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This memoir follows a punk rock pioneer on his slide into drug abuse and life as an armed robber, all the way through life in recovery and what it s like to look back on those times, knowing all the while that he is still under the threat of three strikes, a twenty five to life prison sentence waiting He has no choice but to deal with it all drug free.

  • Title: Gun, Needle, Spoon
  • Author: PatrickO'Neil
  • ISBN: 9781936873579
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:


Patrick O Neil is the author of the memoir GUN, NEEDLE, SPOON Dzanc Books , and an excerpted in part French translation titled HOLD UP 13e Note Editions His writing has appeared in numerous publications including Juxtapoz, Salon, The Weeklings, Fourteen Hills, The Nervous Breakdown, and Razorcake O Neil is a contributing editor for Sensitive Skin Magazine, a Pushcart nominee, a two time nominee for Best Of The Net, and a PEN Center USA Professional and former Mentor Along with Ashley Perez Patrick is the Co coordinator for the Why There Are Words, Los Angeles reading series He is currently working on several new projects a memoir chronicling his former career as roadie road manager for several major punk bands during the 80 s Dead Kennedys, Flipper, TSOL, Subhumans , a noir crime novel, and a collection of linked essays on sex.O Neil holds an MFA from Antioch University Los Angeles where he is an online instructor for the inspiration2publication program He also teaches at a Los Angeles community college, and facilitates private writing workshops You can find of his writing, music, and films online at patrick oneil

Comments Gun, Needle, Spoon

  • Patrick O'Neil

    Yes, I gave my own book five stars! Don't be a hater

  • Jim

    I've read a lot of junkie fiction and nonfiction but none that has as much hardboiled criminal activity as O'Neil's story from the streets of San Francisco. For a period in the '90s the selfie king of the LA lit scene was, how shall we put it, not a nice man. Searing and pitiless, Gun, Needle, Spoon is a reminder that everything is negotiable in the mind of an addict. For a certain kind of reader who makes a daily effort to stay on the sunny side of the street, this book will make you grateful f [...]

  • s.d.

    Here exists Patrick O'Neil's life of drugs and armed robberies. As gritty as it is, it's full of touching emotions in relation to his mother, his friends, living and lost, and his life after his addiction and crimes. O'Neil has the tremendous ability to bring the reader in, almost casually, relaying the step-by-step process of using heroin and robbing various stores to fuel his addictions. The cities, the guns, the drugs, the getaway cars--they all become vital characters in this memoir of obsta [...]

  • Caleb Ross

    (click the image below to watch the video review)This is a bit of a different format for my review videos. As I explain in the video, I’m trying to streamline the process of uploading videos while at the same time making the reading process itself more enjoyable. Let me know what you think.So, what is Gun, Needle, Spoon? It’s basically a drug memoir written in a vignette style. The lack of narrative “glue” doesn’t detract from the impact nor from the sheer craziness of the events in O [...]

  • Shehla

    I don't really know how to review a memoir because it almost feels like reviewing a person's life, but this was really interesting to read and it amazes me how far O'Neil has come in order to be writing about his experiences. One of the things that struck me about this book was the vivid detail and well-crafted language that it was written in. The images and emotions that O'Neil describes are so graphic and strong that at times it almost felt like too much for me to process. The kind of life he [...]

  • Donald

    A really "real" look at addiction, and all the horrors that come from it. Written in an honest, authentic voice, Patrick exposes all his demons to us with the filter totally off. Punk rock, heroin, bank robberies, and prison make up his life's journey, and I really felt moved by his story. Doubly impactful for me, as I live in the Bay Area and have 10 years sobriety myself!

  • Mario Piumetti

    It's cliched to say something's an incredible read from start to finish, but not only does Patrick O'Neil's memoir live up to such hype, it goes way beyond that with a sense of humor as sharp and piercing as the needle. His writing style is unapologetic. Time slips away in this hurricane of narcotics and crime, death and despair, and the desperate longing to get out of the situation he's gotten himself into.O'Neil himself would say there's no message to this book - neither glorification nor cond [...]

  • Sheree La Puma, Author

    Patrick O’Neil new book “Gun Needle Spoon, “is brilliant, a must read. O’Neil lays it all out, his personal wasteland and makes it personal. He plunders hell so that we don’t have to. There’s a kind of voyeuristic pleasure in another’s decent; we savor the intensity. For those of us in recovery, O’Neil’s humor, and courage peels toxins off our wounds. It is not a pretty story, the drug addicted mind. It’s madness - the betrayal of self. I’ve been there, “towards the end o [...]

  • Shazia

    I have been a fan of Patrick's writing long before this book came out. I wish I could write as well as himis book is raw, gritty, and bloody honest! It has a "noir"feel to it but it is real life. It was intense and I had to read it in small doses. The memoir offers redemption and hope. A definite must read! Ps: I could totally see this becoming a movie!

  • Kate Maruyama

    In crisp language through carefully built scenes, O'Neil takes us at a breakneck pace through a storied life full of bad choices, regret and the overall absurdity life throws your way when drugs come into play. O'Neil notices the important details and has a way of anchoring us in a scene through rich description, amping up the pace with tension and then slyly ripping our hearts out.

  • Robert

    This memoir had me every step of the way. Authentic, refuses to glamorize the junkie life--unflinching. Patrick's story is one worth telling and hearing. He has an eye for the right details and explores all the right moments. This is a terrific book you won't be able to put down.

  • Michelle

    One of my favorite addiction memoirs. My only disappointment was a moral one— that he too seemed to pass so much judgment on those wrapped up in the criminal justice system.

  • Elizabeth A.

    Patrick O’Neil shouldn’t be alive. Statistically, at least, he should be either dead or locked up for the rest of his life. That he is neither dead nor in jail given the life he’s lead is a testament to the power of the human spirit.That, and a good lawyer.I first “met” Patrick in that causal online way you do these days, following him on Twitter and Facebook, over on G+ (yeah, it still exists for those bold, or lazy, enough to be there). At first, he was simply someone whose wry obser [...]

  • Chrissie

    Patrick has written a book that all teenagers should read and learn from. He has spared himself no blushes and my heart kinda broke as I read - the sweet, kindhearted soul who becomes an addict and then has to mask so much of who he is to keep scoring, keep feeding his habit. The fall becomes so normal that getting a gun is an option, even if it scares the jeepers out of him.I was moved to tears, as I usually am by addicts. It's a disease, and yet one is still accountable. Patrick learned denial [...]

  • Scot

    I was initially brought to this book due to the connection with San Francisco where I live and punk rock which is one of my passions. While the link to punk rock is at best a side note, this book way exceeded my expectations. This is just a brutal recount of a junkies life. Nothing more, nothing less. It is written beautifully and neither glamorizes nor unnecessarily bashes the junkie lifestyle. It simply was the author's life for a long period of time. As the story is told, you begin to feel th [...]

  • Karrie Higgins

    I am in awe of how a narrator can be so damn hardboiled and yet so tender and vulnerable as Patrick O'Neil is in the moments when he steals glances in mirrors to size up his body or worries about how his girlfriend is handling her arrest. It's incredible he lived to tell this tale but even more incredible that he can tell it like this. With a story this dramatic, it's easy to say, "Oh, he just had a great story to tell" and write off, well, the *writing.* But Patrick O'Neil couldn't have written [...]

  • Andrea

    I waited a long time for this book to come out (in English!) I first became aware of Patrick O'Neil through a few years ago--I saw one of his (always awesome) book reviews and looked at his profile and recognized a kindred spirit. Among other things, Patrick and I share an appreciation for dope fiend books, especially memoirs, and now he's written one of the best I've ever readN, NEEDLE, SPOON captures all the despair, exhaustion, and anxiety that comes with addiction. It's hard to articulate f [...]

  • Chuck

    There is a character trait clearly evident in Gun Needle Spoon on every page—rigorous honesty. You get a clear-eyed, non-blinking look into the abyss of heroin addiction and some glimpses of the way out. What should you expect to find when you read this memoir? Let me put it this way. If Patrick O’Neil had guided Dante through Hell instead of Virgil, there would have been more circles of suffering written into The Inferno. Thanks for sharing, Patrick.

  • Eugene

    no bullshit

  • Krystal Gerdes

    They say "if you can't be grateful for what you have, be happy you didn't get what you deserve."These days I try and stay grateful. Thanks for the reality check, Patrick.

  • L Holt

    I received this book as a giveaway. I found it to be an honest, unflinching and thoughtful account well worth reading.

  • Ashley Perez

    Really amazing book. I love books that make you sit down and finish it one sitting.

  • Eleanor

    The final essay was great, an extended meditation on moving on from chaotic drug use and finding a place in the world. But I wasn't particularly interested in the first two thirds of the book, which was graphic description of drug use without a lot of reflection or processing.

  • Carolyn

    I sat down and began reading this remarkable story and went straight through it with ony a slight break to sleep for a while. I was amazed and moved by the author's humanity and humility, by his strength and his victory over a life that really had become unsustainable. Some of the episodes are hairy indeed; some moved me to tears. The life of a heroin addict is tragic because it narrows down existence to waking up, getting money for drugs, taking the drugs, sleeping and repeating the procedure o [...]

  • A Radcliffe

    I try not to read memoirs as I've found the few of them that I've read to be self-indulgent. No so with Patrick O'Neil's Gun, Needle, Spoon. He doesn't use the page as a podium to spew out a narcissistic drone or rant. When I read Patrick's work, it feels akin to talking to that friend on the phone several hours into the night when darkness becomes the stage of confessional. He doesn't use the page as a stage to proselytize. He's not trying to make you "get" it. There's no contrivance. His writi [...]

  • Salgilbert

    First section or two of the book don't look too promising, but the story really picks up after that with brisk, engaging prose and powerful, crisp narrative. One of the few books I was able to read through.

  • Laurie McManus

    Hard Core AddictionI chose this book as I know some people who went through this hell. Very easy to read and didn't want to put the book down.Patrick, thanks for telling the truth about addiction. 1

  • MariNaomi

    A riveting and eloquent page-turner.

  • Andrew

    I'm not keen on motivational JPEGs but I like motivational books.

  • Art Edwards


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