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By G.A. Morgan | Comments: ( 126 ) | Date: ( Feb 17, 2020 )

In The Fog of Forgetting, the beginning of a new adventure fantasy trilogy, five children wash up on the shores of an foreign land, unwitting agents of destiny in a realm struggling to withstand a force that could change their world and ours forever.Move over, Narnia The journey to Ayda has begun Sneaking out for a quick boat ride on a summer day, five children finIn The Fog of Forgetting, the beginning of a new adventure fantasy trilogy, five children wash up on the shores of an foreign land, unwitting agents of destiny in a realm struggling to withstand a force that could change their world and ours forever.Move over, Narnia The journey to Ayda has begun Sneaking out for a quick boat ride on a summer day, five children find themselves engulfed in a curtain of dense, powerful fog that transports them from the rocky Maine coast to the mysterious island of Ayda Rescued by Seaborne, a machete toting wayfarer of few words, the children suddenly find themselves at the center of a centuries old battle between Dankar, the ruler of Exor, and three siblings that rule the other realms of Ayda At stake are the four stones of power and the elusive Fifth Stone that binds them all.When 9 year old Frankie is kidnapped by Dankar, her older sister Evelyn and the three Thompson brothers must learn to harness the powers of the daylights, ancient forces of earth, fire, water, and air, to navigate their way through the realms of Ayda, rescue her, and find a way home.G.A Morgan is a powerful new voice in the young adult adventure fantasy genre, telling a story full of myth and mystery, action and peril In Ayda, she has created a land rich with history and steeped in lore, one that exists not just in imagination but unnervingly, realistically, parallel to ours.

  • Title: The Fog of Forgetting
  • Author: G.A. Morgan
  • ISBN: 9781939017239
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

G.A. Morgan

G.A. Morgan Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Fog of Forgetting book, this is one of the most wanted G.A. Morgan author readers around the world.

Comments The Fog of Forgetting

  • Tabitha (Pabkins)

    I didn’t realize The Fog of Forgetting would be as much of a middle grade novel as it was. While I read a small handful of middle grade novels from time to time – I find myself more and more leaning towards adult novels this year. Unfortunately this one happened to fall into the rare ground of me wanting to skim it by page 35 and completely losing my interest after about 60 pages. The scene was set with with 3 quarrelsome brothers meeting 2 young girls new to their area and then all of them [...]

  • Faith/Florid Sword

    Just as good as it was the first one. Maine-based fantasy? Thank you. I'll tell it.

  • Grace

    The book “The Fog of Forgetting”, by G.A. Morgan, is a fantasy book. This is fantasy, because there is so much magic, and so many creatures that no one has ever heard of! This is told in a 3rd person point of view. The theme of this book is family because 2 families have to work together to escape this world and get back home. This book took place in a foreign land when 5 kids get mysteriously washed up on the shore after they fell asleep on a boat. When one of the girls get taken, everyone [...]

  • Anya

    I stopped this one at page 119. The magic system is pretty stereotypical and explained through info dumps. There were times when I enjoyed the writing but I also got annoyed by certain style choices, especially the magic being called a person's "daylights" without any explained reason.

  • Lindsay

    I actually stopped reading this book halfway through because I couldn't stand the writing style. The viewpoint characters' internal monologues are more like exposition than seeing from their eyes (although it's 3rd person omniscient, it's far removed from their perspectives most of the time, although that was inconsistent). The strangers they meet act erratically, and I felt that barely anyone's actions were sufficiently justified by the motivations the author gave, partly because something woul [...]

  • Catherine Benson

    This was a great introduction to The Five Stones Trilogy! Love GA Morgan's writing!

  • Rebecca

    For the three Thompson brothers—asthmatic eldest Chase, charge-forward middle brother Knox, and lisping youngest Teddy—summer has always meant their mother’s old family summer house in Maine. This year they are joined by new neighbors Evelyn and Frankie, biracial sisters orphaned by the Haiti earthquake. Although forbidden to take the boat out when their parents are gone, due to their mother’s terror of the fog (she lost her own brother to it), Knox pushes it and the others eventually ca [...]

  • Jessica

    A note to authors out there: If you ever want me to read your Fantasy book, compare it to The Chronicles of Narnia. Seriously. When I saw that G.A. Morgan's new book was billed as "the next Narnia", I had to read it! Those books fueled my childhood imagination, and I've re-read them many times since then. I was excited to see where The Fog of Forgetting would fall for me in comparison, and anxious to be introduced to a new world.That being said, there were plenty of things about this debut novel [...]

  • Tony Poole

    This is a really wonderful story and it delivers in many ways and on many levels !! The chapters flow on in nice size chunks and it's not easy to put the book down once you start reading. I especially liked the details of the various lands beyond the fog and the subtly different ways and customs of the people living there. The characters really grow up alot in this story.Rather than thinking they already know where the story is headed I hope instead that people will give the book some time to de [...]

  • Toastkat

    Reading a book should never be a chore. Following the story and the journey of the characters should be as easy as breathing and walking. With "The Fog of Forgetting", however, it felt like a chore. A lot of time is spent setting up characters and building backgrounds and worlds, with very little payoff. I wasn't enchanted by the atmosphere or empathetic with the characters. Their journey wasn't one that kept me engaged, which is a pity because on paper, this is the sort of book I should enjoy. [...]

  • Laura Phelps

    3.5 starsThe start of a new trilogy that begins on the Maine coast and ends up in the fantastical land of Ayda. Three siblings and their two new friends of Haiti get lost in the fog when they are out boating; the island that they are washed up on is in another land, and a dangerous one. Loved the start of their adventure and the concept, my attention waned a bit in the middle before deepening again at the end.

  • Jim

    Really liked this fantasy about five young people who stumble onto a mysterious, fog-hidden island and are drawn into an ageless conflict over the Five Stones of Ayda. In the Tolkien tradition without being derivative. Beautifully written with great characters (the three Thompson kids, their two girl friends, the godlike holders of the Stones, the larger-than-life catlike and doglike sidekicks), a full and varied world, an intriguing plot.

  • Patricia

    Five adjective review: adventurious, page-turner, exciting, captivating, engaging! I will never look at the fog the same way again; I will now think of what may be beyond the fog. Can't wait for the next adventure for Chase, Knox, and friends. Will they remember and go back?

  • Donna

    Fantasy adventure. 5 children sail through fog and end up in another land, one that is in the past as far as living conditions go. There is adventure, friendship, fighting.

  • Genevieve Morgan

    I loved it, because I wrote it

  • Jessica

    Review coming on August 4th when we cover this book over at The Book Bratz!

  • Emily

    3.5/5 review to come

  • Atty

    it was interesting especially since it was based in maine

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ The Fog of Forgetting | by ↠ G.A. Morgan
    329 G.A. Morgan
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