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By Alan Dean Foster | Comments: ( 498 ) | Date: ( Feb 29, 2020 )

New York Times bestselling author Alan Dean Foster delivers the eagerly awaited new Pip and Flinx novel featuring a certain twenty four year old with red hair, growing powers, and a loyal sidekick who just happens to be a flying mini dragon Sure to delight longtime fans and win new ones, Flinx s Folly follows Flinx on a thrilling quest to unravel the mysteries of his mindNew York Times bestselling author Alan Dean Foster delivers the eagerly awaited new Pip and Flinx novel featuring a certain twenty four year old with red hair, growing powers, and a loyal sidekick who just happens to be a flying mini dragon Sure to delight longtime fans and win new ones, Flinx s Folly follows Flinx on a thrilling quest to unravel the mysteries of his mind and body It is a quest that forces him to confront a horror almost beyond human comprehension concealed somewhere in the universe and coming closer.It s a good thing Flinx is no stranger to trouble, because he s swimming in it Even before the latest murderous attack by a new gang of assailants, there seems no end to people determined to arrest, examine, or kill him To add insult to all that injury, Flinx has been spirited away and enlisted in a battle against a monstrous extra galactic threat Hidden behind the Great Emptiness, in a place where it seems matter and energy have never been, there is only evil Pure evil that is approaching him, accelerating.Against such a quintessence of colossal evil what can one puny human and a formidable mini drag protector do Flinx must tell someone or go out of his already addled mind Choosing a confidant is easy Clarity Held, a crush he hasn t seen in six years She is a young woman who has clearly gone on with her life in ways that he soon learns don t necessarily include Flinx.Whatever happens, Flinx makes up his mind to act quickly His decision is the beginning of a terrifying, high stakes adventure through perilous new realms that will rocket him into the very heart of danger and into the arms of the only woman he s ever loved As he and Pip bravely travel to a place where no man or mini drag has gone before, Flinx discovers he has a few friends than he thought and far enemies than he ever imagined.From the Hardcover edition.

  • Title: Flinx's Folly
  • Author: Alan Dean Foster
  • ISBN: 9780345450395
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Alan Dean Foster

Bestselling science fiction writer Alan Dean Foster was born in New York City in 1946, but raised mainly in California He received a B.A in Political Science from UCLA in 1968, and a M.F.A in 1969 Foster lives in Arizona with his wife, but he enjoys traveling because it gives him opportunities to meet new people and explore new places and cultures This interest is carried over to his writing, but with a twist the new places encountered in his books are likely to be on another planet, and the people may belong to an alien race.Foster began his career as an author when a letter he sent to Arkham Collection was purchased by the editor and published in the magazine in 1968 His first novel, The Tar Aiym Krang, introduced the Humanx Commonwealth, a galactic alliance between humans and an insectlike race called Thranx Several other novels, including the Icerigger trilogy, are also set in the world of the Commonwealth The Tar Aiym Krang also marked the first appearance of Flinx, a young man with paranormal abilities, who reappears in other books, including Orphan Star, For Love of Mother Not, and Flinx in Flux.Foster has also written The Damned series and the Spellsinger series, which includes The Hour of the Gate, The Moment of the Magician, The Paths of the Perambulator, and Son of Spellsinger, among others Other books include novelizations of science fiction movies and television shows such as Star Trek, The Black Hole, Starman, Star Wars, and the Alien movies Splinter of the Mind s Eye, a bestselling novel based on the Star Wars movies, received the Galaxy Award in 1979 The book Cyber Way won the Southwest Book Award for Fiction in 1990 His novel Our Lady of the Machine won him the UPC Award Spain in 1993 He also won the Ignotus Award Spain in 1994 and the Stannik Award Russia in 2000.

Comments Flinx's Folly

  • Bradley

    I had a really great time with this one mainly because it *felt* like a nice departure from the rest of the plotlines. It really isn't, of course, but perception is everything. You remember that love interest a few books back? Yeah, well six years have passed and she's coming back into the picture. 18-year-old Flinx has grown more powerful, more painful, and a bit wary of his never-ending quest. Or is that just his headaches? Probably just that. Or the assassins. Or the death cults who blame him [...]

  • Paul

    During the course of his previous (mis)adventures, Flinx has inadvertently inspired a Death Cult who are out to make their inspiration and honorary 'founder' a martyr to the cause.Don't you just hate it when that happens?Whilst fleeing from his 'acolytes', Flinx runs to his ex-lover Clarity Held for a shoulder to cry on. Her current boyfriend isn't too happy about this and joins the unofficial 'We Hate Flinx' anti-fan club.While all this is going on, two old friends reappear (view spoiler)[(IT'S [...]

  • Thomas

    The next installment in Pip and Flinx's saga brings new enemies, a return of allies, and more insight into Flinx's not so wanted quest. Check it out.

  • Wetdryvac Wetdryvac

    Fluff, but it's Alan Dean Foster fluff, which means it's well written and fun.

  • Brent Ecenbarger

    Unfortunately for Pip & Flinx fans, Alan Dean Foster has fallen into a bad habit of placing the protagonist (and his pet mini-drag) into seemingly deadly situations only to have him rescued by characters that were otherwise absent from the plot of the current story. Following multiple rescues in that manner in Mid-Flinx, and similar instances in Reunion , I was not shocked to see that the same development was utilized in Flinx’s Folly but I was disappointed. That sense of cheating employed [...]

  • Barry

    Excellent interesting and focused Science Fiction adventure. Flinx is the fulcrum of 'something' Not sure if it's good or evil. He regains contact with old friends especially Clarity. Unfortunately as the book ends he is forced to leave a badly injured Clarity with his friends while he continues his search

  • Tyler Powell

    I was vascillating between 3 and 4 stars. This book was written a couple of decades ago, when maybe the trope of an author never letting the main character experience happiness wasn't as worn as it is now. But I have a hard time with that, at this point. This book is one long exercise in angst, though it is, as always with the Pip and Flinx books, a fun adventure and an easy read.

  • Stonemagpie

    Mediocre. I like Pip (and Scrap) and some of the action was good, but the villain was cartoonish and there was a couple of deus ex machina’s in there, which is two too many.

  • Kevin

    3.5 stars really. This installment is not quite as pulse quickening as the previous books in the series, but rather a slow crescendo. What at first seems more of a romance story than anything having to do with the awesome world building we are accustomed to in the Humanx-Commonwealth universe, the story suddenly takes turn half-way through and delivers the sense-of-wonder we science fiction fans crave, and in heaping portions. Much of this is in the form of exposition, but that does not detract [...]

  • Lara

    In this book Flinx's unpredictable abilities are starting to cause real trouble for him, so he takes off to visit an old friend. This friend is surprised to see him as he hasn't kept touch. However, they begin spending a lot of time together and Flinx is able to share much of what concerns him. At the same time, the interest other entities are taking in him comes into focus while a jealous lover of Flinx's friend becomes unreasonable and troublesome.I was thinking how much I'd love to see Truzen [...]

  • Bryan457

    Flinx's empathic powers go out of control as his dreams about a monstrous evil beyond the Great Emptiness are projected to everyone around him. After escaping from the hospital and being chased by a doomsday cult, dedicated to a cleansing death for the whole universe, Flinx visits his old flame Clarity Held to talk about his troubles. Clarity's fiance, a scheming corporate suit, becomes homicidally jealous. He is about to kill them both when Flinx's old mentors show up and save them. Deus ex mac [...]

  • Matt

    Two books in a new series, two deus ex machina's to end them. Still fun, but a bit tiresome. Also, the sitcom-like refresh of circumstances was both telegraphed and annoying. Hoping the future ones are better.

  • Erinn

    Meh.Just never could get into this one. I am not sure if I've out grown the writer, or if he's just not writing the way he used to however long ago it was when he started this series. After all I did start reading these a couple of decades ago.

  • Mike S

    Another great installment in the Flinx series, I recommend you read the entire series in order if you can, but if not the books I've read are quite able to stand on their own.

  • Peter

    Good as all Flinx books are - best read in order

  • Daniel

    Slow start, but great book overall. The whole commonwealth series is worth checking out.

  • colleen

    read 09.26.05

  • Robertbarnes2

    Good series.

  • Benn

    Book 9 is the reunion tour which seems very satisfying to someone who has read these novels over the course of a couple decades.

  • Abby

    In this book, Flinx returns to find his "Girl"; what's-er-name.I've forgotten her Clarity! It's a good book.

  • Ronald Bunch

    I thought it was a surprising book, and worth reading.

  • DaNela

    Pip & Flinx adventure story #8*BIO*

  • Amelia

    Amusing, light sci-fi. A nice easy read.

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  • [PDF] ↠ Unlimited ✓ Flinx's Folly : by Alan Dean Foster ✓
    447 Alan Dean Foster
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