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By Greg Bear | Comments: ( 851 ) | Date: ( Jun 05, 2020 )

Kawashita passed up the chance to die honourably with the carrier HIRYU When the aliens plucked him from the sea, he thought they would kill him, but instead they gave him a world of his own to rule Then suddenly he was amongst humans again, in a world four centuries distant from the one he left.

  • Title: Beyond Heaven's River
  • Author: Greg Bear
  • ISBN: 9780743474849
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Greg Bear

Greg Bear is one of the world s leading hard SF authors He sold his first short story, at the age of fifteen, to Robert Lowndes s Famous Science Fiction A full time writer, he lives in Washington State with his family He is married to Astrid Anderson Bear He is the son in law of Poul Anderson They are the parents of two children, Erik and Alexandracmillan author gregbear

Comments Beyond Heaven's River

  • Martin

    I didn't hate this, it was okay, but not amazing. I don't really feel like I understood some of it, and I dislike that feeling. Perhaps a closer reading was necessary, or maybe sloppy writing, not sure which was at fault.

  • Jonathan S. Harbour

    I don't "get" this novel at all. What was Bear shooting for? The story revolves around a WWII-era Japanese pilot who was kidnapped by aliens and forced to live on an alien planet for 400 years while they observed him. I won't spoil it, although the ending is a letdown. A lot happens to him during his journeys with Anna Nestor, a rich celebrity business conglomerate owner, and none of it has any impact on the ending. I don't even understand how they ended up back on the planet. It seems that Bear [...]

  • Dark-Draco

    Alae and Oomalo are Listeners, recording the mysterious broadcasts from a secretive society, but when the broadcasts stop, they decide to claim the apparently deserted planet for themelves. Instead, they find Yoshio Kawashita, a WWII Japanese pilot. Plucked from his sinking ship, he was transported to the planet and made to reinact Japan's checkered history. But no one, least of all him, knows why and who his mysterious saviours are. Back amongst humans, he struggles to answer these questions an [...]

  • Hoyt

    I'm pretty sure I liked some of Greg Bear's other work, although I did read it 20 years ago in high school. This is not one of those works. It's one of his earlier novels, and just wasn't that interesting. There's a lot of disjointed hopping around from one set of characters to the next, without developing them enough to make me care about them. And this story suffers from a problem that is very common among the early works of so many sci-fi authors that later wrote some cool stuff: the abrupt, [...]

  • Emma

    A group discovers A planet with just a dome on it. When they land on the planet and enter the done thet find A men who has been living in there for centuries. They take him to earth and introduce him to the modern world. It is an interesting book. But not worth reading a second time. A great look of the future from the point of view of someone whose never been there. I will wonder what it is like if He Never left and what it is like in the dome. What will happen if he never left? Will he die? Ca [...]

  • Bob Rust

    Beyond Heaven's River (1980) a tale which carries a Japanese fighter pilot from World War Two into a morally complex galactic venue 400 years hence manages both to create a plausible protagonist and to match his understanding of the larger picture with ours.

  • Robert Laird

    Fair story, fair characterizations, and interesting enough to keep reading but overall very unsatisfying.

  • Lysergius

    Most odd.

  • Durval Menezes

    I have read this book a long time ago (10 years or more) but remember just a few parts, so it must have been at least somewhat good (therefore the 3-stars rating).

  • Alin Baboi

    The middle section lulls badly, but I enjoyed the ending.

  • Scott Monster

    I suspect that this would make a good space opera movie. The hero is man out of time who was given more questions than answers. Also, It's a quick read.

  • Jake

    perhaps his longer works will impress more.

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  • Best Read [Greg Bear] ↠ Beyond Heaven's River || [Cookbooks Book] PDF È
    254 Greg Bear
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