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By Langley Hyde | Comments: ( 456 ) | Date: ( May 29, 2020 )

Born to privilege, gifted in languages and spells, Neil Franklin has planned his brilliant future from academic accolades to a proper marriage and is intent upon upholding his family name and honor The sudden death of his parents shatters all of that, leaving Neil and his younger sister beggared and orphaned.But Highfell Hall is not the charity Neil imagines it to beBorn to privilege, gifted in languages and spells, Neil Franklin has planned his brilliant future from academic accolades to a proper marriage and is intent upon upholding his family name and honor The sudden death of his parents shatters all of that, leaving Neil and his younger sister beggared and orphaned.But Highfell Hall is not the charity Neil imagines it to be and the young men there aren t training for the dull lives of city clerks Amidst the roaring engines and within the icy stone halls, machinations and curious devices are at work And one man, the rough and enigmatic Leofa, holds the key to the desire that Neil has fled from all his life and a magic as dangerous as treason.

  • Title: Highfell Grimoires
  • Author: Langley Hyde
  • ISBN: 9781935560296
  • Page: 442
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Langley Hyde

Langley Hyde first fell in love with steampunk while studying abroad at Oxford University There she spent most of her time reading about alchemy and heresy in Duke Humfrey s Library or caressing manuscripts Langley then lived in London, close enough to the Science Museum that she could regularly gawk at Babbage s Difference Engine No 2 Her favorite neighborhoods in London were Soho and Camden Town She has also lived in New York, where she lurked in the Cloisters on the weekends, and Germany, near the old center of zeppelin manufacturing.Her hobbies include making wire sculptures, talking to cats, and wearing tiny hats.

Comments Highfell Grimoires

  • Julio Genao

    lovely odds and ends, but the plot's as crazy as a rat in a coffee can's dominated by circumstances being revealed to the protagonist via convenient correspondence with characters we never meet. and the story falls flat every time the hero is faced with a challenge and meekly wibbles his way aside so as to take the path of least et cetera. and about that "hero": ouf. talk about limp biscuits. dumb as fuck. takes him forever to figure anything out, and when he does, he takes weeks to actually do [...]

  • Ami

    “Highfell Grimoire” is first and foremost a steampunk fantasy adventure rather than male/male romance. Considering that I don’t have a good record with stories I consider as ‘fantasy’ especially dashed with ‘steampunk elements’, the fact that I wish I had several more pages should clue you all in about how thrilling I find this story.The story opens with Neil leaving to go to Highfell Hall, a charity school for orphans high in the clouds. Yes, people, IN THE CLOUDS. How cool is tha [...]

  • Lauraadriana

    You know when you read a book and you KNOW, like deep inside of you that you are in on something amazing? That you are reading something important. That’s how I felt reading this book, like “Wow, I’m one of the first people reading this book, and this book is going to BLOW PEOPLE AWAY.” That’s what I was thinking throughout Highfell Grimoires, from the moment I started reading I knew I was in for something remarkable. Let’s start with the genre, the book is a Steampunk novel, and wit [...]

  • Xing

    Highfell Grimoires (HG) is a fantastic steam-punk experience, which is the beginning of Langley Hyde's hopefully long writing career.In a world where a source of energy named aether runs abundant in the world's atmosphere, humanity has learned to harvest it in everyday technology and spells. Among this are the aetheria, which are floating colossal structures that functions as academies, research facilities and other important units. Spells are found in grimoires, which are inherited within blood [...]

  • Charming

    Highfell Grimoires by Langley Hyde Really excellent, gripping steampunk flavored book.  There were a few issues - the pacing got a little slow in the middle, and too fast at the end. Some of the characters were a bit two-dimensional.  The plot was a little here and there toward the end.  But I felt pinned to my chair with breathless anticipation, and I will have to read it again soon because I know I missed some details while whipping through the pages to see what would happen next. I am ve [...]

  • Kwoomac

    This is author Langley Hyde's first novel, published by Blind Eye Books. Blind Eye publishes scifi, fantasy, and paranormal romance novels featuring gay or lesbian protagonists. What they seem to have turned a blind eye to (sorry) is editing. Too frequently I was cringing as I read "to he and I" or some variation if this. Grrrr. In addition, there were typos and missing words. I'm willing to let the first mistake go, because that's the kind of person I am, but this happened too often. It took me [...]

  • Amal El-Mohtar

    Tremendously enjoyable, with a gay lead character and an engrossing romance that's really hot. Hooray for good steampunk novels!

  • Karen Wellsbury

    What a lovely, lovely bookSteampunk, mystery, islands in the sky, airships.Creating your own life and being your own person.Highly recommended

  • Vanessa North

    I have a lot of thoughts about this book. Let's start with the good stuff: I would absolutely recommend this to fans of steampunk fiction who don't mind a dense read. I found the story well-plotted, with the mystery elements in particular VERY well done. I enjoyed Ms Hyde's characters very much, and could easily have seen myself enjoying a long-term series based around them.My struggles with this story primarily fall into issues with voice. I found that much of the worldbuilding was done in a bo [...]

  • Heather C

    Oh boy, it’s happened to me again: another amazing book leaving me with no idea how to construct a coherent review!I recently took a chance on a new-to-me-author (or new-to-everyone most likely) and was completely blown away with how such an amazing storyteller Ms. Hyde is…Highfell Grimoires is a steampunk story about Neil, a young man forced to teach at a charity all boys school in order to pay off a debt to his uncle.  But when he arrives at Highfell Hall, there is more going on than what [...]

  • Ulysses Dietz

    Steampunk has a strong affinity with Dickens. Surely the setting of this novel, in a fictional but oh-so-British city called Herrow, just oozes Dickens from every literary pore. But in the steampunk world there is wonderful technology (think H.G. Wells, from the end of the 19th century); and in Langley Hyde’s vision there is magic, and love between men. So, what’s not to like? Young Lord Cornelius Franklin arrives at Highfell, bereft of his parents, who are dead, and his sister, who has gone [...]

  • Eisheth

    Seriously good stuff! INSANELY intricate (but never confusing!) worldbuilding, compelling characters, exciting plot. Seriously, the fascinating steampunk/magical details here are mind-boggling. If the author decides to revisit this world, I'll definitely be all over that. The romance aspects were good didn't steal my breath or anything, but they were enjoyable and well-balanced. The ending seemed a little rushed. Honestly one of the best published works I've read in quite a while. (As an aside, [...]

  • Jax

    While successful in creating a unique and vivid setting, this didn’t really grab me. I thought much of it dragged, dwelling too long on the problems faced by the MC and then wrapping things up too quickly and easily near the end. It also had dozens of annoying little errors that required rereading sentences to make sense of them (these were mostly missing words but also extra words, wrong words, and words in the wrong order) . They were so frequent that I got distracted actively looking for th [...]

  • Sarah

    Loved the book and this is definitely an author to watch. I had a few issues with plotting, but the writing itself was a true delight. Another fantastic book from this publisher.

  • LiveYourLife BuyTheBook

    °•○★5 Stars ~ KAPOW!★○•°A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" ReviewThis book broke up my reading funk. It's the first book in weeks that I had no trouble staying awake into the early hours of the morning to read. It would definitely be categorized as Steampunk but there's also magic and there is definitely a romance. A slow building romance but in this story it really made it more poignant. Although I fell hard for Neil and Leofa the world building is what puts this story on another le [...]

  • Antonella

    4.5A great steampunk novel, lots of originality here. It is also action packed, at time I could imagine a movie. The romance is also there, but doesn't play a prominent role. Negative points for me: the wrapping up is a bit too quick and neat, some of the ''technical'' parts, for ex. about the aether, the machines, the transducer Neil is trying to invent, were a little too detailed for me, that is I could have done with less, but maybe tis is also because English is not my mother tongue.

  • Ginn Hale

    A delightful read set in a fantastical Victorian world filled with magic books, a particularly charming rouge, and huge flying ships.

  • KC

    An absolute delight! Langley's wonderful first novel has it all: cool steampunky contraptions and gadgets, characters that one cannot help but love, adventures, Dickensian villains, magic books, and sweet romance. I finished it yesterday and i already miss Neil and Leofa and friends. A book to treasure.

  • DL

    Sort of Dickens meets Ginn Hale. What fun.

  • Tracy

    3.5 starsA steampunk fantasy debut with an all boys boarding school on an airship with conspiracies, cardboard villains, adventures, and a central gay romance, marred by pacing, development, and some poor editing and typos. Lord Neil Franklin is a young man left penniless when his parents die in a tragic accident, and his Uncle Gerard's mercy allows him to teach at a low end boys boarding school, Highfell Hall, while the uncle serves as guardian to Neil's sister, Nora. The school is set on an ai [...]

  • Sieran

    Man, what a richly textured and lovely book. What struck me most about Highfell Grimoires, were the setting descriptions. They are simply beautiful. Their sentences are pleasantly cadenced, with interesting and precise word choices, all blended together to paint those vivid surroundings. This is what I call juicy setting descriptions! The prose was finely balanced and satisfying in rhythm too, and the sounds of the words and flow of the sentences were quite musical and strong, which is suitable [...]

  • Tim Hicks

    This book has some good ideas but needed a good copy editor and a good overall editor. I was put off early by "thought I would step foot on one," and there are at least a dozen glaring copy errors. First, you need to know that this is a steampunk adventure in a Dickensian setting, but it is also a story about a young man coming to terms with his homosexuality. If you're not comfortable having both at once, skip this book because you won't enjoy it. The latter part is handled well enough, but in [...]

  • Julesmarie

    The most Dickensian take on Steampunk I've discovered yet. The focus on the gray, sooty, decaying poor side of life made this feel one of the least fun Steampunk stories I've read yet.It's just so depressing to think that even in a world where magic can work together with science to make spectacular inventions that society would be structured so similarly to our boring un-magical one. Steampunk until now has been a delightful escape from reality for me (my main motivation for reading!), but this [...]

  • C.

    I normally don't enjoy steam punk, so I was hesitant to pick this up, but I'm glad I did.The story is executed well and has just enough mystery to keep you hooked. The characters have distinct personalities and feel like real human beings. The world is interesting and the magic system is fairly unique.The writing is also good, though I do have some complaints here. I felt like the author was trying to shove the steam punk setting in the reader's face for much of the first chapter. The descriptio [...]

  • April

    Highfell Grimoires was a great read! I fell in love with it very quickly but I especially fell in love with Leofa. His and Neil's relationship develops nicely seems to happen so naturally, it is beautifully done.Overall, I give the story, plot, characters, theme - steampunk! The first of its kind I've ever read btw, and I'm thoroughly delighted! - I give all of those elements a five-star rating. The only reason I give this book officially a four-star rating is the poor proof reading. There are t [...]

  • Denise

    An incredible Steampunk delight! The world building is excellent and highly original. There are a few plot twists that are quite surprising, and I've fallen in love with Leofa, Neil and the students of Highfell Hall.

  • Ayanna

    Huh. I don't know if I actively like it/liked it, per se, but it does have its charm. And I sat through the whole thing, so there's that, too. Huh.

  • Aimee

    I really enjoyed this M/M steampunk. In a way, the ending seemed to wrap things up too neatly, but that's what I like in a romance.

  • Mandapanda

    4.5 stars. Top-notch m/m steampunk romantic fantasy.

  • Idamus

    Very good world building, I never really warmed towards Neil, I found him naive for way too long

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