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In her most eagerly anticipated novel yet, Elizabeth George brings back Scotland Yard s Thomas Lynley to investigate a ruthless crime.After the senseless murder of his wife, Detective Superintendent Thomas Lynley retreated to Cornwall, where he has spent six solitary weeks hiking the bleak and rugged coastline But no matter how far he walks, no matter how exhausting his dIn her most eagerly anticipated novel yet, Elizabeth George brings back Scotland Yard s Thomas Lynley to investigate a ruthless crime.After the senseless murder of his wife, Detective Superintendent Thomas Lynley retreated to Cornwall, where he has spent six solitary weeks hiking the bleak and rugged coastline But no matter how far he walks, no matter how exhausting his days, the painful memories of Helen s death do not diminish.On the forty third day of his walk, at the base of a cliff, Lynley discovers the body of a young man who appears to have fallen to his death The closest town, better known for its tourists and its surfing than its intrigue, seems an unlikely place for murder However, it soon becomes apparent that a clever killer is indeed at work, and this time Lynley is not a detective but a witness and possibly a suspect.The head of the vastly understaffed local police department needs Lynley s help, though, especially when it comes to the mysterious, secretive woman whose cottage lies not far from where the body was discovered But can Lynley let go of the past long enough to solve a most devious and carefully planned crime

  • Title: Careless in Red
  • Author: ElizabethGeorge
  • ISBN: 9780061562785
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:


Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Susan Elizabeth George is an American author of mystery novels set in Great Britain Eleven of her novels, featuring her character Inspector Lynley, have been adapted for television by the BBC as The Inspector Lynley Mysteries.She was born in Warren, Ohio, but moved to the San Francisco Bay Area when she was eighteen months old She was a student of English, receiving a teaching certificate While teaching English in the public school system, she completed an advanced degree in psychology.Her first published novel was A Great Deliverance in 1988, featuring Thomas Lynley, Lord Asherton, a Scotland Yard inspector of noble birth Barbara Havers, Lynley s assistant, from a very working class background Lady Helen Clyde, Lynley s girlfriend and later wife, of noble birth as well and Lynley s friends Simon and Deborah St James.This Elizabeth George is distinct from the other author named Elizabeth George Christian author.Series Inspector Lynley

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  • Michael

    It’s been four years since we last caught up with Inspector Thomas Lynley and Sgt. Barbara Havers. Four very long years.Four years made longer by the fact that at the end of With No One As Witness, Elizabeth George left Lynley and the entire series as a cross-roads. Something big happened at the end of the book that left me stunned at the audacity of George to contemplate it, much less pull it off. And it left me eager for more.And then we got her last book, What Came Before He Shot Her, which [...]

  • Julie

    Okay, I think we’ve got the train back on track. We have Lynley, we have Havers. Whew. This should go without saying, but after the dreck that was "What Came Before He Shot Her", you cannot take these things for granted.Other than the presence of Lynley and Havers, though, I’m not that crazy about this installment. I didn’t like any of the other (secondary) characters, and actively disliked most of them. The few that I did like eventually ended up annoying me too And, after the first third [...]

  • L

    Isn't Elizabeth George terrific?! I love her books and just wish she's crank them out more regularly and quickly. It isn't as if the woman isn't productive, either. It's just that fans want more, always more. Of course then they wouldn't be the same books, would they? Here we have DS Lynley mourning the loss of his wife. Lynley takes mourning very, very seriously. He's been wandering the coast of Cornwall for weeks, living rough and not especially well. Just walking. Naturally he finds a body. I [...]

  • K

    Disappointing. For starters, the book was way too long and the build-up was extremely slow. Elizabeth George has enjoyed a successful career, with good reason mostly, and she seems to have reached the point where people are afraid to edit her. It happens to a lot of authors, and it's unfortunate. Even the best authors need editors, especially after they've started believing their own hype.There were also too many confusing subplots. I kept forgetting which pairs were brother and sister and which [...]

  • Yvonne (It's All About Books)

    Finished reading: August 30th 2016DNF at page 80(view spoiler)[WARNING: upopopular opinion ahead!! Honestly, I've tried. I think this is only the second or third book I have ever DNFed and I still feel a bit guilty for doing so I must have started reading Careless In Red at least four or five times before over the last two years, but I just can't bring myself to keep reading. There are too many storylines and the pace is slower than a sleeping snail. On top of that the descriptions are superlon [...]

  • Samantha

    Thomas Lynley, mired deeply in his grief, comes across the body of a young man at the bottom of a cliff during his hike along the South-West Coastal Trail. Soon enough, he gets involved in the investigation into the boy's death, which, of course, has been determined to be a murder.Enter Ben and Kerra and Daidre and Santo and Dellen and Aldara and Jago and Selevan and Madlyn and Max and Lew and Cadan and Bea and Ray and Pete and Alan and Will and Tammy and yes, Sergeant Havers, too.Phew.The bigge [...]

  • EmmaLee Pryor

    I picked this book up because I have watched Thomas Linley on Mystery (on PBS) and they were okay. The last one I had seen was where his pregnant wife (why do they always have to be pregnant) had been killed. They had also just gotten back together after being separated. (All the elements to make it truly tragic.) She was killed by a 12 year old with no motive, just a senseless killing. On TV they had a different storyline about what happened. Anyway, he is dealing with that tragedy by walking a [...]

  • Thomas Strömquist

    Well-written, good characters, good plot. Even though I had read a few of hers earlier, I had somehow forgotten about the series. This book (a Christmas gift) was a real reminder of how good Elizabeth George is in her genre and I re-read the whole series following this read. I'm sure I'll do that again!

  • Diane

    I've read all the Thomas Lynley novels and found them all to be a cut above most detective series, partly because George develops complicated characters who lead complex lives. Careless in Red, despite the somewhat trite title, is more of a sprawling family novel than it is a mystery. Several family sagas are played out, incorporating the intergenerational conflict that binds individual family members to each other and intertwines them for good and ill with other families involved in the story. [...]

  • Michael Cairns

    Elizabeth George has a wonderful way of creating sympathetic characters out of horrible people. Her grasp of the human condition and all that entails lends her books a real richness that make them about more than the body found at the beginning and the resulting murderer revealed at the end. Despite not being a reader of murder mystery, I find myself drawn back to her books again and again and I think that's why. Careless in red is no different. Though a mystery in name, it is in reality a study [...]

  • Redhedd496

    Elizabeth George at her very best! You begin to feel that the characters are people you know well, and the dead body, the person who committed the murder, had me fooled to the very end!I can usually figure out "whodunit" quickly, so this was a great surprise. The only problem with any of her books, when you're finished with it, you feel a sense of loss because the story is over, and the characters are now no longer a part of your life. I wish she would write the novels quicker, but then, they wo [...]

  • Lorraine

    After the senseless killing of his wife Helen, Thomas Lynley quits the police force, goes home to Cornwall and decides to walk the coast pathway. After more than 40 days of walking, he sees a body on the beach below and attempts to contact the police from the nearest house. Due to the lack of detectives in the local area, he is drawn into the investigation. Barbara Havers is sent down from London to assist, and although Lynley insists he's no longer a policeman, we know he'll be back. The dead b [...]

  • Sandy

    I have one word for this book horrendous! I used to be a huge fan of her books. I gave up on her two books ago. A friend of mine gave me this book and told me that she had heard that the author was back to writing the way she used to…… compelling, multilayered good stories. Why oh why am I such a trusting soul???? I should have smelled a rat when she sent it to me to read first……. ( Actually I do still think she did it out of the goodness of her heart) Halfway through the book, I almost [...]

  • Jessica

    Elizabeth George is rightfully recognized as one of the most literary and literate of police procedural writers, but this latest entry in her Thomas Lynley series is too literary for its own good. Instead of creating an intriguing mystery, George chooses to explore a rather obscure subculture -- middle-aged surfers in Cornwall, England -- and their conflicts with their children over whether or not they should surf or rock-climb. Tommy Lynley literally wanders into this world -- he is on a long w [...]

  • Vivisection

    There are books meant to be read pool/beach side in the hot sun with sweat dripping down your face, one hand shielding your eyes from the sun all the while angling your book so that you may read it. They don't have complicated plots--Janet Evanovich comes to mind. As does any bodice ripper romance. Light, fluffy books that don't require much thought are for summer waterside recreation. There are also books to be read on the plane. See above considerations.800 page novels filled with complicated [...]

  • Kellie

    #15 of the Havers-Lynley series- This phase of the series follows the death of Helen and Lynley has left Scotland Yard and is walking aimlessly along the English coast. A section of coast that is known for surfing. That was an interesting aspect of this book. When Tommy reaches the area of Casvelyn, he finds a body on the cliffs by the shore. He runs up to a cottage hoping someone is there and breaks the window to get in. He finally finds Daidre who helps him find a phone to call the authorities [...]

  • Faith Mortimer

    It's been a while since I last read an Inspector Lynley murder mystery, so I was looking forward to it. It was a massive read - 800 odd pages, and at first a little slow. Then as the book progresses the plot and subplots become well-drawn out and well executed. We have a tortured Lynley who has recently lost his wife Helen, and unborn child in a mindless myrder. It is his psychological state that we are subjected to in a very touching process, we wait with faint breath as he gradually begins to [...]

  • David Brown

    Careless in Red is all about relationships between parents and their child/children. Elizabeth George creates numerous plots and sub-plots all depicting this theme and spins them round and round in the readers head whilst trying to work Thomas Lynley and DS Havers into the story somewhere.It’s a chaotic and inappropriate mess, barely a police procedural that is very difficult to maintain interest in. I can only assume that something was going on in the author’s life at the time that stimulat [...]

  • Ann

    I've long been a fan of Elizabeth George and her Inspector Lynley mystery series. I found this book to be somewhat of a disappointment, however, for a number of reasons. First, I have to say the flaws have nothing to do with the writing style. George is one of the best mystery writers out there today and her writing remains as strong as ever, even though the first Lynley book was published more than 20 years ago. My objections have more to do with the plot than anything else. Although I thought [...]

  • Grady McCallie

    This long, rich mystery does several things, all well. First, although well into the Inspector Thomas Lynley series, it opens shortly after the detective suffers a horrific and wrenching loss that in some sense serves as a reboot for the character. This is the first novel I've read by Elizabeth George, and so came to the novel without personally missing the characters killed off in the previous volume, but I still found the subplot of Lynley's grieving quite powerful, and very well done.Second, [...]

  • Susanna

    I was waiting in eager anticipation for this book for a long time, which I think was part of the problem. I definitely wouldn't recommend this to anyone who hasn't read some of the earlier books in the series, most importantly the last one, because this is a follow-up of the dramatic ending of that book. I thought it had about the right tone- it felt appropriate to the situation in which George had put her characters. But there was something about it that just didn't grab me. I didn't find the m [...]

  • Lewis Weinstein

    I am a real fan of Elizabeth George's novels, and am very hopeful, as I begin Careless in Red, that she has regained the touch she lost so badly in What Came Before He Shot Her.I'm about 400 pages in, and very pleased. The plotting is meticulous, as always with George. There were enough characters that I made a list; I guess if I did that, perhaps she should have. There is a very touching process going on in this book. Thomas Lynley, who George has "lived with" through 14 other novels, has been [...]

  • patience

    One of my problems with Elizabeth George is that she writes books with so many characters it's hard for me to establish who is who at first. Also, as with so many other writers, she has put her characters through so many horrible personal tragedies she almost seems like a sadist. It's similar to a tv show that has been running for so long the writers feel they must shoot the main character, or his wife, or his best friend, or his mother keep things interestingeven if it's supposedly a book about [...]

  • Sally

    I was so happy to see another Thomas Lynley novel by Elizabeth George. After the last one that she wrote when she had his wife (Helen) and unborn baby killed, I was afraid that she wouldn't write any additional books about him. This one was really good, and I enjoyed it. I don't think that I enjoyed it as much as her other books about him, because I really loved the relationship he had with his wife. But now I have hope for being able to read about him and his co-hort Barbara Havers in future no [...]

  • Samira

    A very well done book, but it spent less time on the characters of Lynley, Havers, and the other longterm characters than I would have liked.

  • Karin

    Last book in the Thomas Lynly series. If you like a well written and good detective story read one of Elizabeth George's books.

  • Roderick Hart

    The cover of this book tells us that ‘Inspector Lynley Is Back’. Regular readers will know what this means though I didn’t know he’d gone away.The title is unusually good, but I can’t say why without giving away too much of the plot. It refers to a femme fatale by the name of Dellen, who likes to wear red. The ‘careless’ goes straight to the heart of the matter.As crime writing goes, this has a lot going for it. First of all, and though there is a death, it occurs before the action [...]

  • Ann

    Long awaited by Elizabeth George fans, this book deals with Thomas Lynley's struggle to cope with his wife's brutal murder. We all loved Helen; to quote Barbara Havers: "She was bloody brilliant." So, Tommy sets out to walk the Cornish coast in an attempt to come to terms with his grief. And, of course, gets involved in a murder - in fact, discovers the body himself, and then becomes part of the investigation. And, for those of us who love Barbara as much as we love Tommy, she also makes an appe [...]

  • Susie

    Wow, reading this back-to-back with The Private Patient was something of a relevation. Whoever called Elizabeth George the poor woman's PD James? (Besides me, that is.) Careless in Red was extremely good, and dare I say it, better than the latest PDJ. The cast of characters was more diverse, the setting (Cornwall) more distinct, and the dialogue more mysterious. Isn't a mystery supposed to be a mystery to the reader as well as the detectives in the story? E. George did a great job of keeping me [...]

  • Alarra

    In the aftermath of his wife's terrible death (which is the subject of the previous two books in the Lynley series), Thomas takes a walk along a deserted coastal path to try and escape everything in his life, but when he comes across a dead climber along a section of cliff, he is drawn back into police investigations, and into human contact once more. I've never believed in the character of Helen, and as callous as it sounds, I'm kind of glad that she's dead, and giving greater complexity to the [...]

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