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By Rory Freedman Kim Barnouin | Comments: ( 411 ) | Date: ( May 27, 2020 )

Stop being a moron and start getting skinny If you can t take one day of self loathing, you re ready to hear the truth You cannot keep shoveling the same crap into your mouth every day and expect to lose weight.Authors Rory Freeman and Kim Barnouin are your new smart mouthed girlfriends who won t mince words and will finally tell you the truth about what you re feediStop being a moron and start getting skinny If you can t take one day of self loathing, you re ready to hear the truth You cannot keep shoveling the same crap into your mouth every day and expect to lose weight.Authors Rory Freeman and Kim Barnouin are your new smart mouthed girlfriends who won t mince words and will finally tell you the truth about what you re feeding yourself And they ll guide you on making intelligent and educated decisions about food They may be bitches, but they are skinny bitches And you ll be one too after you get with the program and start eating right.

  • Title: Skinny Bitch
  • Author: Rory Freedman Kim Barnouin
  • ISBN: 9780762424931
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Rory Freedman Kim Barnouin

Rory Freedman is the co author of Skinny Bitch She attended the University of Maryland, and used to not like writing, but has developed a passion for writing due to her passion for the subjects that she writes about She wrote Skinny Bitch because she is passionate about not being skinny or being a bitch, but to educate everyone about becoming vegetarian and vegan Rory Freedman was not always a vegan, or vegetarian Growing up she ate meat every day Her passion for becoming vegetarian and vegan developed about 15 years ago Her passion developed due to reading an article about animals being slaughtered for food She always saw herself as an animal lover and she was disgusted by what she saw in the article One image was of baby chickens crammed into a garbage bag and thrown into a dumpster The next picture she sees is a picture of a mother cow and a baby cow The baby was taken away from the mother, and being upset that she baby was taken away from her, she started to ram the cage and broke her neck The mother cow was left there to lay and die with a broken neck The other picture she saw was of a downer cow, an injured cow, on the back of a truck being unloaded by a chain wrapped around the cows legs She was devastated to know that animals were being treated this way due to her eating meat After reading this article in the magazine, she made the decision to become vegetarian She did not want to contribute to the torture and slaughter of animals The sole reason she became a vegetarian was so that she did not have to be part of the pictures that she saw.Since she became vegetarian, she was now interested in doing research on nutrition People always said that vegetarians lack protein and other things that your body needs, so therefore she conducted research and found that these statements and assumptions are not true Rory found out that by becoming vegetarian, you do not lack protein, and that most Americans actually have too much protein in their diets Becoming a vegetarian had a total change on Rory She felt as though she became nicer, happy, had energy, and overall a better person She became an animal rights activist due to her passion for animals After making these changes, she felt as though she had a purpose in life Rory encourages people to try a 30 day Veg Pledge This is trying to be vegetarian for 30 days to just try to and see if you like the changes that your body will go through Rory Freedman, a former agent for Ford Models, is co author of the 1 New York Times bestselling books.She resides in Los Angeles.

Comments Skinny Bitch

  • Michelle Cardel

    I only read this book(or tried to read this book) because my best friend said it was AMAZING! I can't even begin to tell you how wrong she was. This book represents all that is wrong in the world of food. These two authors aren't teaching you how to eat right, they are teaching you to be anorexic (If you look at the sample menus they equate to aprroximately 700 calories/day-that is ridiculous!). The only reason this book got so much press was because Posh was photographed carrying it. The self p [...]

  • Sam

    I began reading this for a bookgroup and stopped half-way through. It's complete crap. I've been vegetarian for years and know a lot about where my food comes from. These women's assertations are not only wrong in many instances but they are inconsistent and absurd. They are strongly against the eating of meat or processed foods. However, they strongly advocate the "fake meat" products available which ARE a highly processed food. This book is pop culture at its worst and has nothing to do with h [...]

  • Shanti

    I have a weakness for bookstores. I like to judge a book by the cover and the first two pages. Had I judged one of my favorite books, Of Human Bondage, by the first 100 pages, I’d never have gotten through. It was the raving review of the friend who loaned it to me that helped me persevere.In SFO airport, I stopped by the bookstore before heading to security check. I had an itch to spend $15 I suppose. I picked up this book Skinny Bitch and thought it had to be the most extreme attitude of wei [...]

  • Kristin

    my lovely, trim, glamorous little sister received this book as a Christmas gift this year. its suspicious cover and title got the better of me, and i tore through the text in no more than two hours and needing a paper bag to breathe into. it was almost exactly what i expected. the emotionally and mentally abusive text - replete with cussing and pejoratives at least 4x per page - is nothing more than an obvious promotion of veganism. while i haven't anything against choosing to eat however one wo [...]

  • Kelly Walker

    This book provides an excellent representation of the problems with American culture convincing women to declare war on their bodies. Chapter 1: "Healthy =skinny. Unhealthy = fat." No, I don't think that obesity is acceptable, but at 5' 10" women should weigh more than 120 lbs if they want to be considered healthy. And one of these authors has a degree in Holistic Nutrition? Oh wait, they're both models. There are a few valuable facts, but you have to dig them out from the vulgar, angry accusati [...]

  • Alexandra

    This book changed my life. I was a vegetarian before I read it, and it made me understand my body and the vitamins and nutrients that I need to function. It is loaded with motivation and information. Anyone who wants to sit around bitching about the "language" . a complete moron. I mean, really? Why would you pick up a book titled "skinny bitch"d then complain about the language?

  • Kathrynn

    Funny, at first. I took the crass method of delivery to be humorous, in-your-face, no-holds-barred satire. The writing style reminded me of the website "Smart Bitches Love Trashy Books." The authors' outline ingredients--approved by the FDA--in our food that are known (KNOWN!) to be bad for us. Case in point, Aspartame--the sweetener in some diet sodas--turns into formaldehyde inside our bodies. How gross is that? Did you know Aspartame was denied approval 8 times? Founder of Aspartame, G.D. Sea [...]

  • Jamie

    I think I liked French Women Don't Get Fat, better, simply because I'm not sure I would like either of these girls. Granted, I'm already not a meat-eater, and they do bring about some interesting points, etc. I would LOVE to stop wearing leather and drinking milk, eating butter and cheese, I even tried, inspired by this book (not to stop wearing leather, baby steps)but to be vegan. Here's what I found: I'd rather not eat. Ie: I'd rather starve myself. I never felt full, and, unless I had an hour [...]

  • Sarah

    These girls are potty mouths. I'm only barely through Chapter 3 and so far I am very intrigued. These girls know their stuff--it does definitely make you think about what you're eating. And I LOVE cursing. Here are a few of the sentences I picked up within the first couple of chapters that really caught my attention:1. Coffee is for pussies.2. Say goodbye to soda and hello to a sweet ass.3. In Chapter 11, we provide an "acceptable junk food" list that will make your nipples hard. 4. You need to [...]

  • Laurie

    This book wasn't written to piss anyone off but boy has it ever. Some people that cling to their beloved meat have written some pretty rotten things about these ladies view. #1 the book doesn't advocate being anorexic or anything of the sort so come oneach days calories are far sufficient! Remember it is a book about health, the calories are going to be less than 3k b/c there are very few woman who need that kind of calorie intake. This diet doesn't condone BK food ok so get with the program! #2 [...]

  • Lilly

    "Perhaps you have a lumpy ass because you are preserving your fat cells with diet soda.""So coffee equals fat cells. P.S. It also makes your breath smell like ass.""If you'd drag your cankles to a health food store""You want to be a Skinny Bitch, not a scrawny bitch."What not to love????? The book sounds brainless (and, let's admit, that's part of what got me to pick it up). On the final pages the authors even admit such- that they titled it knowing it would make people pick it up. But it's *act [...]

  • Elyssa

    I want to give this book 2.5 stars because I had an equal love/hate relationship with it. Let me start by saying that I was VERY resistant to reading this book. For one thing, I found (and still find) the title to be really offensive. Since I am interested in health and wellness and so many people in my family and workplace recommended it, I gave it a try.I'll start with what I liked about it:1) It's a really quick read and the info is easy to grasp.2) The authors explain the evils of the USDA, [...]

  • Kim

    Brilliant marketing. I don't exactly know what compelled me to buy this book, since I don't diet and I don't read chick lit. (Some reviewers surmise from the book's cover and sassy tone that Skinny Bitch is targeted to a chick lit market.) I kept seeing the book on forays to Borders, where I seek periodic respite from my high-decibel children and ideas for coping more gracefully when I'm back in the fray. When I picked it up one evening and opened it to a section on aspartame (a vice I have sinc [...]

  • Lisa

    The popularity of this heinous piece of garbage sickens and disheartens me. The fact that the vulgar languange was contrived for shock value to generate sales makes it no less vile. I will say this without any qualification: If you consider yourself a "smart" woman and think this book is funny, helpful, and intelligent, the entire world needs to re-think "smart". It's about as "smart" as a fart in the face.And their expose of slaughterhouses? Read Temple Grandin if you want to know more. There h [...]

  • Tijana

    EDIT:Read one more page, and I found out that girls who wanna be "skinny bitches" can't drink coffee either. Plus, if you do drink it, you'll have a bad breath.Oh, I'm sorry, does the thootpaste make you fat too?---------------------------------Had to make a special shelf for this book."Burn it" seemed good.I only read the first few pages, and what I have to say that NO WOMAN EVER SHOULD READ THIS CRAP.I myself am not a bigger girl, but I decided to pick this book up, hoping to learn how to be e [...]

  • Books Ring Mah Bell

    back away from the ice cream! Drop your hands and move away from the "moose knuckle bear fudge" !! I repeat, BACK THE HELL OFF!HEY! Put down that second bag of chips! You don't need it! Hell, you didn't need the first bag, either. Let's go for a nice brisk walk, eh?Do NOT stop at the drive thru! All Ronald McDonald wants to give you is a huge crapper and maybe a nice "Cardiac Surprise"! Step on the gas, bitch! Be gone!I imagine this book to be full of these little bits o' wisdom.R.I.P. common se [...]

  • Kristen

    I picked this up while hanging out at B&N I was intrigued by the cover and what new crazy "diet plan" these sassy girls had to offer. I figured it would be stupid. aside from the bad language, this was A GREAT BOOK! I read the whole thing in about 2 hours. I recommend this to anyone trying to get healthier - whether they are looking to be skinny or not! the chapter on MEAT & treatment of animals made me cry & I am going to be a vegetarian from now on. WHAT?! I know. I don't think the [...]

  • Dawn

    I read this book while sitting at Barnes and Noble (I refuse to buy it because I secretly hate it.) But I went ahead and read it because I had heard a bit about it and I was curious. Then I thought, huh, that's not worth writing a review about. But then I read a bunch of OTHER people's reviews about it, and now I feel like I kind of get it. All these other reviews were like (read in a high-pitched whiny voice): "Wahh, these authors are sneaky because they didn't tellll me it was a book about bei [...]

  • Rachel

    Well! I bought this book based on the reviews at amazon about a year ago. I wanted to preview it and possibly pass it along to my non-vegan friends if it turned out to be any good. Well, I flipped through it when it got here and was unimpressed and never read it.Then I saw an article in the PCRM (Physician's Commmittee for Responsible Medicine) magazine, saying that one of the Skinny Bitches was giving talks to White House staffers in Washington, and it really put a favorable spin on the book. S [...]

  • Erika Batey

    Shut-up! Okay there are some interesting and helpful facts, and the tone is sometimes witty, and quite humurous, but their soapboxes are in a height competition with their horses. And the brash comments UHHH, a little brashness can be clever and quite amusing, but these skinny bitches are drowning in it. When I finshed the book I was basically determined never to eat again, and convinced that everything I was doing was ridiculous. (and I am a healthy, thin, conscious vegetarian). Can you imagine [...]

  • Beth

    Uh, I don't think so. There is some really great information in this book, but I just cannot endorse a book that tells me that fasting for up to 10 days is a great idea (!), waiting until you are RAVENOUS - not to mention nauseous- is the way to go, and that processed vegan foods are just great. There are a few factual oddities too.Also, let us not overlook the authors' assumption that if you are overweight, you must have a crappy life, dead-end job, and no man. Ridiculous. The authors urge read [...]

  • Jenny (adultishbooks)

    While I am interested in the vegan and plant-based lifestyle, I find this book misleading and emotionally abusive. There's triggers galore in this book for women struggling with eating disorders and I don't agree with the presentation at all. Vegans and vegan lifestyles get a bad wrap and this book perpetuates the stigma against it. I prefer documentaries like What the Health or Vegucated to give a better representation and non-threatening presentation of information about the vegan lifestyle.

  • Claudia Turner

    I read a couple of mad reviews about how this pressures you to be vegetarian and was like "yeah ok so maybe it's a legit health guide" and shit, I was right. It's fun and daring, honest and straightforward. Yes, chickens are treated like shit and factory farms ruin the environment. Yes, aspartame is poison and yes we are what we eat. This is no frou frou pansy ass self help book to joy and self esteem, it's an authentic look at health and well being! Five stars.

  • Christina

    About ten years ago, when I was vegan, I remember thinking "why doesn't somebody market veganism as the greatest weight-loss program ever?" Well, these ladies have done it. This book is a 200-page argument for veganism dressed up like a diet book. In a lot of ways, it was just preaching to the choir for me. I already don't eat meat, and I already feel guilty about eating eggs and dairy. I actually had to skip a few pages (which I never do) of heinous slaughter house testimonials that were so pai [...]

  • Jane

    I thought this was going to be a funny satire on how to starve yourself skinny by subsisting on cigarettes and caffeine, a good technique I've used in the past. ha ha. It's actually made me think twice about the food I eat, where it comes from, and the industries that promote those foods. If I had known from the start that it was about vegans, I never would have read this book but I'm glad that I have.

  • AnHeC the Paperback Obliterator

    Sentence: This book is bad and you should feel bad "You are eating high blood pressure, stress, and adrenaline. You are eating fear, grief, and rage. You are eating suffering, horror, and murder. You are eating cruelty. You are what you eat. You cannot be thin, beautiful with a glowing complexion when you eat fear, grief and rage"*I'm mentally slapping the shallow, selfish author so hard*Ok, I took a break from my crazy life to read this annoying piece of shit. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for ve [...]

  • Michelle Cristiani

    I liked the spirit of this book. Paying attention to food labels, eating only when you're really hungry, and bulking up on fruits and vegetables are all great ideas, echoed by many nutritionists. The authors think that you should be vegan. I wanted to love this book, but I couldn't, because I found the following things wrong with it:-Shoddy science. They compare the raw numbers of people who have osteoporosis between America and Africa, for example. They say that humans didn't actually evolve to [...]

  • Suzanne

    Skinny Bitch was so good (and written in such a direct, no bull-shit manner) that I finished it in several hours. It's a take-no-prisoners approach for those who are already interested in eating healthy and being healthy, but who maybe need an extra push. The authors are kind enough to warn you when you're about to read a boring section, but most of this book is anything but boring, and filled with lots of practical advice like eating "shitloads" of cantalope for breakfast, and "moving your ass" [...]

  • Kristen

    Fucking disappointing. Had I known that this was going to be a book trying to convince me to go vegan I probably would have never picked it up. The premise is misleading as they basically tell you that their purpose for even writing the book is to "save the animals." The only thing I really got out of it was maybe to try a few alternate meat products, including these chicken-less buffalo wings, which are "so good they are guaranteed to make your pubes fall off." it's sort of like an Omnivores Di [...]

  • Annalisa

    If I were to write a nutrition book, I would be encouraging without offending. But we all know with diet if you get an inch, you take the excuse and run. We want people to tell us it's ok to be unhealthy. These girls don't excuse anything. They are tough and mean, like drill sergeants ripping away all unhealthy vices, getting you to conform to their health code with fear. And like all good sergeants, they do it with offensive language. They even admit they picked the catchy title to sell books. [...]

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