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By Michael Burgan Ted Hammond Nancy Harrison | Comments: ( 975 ) | Date: ( Jul 09, 2020 )

Born on a small farm in rural Michigan, Henry Ford s humble beginnings were no match for his ambition Ford quickly created a manufacturing dynasty, bringing affordable cars to the masses and forever changing America and the American workplace Who Was Henry Ford details his meteoric rise, and explains how the genius behind the assembly line and the Model T shaped modernBorn on a small farm in rural Michigan, Henry Ford s humble beginnings were no match for his ambition Ford quickly created a manufacturing dynasty, bringing affordable cars to the masses and forever changing America and the American workplace Who Was Henry Ford details his meteoric rise, and explains how the genius behind the assembly line and the Model T shaped modern American industry.

  • Title: Who Was Henry Ford?
  • Author: Michael Burgan Ted Hammond Nancy Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780448479576
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Michael Burgan Ted Hammond Nancy Harrison

Michael Burgan Ted Hammond Nancy Harrison Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Who Was Henry Ford? book, this is one of the most wanted Michael Burgan Ted Hammond Nancy Harrison author readers around the world.

Comments Who Was Henry Ford?

  • Joey Oborne

    The only reason I picked up this book because it had the last name "Ford". My dad has the ford F350 so I wanted to read about how he made the cars and he owned a compey and they make ford cars, Ford make's The model T and the model A and more. He liked to have fun and he agreed on other people's things like his friend was Thomas Edison and they worked as a team ( some times).

  • Jude Hendricks

    Very good novel on describing Henry Ford's life and how he made the first cheapest car ever in the USA the Model T which there are not very many model T's around I think there is like 50 model T's in the whole world today

  • Alex H

    December Book Review, Who Was Henry Ford, Michael BurganIn the book Who Was Henry Ford, it talked about how Henry Ford had made an impact in America by becoming the most successful car manufacturer in the United States. Ever since Henry was a little boy he was fascinated in machines. He had always loved going with his dad to Detroit for work on a steam engine train. One time when he went to Detroit with his dad he saw a farmer driving a self driving steam engine on wheels. They got off the train [...]

  • Brooke Minor

    I recently finished the book Who was Henry Ford by Michael Burgan. This book was all about Henry Ford and how he decided to run his automobile business. He was a nice man with a wife and a son. He was not very nice to his son, he believed that he should not grow up and own his business. He didn't believe his son would ever be ready for that. Ford created the Model A and the Model T. Both very qualified cars. Personally, I liked the Model T because it looked the most like the cars we use today. T [...]

  • Caleb Payne

    In the book "Who Was Henry Ford" by Michale Burgan talks about the life of Henry Ford. As a kid, he worked on a farm with his family. He also loved to take apart toys to study them. He would also fix his friends watches which I found interesting. One day when his family was driving down a road he found a farmer who had a self run tractor. He was in love with it and from there he started his own company making cars. He knew how to make a car because he had had many jobs in which he studied mechan [...]

  • Roxanna

    This book is about Henry ford and his life as a great inventor. Henry ford was born July 30, 1864. Since he was little he was curious about how stuffed worked. When he was about 7 one of his dads workers took apart a clock and since that moment he wanted to learn how clocks worked. When he was 13 his dad took him to Detroit to see a self powered engeine. Which convenced him of becoming an inventor and mechanic.Then in 1889 he went to Detroit to go fix a gas powered engine. He got the idea to bui [...]

  • Hayden

    "Who Was Henry Ford?" by Micheal Burgan is a biography about the famous car maker Henry Ford. It describes how Ford revolutionized the car forever.I liked the book because I am interested in cars. It was interesting reading about the guy how started it all. Once I started reading I couldn't stop.I would reccomend this book to 5th to 8th graders. If you are interested in cars then you will like this book. If you enjoy other "Who Was?" books you will like this one too.

  • Kellan Francis

    Henry Ford was one of the interesting man that was good at creating machines.He created all sorts of vehcials in the 1800's and the 1900's. he was good at fixing anything that ran.He became famous when he sold all his cars and was very happy.This is why he was interesting.

  • Sam

    Used for 5th Grade Wax Museum Project.

  • Mary Thomas

    I like this series. This was my first one. Quick read but learned a lot.

  • BleuMyst

    I really enjoyed reading about Henry Ford, the builder of my favorite car brand!

  • Dylan Ownby

    I liked it because he was an inventor and he built a lot of factories all over the US. He sold all of his cars around the world.

  • AwesomePerson


  • Landen

    Who Was Henry Ford, by Michael Burgan was a great book. This book was about Henry Ford and his life of how he became one of the worlds best automakers in his Ford industry. Throughout the book it told many of Henry's childhood stories and what had gotten him into the Car and automobile industry.I personally really liked this book, in my opinion it was great and interesting. My personal favorite part was when Henry started to become a popular hit for cars and won the race which almost started the [...]

  • Katy

    Another student biography in my Class Challenge to read 2o student books over the summer--they had to be in the school library or my classroom library so the students and I could talk about them.First, I really like the Who is/was. and What was series that publishes. They are fabulous! Good, solid informational text with a focus on why it happened and why it is still important. Yesterday's story was on Henry Ford, whom I think is (or should be) a working class hero. He came from humble beginnin [...]

  • Callahan S

    NovemberWho was: Henry FordMicheal Burgan Henry Ford could be one of the greatest inventors ever! He made one of the first motorized cars. It had the potential to reach spends of 40 miles per hour! He was once in a race with at the time the world wealthiest car seller. The car that he used was very lightweight, it didn't even have brakes. This led to him overtaking him in the last stretch. He also invented the conveyer belt line. That is where one person works on the same thing all day, this red [...]

  • Victor

    Who Was Henry Ford, By: Michael burgan Henry Ford was a successful businessman who changed American industry. He was the first to mass produce automobiles. When he was younger he loved to fix watches for money. Henry Ford was a mid western boy who worked on his father's farm.I like this book because it had sixteen pages filled with real photos of Henry Ford and his cars. I also like this book because it was like a timeline of Henry's life. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to [...]

  • Gordon Riser

    This book is good for people that like biographies. I liked this book because i like cars and it had pictures in it so and that helped me see what the author was talking about because i am a visual person. At first sight, you think this book is going to be another one of those boring books but once you start to read it you find things that you have in common with Henry Ford. There is a small sense of humor in the book for example Henry says "you can have any color of car you want as long as it's [...]

  • Philip Carlson

    I love the Who Was series and this was a great bio of Henry Ford. I really didn't know much about him. One thing I did know and was surprised, and glad, they did cover was his anti-Semitism. It was a short, open, respectful treatment, and I had not realized that he had repented and apologized for it. one of the things I like about the series is that it does deal with flaws while still allowing me to like the personalities they cover.

  • Bella

    I hated this book. Since I hate the automobile industry it was so boring. But, people who like the automobile industry will like this book. Henry Ford changed our lives by inventing a car. The Model's he made were amazing but why don't they sell them anymore. I don't know who to recommend this book to.

  • Nathaniel

    I liked it. He spent a lot of time with Thomas Edison and two other famous people. They'd go camping and not really go camping. There's two types of Model A's. And he spent 10 years just making Model T's cause they were so popular. But after awhile, his son said he should start making others too, so he did.

  • Kris

    I liked reading this book. I love cars and it was fun reading a book about someone I admire. I learned a lot about Henry Ford. You will find out what he was like, the other famous friends he has and how he became successful in the auto industry.

  • Nolan

    the book i read was who was Henry ford by Michael burgan the gunra of the book is nonfiction the setting is in Detroit the characters are Henry Ford and Clara An Ford. The book goes through Henry Fords life and how he thought of making a car. I gave this book 4 stars because it is a good book.

  • Abby

    I read one of the who was books by Michael Burgan. The book I read was on Henry Ford. It talked about the accomplishments he's made, and what he's invented. His inventions really helped us out! I rated this book a 5/5 and would definitely recommend it.

  • Crystal Lawrence

    Great informational read for children. Entertaining, educational and well illustrated.

  • Caleb

    i liked it he had cheques of more than one thousand dollars in his pocket.

  • Catherine

    A good book for elementary and middle school students. I learned some interesting facts about his life that I had not heard before.

  • Agnes Budianto

    From this book, I came upon to know that Ford's only son died before him, and that he was one of Edison's friend.

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