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By Elizabeth Edmondson | Comments: ( 968 ) | Date: ( May 25, 2020 )

Two great houses One dark secret A story of aristocratic families and tangled secrets for anyone who can t get enough of Downton Abbey.England, Christmas 1936.For the first time since Alix Richardson s childhood, the great lake is freezing, bringing the promise of skating and a Christmas kept in old fashioned style in Wyncrag, her grandfather s great house above the lakeTwo great houses One dark secret A story of aristocratic families and tangled secrets for anyone who can t get enough of Downton Abbey.England, Christmas 1936.For the first time since Alix Richardson s childhood, the great lake is freezing, bringing the promise of skating and a Christmas kept in old fashioned style in Wyncrag, her grandfather s great house above the lake But she returns to find the house and her family still caught in the icy grip of her iron willed grandmother Lady Caroline.As the scattered members of the family return from their lives to the winter wonderland of the frozen north Edwin, the photographer Saul, the politician Perdita, the daughter who never knew her parents so too do others Across the lake, at Grindley Hall, theatre director Hal Grindley comes home from New York with a secret of his own, to find his brothers all too anxious to relieve him of his share in the family business empire Michael Wrexham, a young and brilliant aircraft designer, hasn t set foot near the lake since he fell through the ice and almost drowned fifteen years ago, while an enigmatic American film star adds a touch of mysterious glamour to the winter gatherings.Amid the glittering backdrop of winter parties and skating on the lake, both Alix and Hal begin to ask uncomfortable questions about their families, their pasts and about the two black shirted men from the south who have come to stay, bringing the long shadows of fascism to this remote corner of England.When one of the Blackshirts is found dead under the ice, the arrival of Special Branch gives urgency to Alix and Hal s inquiries and casts a sinister light on Lady Caroline s long reign at Wyncrag But neither realises how dark their families secrets are and both must work to save a previous generation s tragedy from coming back to haunt them all.An atmospheric, multi layered story of great families, their eccentricities, and their secrets, set amid a backdrop of the fells, lakes and ancient towns of the English Lake District where the author s family once owned a house like Wyncrag.Elizabeth Edmondson is the author of over 20 novels, including the period novels of espionage and redemption Voyage of Innocence and The Villa Dante and a number of bestselling historical romances under the name Elizabeth Aston.

  • Title: The Frozen Lake
  • Author: Elizabeth Edmondson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Elizabeth Edmondson

Born in Chile, and educated in Calcutta and London before going to Oxford University, Elizabeth Edmondson divided her time between the countryside north of Rome and the spires of Oxford She was married to an art historian and had two children.In Edmondson s words I write historical mysteries about love, marriage families and friendship, where the loyalties, feuds, secrets and betrayals of the past cast long shadows I m fascinated by characters who are quirky, mysterious, funny, unexpected and interesting and I want readers to share, as I do, in their joys and sorrows My books are set in the Thirties, Forties and Fifties, at home and abroad With dramatic and glamorous settings from icy lakes to Italian villas, from wintry Budapest to fashionable France, the landscapes are as powerful as the stories are complex The tense realities of life mingle with supernatural elements ghosts, prophetic dreams and voices from the past, but fun and humour also dance in and out of the light and darkness of the stories My aim is to enthrall, delight and amuse readers as they are transported to a different era.

Comments The Frozen Lake

  • Jean

    The Frozen Lake by Elizabeth Edmondson sounded quaint, cozy, and full of intrigue. But does it deliver? The novel is set at the end of 1936 in northern England. It features two upper-crust families, long-kept secrets, and a world on the brink of war. What could be more mysterious than that?Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed in this overly long saga. It read more like a prudish soap opera than an engaging tale of suspense. There were so many characters that I could hardly keep track of them [...]

  • Lisa

    2.5 starsI love a good juicy family saga and this certainly has drama and intrigue but it is somewhat superficial. There are a lot of characters so we only get snippets from each so perhaps this is why I felt so disconnected from them.The audio version is very good and I think this increased my enjoyment as the different accents brought the book to life and it is super easy listening.

  • Angie

    4 starsThis is my first book to read by Elizabeth Edmondson, though I have purchased a few others. I look forward to reading those! This is under-titled "A Vintage Mystery" and is a series of sorts (not involving recurring characters though).The Frozen Lake opens in 1936 in the Lake District of England. It starts a bit slowly as loads of characters get introduced in various locations. All have ties to this area from some part of their lives. The two main families, the Richardsons & the Grind [...]

  • Carolina

    A Casa do Lago é um livro bastante intrigante em todo o seu enredo! Retrata a história de uma família numa outra época, com costumes e cultura diferentes, marcados pela rigidez e pelo medo que a matriarca da família incute a todos.Esta personagem é alvo do ódio de vários membros da família, mas apercebemo-nos que os seus comportamentos controladores têm um objetivo. É que só controlando todos com punho de ferro é que Caroline consegue guardar os seus terríveis segredos! E que segre [...]

  • Heidi

    All I can say is READ THIS BOOK! It is my favorite read for 2011 and I loved each moment of this one. I hated for it to end. It is an exciting story about two wealthy families in England in the early 1930s. The threat of war hangs over the country but it is winter and the lake has frozen over so everyone flocks to the north to skate. When the estranged children return home, family secrets begin to come out. One secret will shock the family to its core and threaten their very survival.

  • Diana Barbosa

    Ganho num passatempo no blogue Chocolate para a alma :D3 estrelinhas que correspondem ao muito bom no meu blogue :)

  • Andreia Silva

    Finalmente um livro semelhante ao que a autora me habituou com "Uma Villa em Itália". Adorei o livro, especialmente as últimas 250 páginas que tive mesmo de ler de seguida porque não dava para parar. O enredo assim o obrigou. Confesso que até meio do livro estava a achar que eram demasiadas personagens para a mesma história, mas depois melhorou e muito e o livro tornou-se viciante. E claro que todas aquelas personagens tiveram direito a longas descrições e histórias de vida, daí o livr [...]

  • Maryann

    This book was long, and the plot developed slowly, but I didn't mind because the atmosphere was wonderful. Cold winter snowy weather in England in the 1930's over the christmas season. It all centres around two families in the area.I listened to this on audio, and the narrator did a brilliant job.

  • Francisca Viegas

    Achei este livro interessante. Contudo, o final desiludiu-me, uma vez que a resolução da intriga era previsível a partir de metade do livro.

  • Ana Filipa

    Uma história saborosa, para ser apreciada com calma.Passada num dos mais catastróficos períodos da história mundial (pré-2ª Guerra Mundial), a vivência entre estas duas famílias suscita cada vez mais a curiosidade do leitor.Embora no início tenha custado, com o desenrolar dos acontecimentos vamos-lhe tomando o gosto. Que segredo esconde a matriarca da família Richardson?O que aconteceu, no passado, à mãe e à irmã de Alix para que esta tente desvendar a verdade oculta?Apreciei a for [...]

  • Nancy McLaughlin

    Great readThis is an absorbing mystery with loads of nasty family secrets to distract & horrify. In my opinion, Grandmama is a relative you pray you never encounter in your family or anyone else's!!

  • Isa_correia

    Esta foi uma leitura difícil o inicio foi massador e com demasiadas personagens que só me confundiam. mas como era uma leitura conjunta insisti e no fim acabou por surpreender e até gostei.

  • Couturette

    Another fascinating and entertaining book by Elizabeth Edmondson and another good example that you don't need brutality and murder for a good suspense novel. The history and. the secrets of two Northern families slowly reveal themselves. Some characters were a bit extreme for my taste, like the blatantly unfair stepmother Eve or the pigheaded fanatic Lady Richardson, but then again it was thoroughly enjoyable that all those disagreable people received their just desserts in the end.

  • Isabel Keats

    Fantástico, me ha encantado. No puedes parar de leer. Eso sí, al final la autora se ha liado un poco y ha sido algo precipitado, pero a pesar de ello lo he disfrutado muchísimo. Creo que me acabaré leyendo todos sus libros.

  • Cassandra

    Es ist Dezember im Jahr 1936. Im Norden Englands frieren die Seen des Lake District zu. Das Eis weckt Erinnerungen an längst vergangene Kindheitstage und lockt Menschen an den See, die sich seit Jahren ferngehalten haben. Für zwei Familien, die am Ufer des gefrorenen Sees leben, wird dieser Winter genauso unvergesslich und dramatisch werden, wie der vor sechzehn Jahre, als der See auch zum Schlittschuhlaufen einlud.Ein großartiger Familienroman, in dem jede Familie ihre ‚Leichen im Keller [...]

  • Ruthy

    "Duas mansões inglesas. Um encontro que mudará tudo. O Natal aproxima-se e todos os jornais londrinos falam da extraordinária vaga de frio que congelou os lagos no Norte do país. Deixando-se levar pela nostalgia, a jovem Alix Richardson abandona a cidade e regressa à mansão da família para passar a época festiva na companhia de Edwin, o seu irmão gémeo, e Perdita, a irmã mais nova. Três anos antes, Alix fugira dessa mesma casa, desesperada por se libertar da tirania da sua temível a [...]

  • Carmelina

    In the first couple of chapters we are introduced to all the characters and you may think what do all these people have in common. But don't get me wrong it isn't slow or boring in the beginning and before you know it you cannot put the book down. For a book with so many characters each one was well fleshed out and necessary to the plot and you grew to have empathy for Jane, wanted to go to bat for Perdita and wondered if Sir Henry had a bsckbone. How I grew to dislike Caroline Richardson and ho [...]

  • Marjorie Goldman

    I really enjoy this author. This is the third book of hers that I read and this is a stand alone but her writing of characters is great. They are books I enjoy reading and hate to finish. I look forward to choosing the next

  • Mariazita

    Mais uma intrigante estória de famílias com segredos escondidos, bem ao género da autora.Um livro de leitura agradável.

  • Tessa

    Another enjoyable mystery by this author, full of intrigue and excitement.

  • Caroline Curran

    I was interested to read that the idea for the book came from a photograph that Elizabeth Edmondson had from the 1930s. I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it.

  • Barbara Klaser

    I've read quite a few Elizabeth Edmondson novels now, and I have to say this is my favorite. There are some issues other readers have had, one being the number of characters, and I have to agree I had a bit of a struggle to keep up with who was who, and could have done with a character list or a couple of family trees to help out in that department, but the characterization, on the other hand, and the characters themselves, held me spellbound. I had to know how this story turned out for those ch [...]

  • Jen

    okay here’s the thing. If I say “English murder mystery” and you are, like me, American, and you think “sure, that sounds interesting”, I would then suggest to you: watch Gosford Park. Then an episode of Poirot. Then an entire season of either Grantchester or Endeavor. Then Gosford Park, again. If you have watched all of these and still find yourself saying “yes I definitely want to experience one of these stories in book form”, then I would wholeheartedly recommend Elizabeth Edmon [...]

  • Mya

    3.5 stars on the book club rating scaleThere are a LOT of characters in this book - because it's mainly about two rather large families who are from the same town and some stuff that happened to them in the past, the last time that the lake froze over. Ten chapters in I was still trying to figure out who was who and even at the end I couldn't always remember who were friends, who were siblings, who were aunts/uncles/cousins, and who were completely unrelated and just there for interest This is p [...]

  • Amber

    This book had the potential to be a good one, but it was poorly written. It took until the final 4 chapters to reveal the mystery and resolve it. The rest of the book was all about the melodrama surrounding two British families, and most of it didn’t have a lot to do with the mystery. By the time it was revealed, I had already figured the whole thing out.

  • Susan

    Set in the north of England in 1936, this country house murder actually involves two houses. Under the control of the matriarchal grandmother, Wyncrag is as chilly as the lake that has frozen for the first time in years. With her scrimping and horrible coffee, Eve has made Grindley Hall almost as unwelcoming. A reader might want to keep a list of characters to keep everyone straight.

  • Sara Turner

    If you love soap operas with lots of characters to keep track of and lots of twists and turns, then this is the book for you. I personally loved it and stayed up late to finish it because I could not put it down. By the end some of it was pretty obvious, but suspenseful none the less.


    Delectable English lifestyles in the 1930'sDeftly drawn characters. I really enjoyed the complex family relationships. The descriptions of wealthy English lifestyles in 1930's was delectable

  • Dulce

    No principio estava quase a desistir, mas ainda bem que continuei, porque é uma história incrível, para mim o melhor desta autora.


    Great page turnerEnjoyed the plot , though got overwhelmed at times by the amount of characters. Couldn't put it down and really enjoyed it

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