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By Amy Jo Burns | Comments: ( 227 ) | Date: ( Jul 04, 2020 )

A haunting literary debut about the cost of keeping quiet.Amy Jo Burns grew up in Mercury, Pennsylvania, an industrial town humbled by the steel collapse of the 1980s Instead of the construction booms and twelve hour shifts her parents generation had known, the Mercury Amy Jo knew was marred by empty houses, old strip mines, and vacant lots It wasn t quite a ghost town A haunting literary debut about the cost of keeping quiet.Amy Jo Burns grew up in Mercury, Pennsylvania, an industrial town humbled by the steel collapse of the 1980s Instead of the construction booms and twelve hour shifts her parents generation had known, the Mercury Amy Jo knew was marred by empty houses, old strip mines, and vacant lots It wasn t quite a ghost town only because many people had no choice but to stay.The year Burns turned ten, this sleepy town suddenly woke up Howard Lotte, its beloved piano teacher, was accused of sexually assaulting his female students Among the countless girls questioned, only seven came forward For telling the truth, the town ostracized these girls and accused them of trying to smear a good man s reputation As for the remaining girls well, they were smarter They lied Burns was one of them.But such a lie has its own consequences Against a backdrop of fire and steel, shame and redemption, Burns tells of the boys she ran from and toward, the friends she abandoned, and the endless performances she gave to please a town that never trusted girls in the first place.This is the story of growing up in a town that both worshipped and sacrificed its youth a town that believed being a good girl meant being a quiet one and the long road Burns took toward forgiving her ten year old self Cinderland is an elegy to that young girl s innocence, as well as a praise song to the curative powers of breaking a long silence.

  • Title: Cinderland: A Memoir
  • Author: Amy Jo Burns
  • ISBN: 9780807037034
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Amy Jo Burns

A writer of fact and fiction, Amy Jo Burns hails from the land of abandoned steel mills and four wheeler accidents She is a Cornell University graduate who currently writes about the cross sections between literature and television for Ploughshares Amy Jo s literary memoir Cinderland is forthcoming from Beacon Press, and you can find her on Twitter amyjoburns.

Comments Cinderland: A Memoir

  • Sarah

    The thing about memoirs is that the author is the hero and the story is how they remember it. Though names have been changed, I have little doubt that I too graduated in Mercury's class of 1999. Mercury from the eyes of one of its most introverted is bound to be different from one of its stars. I applaud Amy Jo for having her book published. I remember her stating her future goals aloud in one of our classes, stating that one day she wanted to write human interest stories.I, like most everyone e [...]

  • Calvin

    Well that was a couple hours of my life I'm never going to get back. Why didn't an editor tell her "um Amy, when you pass the 50th time telling people how different mercury is or described the 10th day like no ever, well, that isnt a good thing".What's annoying is the concept of the book is solid, even original, but so badly written.

  • Patty

    Once again, thank you to Edelweiss for allowing me to read this e-book. I may not have found it and that would have been a loss. I am grateful for all the times that publishers are willing to share their books with librarians and readers on sites like this one.I turned sixty this year. In the last few years I have noticed that many of the protagonists of the books I read are younger than I am. That has been true for decades, but it seems more evident lately. Probably because there are so many au [...]

  • Morris

    It is difficult to write a review of a memoir, due in part to it being someone's life story that was partially laid out for them by circumstances of birth, as well as the fact that the author is an inherently flawed narrator by only having their own thoughts to base it upon. In fiction, even if written in first-person, at least the author has an idea of what is going on in the other characters. "Cinderland: A Memoir" is particularly difficult due to the subject of molestation. Anyone being able [...]

  • Michelle Arredondo

    First off want to give a big thanks to the powers-that-be for my win of Cinderland: A Memoir. After going through many other reviews on this book, I was eagerly anticipating getting my hands on my very own copy.This is a memoir we are getting the life of a child in a small town. Actually we are getting the life of a child in the failed industrial small town of Mercury, Pennsylvania in the 90's that is rocked and mauled by a perverse and personal experience. I can tell you, right from the start [...]

  • Liralen

    Boys will be boys, Burns says of Mercury's attitude, and girls will beouble, or untrustworthy, or teases. In any case, girls get the shorter end of the stick. And when the piano teacher was accused of assaulting students, it was in many ways the girls who came forward who were put on trial.I volunteer at a rape crisis centre, and so much of what Burns discusses aligns with the things we talk about. Lotte -- the piano teacher -- isolating, grooming his students. Trauma not being easily classified [...]

  • Karen

    In many ways, Amy Jo Burns' Cinderland is a typical coming-of-age memoir that takes place in a small town in the Pennsylvanian Rust Belt. Readers will witness the young narrator journeying through her teenage years with descriptions of summer community pool excursions, high school musicals and plays, friendships that form and also dissolve, and the heartache of that first love. Yet, unlike the traditional coming-of-age memoir, which is usually told through a linear storyline that follows the tra [...]

  • Meshayla Gazelle

    This book, although thinner than my usual reads, has taken the longest time. I do not think any word I type in this review will give it justice of how beautifully devastating it is. Amy Jo Burns has caused my heart to break and re-grow several times in her first book, her memoir. It is so riveting and tells so many different stories in only one point of view: herself. I admire her writing style, her use of metaphors and examples are so beautiful that I have almost cried. I could relate to each c [...]

  • Megan

    Memoirs are always hard to review, because they are about someone's life and how they felt, but I'll do my best.While the story started out intriguing it quickly become repetitive, which made it a bit boring, and several times I was wondering what the whole point of the book was. It felt more like a bash against the town of Mercury, and about how wonderful and popular Amy was, than a story about what happened and how it affected her life. The references about it were very vague, which doesn't he [...]

  • Cathleen

    Each chapter was split into two sections, one looking back 3 to 5 years after the trial of piano teacher and the other section being looking back when the author was ten years old. I did not like the format of this book AT ALL. To me it was also written like it was building up to some big secret, but we knew the secret the whole time. I did not finish this book. I made it up to the third chapter and returned it to the library. The writer kept going around and around explaining her relationships [...]

  • Marina

    ** Books 67 - 2015 **This books to accomplishNew Author Reading Challenge 2015 and Yuk Baca Buku Non Fiksi 20152,8 of 5 stars! it is about a girl named Amy Jo Burns who lived in Mercury, Pennsylvania and about the scandal in her city is. she and her friend chose to silent and not tell the truth about Mr. Lotte's harassment issue.So far the story is kinda boring since it many repetition about her memories in teenagers. party, dance, piano lesson, school etc. i expect there are something unusual f [...]

  • Graham Oliver

    Review - therumpus/2014/10/cinderla

  • Andrew Benesh

    Cinderland is a surprisingly complex little story, and it's easy to miss it. Cinderland recounts the experiences of Amy Jo Burns as she comes of age in a small town and grapples with her experience of molestation by a trusted community figure and the enduring effects of her silence. Unlike many memoirs, which seek to provide an objective review of past events or cast a broad narrative arc, this memoir focuses almost exclusively on the author's psychological experience. Though it is grounded in t [...]

  • Nancy Kennedy

    Amy Burns's childhood was blasted by one ugly and seminal event: the small town's beloved piano teacher -- Amy's teacher -- was accused of molesting the girls he taught. The town was divided between those who supported and those who condemned the man with the wandering hands. Even more damaging, the piano students themselves were divided: there were those who told the truth and those who lied. Amy Jo Burns lied.Amy's hometown of Mercury, Pennsylvania, was a dying steel town, but a place where sh [...]

  • Emily Green

    I was very excited to receive this book through First Reads, as I always am to receive books through the program. In Amy Jo Burns Cinderland, she tells the story of her middle school and high school years after being molested by her piano teacher, and the aftermath in her town of Mercury when girls in the community report their own abuse Mr. Lott, as well as her failure to tell the truth about her own experience.Beneath the ghost of the piano teacher, Burns story depicts small town life, with t [...]

  • Leah

    I grew up in "Mercury," too, although I graduated high school about a decade after Amy Jo. Right from the opening on "Whore Hill" at the public pool, I knew this book was going to look eerily familiar to my childhood-- by the way, she's right. The spots closest to the steel fence were a hot commodity. I even went to the same camp at Lake Erie for years, drove 30 minutes to the same town with the closest movie theater. Allow me to tell you that she got our town, our high school, our lifestyle dea [...]

  • Janie

    Memoirs aren't my favorite genre, but when I won an ARC of this title I was intrigued by the premise, namely, how one girl's choice to remain silent about being sexually molested affected her life. Good things? It was atmospheric, well assembled, and in some discernible way compelling, despite there being little in the way of action as is often the case in biographies (as I said--not my fave). What didn't quite work for me about Cinderland--and it was kind of a big thing, considering the title-- [...]

  • Kirsten Palladino

    excellent, lyrical, authentic and brave.

  • Karen

    From an upcoming Sci-Tech blog I wrote about this book:What are the consequences when you tell the truth? What are the consequences when you lie? These are not simple questions, especially if you are Amy Jo Burns, a woman who grew up in the former industrial town she calls Mercury, Pennsylvania. Amy has a secret. She lied. Join her as she shares her memoir of growing up in a town that does not want to face the truth in her book Cinderland: a Memoir.Written like good fiction, the book immediately [...]

  • Margi

    I enjoyed Amy's story. She grew up in a small town in PA and this is really her coming-of-age memoir. Amy is struggling with guilt from an episode that happens when she is a ten-year-old girl. A local piano teacher is accused of inappropriate touching. Many girls come forward but Amy is not one of them. She struggles with this throughout the book. When Amy is in high school she is desperate to get out of Mercury, the small town she lives in. It is dying a slow death due to the steel collapse in [...]

  • Murree Brignac

    This novel was a moving look into the lives of girls in small town America, which seemed almost necessary for people wanting to understand the . It echoed many of my own experiences growing up in small towns where popularity, tradition, image and dating were of the utmost importance. The way in which she describes the culture of silence and mistrust of girls and women was incredibly moving to me. She poignantly stated that the victims of abuse were treated by many as a gang of conspirators again [...]

  • Alicia

    A read that many would do well to read because of the importance of the message-- covering something up to save face is never a good idea-- and while Amy Jo was a child and the cover-up was in regard to her piano teacher's molestation, her and a group of other girl friends decided it best not to be labeled (anything from a tattle-tale to a slut) and keep their mouths shut about the abuse while the few brave girls decided to stand up in the small town of Mercury. Her description of the atmosphere [...]

  • Susan Cushman

    Amy Jo Burns’ memoir Cinderland has an intruiging story line. In an economically depressed Pennsylvania town, a preteen girl reports that her piano teacher, an older man who also teaches sixth grade, has fondled her during lessons. Several other girls corroborate her experience; many others, Amy Jo among them, lie and say they were not touched.Even when the teacher pleads guilty to charges, Amy Jo and the other deniers stick to their story, not wanting the town to view them as victims or false [...]

  • Mimi Fintel

    Amy Jo Burns grew up in Mercury, PA where girls were taught to be good girls and quiet girls. So when Amy was 10 and the local piano teacher, who was also a sixth grade teacher, was accused of fondling his young piano students, Amy stayed quiet. Seven girls made accusations against Mr. Lotte but Amy and a myriad of other girls stayed quiet. They had learned not to make trouble. The seven girls who came forward were prosecuted by the town's citizens. People branded them as liars and troublemakers [...]

  • Shawna

    At about page one hundred this book starts to get quite laborious and repetitive as the author insists on hitting the same notes again and again about her hometown, and its life cycles. I could relate to her experience, I wore the "good girl" mantle myself, but frankly, she goes into entirely too much detail about her senior activities. Her banal, typical experiences being in school plays, her high school love life, and her desire to be on the homecoming court. I questioned her ability to recons [...]

  • Nancy White

    As I near 50, I keep swearing I'll never read another coming-of-age memoir and then, for some reason or another, I read another one. I often regret that decision.This is one I don't regret. It was particularly resonant because she grew up in Mercer. She writes beautifully about growing up in a post-steel small town. I do mean beautifully."We'd grown up learning that the steel industry was aour town's long-dead lover, and we sat in the soot of what had once been a fiery affair"She is equally eloq [...]

  • Melissa Grunow

    The overshadowing town secret is what initially drew me to this memoir. I really wanted to see how it was handled as a backdrop to the culture of a small industrial town and one girl's coming of age story. However, it lost its appeal almost instantly because the molestation accusation is revealed instantly. After that, the memoir hovers in the hum-drum life of a middle school-age girl who is consumed with the day-to-day drama of being a preteen and it stays there for an unbearable amount of time [...]

  • Elizabeth

    A piano teacher accused of the unthinkable. And what if you were one of his students who it happened to but you kept silent?Amy Jo Burns covers just that plus growing up a girl in a dead mining town. We go chronologically through her life but the stuff with the piano teacher gets tossed in here and there. It makes sense if you understand how people hide their traumas and how these girls lied not just because of what happened to them but how the town affected their lives and how they lived in tha [...]

  • SarahJayne

    I was unsure what to expect from this author, seeing as I've never heard anything about the author or book previously, but when I won this book off of a giveaway, I was nevertheless excited to read it. I was not in one bit disappointed. It is a memoir so intriguing that captures the heart of a small town and offers a hand to those grieving over past mistakes as if to say, "You can start over again." I was thoroughly impressed with Amy Jo Burns' descriptions and the heart she put into her book. [...]

  • Pammy

    I grew up in a small town, that eventually was crippled by the collapse of the steel industry, and is now full of empty houses, vacant lots and boarded up businesses. This story about the children growing up in the damaged environment of their hometown drew me to this first novel by Amy Jo Burns,"Cinderland".It offers a bit of everything : scandal, young love, secrets and, most of all, dreams.Dreams of having the talent, determination and guts to leave the town behind and escape toward the life [...]

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