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By Ryan Ringbloom | Comments: ( 508 ) | Date: ( Jun 04, 2020 )

NEW ADULT CONTEMPORARY ROMANCEAvailable through Kindle UnlimitedWhat can be said about Josh Brewster Nothing good, that s for sure Just ask anyone They ll be quick to tell you Josh is a selfish, sweet talking manipulator who will charm you in a minute, all the while planning his next move He uses He leaves All Josh desires is things that come easy Why actually workNEW ADULT CONTEMPORARY ROMANCEAvailable through Kindle UnlimitedWhat can be said about Josh Brewster Nothing good, that s for sure Just ask anyone They ll be quick to tell you Josh is a selfish, sweet talking manipulator who will charm you in a minute, all the while planning his next move He uses He leaves All Josh desires is things that come easy Why actually work hard for something when you don t have to When Josh comes to face to face with a girl who doesn t make anything easy, Josh begins questioning the game he s played so long He s suddenly eager to learn how to work for something he never imagined wanting Can a player really change his ways Better yet, will his past forgive Aidan Turner has had a rough life, a life that has only become harsher as he s gotten older The scars across his face serve as a constant reminder of the haunting nightmares from his past life Seeing himself as nothing but a monster, Aidan believes no one will ever be able to look past his flaws.His reasoning is about to change when his very own beauty comes barreling in, sparking emotions he d thought he d never feel Love sizzles between them, but his friendship with another girl complicates everything, especially after the nature of their friendship becomes confused Will friendship overshadow his true feelings and ruin both couples chances at happiness Warning Mature Content Fans of WAIT keep reading after the story ends for the bonus chapter Tessa and Tucker The Wait is Over.

  • Title: Flaw
  • Author: Ryan Ringbloom
  • ISBN: 9781495240409
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Ryan Ringbloom

Hi, I m Ryan Ringbloom, a Jersey girl who doesn t write Alphas I couldn t if I tried Social Media stresses me the frick out, yet I can t seem to walk away from it I love to binge watch TV I think cats are awesome I m obsessed with coffee and Fireball But never together My road rage is ridiculous And if there is ever a zombie apocalypse, I won t even try to run I will let the first one I see eat my brain and get it over with I am aware that these bios should be written in third person Whatever I wrote it in first.

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  • Lina's Reviews❥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ❥ღೋBook Blogღೋ ❥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ❥

    *I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*Wow, what a unique story. I've never read anything like it.We have a lot of characters in this book. Josh, Aidan, Becca and Jordyn.Aiden is an isolated young man, lonely and fearful of being seen because of his disfigurement. Becca is the girl with the pink hair and star tattoos. She also happens to be Aidan's best friend; his only friend.Then we have Josh, a rich and spoiled young man who uses his parents' money to live easily and without any [...]

  • Heidi

    I won a copy of Flaw in a GR giveaway from Ryan Ringbloom and was so excited to receive it in the post as this is the first book I have won. So firstly a massive thank you to Ryan.This is a beautiful story about four main characters who are all trying to hide their flaws in one way or another. Each character is so different from the next and each of them get to tell you their feelings and history over the course of the book. With each person saying their piece you never feel like just one charac [...]

  • Joey Reagan

    I read this at a disadvantage because I didnt read previous books by the author. I didnt know of Josh but honestly im a guy and he acts like a lot of guys I work with and know. didn't hate him right off though. he just seemed lost. Im not a fan of romance but this wasnt thick with it. It was the right amount added with drama and humor. I like that type of book. I enjoyed Aidan more than I did Josh I think because I actually felt for the guy. judgemental people suck and they make the good people [...]

  • Alba M.

    Bueno, veréis este sin duda será el libro número uno en mi lista de libros más ODIADOS. JODIDAMENTE LO ODIO TODOOOOOOOOOOOO DE ESTE LIBRO. Voy a destriparlo tanto que esto va a ser muy sangriento, así que si no quieres comerte spoilers por un tubo, NO SIGAS LEYENDO. (Lo destripo porque estoy tan enfadada que necesito desahogarme).Os voy presentar primero a los protagonistas:• Josh: un niño mimado, PERO MIMADO NO LO DESCRIBE LO SUFICIENTE. A este chico lo único que le falta es que su mad [...]

  • Michelle ♥ The Romance Vault ♥

    I'm going with 4.5 stars for FLAW, I received an ARC in return for an honest review. My reviews are my own and 100% honest.Well again this is one of those books that I wasn’t expecting such a lively, entertaining read. Steam wise you have to wait a bit to get to some saucy action but I wonder at how many readers are going to automatically take a dislike to Josh. I have to smile his character really is a manwhoring pig at the start, one of those characters that you love to hate and some of his [...]

  • Melyssa Winchester

    There is one thing I've come to expect from a Ryan Ringbloom novel and it's simply this. There is no one better at redeeming one of the most loathed characters in a book then her. It started with Tessa in Wait and she does it again in Flaw. Josh is a character that in previous books, you just love to hate. The way he carries himself, treats women, it's a pretty sure bet that half the women in the city they live in, probably want to smack him around. But thenyou really get to see inside of his he [...]

  • wrecked_life

    Books Eater's Tour Stop: Review + Giveaway Flaw by Ryan RingbloomTitle: FlawSeries: Flaw #1Author: Ryan RingbloomGenre/ Age Range: Contemporary Romance, New AdultPublisher: BookBabyRelease Date: January 23, 2014 /  / B&N Description: What can be said about Josh Brewster? Nothing good, that's for sure. Just ask anyone. They'll be quick to tell you. Josh is a selfish, sweet-talking manipulator who will charm you in a minute, all the while planning his next move. He uses. He leaves. [...]

  • Jennifer Weiser

    FLAW is a hard core emotional roller coaster ride. I would highly suggest reading this with a box of tissues next to you and not drinking anything while reading--The reason to my advice above is because FLAW had me laughing so hard I cried, spitting my large gulps of water out while choking on a laugh and at sometimes so intensely invested that I wanted to chuck my laptop across the room. ---Not in a negative way. In more of a "I want to shake that character" kinda way. I know you understand thi [...]

  • Lisa

    Flaw by Ryan Ringbloom is the first book in the Flaw series.These characters will have you on the edge of your seat just waiting to see what they could possibly do next. They are infuriating and they are charming, but most of all they are endearing. It's not something you get with characters in mosts books, only some authors can truly make you feel right along with their characters. This author manages that in spades.What I thought was going to be a love triangle from the synopsis turned out to [...]

  • Vasiliki

    5 amazing stars!!!!!***ARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review***This book was wonderful! The story is split in two parts. In the first part we follow the story from Aidan's and Josh's POV. It's great to be in their head and to witness how they experience everything that goes on. The story moves fast and the plot is good. Then the second part comes and we follow the story from Jordyn's and Becca's POV. This switch was amazing! The whole story changed perspective fo [...]

  • Lisa

    Ryan has gone and done it again . I loved this book. I had butterflies one minute and tears the next . Its so a lovely story and extremely well thought out . I want Adrian to be my boyfriend he has to be the cutest must loving guy ever . I just cant put into words how good this book is so i think everyone should go out and read it . I cant wait for Ryan's next book because i know it won't disappoint.

  • Julie


  • Kathy Davie

    First in the New Adult romance series and revolving around three people who have a lot to learn about themselves and not judging others.I was given an advance copy of the eBook.My TakeI'm conflicted over Flaw. I love the story, and yes, it made me laugh and cry. What I like about Flaw is its main character — a jerk of a teen guy. The kind we ladies are warned against, who want to use us for their own ends. I just want to smack him within the first few pages as we read his thoughts about this g [...]

  • ChuCha

    Review Originally Posted at: Book FreakI have loved the two books I have read from Ryan Ringbloom – FAST & WAIT, and I just knew in my gut I would fall in love with this one too. It has the familiarity of the FAST series, with all the characters we have come to know and love lurking in every pages, and new ones you would adore as well. This time, Ryan had made sure this is a lot more mature, a lot hotter and a lot sweeterN WITH FLAWSJosh – INTERNAL FLAWSHe’s hot. He’s a heartbreaker. [...]

  • DawnMarieCarpintero

    I was honored to be given this book for my honest review“Flaw-a feature that mars the perfection of something; defect” This meaning should just mean perfection.This story brings two wonderful couples together in a whirlwind of romance not flaws.Josh the playboy.Aiden the man that was “perfect” not “flawed”Becca the insecure girlJordyn the girl that captures a heart from first look“My definition of the word beautiful is pink hair, grey eyes and the blue stars” Josh to Becca. The s [...]

  • Monica Cullip

    Flaw (The Flaw Series Book 1)Ryan RingbloomI was given this story in exchange for an honest review.I thought the story synopsis was captivating, the cover art was eye catching, I thought it would be a short quick easy read. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was an amazing read, one that I wanted to continue so that I could savour it longer. It is a story that revolves around four people, somewhat friends. Josh becomes Aidan's new roomate. Josh is a spoiled rich boy whose Mommy loads hi [...]

  • Sandy

    I was given an ARC of this book by the author for my honest opinion. This book is one of those that for me are almost hard to talk about because I feel I might say too much and give away any spoilers. I really want to scream and shout about a few things ok a lot of things, but I can’t because it would spoil the book for you and you really should read it for yourself. I wasn’t sure at the beginning that I would like this story line but it really surprised me. The more I read the more involved [...]

  • Ashley

    Josh Brewster is a manipulative, sweet-talking player who doesn't have to work for anythingever! His parents give him whatever he wants, and the girls he uses make getting them in his bed so easy. When he finally moves out of his parents house he meets a girl that doesn't fall that easyd Josh tries every play he has, but when that doesn't workhe starts to wonder if working for something he really wants is worth the risk. Aidan Turner doesn't have life so easy, especially after a horrifying incid [...]

  • Liz johnson

    Loved this. 4.5 stars. Dealt with lots of different issues of becoming an adult, it actually covered some interesting topics and was thought provoking. The heroes were gorgeous and the heroines fun and believable. Sometimes when authors write about really emotional subjects they can make them too angsty and traumatic in an over the top way. Sometimes this works but sometimes it gets too much. The way the author dealt with issues in this tale was just right for the story. I read about happy times [...]

  • Mia Rivers

    Ryan Ringbloom does it yet again. She has delivered another wonderful story, which the reader will carry in her heart, long after it has come to an end. Her unique style never gets dull. Surprises in every turn of a page. I'm usually pretty good at guessing what's going to happen, but with her stories, I'm simply left breathless. I loved this book and pretty much everything about it. I added Aiden on my list of book boyfriends the second he was introduced. I'm sure a lot of girls can agree with [...]

  • Kumiko Lei~Lost In A Book~

    Reviewed at Lost In A BookAlright, so, did I love this? No. I did like it, though. I think it had the potential to be a book that I could have loved. I felt like I missed an integral part of Aiden and Jordyn's relationship. I had a hard time seeing them as a couple in love. The emotion just wasn't there for me. Becca and Josh, on the other hand, kept me on my toes and I actually got the emotion and turmoil of their relationship. I also feel like the timeline of things wasn't clear. I don't know [...]

  • Heather Way

    Meeting Josh you could tell all he loved is women and didn't care who he hurt. He is in college living with his parents. Finally He decides to move out. Moves in With Aiden. Aiden is a guy that had a rough past. His face has a huge scar which he can't get pass. he feels he will never be what he use to be.When Josh moves in with Aiden. He meets Becca. He is not sure why but what she thinks about him actually does matter. And Aiden Just gave up think he would be with anyone. Then he meets Jordyn. [...]

  • Shealy James

    Ryan Ringbloom does it again. She sucked me in with characters who are not only realistic, but in this case, flawed. While one of my favorite things to read is a story of redemption like in the case of Josh Brewster, it was Aiden that really stole my heart. I loved that we had the chance to see the other side of Josh. He became dynamic and interesting instead of the antagonist that was introduced to us in Wait. Aiden, on the other hand, was the perfect Beast to Jordyn’s beauty from the start. [...]

  • FS Meurinne

    "ARC received for honest review"I haven’t read any of the other books by this author, this book I just thought it was great! The four main characters trying to hide their flaws was a good story to read. The author did an amazing writing job, the characters, the story plot and the writing got me all the way through out the book. The way each characters struggles to hide their flaws, how they try also to find themselves in order to be finally happy.Josh was my favorite, a total jerk, he and Becc [...]

  • Sherry Bohrmueller

    I received an ARC from Book Enthusiasts for an honest review.WOW! Did I love this book! It was written so well I couldn't put it down until I finished it all. It just drew you in with the outstanding way the story just flowed. It was a beautiful love story with characters that made me laugh, cry, and just wanted to hug them. There was some surprising turns that I wasn't expecting, but that made the story that much better. The friendship of the four characters was incredible, how they came togeth [...]

  • K.C. Sprayberry

    A story of four twenty-somethings, Josh, Aidan, Becca, and Jordyn, who are flawed on the inside and out. As they navigate through hookups to love, they discover even the path to your soul mate is thorny.Ryan Ringbloom's tale of young love seems a bit overdone at times, at others the requisite emotion is missing from the moment. While the reader discovers these people possess flaws in their physical or emotional makeup, those flaws don't seem to be exploited to their true potential. There were re [...]

  • Bobbi

    I fell in love with the concept of opposites attract and that everyone is flawed in some way that this book brings to life. Aidan and Jordyn as well as Josh and Becca's relationship, rocky from the start as it is, brings this story to life. Letting people know that perfection is only in the eye of the beholder and not necessarily a good thing. When Jordyn and Josh figure out their true flaws they learn to grow and find love and happiness with themselves and the people they are meant to be with. [...]

  • Melanie

    A solid 4 stars. I really enjoyed Flaw and on an emotional level it actually made me feel the characters angsts. This story has a good speed to it, it will keep you interested. I especially like the first half of the book being told from Josh and Aiden's point of views and the second half being told from Becca and Jordyns. I also like that my opinion of the girls changed completely when it was told from their point of views. Up until that point I felt sympathetic towards them, yet quickly I bega [...]

  • Veena

    Ryan had promised me to send the ARC copy of the next book she writes. It was a long time back and I almost thought she forgot! But a few days back I received an e-mail from her which had this book as an attachment. There was also a note saying I was in no pressure to review it! But well, let’s appreciate good work!Ryan has done it again! Thrice in a row! Here is my opinion of the book.Cover-page: 2Characters: 4Story line: 4Concept: 5Language: 4Overall: 4to read complete review, please follow [...]

  • Kim Mcjunkins

    I received an ARC in return for an honest review. This is the story of 4 people, each flawed in their own way. Jordyn and Josh both appear to be beautiful, from money, more or less having it all. Aiden and Becca appear totally opposite from Jordyn and Josh. Aiden has a horrible scar on one half of his face and Becca sports pink hair. What this story does show is never judge someone strictly by their appearance. Each of them learned something about themselves but I think Jordyn learned the bigges [...]

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  • Unlimited [Thriller Book] ☆ Flaw - by Ryan Ringbloom ✓
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