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By Jessica Barksdale Inclan | Comments: ( 102 ) | Date: ( May 27, 2020 )

They are here among us Far from home, gifted with special abilities, hunted for their powers And they are desperate to find their other, the one who completes them fore it s too late Sometimes, Time Really Does Stand StillMila Adams has always known she was different For as long as she can remember, she has had the ability to shift time, and who would belThey are here among us Far from home, gifted with special abilities, hunted for their powers And they are desperate to find their other, the one who completes them fore it s too late Sometimes, Time Really Does Stand StillMila Adams has always known she was different For as long as she can remember, she has had the ability to shift time, and who would believe that Certainly not the obnoxious blind dates her mother keeps foisting off on her But Mila can t help feeling there s someone out there for her, a soul mate who might understand her unique ability And when she looks into the dark eyes of financial whiz Garrick McClellan, she can t but feel her time has finally come.Any man would lust after a beauty like Mila, but the moment Garrick touches her feels her shifting time just as he can he recognizes her as his partner in power Their connection is immediate, passionate, raw, and beyond anything either has ever experienced But who are they What is this gift that joins them so intensely Are there others like them And why do they feel that time is running out Praise For The Novels Of Jessica Inclan A magical, mystical tale, one you won t soon forget Amanda Ashley on Reason to Believe

  • Title: Being with Him
  • Author: Jessica Barksdale Inclan
  • ISBN: 9781420101126
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Jessica Barksdale Inclan

Jessica Barksdale Inclan s fourteenth novel, The Burning Hour, was published by Urban Farmhouse Press in April 2016 A Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee, her short stories, poems, and essays have appeared in or are forthcoming in the Waccamaw Journal, Salt Hill Journal, Little Patuxent Review, Carve Magazine, Palaver, and So to Speak She is a Professor of English at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, California and teaches online novel writing for UCLA Extension She holds an MA in English Literature from San Francisco State University and an MFA from the Rainier Writers Workshop at Pacific Lutheran University For information, go to jessicabarksdaleinclan

Comments Being with Him

  • new_user

    An interesting read. Readers of Inclan's Croyants or Believe series will recognize some elements here, such as telepathy and possession, only they're more fitting in this context. Aliens. More importantly, there is more structure to these phenomena, rules and limits, etc. Garrick also begins as a darker hero in Being with Him. He is motivated by a very compelling struggle, i.e. his fundamental difference from all other people. Inclan captures his alienation, his aloneness, very well. Garrick tri [...]

  • ☺~Tina~☺

    I won this book here and I was excited to receive the book. I wanted to give time-travel a try but I just couldn't get into the book. It started off good. Then once they started with the going back to their planet, with the voices and all the memoriese lost me. I really wanted to like this book. I really don't like a lot of repetitive words and self reflection in my books. I can deal with it for a while, but when it's repeated, I get bored. And since she gave the prespective of Garrick and Mila [...]

  • Katie

    A nice shift from the books I've been reading. Only thing that bothers mee cover art. Makes it seem like the book is some kind of cheesy romance novel that's all about sexd this is not that kind of book, in my opinion!

  • Tina

    Mila Adams has always been different. She found out when she was young that she could fast forward time. But she always knew in her heart that she had to keep this gift a secret. Her mother keeps forcing her to date in hopes of getting her married. She now loses herself in her paintings.Like Mila, Garrick McClellan has always known he is different. He can shift time as well. He thought he was the only person with this talent, that is until he saw one of Mila's paintings. In it he sees something [...]

  • Happie

    Don't be fooled by the cover (although it was that caught my attention), this book is more has a sci-fi plot with a twist of romance (with very hot, steamy scenesfanning myself). I loved the concept of finding one's soulmate or "double/twin", that literally and figuratively makes the other whole.

  • Darcy

    I thought the premise to this book sounded good, but as I read it, it just didn't make sense to me. I forced myself to read to page 100, then I put it down for the night, picked it back up today and had to force myself to read another 60 pages. At this point I really don't want to force myself to keep reading, reading should be fun. This just isn't the book for me.

  • Samantha

    Never really got pulled into this book. I was about a third in when I basically just started skimming for the main plot points. I would have been ok if this was a short novella and doubt I will be reading the following books in the series. Lots more fizzle rather than sizzle.

  • Wenj

    Review provided by Black Lagoon Reviews:The synopsis to Being with Him, the first in the Being series by Jessica Inclan, is what initially drew me in. The premise sounded unique with the promise of a science fiction thriller mixed with steamy romance, something that surely couldn't fail to intrigue. How sad I was to find myself disappointed after only the first few chapters of reading this novel.To begin, the characters are very hard to relate to. They are very monotonous with lots of repetitive [...]

  • Mayara Arend

    Being with him is a lovely sci fi romance, and I enjoyed it a lot. I'm not much for lovey dovey romances, that show a couple just sooo in love that they can't see anything, they can't find flaws on eachother, they can't be funny or disagree. It's just annoying. And sci fi is one of my favorite genders, one that I haven't read in a while - at least no good books - so this was very refreshing and I ate it up, as quick as possible.Mila is an upper class, young girl who dropped her job on finances t [...]

  • Melissa

    This sounded like a fun paranormal. However, I would classify this as a sci-fi romantic adventure. Mila is an insecure beautiful woman. Now, sometimes that can frustrate a reader, but in a way made sense. She is rejected for essentially who she is whenever she reveals a bit of her powers. I did like that by the end she was more confident, but not as much as I would have liked. Garrick has Mila's powers in the opposite direction. He has also been rejected, but his rejection was by his own parents [...]

  • Tonya

    I am not sure I'm a knowledgeable reviewer for this book since my most-read genres are neither science fiction nor romance, and this book is an odd combination of the two. I didn't like the cover for the book. It's misleading.Mila and Garrick meet on a blind date for dinner at her house with her family, who set them up. Mila has an instant dislike for his rude behavior; Garrick is forcing himself to dislike this beautiful woman to stay distant from relationships because of his mental state. A we [...]

  • Charia

    I won this book as well as another, When You Believe, by Jessica Inclan in a drawing and was pleased I did. I enjoyed this book enough to definitely read more of the series, and others by Jessica. However it wasn't one of those books I couldn't put down. I generally take two-three days to read a book I love (in addition to working, etc.). This one took me a bit longer. I believe this was partially due to the world building that is needed for all first books in a series. Just a few slow areas in [...]

  • Phoebe

    Jessica Barksdale Inclán is a new author to me and I was pretty glad when she got in touch with me about being interviewed and having her latest Second Romance series books reviewed by me. I'm a bit late in posting this review but it's better late than never and I really enjoyed reading the first book Being with Him. This is a paranormal romance that I didn't at first really understand completely because the two main characters are from another plant placed on earth for their own survival by th [...]

  • Brenda the compassionate liberal Whitner

    This was an ok book. A little to far fetched for me. Being from different planets. However, the story line was good and it kept me reading. I got this for free because it was one of the new releases. Mila and Garrick are set up on a blind date and Garrick is a total jerk. He doesn't want to know her because he is fearful of her because of one of her paintings. Only, in the middle of the night after their disasterous date Garrick calls Mila about talking and they find out about each others powers [...]

  • Deb

    I think I picked the wrong time of year to read this book. It started off with a lot of promise; the heat between the two main characters was intense! Then the story took a very weird turn and I had a hard time following it.The two main characters, Mila and Garrick, meet on a blind date. As it turns out, they both share the power to read minds and move through time. They are actually part of an alien race called Cygirians who are on the run from the evil Neballats who want to harvest their power [...]

  • Jennifer Cain

    First things first. I won this title in a giveaway. The author was very nice and sent not only this book but another title too. Also, you should know I read this over the holiday season and was a little distracted. (In fact I thought I had already written a review.) I entered the giveaway looking for something different and found it. Overall, I enjoyed Being With Him. It is a case of don't judge a book by its cover. I expected something a little more romantic. The racy scenes were balanced with [...]

  • Tobyann Aparisi

    I have had some trouble staying up with this one. It took me sometime to really get into it. the cover had me a bit worried that it was nothing like it sounded and just another romance/harlequin type book. No it is not one of those! Thank God. but all the same it was very hard for me to follow and complete. It is okay, the characters are developed well enough, the story just seemed a bit slim, missing something. I appreciate the opportunity to receive this through first reads,and will try others [...]

  • Nancy

    Mila and Garrick have always felt different from their friends and family, but little did they know how different they were until they met each other. Figuring they were the only ones possessing special powers, they were stunned to realize others like them existed. But at the same time, they learn a powerful enemy wants to use their abilities and will stop at nothing to capture them. They must travel to the stars to unite with their people and forge a new life for themselves and a connection tha [...]

  • Jennifer Gonzalez

    I won't bother going into what the story is about. I'll just say that I really did enjoy this book. It didn't have as much action in it as I normally like but besides thatI was happy enough. The sex is HOT, the story line is rather different, though I would've liked more info on that other world and what happened. I won the beautiful being off first reads and the author also sent me this book it was captivating

  • Sarah

    This book had a very interesting plot with some very interesting twists and turns. I wasn't sure how I felt about the idea that the Source had some sort of divine plan, but the basic premise about 'aliens' being the same as us was a very interesting idea. Some of the transitions (particularly from sex to not-sex) were abrupt, but overall I thought it was a good book with a very unique and interesting story.

  • Erica

    I liked this story. It was a good read and left me wanting more. I am going to have to get the next book in the series so I can find out what happens to Mila and Garrrick. Have you ever felt you did not fit in? Do you feel there is someone out there who is meant just for you? Mila and Garrick both know how it feels to not quite fit in, to have a secret you can't tell anyone. When they are set up on a blind date by well meaning relatives no one could have predicted what would happen next.

  • Heather

    Well I have to admit I never saw this coming. Let's just say the cover is very misleading and this trilogy is far better Sci-fi than Urban Fantasy. Without getting into spoilers, if you have the time read them. I was pleasantly surprised and glad I did.

  • BrittanyFlirty and Dirty Book Blog

    These books are sci-fi so be warned. I liked the story between the two main characters a lot and the idea of the book was good, it was just as the story progressed over the series the main story arc became really hard to swallow. It's one of those books that leaves you kinda blah when you're done.

  • Bethany

    If I shelved my books by genre, I'd be stumped. Not really romance, not quite sci-fi. Kind of Genre Identity Crises high on with this book. I'm glad I finished it, but I'm okay with never reading another in the series. Book swap fort this one.

  • Margaret

    I am really not into scif. but it is holding my interest.This was a pretty good book. I enjoyed reading it.

  • Karen Desmond


  • Anne

    It's a really good book, but only giving it 3 stars, because the ending was pretty anti-climatic. It just kind of fizzled.

  • Camille

    This was sci-fi which isn't really my thing but I still like it. The romance part was really sweet.

  • Robyn

    Yeah! I even surprised myself! I've never read a sappy romance novel so I figured I'd give it a shott too bad anyway.

  • Lindy

    This is very well written & will appeal to sci-fi romance readers. I just have a hard time getting into sci-fi.

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ Being with Him | by ✓ Jessica Barksdale Inclan
    223 Jessica Barksdale Inclan
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