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By Micalea Smeltzer | Comments: ( 280 ) | Date: ( Feb 24, 2020 )

How far would you go to reignite the spark you once had Two years later, Trace and Olivia are as much in love as they ve always been But the spark they once had for life is waning and Trace is determined that they find it again His solution A road trip But he doesn t tell Olivia the real reason they re heading north Olivia is happy to go on a road trip and have How far would you go to reignite the spark you once had Two years later, Trace and Olivia are as much in love as they ve always been But the spark they once had for life is waning and Trace is determined that they find it again His solution A road trip But he doesn t tell Olivia the real reason they re heading north Olivia is happy to go on a road trip and have adventures with Trace Besides, she needs a distraction from the soap opera her life has become With college over, this is the perfect opportunity to chase down the carefree girl she once was But life isn t a fairytale and you can only escape reality for so long Love, laughs, and a hidden agenda That s the name of the game when you re Chasing Olivia.

  • Title: Chasing Olivia
  • Author: Micalea Smeltzer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Micalea Smeltzer

Hi I m Micalea Ma call e uh Weird name, I know My mom must ve known I was going to be odd even in the womb I ve written a lot of books Like a lot Don t ask me how many, I don t remember at this point I listen to way too much music and hedgehogs have taken over my life Crazy is the word that best sums up my life, but it s the good kind of crazy and I wouldn t change it for anything.

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  • Brina (5171MilesBooks)

    4 StarsUPDATE: Chasing Olivia and the rest of the 'Trace + Olivia' series underwent a complete a make-over. The stories are newly edited and each book were given a new set of covers.Read full review here: 5171milesbookblog.wordpress/What do you do when there is a sequel to one of your favorite books with the same main characters? Of course you read it. That's what I did back in August 2015 as well as this month with Chasing Olivia.I love roadtrips. Period. I have been on a few myself in the past [...]

  • Julia - The Romance Bibliophile

    “Chasing Olivia” was the perfect conclusion to Trace + Olivia’s story! I honestly loved everything about it, and couldn’t have asked for a better ending. It was even better than the first installment – which can sometimes be hard to find – and I was completely addicted from start to finish. I loved going on this adventurous journey with Trace and Olivia, and I fell even more in love with them along the way. I loved their playful, sweet, and humorous banter with each other, and the ro [...]

  • Secretly Adorkable Readers

    I loved Chasing Olivia. First off, you find out Olivia's mother is getting married to her best friends brother and also pregnant which is so weird and ackward since Nick is only 2 yrs older than her. I am glad her mother found someone to make her happy.This book focuses more on Trace and Olivia going on a surprise road trip to Maine for her graduation present. During their trip, Trace basically creates his own live list to fulfill with Olivia like bungee jumping, singing in a karaoke bar, jumpin [...]

  • Nicla

    Great read. Really love Trace & Olivia. They are such a fun couple. I would have rated this 5 stars but I felt the book dragged in a few places as a couple of the scenes were overly detailed. But otherwise it was an enjoyable read. Looking forward to reading more books by Micalea Smeltzer.HEA (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Cheating/OW (view spoiler)[Completely safe (hide spoiler)]Angst Level: Low 2/10Heat Level: Medium 5/10

  • Books&Dreams

    I was given this book as an ARC for an honest review.I gave this book 5 stars. This is the second book in the Trace + Olivia Series.But it can be read as a stand alone. I am sure it would be more enjoyable if you did read the first book though because it is a continuation of Trace and Olivia's story. This is the first book that I have read from Micalea.This is Trace and Olivia's story continued. Trace and Olivia have been together for over 2 years now, and they feel like they are just living lif [...]

  • Stephanie Phillips (Stephanie's Book Reports)

    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. This can be seen on my website stephaniesbookreports after 1/1/14.Lots of drama can happen in a couple of years. We start Chasing Olivia with Olivia's mom getting married. Olivia's getting a stepdad that's only a couple of years older than herself. To add to the stress her mom is pregnant. Living to adulthood being an only child and suddenly having to share your mom with a new husband and soon to be sibling is worrisome and extreme [...]

  • Timmy Jane

    "Olivia, he whispered, "you deserve to be told your beautiful every second, of every day, because it's true.""105 is the number that comes to my head when I think of all the years I wanna be with you. Wake up every morning with you in my bed, that's precisely what I plan to do.""I would go to the ends of the earth for you, because I love you and when someone owns your heart, like you do mine, you don't let them get away.""I love how," his fingers glided back over my chest, "even after all this t [...]

  • Tahsin

    since i wasn't exactly the biggest fan of the first book, i was hesitant to start to this one. alas, i am a sucker for HEAs and i wasn't going to give this up. with that being said, i guessed probably 90% of the book before it even happened, but i wasn't complaining. i guess i was prepared for the writing style and the MCs from just finishing the previous book. i liked it a lot better than the first one, that's for sure. cute story. cute ending to a story, really thing i can't help but mention i [...]

  • Evette

    First I have to tell you three things.1- I love Trace + Olivia2- I love Trace + Olivia3- I love Avery and Luca ALMOST as much as I love Trace + OliviaOh and I can’t forget Nick and Nora- le sigh….This book picks up after the end of Finding Olivia. It continues the love story and lives of Trace and Olivia and their friends and family.Trace and Olivia go through many emotionally trying times- both happy and sad. They help each other to be strong and true to their hearts.Their singing in the co [...]

  • Wendy

    I just simply loved this book! From start to finish, I couldn't get enough! I really didn't want it to end. It's been two years since Finding Olivia ended and Trace and Olivia are just in love as ever. They are such a cute couple-I love how they are just perfect for each. They remind me of people that I could be friends with in real life, just laid-back people. They kinda of settle into a mundane, going through the motions life. So Trace suggest for them to go on a road trip to spiced up their l [...]

  • Everything Marie


  • Renz Creus

    Love, Laugh, and a Hidden Agenda.That's the name of the game when you're Chasing OliviaGah! I'm sad that there won't be a third book for Trace and Olivia, but happy that there will be a third and fourth installment of the series, even though it won't focus on the two of them.I am In love with Trace Wentworth!!Olivia is sooooo Lucky!Even though sad events took place in this book, I still love it. It made the book realistic, it reminded me that life is not perfect and its very fragile, but all thi [...]

  • Ensley

    Read #1: April 8, 2016Read #2: August 11, 2016Beautiful book. Loved it.

  • Haley

    If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would! Trace and Olivia are amazing! I can't wait to write this review!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aurora (Whoo Gives A Hoot)

    *Read more of my reviews at Whoo Gives A Hoot*I generously received this ARC from Give Me Books in exchange for an honest reviewIf you LOVED Finding Olivia then you better prepare yourself to fall in love all over again with Chasing Olivia, the next installment in Micalea Smeltzer's Trace + Olivia series. Although I enjoyed reading Trace and Olivia's first book I found myself falling more and more in love with them throughout this story. So much has happened to these two in the past two years th [...]

  • Renee

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie's Book Reports. Chasing Olivia is the second book in Michalea Smeltzer's Trace + Olivia Series. Two years later and Trace and Olivia are as much in love as they've always been. But the spark they once had for life is waning and Trace is determined that they find it again. His solution? A road trip. However, he doesn't tell Olivia the real reason they are heading north. Olivia is perfectly happy to go with Trace and esc [...]

  • Konny

    Chasing Olivia is the second book in the Trace+Olivia Series by Micaela Smeltzer.Chasing Olivia is not a standalone. You must read book one, Finding Olivia, first.This book picks up two years after Finding Olivia ends. Olivia and Trace are in love, but the spark is waning. Olivia graduated from college, her mother is about to marry again. Trace is her rock, her unicorn boyfriend. A boyfriend without a filter.They travel through the country, on a journey that will bring them to new adventures and [...]

  • Stefanie Kral

    Check out my other reviews at: facebook/MommysLateNimmyslatenightbookup✯✯ 10 HUGE STARS!!!✯✯"Our spark for life. I miss all those crazy adventures we had when we were crossing things off your list. The spontaneity, the craziness, I miss that." Where oh where do I even start??!! I am usually pretty good at knowing exactly what to say when I'm writing a review. Let me start off with I had the honor of BETA reading this. I am so in love with Trace & Olivia!! I fell in love with them whe [...]

  • Kendall Book Crazy

    If you thought Finding Olivia was good, then you haven't seen anything yet! Chasing Olivia takes you on a road trip you won't want to end! Hot characters, amazing plot, perfect ending, I cannot recommend this book and series enough! I completely adored the first book in this series, so I couldn't believe it when the author asked me if I would like to beta read this book! I was seriously happy about getting my Trace fix early ;) Beta reading this book was so awesome! The author is such an amazing [...]

  • ChuCha

    Review Originally Posted at: Book FreakI liked the first book in the Trace and Olivia Series, Finding Olivia – but the second book is indeed a charm. No first-book syndrome for this one - because I fell in love with it one chapter at a time.Two years later, Trace and Olivia were pretty much still in love with each other but were acting more like a married old couple. Trace decided to go to a road trip to bring the spark back not just into their relationship but into their lives as well. He tel [...]

  • Maryna aka Ryna

    Right after I finished with Finding Olivia I made so sure got my hand onto this book and trust me it was such a good idea! I love Trace and Olivia, they are just the perfect couple. Lots of dram can happen over the years and I so did not expect Olivia’s mom to get married let alone be pregnant. Not only was her stepdad a couple years older than herself. This was one very stressful thing for Olivia being an only child for so long. Changes are happening for Trace as well. His grandfather wanting [...]

  • Kim Walker

    I have completely and utterly fallen in love with Trace and Olivia. Sometimes I decide to read a book because there are characters that remind you so much of your own relationship and this book does that for me. It takes me back to when I was first dating my husband and this sense of living in the moment that we had.We all have our good moments, our bad moments, our fun moments, our loving moments. Sometimes the every day tasks get in the way and things become a little repetitive. I like to thin [...]

  • Becky

    I love a book that makes me feel good and I can't put down. I had that happen with Finding Olivia- the first book in the series- and Chasing Olivia did not disappoint. It has the same chemistry that I loved with the first book, with a little added drama just to suck you in and keep you interested.The book starts out 2 years after Finding Olivia ended. We start out at the wedding of her mom and her best friends brother (yep Nick and Nora). Her mom is pregnant and is taking a huge leap of faith ma [...]

  • Three Girls and a Book Obsession

    Alexis saysChasing Olivia takes place 2 years after Finding Olivia. During those two years, Olivia and Trace overcome the attack Olivia endured by the hands of the man she thought was her father. Olivia is also getting ready to graduate college with an English degree and start searching for jobs to be a teacher. Her mom has finally found a man that is worthy of her love and unfortunately, Avery and Luca are no longer together. When Trace decides they need to take a road trip so they can have som [...]

  • Heather andrews

    Oh my Luke, I mean Trace (a joke between the author and I) "he smirked. "Are you thinking about the three orgasms I gave you this morning?" I mean Trace he's a dedicated man, "he chuckled. "I have your name close to my junk, so you're taken my man-hood," he reasoned." He still acts like a playful little kid, "fine," he said as I stood. "But make it snappy, woman," he smacked my butt." The man this time around is seriously horny as ever I mean he jokes about sex, loves having sex, and Olivia the [...]

  • Katríne

    Lovely book. I'm always a fan of happy-ever-afters. When do I get to meet my Trace?! Damn! (Cue in: Where Are You by Natalie ft. Justin Roman)That guy's too good to be true! He's way tooooo romantic, and you can really feel his love for Olivia! To Micalea Smeltzer: for sharing Trace and Olivia's love story with us. Looking forward for more stories! :)The real reason behind the 'road trip' was really unexpected. Got me there :)

  • Andrea Heltsley

    I really loved reading Trace and Olivia's story in Finding Olivia, so naturally I was excited when I found out about Chasing Olivia. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it!It turns out that I loved this book almost as much as Finding Olivia! It was a fun read. Olivia grew so much since then and it was fun to see the woman she had become.The plot was a little weak, but the writing more than made up for it. They went on a road trip to get their spark back, but it was very clear they never even lost [...]

  • Kym

    Loved the conclusion of Olivia & Trace's story. What a roller coaster of emotions I had during this book. You definitely need tissues. This was such a beautifully written book. It flowed nicely & it kept me turning the pages. Yes there were plenty of tears but l did laugh. Enjoyed the steamier parts & the relationship that Trace & Olivia had. Loved all the other characters in this book especially Avery. She had me in tears from laughing. Happy we found out what was going on with [...]

  • Anne Milne

    I didn't think I could love Trace more than in the 1st book but I was so wrong, he is just . just damn perfect. This book picks up two years later and Olivia and Trace are living together, in love and planning their future together. The little things he does for her are just so just so perfect. Their are still difficult times ahead but they are such a solid couple and they get through them together. This is a fantastic story beautiful written and a perfect finale to this fantastic couple.

  • Rumpled Sheets Blog

    Chasing Olivia is the perfect conclusion to Trace and Olivia´s story.This story is so wonderful that I was blown away. It is so irresistible that once you start reading it, you simply can´t stop until you finish it.Love this series so much and I can´t recommend it high enough.≧◔◡◔≦ 5 ✰ read ≧◉◡◉≦>>>ARC received in exchange for an honest review<<<

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