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By Bill Wallace David Slonim | Comments: ( 135 ) | Date: ( May 25, 2020 )

Okay, so I ve told a few rotten dog jokes So sue me But we cats have to hang together in a dog eat cat world I can think of a few nasty poodles and a fanged Doberman I d like to bite right back But to tell the truth, I d rather be smart and scared than brave and scarred.

  • Title: Upchuck and the Rotten Willy
  • Author: Bill Wallace David Slonim
  • ISBN: 9780671014155
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Bill Wallace David Slonim

Former elementary school teacher West Elementary School, Chickasha, OK, principal, since 1977, and physical education teacher Speaker at schools and universities in various states, including State University of New York and University of South FloridaARDS Bluebonnet Award from Texas Association of School Librarians and Children s Round Table and Sequoyah Children s Book Award from Oklahoma State Department of Education, both 1983, Central Missouri State University Award for Excellence in Children s Literature, 1984, and Nebraska Golden Sowers Award from Nebraska Library Association, 1985, all for A Dog Called Kitty Central Missouri State University Award for Excellence in Children s Literature, 1984, and Pine Tree Book Award, 1985, both for Trapped in Death Cave.

Comments Upchuck and the Rotten Willy

  • Raevyn Oswald

    This was all right, but the anti-racism message was rather half-baked. I wouldn't recommend it to younger readers, because of all the name-calling.ContentLanguage“Butt” twice: “dumb” twice; “stupid” twice: “wimp”; “sissy” four times; “fatso”Violence and darknessA cat is killed by a car; another cat dies of old ageSexual contentTom’s owner, Katie, has a boyfriend, and they kiss

  • Alicia

    This is by far one of the cutest, funniest, most heartwarming children's books I've ever read and is definitely a favorite. I very much enjoyed reading this when I was younger and I had to reread it when I stumbled across it. It has since then made it onto my book self as a book i desperately want to read it to my nephew in a couple of years. This book tells the story of a cat named Chuck cursed with the nickname Upchuck due to a past event in his life who later meets The Rotten Willy by chance. [...]

  • Faith

    Chuck has lost both of his best friends. He will never see them again. He explores farther into the neighberhood, hoping to find other cats. Instead he finds a beast as black as death named Rotten Willy and this dog has a heart of gold.Reasons I like this book-Reason 1- It made me laugh.Reason 2- I could not stop reading.Reason 3- I could imagine what was happening perfectly.

  • Chelsea DeBarge

    I’ve read a few of this authors books. They are all animal based and they either have a sad story or a funny story. I️ really like this book, because it catches a young reader with comedy. I️ mean if you just look at the title of the book, you could tell how a young reader would be hooked.

  • Jenna

    Bill Wallace breaks me.

  • Dana ~ The Dirty Smut'atter

    Such a cute story of unlikely friendshipwas even better reading it with my daughter!!

  • Chance Hansen

    Upchuck and Rotten Willy, Not as gross as the title suggests but rather as cute as the cover suggests. If you haven't read a Bill Wallace book you haven't read a book based on animals. (Or you were reading Animal Ark.) As an Animal book you know you are going to be sad sooner or later and the depressing part is really touching. I found the end really cute and funny. The change in our lead character through out the book is good. The black and white artwork in this book is really cute, comical, we [...]

  • Marsha

    This is a wistful, sometimes amusing, story of friendship, sadness, newfound tolerance and tenderness in unexpected places. There are some funny passages in it and a couple of wrenching losses, including the departure of Upchuck’s best friend Tom. The dialogue of cats and dogs in this story isn’t entirely how you would expect an animal to think. But that’s perfectly acceptable; clearly, the story of Upchuck and Willy’s burgeoning friendship is a tender tale that’s meant as one of accep [...]

  • Lindsey

    I liked this book because it started out about to cats that made fun dogs. But then they meet a Rotweiler named Willy. At first they make fun of Willy. But Willy ignored them. Then Tom moved.So when Chuck got stuck in a tree surrounded by dogs Willy let Chuck stay in his doghouse and eat his dogfood for one night.Then Chuck and Willy Became bestfriends.

  • Nicholas Gunter

    This story is so lovely. The kids certainly enjoyed it, as well. I had a hard time reading this aloud, at first. I did not prepare it as thoroughly as I could have. Excellent progression of details throughout the story. Very well written!

  • Krista the Krazy Kataloguer

    Once again I'm amazed at how Bill Wallace knows his cat and dog behavior. This was such a cute story! I hope he writes a sequel to this one-- I'd love to hear more about the adventures of Chuck and his friend "the Rotten Willy". Cat and dog lovers have GOT to read this!

  • 07joshw


  • Angelyn

    This one was favorite with my kids. Very funny.

  • Sally Coughlin

    loved itSuch a funny book. It really made us laugh and sometimes cry. Read this if you like cats. Great book.

  • Joyce

    This is a fantabulous book!!! Absolutely adorable!!! I believe it was the first chapter book I laughed aloud with. I would recommend it to any animal lover.

  • Carley

    this book was very well written. i think the aurther should wright more of his books like this.

  • Alicia Balliett

    I remember reading this as a child and I loved it so much. I'm 22 now and I still love it so. I still have a copy of it and I just can't part from it.

  • Monique

    I love it!! Beautiful!

  • Sylvia

    Upchuck is a little cat, Willy is a very big dog. This funny story tells of how they met. Great little book, sequels.

  • Yves

    haha. I was cute. a bit sad too. read it a loong time ago wen i kid.

  • Gabby

    this is my all-time favorite book. it makes you laugh the WHOLE way through it.

  • Nicki

    Sweet book, quick read. A great read aloud for intermediate grades. This book tugs at the heartstrings, so get your tissue ready!

  • Giussepe Berra Labrada

    My favorite book as a child

  • Tara


  • Donna Hunt

    Bill's books are always fun and Upchuck is just another one of his great stories. Cats and Dogs being 'mortal enemies' to being best friends. what's better than that? and ya gotta love their names :)

  • Twyla

    upcunck foud a new dog friend when rocy made him fall out of a tree.

  • Elizabeth

    Can't remember much about this other then it was pretty cute.

  • Shelley

    cute book! Who says dogs and cats cant be friends?

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  • Best Read [Bill Wallace David Slonim] ✓ Upchuck and the Rotten Willy || [Memoir Book] PDF ↠
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