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By Maya O. Calica | Comments: ( 456 ) | Date: ( May 27, 2020 )

The Anatomy of a BreakupTwenty three year old self proclaimed nice Girl Monica Tanseco is finding out the hard way that in order to survive a breakup, you have to grow up fast Sure, breaking up is hard to do, but who knew it involved Denial, followed by desperate bid to get back together involving promises to do everything to make him happy Sever loss of sleep,The Anatomy of a BreakupTwenty three year old self proclaimed nice Girl Monica Tanseco is finding out the hard way that in order to survive a breakup, you have to grow up fast Sure, breaking up is hard to do, but who knew it involved Denial, followed by desperate bid to get back together involving promises to do everything to make him happy Sever loss of sleep, appetite and self esteem Acute paralysis or maybe death of good judgment Compulsive tendencies to document every event, feeling and fantasy in a manner of reporter trying to make sense of things More compulsive tendencies to over examine relationship carcass and over analyze cause of death as couple Getting a lifeWhen her perfect boyfriend college hoop star certified hottie and young hotshot eagle Itos Ongpauco decided to call it quits, Monica, barista by day and dreamer by night, found herseld stepping out from behind the coffee counter and out of her comfort zone into the mad world of magazine publishing.While starting out at the bottom of the food chain as the overworked, unpaid intern at M magazine can obliterate any trace of self esteem, anything including bitchy bosses, temperamental photographers, rather dull but oh so hot male models is a welcome balm to her pains Never mind that her freebie obsessed boss treats her like an on call, 24 hour proxy service Never mind, that, sometimes, when she s had too much alcohol, male models become irresistible Never mind that, despite having just had her heart broken, the possibility of love presents itself again.

  • Title: The Breakup Diaries
  • Author: Maya O. Calica
  • ISBN: 9719270616
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Maya O. Calica

Hello, my name is Maya O Calica, a freelance writer editor storyteller based in Auckland, New Zealand Given my job description, my office changes daily from the pink rose fringed studio next to our garage, the local library, to just about every coffee shop that has free Wi Fi and serves a fantastic flat white.Just a few things about me I love magazinesI ve worked on five magazines across two cities my hometown of Manila and Singapore , and have been privileged to have refined my skills with the best in the industry During my stint with Cosmopolitan Philippines, I learned about the biz from my talented editor, Myrza Sison an education that prepared me for a career in editing teen titles Candy and Seventeen Philippines, working as a lifestyle and beauty ed for the fashion magazine Female Singapore under editor Susanah Cheok, and being at the helm of Smile, Cebu Pacific s exciting inflight magazine I m also a published author.I still get a bit shy telling this to new friends But it is the truth My first book, The Breakup Diaries Summit Books , is a chick lit novel published in 2003 it has since been made into a five episode TV special for ABC 5 s Love Books and republished last year My second book, Undercover Taitai Marshall Cavendish came out in late 2008, and is about a reluctant book editor turned undercover agent with a Chihuahua as a sidekick My latest book, Good Night, Lala Adarna House is written by my late mother, Corazon O Calica, and edited and illustrated with sewn illustrations by me Being my own boss has its perks.I have the time and freedom to try new things now that I am a freelancer Since I moved to Auckland, I ve fallen in love with sewing, crafting and illustrating, tried my hand at gardening, pursued cooking I enjoy trying new recipes for my husband and stepdaughters , and even teach Sunday school to kids at my church I sail with my husband, and have also taken up driving And of course, there is the joy of traveling whether to a nearby winery or jetting off to cities like Tokyo, Singapore, and the many provinces of my country, the Philippines.

Comments The Breakup Diaries

  • Chachic

    Originally posted here.I don't get to feature Filipino fiction as often as I'd like here on the blog so it feels like a treat when I get to do so. I can still remember the first time I read The Breakup Diaries a few years ago. I was still in college then and this title was my favorite out of all the Summit Books that were available at that time. After I finished reading it, I worked on convincing my girlfriends to pick it up as well so we could discuss it. Preferably while hanging out in a cafe [...]

  • Biena (The Library Mistress)

    Cross-posted at The Library MistressBought this one 10 years ago and absent-mindedly forgot that I haven't finished it. Thanks to 7-Eleven's rack, I saw this book's 10th year edition and that instantly reminded me that I actually have this at home. A friend of mine even told me, I hoard books too much and treat them like wine, but srsly, I wanted to retort that I now plan to read all my 'owned and unread' books right away, if only time will permit me to. Oh well, I just wish it won't take 10 yea [...]

  • Maria Ella

    "Since the split, you've gone out with:a. Two boys - one that ended at 9pm and the other with your guy best friend, with whom you've realized you could never get it on with romantically."b. c. Screw you, Monica Tanseco and your diary entries. Yes, I've dated two guys: One is a review friend from a distant past, we meet three years after passing the exams. What we were before, what we are now, what we will be in the future is the Talk. We see ourselves excelling in our respective fields. Yet alas [...]

  • Janus the Erudite Artist

    This is one of the most memorable books I’ve read. I was entirely engrossed with Monica’s life. She’s the typical girl living a simple life, happily committed and responsible. It seemed she had everything settled out for her. Until, her boyfriend broke up with her on their anniversary. That sucks! And that just where her story begins…The Break Up Diaries reminds us that there’s always a rainbow after the storm. I love the lessons that have been laid out with the story and I would highl [...]

  • Anne

    It took me forever to finish reading this, primarily because I didn't like the main character. She sounded like an air head and pretty much immature halfway through the story. She was totally unrelatable. I felt like the romance part only kicked in at the latter part of the story, which was already too late. Her Love Interest seemed a bit underdeveloped to me (because he was introduced at the latter part). And that twist in the end felt like a failed attempt to make things interesting for Monica [...]

  • Jyc Manrique

    This was the first book I read from Summit. Summit Books have these amazing artsy covers that I just can't resist. The thing is, those covers do pretty much a huge justice because the story is just great. The Breakup Diaries tells a story of a girl recovering from her breakup. Her way of narration is really much like what you write in a diary, thus making you feel like you're reading one. I love how she was able to cope from her heartbreak and what she did to make herself better after it. This w [...]

  • Venessaa ♡☮♫

    I really liked this book. It is inspiring not only for, well, girls who are going through a break up but to girls who are in different situations. Either happy, in love or well, hopeless romantics. I really liked the message in the end of the book. And some of the inspiring quotes that the book has given. Like how even though a guy broke up with you, everything would be okay because there would be someone who'll treat you better-who'll be better and who'll make you feel like you're home.Really n [...]

  • Nicole

    My go-to read when love life is in a rough patch.

  • Carmi Hernandez

    The convenience store version of a literary classic. Still love this tho, a light read but left a mark.

  • Kat

    Thanks to Summit for reprinting this book! :) It's a real guide to coping with heartbreaks and finding a new love.

  • Jenny

    I remembered this book way back when I was at may 6th grade. I think this is the time I was starting to devour reading at the young age.:) I highly recommend it to young readers out there:)

  • Alona

    "And all it took for her self-esteem to shrink from its former size XL to a diminutive, breath-constricting size XXS were three words: “This isn't working."There really is no easy way to survive a break up especially if you are the one left behind. It’s nice to read books and articles about it but there is no black and white systematic instruction of how one can get past the heartache. The road to recovery is not the same for everyone. Sometimes a person would take just weeks to bounce back; [...]

  • Kevin Arriola

    The Breakup Diariesby Maya O. CalicaPerhaps it's the most painful thing when your boyfriend would decide to call it quits on your anniversary dinner date. Ouch!Well, written in a girl's point of view, I clearly understand how girls think and act in the given situation.I'm not really sure about this one so I ask some of my girl friends. In my opinion, they can't move on until they meet someone better than their ex. Also, the good thing is, they're going to cry and let it all out for days but they [...]

  • Hannah

    An easy read but not something that would leave an outstanding impression. The character is too airhead in my opinion. The love between main character and the guy she eventually ended up with was underdeveloped. Nevertheless, the book entertained me.

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ The Breakup Diaries | by ↠ Maya O. Calica
    260 Maya O. Calica
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