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By Mike Wohnoutka | Comments: ( 331 ) | Date: ( Dec 12, 2019 )

Who wants to play wonders Little Puppy Everyone is either too busy, too lazy, too mean, or too boring Then Little Puppy spies Big Green Monster reading on a bench I will play with him he declares Big Green Monster has no interest in playing games or being friends with Little Puppy He escapes to the peace and quiet of his bathtub But when Little Puppy follows hi Who wants to play wonders Little Puppy Everyone is either too busy, too lazy, too mean, or too boring Then Little Puppy spies Big Green Monster reading on a bench I will play with him he declares Big Green Monster has no interest in playing games or being friends with Little Puppy He escapes to the peace and quiet of his bathtub But when Little Puppy follows him home and takes a scary tumble, Big Green Monster immediately comes to the rescue and finds that there might just be a place for this tiny dog in his giant heart.With spare text and irresistible illustrations, Mike Wohnoutka tells the high spirited story of an unlikely friendship that new readers, and their pals of all sizes, will love.

  • Title: Little Puppy and the Big Green Monster
  • Author: Mike Wohnoutka
  • ISBN: 9780823430642
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Mike Wohnoutka

Mike Wohnoutka Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Little Puppy and the Big Green Monster book, this is one of the most wanted Mike Wohnoutka author readers around the world.

Comments Little Puppy and the Big Green Monster

  • Michelle

    Really cute illustrations and concept, but the text was so spare! I wish it was a more fleshed out story!

  • Marfita

    Little Puppy has no one to play with him, so he goes looking for someone. He finds Big Green Monster, who is a grumpy creature with no patience for puppies. But Little Puppy, eternally optimistic, carries on as if the roaring and grimacing don't exist. The text is all from Little Puppy's point of view, so the reader has to rely on the frowns and glaring pingpong ball eyes of Big Green Monster to infer his impatience. Eventually, BGM is worn down by the unconditional love from LP and they live ha [...]

  • Jess

    I loved this book, I think its the way the puppy was drawn that totally made me love him from the start. Anyway, Puppy is looking for a playmate and ever optimistic, finds a grumpy green monster and through a series of games he befriends him. Super cute.

  • Beth

    An enthusiastic puppy wants to play fetch with a scary monster. Cuteness abounds.

  • Asho

    S (age 5) was the one who checked this out from the library, but within a day or two of having it at home L (age 2) had stolen it out of his room and hidden it away in her own library book bin. She's a big dog lover so I can definitely see the appeal because the puppy is illustrated adorably. This is a very cute story about a grumpy monster who is won over by a lonely little puppy. However, it's challenging to read it aloud because the text is very sparse. It's almost like a comic book with much [...]

  • AMY

    It is kind of a weird book with an unusual combination of dog/monster. The dog wants to play but everyone else, including the monster ignores him. Why is a monster out in daytime, anyway? This ending is too sweet in my opinion. It doesn't really work well. Not recommended.

  • Laura |

    Meh. Not enough story, not enough dialogue. Illustrations are good, though.

  • Jim

    This is the entire "Dennis The Menace Vs. Mr Wilson" story line narrowed down to a short kids book. (spoiler alert! this time the kid wins.)

  • Dani - Perspective of a Writer

    Check out more picture book reviews @ Perspective of a WriterA little puppy very persistently tries to play with a big green monster. His persistence pays off in a charming way.I adored this book! The drawings were charming in a way that suited the story perfectly. My nephew and I couldn't decide which of the drawings he wanted to draw the most! (He did two!!) I loved it partially because my nephew responded so heartedly to it this puppy had no friends to play with and yet through kindness and a [...]

  • Megan (ReadingRover)

    This was a great book. It's about a puppy looking for someone to play with. Everyone is either too busy, lazy, boring or mean to play with him. Then he sees the big green monster and tries to play with him. The puppy doesn't realize that the grumpy monster doesn't want to play. When the monster throws his ball away he fetches it. Then the puppy hides under the monsters bench until he finds him. When the monster tries to leave and go home the puppy thinks he wants to race and when the monster goe [...]

  • Michelle

    AWESOME art and story

  • Yvonne Mullen

    I’m not sure if the monster or the puppy stole my heart first. The friendship that develops between the puppy and the monster is precious. Little Puppy and the Big Green Monster is a touching read aloud about developing friendships. Little Puppy only wants to play while the Big Green Monster has no interest. An unexpected twist begins a friendship that will touch any reader’s heart.The simple story is easy for young readers to retell. The illustrations are full of emotion, students as young [...]

  • Terry

    Adult Reader Reaction: Adorable. The cover alone is a grabber. The author perfectly captures the personality of a persistent, full of energy puppy dog. Big Green is definitely a monster, but not the kind whose image will scare kids. The few words — often repeated — on the pages make this picture book a great early reader selection, too.Pros: Sweet characters instantly tug at your heartstrings and action-filled illustrations will tame even the wiggliest listener. Young listeners will LOVE *re [...]

  • Teresa Bateman

    A little puppy is desperate for a playmate. The only viable option, however, is a big green monster with a foul temper, sitting on a park bench. The monster does not wish to play, but the puppy doesn't get the message. He's having a grand time and, eventually, he wins the monster over. This is the first time this talented artist has illustrated his own words, and the big, bold illustrations flow perfectly with the text. While the same concept is been done before and, perhaps, better (see "A Visi [...]

  • Tracey

    Little Puppy has a ball and he wants to play, but everyone is either too busy, too lazy, too mean, or too boring—except maybe for that guy sitting on the bench. However, Little Puppy doesn’t know much about body language or facial expressions or growls, and the Big Green Monster just wants to be left alone with his book. Ball = $.50; book = $10.00; showdown between an optimistic puppy and a a grouchy monster = priceless! This is Mike Wohnoutka’s first book that he both wrote and illustrate [...]

  • Clare Rossetter

    The two main characters do not have names they are just a very playful puppy and a very big green monster. Even though monster roars the puppy attempts to play with him and the results are comical. The two end up as best of friends. The illustrations have few details and focus on the two, the puppy and the monster. The puppy is small and brown and is very active. The green monster has big eyes and scales but he looks more annoyed with the puppy, rather then evil. This is one your students will w [...]

  • Kristina Jean Lareau

    The adorable little puppy wants to play and is having a hard time finding the right friend. Then he annoys the Big Green Monster enough that they end up playing. Rendered in acrylic or gouache(I can't tell which and the copyright page fails to provide that information), this paneled picturebook has minimal text and feels almost like a comic book.The illustrations are sweet and dynamic, not overly bright and with plenty of white space to allow the pacing of the story to build to its adorable conc [...]

  • Ina

    This is the story of a very cute puppy - who is desperate to play. When all of his usual playmates refuse his advances, he sets out to find a new one. He is so desperate for a playmate that he doesn't take no from a big, mean monster. He perseveres and - through sheer cuteness - wins the heart of the monsterd my story time audience. The text and illustrations are simple and filled with puppy energy and emotion.

  • Dolly

    Very cute story - the narrative is short and the illustrations are adorable. This book is sure to appeal to young children, especially since the monster is more cute than scary. I read this book while volunteering at our youngest daughter's elementary school library book fair. I enjoyed checking out some of the books our girls would consider too 'baby-ish' for them now.

  • Laura Salas

    Who could not love this little puppy. He is absolutely adorable! So oblivious and sweet and happy-go-lucky as he tries to make friends with the unfriendly monster. This book reminds me of A Visitor for Bear, by Bonny Becker. Her Bear books are another series of friendship tales where one friend is, shall we say, more enthusiastic about the relationship than the other!

  • Relena_reads

    For our nephew Wil.Chris loved this. I did not. I've compromised on a 3.Warning: adopted/foster youth(view spoiler)[I find it deeply dislike that the Big Green Monster seems to have kidnapped (adopted if you want to be nice about it) the Little Puppy. I would not use this book with foster youth. (hide spoiler)]

  • Taylor

    Such a cute book for young children. I really liked how the puppy never gave up even when the monster was being very mean. The puppy just wanted someone to play with him and he was determined to find someone. The ending showed that even mean people have a soft spot, it's just underneath a few layers of their skin.

  • Kelsey

    Age: Toddler-KindergartenWithout reservations, Little Puppy searches for someone to play with and settles on the biggest, meanest, greenest looking monster who is quietly reading on a park bench. Of course, Little Puppy's persistence pays off as the Big Green Monster's heart warms to Puppy's forcefully adorable personality.

  • Kendra

    I'm in love with everything about this book-the illustrations, the simple text and perfect expressions and body language for the characters, the sentiment, everything. This would make a great monster read for the Halloween season, for something a little different.

  • Nanci Booher

    Little puppy just wants to play. He tries and tries to find someone. Then he meets big green monster. At first it seems that monster does not want to be bothered with the puppy but with some persistence, monster finally gives in and starts to play. Sweet story with great illustrations.

  • Vanessa

    Little Puppy just wants a friend. Initially the Big Green Monster is annoyed by the little puppy and tries many ways to get him to go away. In the end they both find a friend. The illustrations are adorable and the story is sweet. Recommended for ages 2-6

  • Erin Gunderson

    Cute. My only real concern is that this might be a tougher one to use in library storytime because some of the details are so small it would be difficult for the kids to see unless they are practically sitting in my lap.

  • Mrs Mommy Booknerd http://mrsmommybooknerd.blogspot.com

    I LOVE THIS BOOK. It is about an adorable little puppy that wins the heart of a big green monster by being an irresistibly silly and clueless pile of cute! I have read this one over and over and over again and I smile EVERY TIME! 5 stars

  • Lyn

    Who wants to Play?Nobody wants to play with the puppy. He finds a Green Monster (who doesn't want to play), and plays with him. Puppy uses every action the Monster makes as a cue to play different games.

  • Mary

    This would be an excellent Read Aloud with pre-schoolers! The images are dynamic and lend themselves to dialogic reading, the story is fun and silly, and there are lots of places for laughter within the pages of this book.

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ Little Puppy and the Big Green Monster | by ☆ Mike Wohnoutka
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