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By Tom Campbell | Comments: ( 462 ) | Date: ( Jul 09, 2020 )

James is exactly what you d expect from one of London s most promising, young town planners He s cautious, respected by colleagues and performs well in team meetings But while James understands the glitter and grime of the city better than almost anyone, he hasn t actually experienced much of it And, as he watches his university friends blossom bewilderingly into rich aJames is exactly what you d expect from one of London s most promising, young town planners He s cautious, respected by colleagues and performs well in team meetings But while James understands the glitter and grime of the city better than almost anyone, he hasn t actually experienced much of it And, as he watches his university friends blossom bewilderingly into rich and successful adults, he has the nagging sense that he has somehow fallen by the wayside That is, until he meets Felix, who navigates the glamorous and cynical capital with sophisticated ease Felix introduces James to a London that he has never known, and which doesn t feature in the planning manuals a world of private clubs and executive football boxes of book launches, contemporary art galleries, suburban drug dealers and dates with women even exotic than the peculiar vodka shots they drink But London is an expensive city in many ways, and the world Felix has opened up comes at a cost James may know how to design housing estates and high streets, but is it really possible to redraw the masterplan for his own life And what will he lose along the way

  • Title: The Planner
  • Author: Tom Campbell
  • ISBN: 9781408818268
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Planner book, this is one of the most wanted Tom Campbell author readers around the world.

Comments The Planner

  • Lita

    The idea of writing a story hand in hand with London planning (each chapter starts with a quote from the London Plan) was interesting (especially for me as an urbanist and as someone who has lived in London, specifically in Crystal Palace, the same as the main character), but the execution was lacking in something I think the author didn't deliver on the promise of discovering the city together with the main character, we were too caught up in his personal drama of not being succesful enough in [...]

  • Ruby

    I stumbled across this book in a charity shop and left it on my bookshelf for two years. I randomly decided to pick it up and believe I read it at the right time - just as I entered the working world as a Londoner! Living in the gritty streets of London I could totally relate to James self-deprecating humour and how authentic his life was. However, I did have high expectations and given the story was based around London, that itself warranted an interesting story. I expected a dark turn with Fel [...]

  • Paul

    Pick up from local library, and end up enjoy every single page of it. The ending is suprsing, probably to drastic for my taste, but on the other hand, totally believable. I guess that is difference between fiction and biography, which is what I read most of the time recently.

  • Shane

    Not sure if it was a parable about what can go wrong when you do new things to please your newly acquired cool friends, or when you do things to please your mother. Either way, there was enough to like in this story to keep me entertained.

  • Brendan Ward

    A local government town planner grows weary of his daily fistings and voluntarily resigns in order to join the relatively glamourous private sector. How do they come up with these crazy plots? Escapism at its finest.

  • Alice

    I enjoyed the writing as well as the story and the characters that pepper it. Found the ending disappointing, so giving it a 3.5 out of 5.

  • Mark Major

    The Planner (2014) by Tom Campbell tells the story of two months in the life of James Crawley, a young town planner working in the public sector for Southwark Council (south London borough across the River Thames from the City of London), who is having a 'mid-life' crisis in his early thirties. James has learned to play it safe. He knows a great deal about regulating city life but very little about actually experiencing life in one of the greatest cities in the world. In James' opinion, he lacks [...]

  • Tom

    James is in a rut. His friends are leading successful, extravagant lives while he is busy working in the public sector. When new friend Felix propose he helps James embark on a journey of self-actualisation, James has no choice but to accept. So begins a story of clubs, drugs, mingling and all manner of pretentious thoughts and behaviours.Tom Campbell has succeeded in writing a book where none of the main characters are likable (and, honestly, I'm not yet certain that he wasn't trying to achieve [...]

  • Angela

    This, Tom Campbell's second novel, is as witty, clever and enjoyable as his first, Fold. The story follows James, who feels he's stuck in a hum-drum job in the public sector with not enough money and status to attract women and live life to the full in London. James is in a dilemma of whether to stay in London living in a flat with mates and getting nowhere fast or to accept a promotion with higher pay in provincial Nottingham. James meets Felix who sets about remodelling James' life and introdu [...]

  • Jess Crane

    I saw this book, and impulsively purchased it, as I myself am a Town Planner. James' character is extremely relatable, and his job in local government is not atypical to real life. As a planner, the most common question I'm asked is 'so what does a town planner actually do everyday?'. I was thrilled to see this end up in the book and how James' character dealt with the question. His response? - simply walking away. This is my opinion is the easy way out, as trying to explain to someone what a to [...]

  • John Naylor

    I received this book for free via First Reads.I actually received this book over a year ago and read the first chapter then. My initial impression was that every character was unlikable so I moved on to other books.I think the first four lines are pure poetry. I went back to this book and found out the characters are supposed to be unlikable. There is not one character I would want to meet. The story is not a bad one and it is well told but it also not very exciting. The ending was predictable. [...]

  • Cathy Porteus

    I was sent this book from a giveaway.I'm afraid I didn't really enjoy this book. I found the story fairly dull and depressing. The main character is fed up with all his friends and can't afford to live in London. He's offered a better paid promotion in another city, but instead of jumping at it, he decides to try and get the best out of London, with the help of a dubious new acquaintance.I didn't believe that he wouldn't just go for the golden opportunity or that a random stranger would be inte [...]

  • David Miller

    Thirty-something James Crawley's career as a town planner working for an inner London Council is in the doldrums. Experiencing an early onset mid-life crisis, James comes under the influence of a svengali-like mentor and embarks on a journey to discover a seamier side of London and a lifestyle at odds with his previously sheltered existence. This is a cautionary tale for anyone working in the public sector, particularly local government. Tom Campbell has written a clever and witty account of the [...]

  • Louise

    I found this book enjoyable. It's basically about a man that doesn't like his life, job, and becomes friends with a man called felix that goes on to show him London properly, sex bars, private football boxes, art exibitions ect. It's gripping in a weird way i can't explain but I did enjoy it, I began to dislike the main character James as the book progressed, but I always love to hate people in books lol so yeah overall enjoyed the book.

  • Kel Sta

    Entertaining if a little bleakly realistic at its end. A cautionary tale?Appropriate soundtrack = The Wombats' Glitterbug album

  • Sarah

    fab book a must read

  • Deon Bent

    It was kind of hard to follow. Left a few things open ended. Felt like the book ended before it was really supposed to

  • Alan

    Fabulous novel, insightful and witty. Tom Campbell is up there with the great (but no longer incomparable!) Nick Hornby.

  • Heather

    Unsure what to make of this one! It was easy to read and I got through it fast but not sure about the story line!

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  • Best Read [Tom Campbell] ☆ The Planner || [Fiction Book] PDF Ö
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