Was a good series read all three books and will read more by Megan

  • Tiffany

    This book was sooooo not for me. I didn't know it was a BDSM book when I started reading it. I will be reading the next one because I'm curious to see what happens. It won't be anytime soon though.

  • Amanda Chalifoux

    Great book, cant wait to read parts 2 and 3.

  • Kaye88

    Too many triggers!

  • Donna Coleman

    GreatGreatGreat book. I can not wait to read the next installment. The characters in this story are perfect for each other.

  • Michelle Nageldinger

    Great bookGreat bookthis was my first read by the author and I loved it. looking forward to more by this author. Great read

  • Keshia

    Is it Eric or Arrick?

  • Delta

    Free on today, 04-24-14. (Contemp Romance; BDSM Erotica)amazon/Delayed-Surrend

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  • Best Read [Megan Bright] ✓ Delayed Surrender 1 || [Mystery Book] PDF ✓
    255 Megan Bright
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