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By Rosanna Leo | Comments: ( 634 ) | Date: ( Mar 28, 2020 )

Lynx shifter Marci Lennox has worked at the shifter friendly Ursa Fishing Lodge and Resort all her adult life It s a home to her than a job When her boss goes on vacation, putting her in charge, Marci is thrilled Finally a chance to prove she has the mettle to run a resort.Her confidence is shaken when new employee Anton Gaspar appears One look at the mysterious tLynx shifter Marci Lennox has worked at the shifter friendly Ursa Fishing Lodge and Resort all her adult life It s a home to her than a job When her boss goes on vacation, putting her in charge, Marci is thrilled Finally a chance to prove she has the mettle to run a resort.Her confidence is shaken when new employee Anton Gaspar appears One look at the mysterious tiger shifter spells trouble for Marci and for her sex crazed lynx Anton is judgmental, condescending, and a little misogynistic Unfortunately, Marci s lynx thinks his tiger is delicious than an oversized bag of Maltesers.It becomes difficult for Marci to remain neutral near Anton, especially when she learns of his troubling past and unusual family circumstances However, when dangerous incidents occur on the resort, the lynx woman and tiger man join forces to combat the threat to the lodge and its guests.Harder still is the quest to combat their explosive feelings for one another As they explore their mutual passion, they realize the danger at the resort is insidious than they ever envisioned Their dreams, their love, and their very lives are at stake.

  • Title: Predator's Refuge
  • Author: Rosanna Leo
  • ISBN: 9781622100682
  • Page: 247
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Rosanna Leo

Rosanna Leo is a multi published romance author Winner of the Reader s Choice 2015 in Paranormal Romance at The Romance Reviews, Rosanna draws on her love of mythology for her books on Greek gods, selkies and shape shifters Her hot contemporary romance Vice was recently reviewed by Library Journal.From Toronto, Canada, Rosanna occupies a house in the suburbs with her long suffering husband, their two hungry sons and a tabby cat named Sweetie When not writing, she can be found haunting dusty library stacks or planning her next star crossed love affair.A library employee by day, she is honored to be a member of the league of naughty librarians who also happen to write romance.

Comments Predator's Refuge

  • Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort

    Favorite Lines "I think God made you for me.”“Yes, lynx,” he said, laughing. “I said I love you. Would you like to debate it?”“I love you too, Mr. Gaspar. Or is it Prince Anton? My liege? Your Highness? I never did ask the correct method for addressing you.” “You can just call me your tiger.” “My tiger.” She nodded. “I like that.”“Just one of my faults,” she said, pulling him closer and wrapping her arms around his waist. “I have many, you know.” “I’ll take [...]

  • The BookChick

    My Rating: ★★★★VERY GOOD: The characteristics of a 4 star book include: a great story; I loved the characters; and there was an interesting plot and unique story elements; there may have been a few odd things kept the story from being amazing. I would read it again and I would recommend it to a friend. I am such a fan of Rosanna Leo's Gemini Island Shifters series. Both of the stories before Predator's Refuge were engaging, fun, and very sexy. And happily, Predator's Refuge fits right in [...]

  • Lee Anne - OMG! It's TOOOOO Cold!

    Gemini Island….A safe haven for shifters. They’re free to be themselves and find their way. Have a little fun.Anton has come to Gemini Island to start over. He’s royalty but has no plans to claim the throne. In fact, he would rather it all went away.Marci has worked at Ursa Lodge for years. She’s always been awkward and she’s a late bloomer. She’s finally come into her lynx and she’s been trusted to run the lodge.The problem? Marci’s lynx is in heat and wants Anton. Anton however [...]

  • Tracey

    Book 3 in the Gemini Island Shifter Series and this time we get Marci's Story, a Lynx Shifter currently on heat!The resort is getting a new employee, enter Anton a Prince trying to escape his family and title. His a Tiger shifter, but in human form his just the total Alpha Male package!We all know they'll get together eventually but before that there's some severe sexual tension, especially for poor Marci who's on heat. To make things worse she's in charge of the resort, while trying to control [...]

  • SN the Viking

    I am sooooo looking forward to reading this book!

  • Monette Michaels

    I love shifter books. Well-written shifter books, and Rosanna Leo's Gemini Island Shifters series is one of my go-to reads.Predator's Ridge hits all my buzzers and bells. Spunky heroine in lynx shifter Marci. Hunky hero in tiger shifter Anton. And an evil shifter villain wanting to hurt them both. The romance and sex between Marci and Anton is HAWT and their happy ever after is well deserved and satisfying. I can't wait for the next book in this series!

  • Trescina Bell

    Another great read!I have enjoyed this series. This book was equally exciting. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

  • t'irla ~The Bookslayer~ t'irla's Talk Book Blog

    What can I say? I love Gemini Island Shifters! I fell in love with Rosanna Leo's BearShifters in her first two books in this series (if you haven't read them you really MUST) and now she presents me with a damaged TigerShifter with an accent who is royalty. can a girl resist!!! In the first two books of the series we met Marci, a young LynxShifter who was sweet, fun and a bit daring. Her play for Soren in book 2 didn't work out and she found herself in an embarrassing situation but she put that [...]

  • Aixa

    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.From Bears to Felines, what has Rosanna done now?This is it the final installment of our favorite storyline Gemini Island and Shifters Predator’s Refuse by Rosanna Leo (for now). Now before you get your hopes up there is no Ryland or Soren to drool over, this one is about our lovely Marci.Remember her?Marci was the lovely girl in Predator’s kiss that worked at the front counter who had braces and was going through her awkward teenage years [...]

  • Lovebites Andsilk

    A beautifully written paranormal romance, matching an aristocratic tiger-shifter with a feisty lynx in an exotic location. I love big cat shifters and this story delivered what I enjoy in shifter stories, smexiness loaded with suspense.This author uses words to great effect, painting pictures that are almost cinematic and transporting you to locations, making you a front row audience as the scenes unfold. The characters are immensely likeable and well developed. There were moments that made me l [...]

  • Donna Sweeney

    Another absolutley brilliant book from Rosanna !!.If you have not read any of Rosanna's series then DO SO NOW !!! Hot guys, strong heroines, actual good story line !!!!I have enjoyed EVERY single book in this particular series and secretly, I have been waiting Marci's book in particular. I always had a soft spot for her and Anton as our leading male in her story was a REAL WOW for me. Huba, huba girlies - gorgeous alpha hunk!!I carn't wait for book 4. Seriously people try this series and her oth [...]

  • Fran Lucero

    Loved Marcie in the previous book. Felt so bad for her when she tried to seduce Rileys brother and got a bit mad t her till I understood what was happening to her. Anton I felt so bad for the miserable childhood he had. What a family he had. I was really in suspense who was doing the attacks until three fourth of the book then I figured it had to be Gabi ,Anton's brother. Great series keep them coming.

  • Nina

    Rosanna has done it again! I was excited to revisit Gemini Island again with Marci and Anton. This story had nice buildup and development with the characters. Also loved the suspense surrounding the plot. I was on the edge of my seat guessing the entire time and it was not what I expected so kudos to the author for that.Overall, this was a very enjoyable PNR!

  • Michelle ♣ Ndayeni

    Rosanna Leo's books rarely disappoint, and such is very true of this third addition to her Gemini Island Shifters series. This time we get Marci's story, a woman that we've met in the previous books, though she had yet to come into her own then. In this one she's all grown up though and finally starting to realize her potential. The choices she ends up making, however, are a bit surprising, not only to the reader but to Marci herself.In the previous books we saw Marci as an awkward young shifter [...]

  • Mnix

    Marci Lennox is a Lynx shifter with a serious problem. Her Lynx is in the mood to mate and is getting pretty fiesty about it, while Marci just wants to do her job at Ursa Fishing Lodge and Resort the best she can. That does not mean thinking any new unattached male is a possible mate and that she should try them out. When Marci is given the chance to become the assistant manager at the lodge if she runs it successfully while her boss is on vacation, Marci is more than up for the job. That is unt [...]

  • Sandy Wolters

    Book: Predator's RefugeSeries: Gemini Island Shifters - Book 3Author: Rosanna LeoGenre: Erotic PNR/Fantasy (Shifter)Length: Approximately 187 PagesPREDATOR'S REFUGE by ROSANNA LEO is the 3rd book in the GEMINI ISLAND SHIFTERS SERIES. All of the novels in this series are stand-alone, but they are all so good, I recommend you start with the first in the series and read them in order so you don't miss a word of Ms. Leo's fabulous writing. PREDATOR'S REFUGE is the story of Anton and Marci, and I'll [...]

  • Tina

    Predator’s Refuge by Rosanna Leo is the third installment to the Gemini Island Shifter series. Her we have a Lynx shifter Marci she is fiercely independent. She wants to be in complete control of everything even her animal, though that is not always possible. Her Lynx wants out and sometimes she slips the leash Marci has on her control.Anton- Prince by birth, but has been so abused by his family that I was shocked at his depth of kindness and understanding he was able to retain after that. Wha [...]

  • ★¸. • * ° *Kathy,Ahmazing Book Faerie*°°*•.¸. ♥★

    Anton GasparMarci LennoxI was given this book, the third in Rosanna's Gemini Island Shifters series to read in return for an honest review.I have not read either of the two prevoius books, but that made no difference to the reading of this oneI will however, have to read the first two books, as this is a really great story.I've read Rosanna's Selkie books and loved them, and once again she doesn't fail to entertain.The only down I can find is , the cover just doesnt do Anton justice! This is an [...]

  • Alyson LaBarge

    Oh how I love Shifter stories, especially ones written by Rosanna Leo! Predator's Refuge is the third book in her Gemini Island Shifters series and I fall more in love with her characters with each book. While this story shifts from those loveable bears to some spicy kitties Lynx and Tiger to be exact it pulled me in and had me purring long before it was finished.This story focuses on Marci, the resourceful and longtime front desk clerk at the Ursa Lodge and Anton, another Ursa Lodge employee. T [...]

  • Ellen

    Predator's Refuge (Gemini Island Shifters #3)SO- What do you get when you take a lynx in heat, a beautiful resort where you can let your fur down, some danger and combine it with a smexy as sin Tiger? A tale that will pull you in and keep you hooked, (line and sinker).Rosanna Leo develops her vivid world in a vibrant manner once again. I found myself lost in a world that she creates for us. For a while I was amongst the characters and I was able to escape reality for a few hours.The characters, [...]

  • Michelle(Chelle) aka Nightshade - Cake Whisperer

    Ohhhhh.Siberian Tiger man is so freaking sexy.I am partial to cat shifters and big-cat shifters just make me shiver all over.Marci & Anton are super sexy together, once they both get their heads out of the asses and start sniffing each others.;DThis was a fun introduction to a new character that helped to add to a few characters that I can't wait to learn more about. So, Anton is royalty, a prince running from his sadistic family. He has been on the run for a few years and after hiding out i [...]

  • Luv My Books ♡

    Purr-fectly pleased with this delightful, sensual third book of the Gemini Island Shifters and its felines! While the bears are away, the cats come out to play at the Ursa Fishing Lodge and Resort in Rosanna Leo's Predator's Refuge. I had never read a tiger shifter book before and Anton, the rough yet regal, incognito Hungarian prince on a tortured soul search is a great leading male. And young lynx Marci kept pace with him as she walks out her destiny with grace, proving herself capable and con [...]

  • Lani ⚔⚔the Destroyer ⚔⚔

    **This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review**I am so I love with the Gemini Shifters! We were first introduced to Marci in book 1, as a young, shy girl. It was nice to see her grow in book 2 to become a confident, strong woman in book 3, Predator's Refuge. Despite Anton being quite the chauvinist he was still quite likeable (because we were in his head that is), and it was fun to watch the chemistry between Anton and Marci grow with each page. I love Rosanna Leo's [...]

  • Laura

    Marci Lennox finally has the chance to show her boss that she has the potential to run a shifter-centred resort when he goes on vacation. Unfortunately, she doesn't count on a hot tiger shifter, Anton, to join the staff whom her inner lynx particularly likes even though Marci is infuriated by his sexist views on women. When danger threatens the lodge, however, it will take both of them to make sure that no more blood is spilt.I loved the chemistry between Marci and Anton: even while their outer [...]

  • Jessi Szigethy

    I really enjoy this series. Rosanna has a way of making you feel close to the characters. Marci is perfectly ambitious and in heat. It makes her more focused on helping Ryland out while he is on his honeymoon. Anton. Wow. Hot. Mysterious. A bit damaged. But was able to keep his soul through a painful past. The mystery of who was attacking women was well done. I was able to predict whodunit before the reveal but it was not too early for it to ruin the story. The sex scenes Hot damn. Each book the [...]

  • Suzan

    I really enjoyed this book, Marci really came into her own as the star of the book and I loved Anton as well! There was definitely some really explosive chemistry between the two of them! I wasn't quite expecting the villain to be who they were so that was a bit of a twist at the end but I'm happy for Marci and Anton though I hope they'll return permanently to Gemini Island at some point. I do understand Anton having to return to his homeland and Marci needing to go with him but I'm sure Ryland [...]

  • AL

    Another wonderful read. This story is Marci's who Ryland left her in charge while him and Lia went to their honeymoon. Anton, a royal prince in Hungary left his home to work for Ryland. Anton had a troubled past. Seeing him and Marci getting to know each other with other employees and her friends involved was fun to see. This book was full of mystery and doubts but in the end, it all worked out and Marci found what she needed to do and that is standing beside her tiger and rule the tribe in Buda [...]

  • •♥•♥•Toni the Book Addict•♥•♥•™

    Loved loved loved this book. IMHO it was the best so far in this series, hands down. Marci was adorable and sweet without being annoyingly innocent and Anton was tall dark and hot! Phew, tiger shifters gimmie more of that, please! There was also a really good mystery weaved into the story that left this reader guessing. There were a few times I had to stop myself from peeking at the end to see who done it.Definitely highly recommended to anyone who like shifter books!

  • Lisa Owens

    Another incredible book written by shift extraordinaire, Rosanna Leo. I have been hooked on this series since the very first book, and I was so excited to see that Marci finally got her very own story! The lovely lady lynx finds her mate in handsome, damaged tiger shifter, Anton. When danger once again comes to Gemini Island, their love is put to the ultimate test. Will Anton choose his mate, or join forces with his brother to retake control of their country?

  • Kryssie Fortune

    Marcy has grown throughout the series, and she finally gets her own book. Everything she ever wanted was on Predator Island, but her mate comes from a different world. The poor girl's torn between long held ambition and love.Not that she wants to mix with European royalty, but fate takes a hand.I was unsure about buying this, as I loved Rosanna's bear shifters. I shouldn't have worried. It hooked me in from the first page I can't recommend this book enough.

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    247 Rosanna Leo
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