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All problems had an answer but marriage Francesca was naturally optimistic and she needed to be She d cut her nursing instruction short in order to look after the elderly aunt who had so kindly opened her home to Franny and her brother Financial difficulties led Franny to apply for a job as Lady Trumper s assistant, but Franny s outspoken manner clearly didn t please herAll problems had an answer but marriage Francesca was naturally optimistic and she needed to be She d cut her nursing instruction short in order to look after the elderly aunt who had so kindly opened her home to Franny and her brother Financial difficulties led Franny to apply for a job as Lady Trumper s assistant, but Franny s outspoken manner clearly didn t please her It was only through her godson, Marc, that Franny was able to get the job Marc always seemed to be on hand after that Betty Neels She is a USA Today bestselling author Her series novels consistently rank 1 in their month, averaging 16 percentage points higher than other titles To date, The Best of Betty Neels titles have averaged a 55% NSR Since 1996, 21 consecutive 1 Harlequin Romance titles have been published, including her most recent, A Good Wife 7 03 Her novel Emma s Wedding 5 02 had a 61% NSR Betty wrote 134 books during her 30 plus year career, publishing exclusively with Harlequin Books.

  • Title: The Fortunes Of Francesca (The Best of Betty Neels)
  • Author: Betty Neels
  • ISBN: 9780373810710
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Betty Neels

Betty Neels was born on September 15, 1910 in Devon to a family with firm roots in the civil service She said she had a blissfully happy childhood and teenage years This stood her in good stead later for the tribulations to come with the Second World War She was sent away to boarding school, and then went on to train as a nurse, gaining her SRN and SCM, that is, State Registered Nurse and State Certificate of Midwifery.In 1939 she was called up to the Territorial Army Nursing Service, which later became the Queen Alexandra Reserves, and was sent to France with the Casualty Clearing Station This comprised eight nursing sisters, including Betty, to 100 men In other circumstances, she thought that might have been quite thrilling When France was invaded in 1940, all the nursing sisters managed to escape in the charge of an army major, undertaking a lengthy and terrifying journey to Boulogne in an ambulance They were incredibly fortunate to be put on the last hospital ship to be leaving the port of Boulogne But Betty s war didn t end there, for she was posted to Scotland, and then on to Northern Ireland, where she met her Dutch husband He was a seaman aboard a minesweeper, which was bombed He survived and was sent to the south of Holland to guard the sluices However, when they had to abandon their post, they were told to escape if they could, and along with a small number of other men, he marched into Belgium They stole a ship and managed to get it across the Channel to Dover before being transferred to the Atlantic run on the convoys Sadly he became ill, and that was when he was transferred to hospital in Northern Ireland, where he met Betty They eventually married, and were blessed with a daughter They were posted to London, but were bombed out As with most of the population, they made the best of things.When the war finally ended, she and her husband were repatriated to Holland As his family had believed he had died when his ship went down, this was a very emotional homecoming The small family lived in Holland for 13 years, and Betty resumed her nursing career there When they decided to return to England, Betty continued her nursing and when she eventually retired she had reached the position of night superintendent.Betty Neels began writing almost by accident She had retired from nursing, but her inquiring mind had no intention of vegetating, and her new career was born when she heard a lady in her local library bemoaning the lack of good romance novels There was little in Betty s background to suggest that she might eventually become a much loved novelist.Her first book, Sister Peters in Amsterdam, was published in 1969, and by dint of often writing four books a year, she eventually completed 134 books She was always quite firm upon the point that the Dutch doctors who frequently appeared in her stories were not based upon her husband, but rather upon an amalgam of several of the doctors she met while nursing in Holland.To her millions of fans around the world, Betty Neels epitomized romance She was always amazed and touched that her books were so widely appreciated She never sought plaudits and remained a very private person, but it made her very happy to know that she brought such pleasure to so many readers, while herself gaining a quiet joy from spinning her stories It is perhaps a reflection of her upbringing in an earlier time that the men and women who peopled her stories have a kindliness and good manners, coupled to honesty and integrity, that is not always present in our modern world Her myriad of fans found a warmth and a reassurance of a better world in her stories, along with characters who touched the heart, which is all and than one could ask of a romance writer She received a great deal of fan mail, and there was always a comment upon the fascinating places she visited in her stories Quite often those of her fans fortunate enough to visit Holland did use h

Comments The Fortunes Of Francesca (The Best of Betty Neels)

  • Cecilia

    This is one of the "desperately poor mousy girl works incredibly hard for no real reward but eventually is appreciated by an incredibly rich and successful doctor" type of Neels stories. This one is intensified by a malevolent uncle who steps in and actively tries to destroy her and her lovely aunt. Wayyy over the top, and weirdly (without the incest aspect), brought Flowers in the Attic to mind. With that excessive layering on of hardships on the poor heroine's head, plus the very brief resolut [...]

  • Maddie

    I love Betty Neels and this is one of the better ones. Her stories are somewhat similar and that is part of the charm. These books are 'comfort' stories with happy endings. When you need a simple story with characters that resist the 'instant' gratification and 'selfish narcissism' so prevalent today, reach for a Betty Neels story.

  • Caro

    Leer a Betty es tan lindoSus novelas siempre tienen algo que me identifica. En este caso ella trabaja de noche como yo y es como si me hiciera un guiño cuando cuenta cómo llega a casa de mañana y va a dormir; me gustan sus heroínas fuertes y luchadoras y Franny no es la excepción. El doctor es un poco frío, pero el final amerita esa falta de pasión.

  • Pamela Shropshire

    First, I LOVE the title of this one. It's so like The Perils of Pauline, you know?Anyway, Franny is applying for work as companion/secretary/lackey to Lady Trumper, who immediately decides that Franny is Not Suitable. Franny is on the point of leaving the house when the butler is informed that the kitchen maid has cut herself; Franny, having completed 2 years of nurse training, follows him to the kitchen and quietly but competently takes charge. She continues to assist after the doctor arrives; [...]

  • Helen Manning

    One of TGB's best. Almost Dickensian at times; Francesca is optimistic and hardworking despite cruel and often heartbreaking obstacles. She lives in reduced circumstances with her loving Aunt and younger brother Finn (a medical student). 2 years into her Nursing training Franny is forced to leave to care for her Aunt who has a cardiac condition. This she does cheerfully and gladly to repay her Aunt's kindness in taking them in upon their parents' deaths. There is a backstory with a hideous Uncle [...]

  • Leona

    3 stars. Loved Francesca and her feistiness. Loved the way she viewed the world and her ability to bounce back from every evil encounter even a wicked uncle who was out to destroy her. The hero was okay, but not one of Betty's best. (view spoiler)[ I was disappointed that he truly didn't love her. It was only at the very end that he fell in love with her, and only after realizing that she was actually pretty. (I guess, clothes, relaxation and good food do help make a difference.) I don't mind an [...]

  • Mirella Grace

    Love this novel! Really like it. I love the character of Francesca Bowen, a girl who has a positive thinking no matter what problems appeared in her life.It also match the title. It was a fortune for Franny to have a great future husband in Marc van der Kettener. I can't imagine to have an uncle like uncle Will, thanks to Marc who has rescued Franny and her aunt from that domineering uncle Will!

  • Allison

    Very nice.

  • Monique

    Star Rating: ★★½☆☆

  • Angela Maher

    Not in the least raunchy, and written in a somewhat old-fashioned way, this is a sweet little romance for when you just want a nice, non-taxing story.

  • Heather

    I really like this one. It is excessively cozy.

  • Patricia schmit

    Excellent Neels StoryAlthough this tale occasionally gets a bit too hard a push to make it all work, most of the story is really good!

  • Mudpie

    This book was hard for me to read. The misfortunes that kept happening to Franny! Just when things improved marginally, something much worse happened. One step forward, three steps back! Give the girl a break!There's the two dimensional villain in the form of the uncle, but perhaps it's to show what a hero Marc was to come charging to their rescue hehe! He was stunned he'd offered her a marriage of convenience but did not regret it one tiny bit.Franny's plainness and mousiness was harped upon re [...]

  • Emily

    1/24/17-1/25/17:Enjoyable, though not my favorite BN, because the hero and heroine didn't see much of each other at all, and when they did, he was always trying to get her to shut up and quit annoying him. And there were too many hardships which lasted a little too long. But Francesca was a hoot and quite a character, so that made it worthwhile. :) 4 stars.October 2017: I've been going through my old updates, cleaning things up a bit, and, now, I'm catching up on my review backlog (I'm still in [...]

  • Jite

    If you love Betty.If you’re as big a Betty Neels fan as I am, it’s hard to rate any of her books fairly because it’s going to be 4 or 5 Stars- not because it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever read but because she’s Betty. The taciturn heroes, the saccharine but sensible heroines with a cheerful spirit and a hint of backbone, the barely detectable chemistry. what’s not to love? Yes I know these are a little (ok a lot) ridiculous but I love Betty and so it’s all 4 and 5 stars from me. [...]

  • Jeanette

    A guilty pleasure read.

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  • [PDF] Download â The Fortunes Of Francesca (The Best of Betty Neels) | by ✓ Betty Neels
    291 Betty Neels
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