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By Joseph Hillenbrand | Comments: ( 356 ) | Date: ( May 31, 2020 )

How do you measure yourself By family, friends, enemies By what you fight for Or what you fight against Follow the tales of those struggling to find an identity of their own A little girl with a ghost as a best friend A woman who hates wishes A man lost in the secret kingdom of frog people A girl at war with her god And a pair of soldiers on a deadly mission of peHow do you measure yourself By family, friends, enemies By what you fight for Or what you fight against Follow the tales of those struggling to find an identity of their own A little girl with a ghost as a best friend A woman who hates wishes A man lost in the secret kingdom of frog people A girl at war with her god And a pair of soldiers on a deadly mission of peace The seeds have been sown The storm is coming Who will grow and who will drown Contents The Seed Unwished The Girl in the Forest Two and One Calimire My All Hunger Pains Applebite Sand Castles

  • Title: The Seed & Other Fairy Tales
  • Author: Joseph Hillenbrand
  • ISBN: 9781493683567
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Joseph Hillenbrand

A little about me.I love books, movies, comic books, classic radio shows, and plays In short, I love stories Good stories Stories that make you think and feel and fill you with wonder I tend to gravitate to stories that incorporate the fantastic with the normal everyday world.

Comments The Seed & Other Fairy Tales

  • Martha

    This is a writing debut, from what I gather, and when an author releases a book it's important not only to get exposure but also get the right audience. I'm big on short stories so I was ecstatic when I found out I was getting a free copy for review. Early this year, I took to reading adaptations of fairy tales (sleeping beauty and belle made into modern women and snow white and red riding hood in erotica) which I got bored of after a while. The Seed & Other Fairy Tales, however, is sort of [...]

  • Sage Adderley-Knox

    The Seed & Other Fairy Tales is a short story collection with the common link of darkness and fantasy. Included are lovely illustrations at the beginning of each story, which I found added nicely to the fairy tale vibe of the collection.Some stories are heavier than others, but I did enjoy the very brief tale, Unwished. While short, it was packed with black comedy – something I appreciate. My two favorite short stories were The Seed & Calimire. I feel like those two really shined for m [...]

  • Calamus

    The Seed & Other Fairy Tales is a collection of 9 dark fairy tales ranging from quirky to moderately gruesome. Each is highly entertaining, as long as you’re okay with the dark side of fantasy. Hillenbrand is certainly gifted in his craft. The language is a wonderful mix of what you would expect from old time fairy tales, like something pulled from The Brothers Grimm, and modern day syntax. Hillenbrand also mixes modern day life with old time themes (3 wishes, castles & kingdoms, talki [...]

  • Helena Ison

    I read this entire anthology in one day. I wish I would've spread it out over the course of a few days because now I want more and atlas there is none. Come on Mr. Hillenbrand, write some more creative and morbid stories for me to devour. Pretty please?I loved the dark fairy tales presented in this collection. Each story is unique in the way they are told and all have unexpected outcomes. Everything from cannibalism, talking mystical animals, strange kingdoms, murder, and evil creatures are ment [...]

  • J. Calvin

    A complex and creative collection of unique, dark fairytales. How does one understand life and the relationships we engage in on a daily basis? Do we measure ourselves based on these relationships? Or by the thoughts within our own minds? The Seed and other Fairytales takes a thoughtful look into the meaning of these questions. Hillenbrand’s debut anthology showcases a variety of styles and themes. A little girl, Caroline, shares a deep friendship with a ghost. A flash-fiction story about a wo [...]

  • Bradley Knox

    The Seed & Other Fairy Tales is an exquisite little collection of stories, fables, and powerful thematic illustrations. I would really love to own a print copy of this little book. I feel that a big something is lost in the electronic publication version of this collection. That aside, I loved this book! The depth and poignancy of each of these short fables is astounding, and each one has its own unique flare almost as if written by different authors! Some dark and sad, others light and chil [...]

  • Joseph Hillenbrand

    The following is a review from Indie Reviews:THE SEED & OTHER FAIRY TALES is a collection of 9 original fairy tales written by Joseph Hillenbrand. Accompanied by illustrations from a number of different artists, the stories he tells range from flash-fiction to short story length, and, on the surface, relate the narratives of girls who consume their mothers or makers or animals they’ve saved, a boy who loses the stones that keep him grounded, a married couple who end up “stuck with each o [...]

  • Amanda Masters

    Mom says: this was a interesting collection of stories. Joseph Hillenbrand is a creative and kooky writer and I very much enjoyed reading this book with my 10 year old daughter. Most probably wouldn't read some of these tales to their children but we have a fascination with the dark and unusual, I think it makes for a more interesting and creative story. my favourite of the stories was the Seed it was an amazing story and Joseph did an incredible job on it. There were some stories that made us l [...]

  • books are love

    These were interesting tales. My favorite is the human man who went to the other kingdom and found love and happiness with the princess while helping her. The first of the girl who was struggling with who she was and reconciling her feelings of religion and god was sad but the soldier who believed he was always doing good was so sad. He was so brave and didn't deserve what occurred. As you read each tale you wonder just what our own identity is about. Each tale tells us some form of acceptance a [...]

  • Celia

    Let's get one thing out of the way (cuz I'm kinda going to geek out in a bit), I enjoyed this book. Now, let's get to the why. I am a huge fan of fairy tales. Classic ones, retellings, modern ones, etc. If there's a fairy tale out there, I want to read it. What I enjoyed most from this collection was that it wasn't a direct retelling. The tales were written in a way where you understood where the inspiration came from, but it was not a direct repeat/retelling. This was definitely refreshing. The [...]

  • Audrey Terry

    I received a copy of this book to review this last week and really excited for it to arrive; it didn't disappoint. Instead of chapters, the author arranges it simply by different stories which range from 2 to about 10 pages at the most. All of the stories were interesting, some seemed to have roots in common tales and others were more unique. All of them were original though :) There was also a good mix of stories that ended happily, darkly, and those in which the reader is left wondering what h [...]

  • Amber

    If you are a fan of dark fiction, this is a fun and original collection. Some stories contain strong language, so not recommended for young readers. Overall, these tales were likable some more so than others.The Seed: A happy ending that's gross, too? Creepy.Unwished: Silly and disturbing.The Girl in the Forest: Tragically romantic.Two and One: Short and sweet.Calimire: This one is my favorite!My All: What? Startling.Hunger Pangs: A pinch of snark with a dash of clever.Applebite: Wonderfully wei [...]

  • Mia

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThe quality of the stories was a little inconsistent: I really liked some of them, but others felt a little forced and the language didn't flow. This makes sense, as the stories were by different authors. My favourite story was probably 'The Seed', which I thought was simple, whimsical, and enjoyable to read.I wasn't a big fan of the formatting but I really loved the illustrations. They were really cute and added to the overall feel [...]

  • Jessica Surgett

    **I received a free copy of this book from the author via a giveaway**I enjoyed this collection of short stories immensely. There were 1 or 2 that just didn't do it for me, but overall I give it 4 stars. The stories are extremely unique and thought-provoking, and the art that coincides is really beautiful. I really like the dark twists too- definitely more Grimms than Disney! :)

  • Rita

    i obtained this book through Firstread as a give awayis is a dark, quirky and despairing book of Fairy Tales. But not your usual fairy tales. I found it a bit dark, but still intriguing book.

  • Monica Just

    This was an interesting book. I loved the art and the fact that there were short stories but some of them made no sense and some were drawn out. It's definitely not your childs type of stories

  • Terrill Mayho

    (I won this in a giveaway)I really enjoyed these short stories! I tend to gravitate toward weird and unusual and I was not disappointed!

  • Vickie

    This was a nice light read. It consists of unique fairy tales with deep meaning. It is a good book and the artwork throughout is cool.

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  • [PDF] á Free Download ☆ The Seed & Other Fairy Tales : by Joseph Hillenbrand ↠
    464 Joseph Hillenbrand
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