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Victoria was a very pretty girl, but with three sisters even prettier than she was, Victoria had developed a bit of a complex about her looks So when attractive Alexander van Schuylen made it clear he liked her, she really didn t expect much from him How could she, when he was so impressed with her sisters beauty But if his feelings for Victoria actually did run dVictoria was a very pretty girl, but with three sisters even prettier than she was, Victoria had developed a bit of a complex about her looks So when attractive Alexander van Schuylen made it clear he liked her, she really didn t expect much from him How could she, when he was so impressed with her sisters beauty But if his feelings for Victoria actually did run deep, she could be in danger of losing him entirely through her own fault

  • Title: Victory for Victoria
  • Author: Betty Neels
  • ISBN: 9780373470778
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Betty Neels

Betty Neels was born on September 15, 1910 in Devon to a family with firm roots in the civil service She said she had a blissfully happy childhood and teenage years This stood her in good stead later for the tribulations to come with the Second World War She was sent away to boarding school, and then went on to train as a nurse, gaining her SRN and SCM, that is, State Registered Nurse and State Certificate of Midwifery.In 1939 she was called up to the Territorial Army Nursing Service, which later became the Queen Alexandra Reserves, and was sent to France with the Casualty Clearing Station This comprised eight nursing sisters, including Betty, to 100 men In other circumstances, she thought that might have been quite thrilling When France was invaded in 1940, all the nursing sisters managed to escape in the charge of an army major, undertaking a lengthy and terrifying journey to Boulogne in an ambulance They were incredibly fortunate to be put on the last hospital ship to be leaving the port of Boulogne But Betty s war didn t end there, for she was posted to Scotland, and then on to Northern Ireland, where she met her Dutch husband He was a seaman aboard a minesweeper, which was bombed He survived and was sent to the south of Holland to guard the sluices However, when they had to abandon their post, they were told to escape if they could, and along with a small number of other men, he marched into Belgium They stole a ship and managed to get it across the Channel to Dover before being transferred to the Atlantic run on the convoys Sadly he became ill, and that was when he was transferred to hospital in Northern Ireland, where he met Betty They eventually married, and were blessed with a daughter They were posted to London, but were bombed out As with most of the population, they made the best of things.When the war finally ended, she and her husband were repatriated to Holland As his family had believed he had died when his ship went down, this was a very emotional homecoming The small family lived in Holland for 13 years, and Betty resumed her nursing career there When they decided to return to England, Betty continued her nursing and when she eventually retired she had reached the position of night superintendent.Betty Neels began writing almost by accident She had retired from nursing, but her inquiring mind had no intention of vegetating, and her new career was born when she heard a lady in her local library bemoaning the lack of good romance novels There was little in Betty s background to suggest that she might eventually become a much loved novelist.Her first book, Sister Peters in Amsterdam, was published in 1969, and by dint of often writing four books a year, she eventually completed 134 books She was always quite firm upon the point that the Dutch doctors who frequently appeared in her stories were not based upon her husband, but rather upon an amalgam of several of the doctors she met while nursing in Holland.To her millions of fans around the world, Betty Neels epitomized romance She was always amazed and touched that her books were so widely appreciated She never sought plaudits and remained a very private person, but it made her very happy to know that she brought such pleasure to so many readers, while herself gaining a quiet joy from spinning her stories It is perhaps a reflection of her upbringing in an earlier time that the men and women who peopled her stories have a kindliness and good manners, coupled to honesty and integrity, that is not always present in our modern world Her myriad of fans found a warmth and a reassurance of a better world in her stories, along with characters who touched the heart, which is all and than one could ask of a romance writer She received a great deal of fan mail, and there was always a comment upon the fascinating places she visited in her stories Quite often those of her fans fortunate enough to visit Holland did use h

Comments Victory for Victoria

  • Leona

    I finally met a Betty Neels story I didn't like. I would rate this barely two stars, and an almost DNF.Our heroine is nothing to write home about. She is an attractive, dedicated nurse with a lovely family and three other beautiful sisters. The problem is she has absolutely no common sense or self confidence. Which seriously is kind of ridiculous considering she was brought up in a loving family, has a great career and has stunningly beautiful looks. (She supposedly can stop traffic)The hero is [...]

  • Kay

    4 Stars ~ Victoria is a staff nurse at a busy London hospital. On her holidays she travels to her family home on the English coast, and there she meets Alexander, who is also on holiday staying with friends. Victoria is quite taken with Alexander but assumes he's married and a father when he sees him with a beautiful woman with children. Back in London, she's surprised to meet him again. Alexander is a lung specialist and he often travels to lecture and consult Of course he asks her out and Vict [...]

  • Fiona Marsden

    3 1/2 stars. I would have given it four up until the Other Woman turned up. The OW is a standard device in a Betty Neels romance so I'm used to them, but this one was just so futile and we had the added complication of an equally futile Other Man back in London. So the ending dropped down to three for a while and then picked up on the finale which I rather liked.For once, Victoria gets a man who is pretty up front with the fact he likes her and the romance goes swimmingly right up until the time [...]

  • Tonya Warner

    Victoria Parsons might be a bright, beautiful nurse, but she tends to feel her sisters are the true beauties of the family. Finding herself the center of attraction for Alexander van Schuylen is a little hard to believe. Dr van Schuylen makes several trips to see Vicky, both at the hospital, and her family home. Finally able to convince her to marry him, the trip to his family home in Holland starts off well, until Nina appears and throws a kink in the works.As always, you get a great sense of t [...]

  • Claire

    With more than 120 of her books not counting the omnibuses, keeping tabs of what happened where is difficult. So, if I remembered bits of the story even after 35 years, the author must have done something right because I ain’t got no photographic memory.Three things about this book: 1) I found the girl/nurse very insecure about her beauty and2) the guy/doctor doesn’t follow for a Betty Neels’ archetype because he’s hot-headed instead of stoic and he’s a bit forward the way he declares [...]

  • Catherine

    This book is the second book by Meeks that I've read. The other was A Good Wife. Right away I noticed strong similarities between the 2 books: both feature an English female in her mid twenties and a Danish doctor in his mid thirties. They also seem to be set in the same time period. However, I found that I didn't enjoy this book nearly as much as I enjoyed A Good Wife. I didn't like that Victoria seemed unsure about Alexander's feeling the WHOLE time. It seemed to me that he would reassure hims [...]

  • Kami

    One of my favorites of Betty Neels

  • jingles

    Harlequin Romance #1625 (1972)

  • Allison

    Good book. It follows the usual Betty Neels pattern.

  • Monique E. Lacroix

    Too contrivedI didn't like this one much. A bit over the top compared to most of Betty Neels other stories. I was disappointed over the last 2 chapters, Nina's and Jeremy's actions in the story were a bit too much for my enjoyment.

  • Patricia schmit

    Boring ReadYes, it's Betty Neels, but rather uninteresting! Too bad. Nothing else can be said to support a better opinion, eithet

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  • Best Download [Betty Neels] ↠ Victory for Victoria || [Manga Book] PDF ↠
    115 Betty Neels
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