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By Garry Disher | Comments: ( 877 ) | Date: ( Mar 31, 2020 )

Meet Hal Challis, Detective for the Mornington Peninsula police force in Southeast Australia, in the first investigation in this prize winning crime series A serial killer is on the loose in a small coastal town near Melbourne, Australia Detective Inspector Hal Challis and his team must apprehend him before he strikes again But first, Challis has to contend with the edMeet Hal Challis, Detective for the Mornington Peninsula police force in Southeast Australia, in the first investigation in this prize winning crime series A serial killer is on the loose in a small coastal town near Melbourne, Australia Detective Inspector Hal Challis and his team must apprehend him before he strikes again But first, Challis has to contend with the editor of a local newspaper who undermines his investigation at every turn, and with his wife, who attempts to resurrect their marriage through long distance phone calls from a sanitarium, where she has been committed for the past eight years for attempted murder his.

  • Title: The Dragon Man
  • Author: Garry Disher
  • ISBN: 9781569473566
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Garry Disher

Garry Disher was born in 1949 and grew up on his parents farm in South Australia.He gained post graduate degrees from Adelaide and Melbourne Universities In 1978 he was awarded a creative writing fellowship to Stanford University, where he wrote his first short story collection He travelled widely overseas, before returning to Australia, where he taught creative writing, finally becoming a full time writer in 1988 He has written than 40 titles, including general and crime fiction, children s books, textbooks, and books about the craft of writing.

Comments The Dragon Man

  • Phrynne

    This was my first book by Garry Disher and I enjoyed it very much.I must admit to struggling a bit at the beginning as the author introduced numerous new characters one after the other. I was glad I was reading a paper book so I could page back every now and then and check who was who! As the book progressed though the characters developed and it became much easier to attach their names to them. I enjoyed the main character, Hal Challis. He remained calm in difficult situations and he did not ap [...]

  • Brenda

    Detective Inspector Hal Challis was finding the drought tiring – not a lot of water left in his rainwater tanks, almost none in his underground tanks; he didn’t want to buy water again. But the musings on his water problems were soon drowned out by his concern over the latest abduction. A second young woman had been taken and his feeling was that there was a serial killer in their area – they hadn’t linked it to the first one yet, but he didn’t like coincidences…His small town of Wat [...]

  • Trish

    This first novel of the Hal Challis series by Garry Disher is disturbing. The setting is The Peninsula, a spit of land on the outskirts of Melbourne in Victoria State. It is described as dry, perhaps even a little barren, and susceptible to drought and fire. Paradoxically it is surrounded by water on three sides--the kind of environs that gives us, in this age of global warming and extreme weather, immediate pause and a sense of foreboding. It is near a major city but removed from its hustle. It [...]

  • Jenny

    The Dragon Man is book one in the Inspector Challis series by Garry Disher. When young women were starting to disappear on the way home and couple of days later turn up dead. Inspector Challis started to think their is a serial killer on the Penisula. The readers of Dragon Man will follow the Inspector Challis and his team investigation into who killing young girls. Also, the readers of The Dragon Man will follow the intertwine investigation into the murder of young women in a house fire.I enjoy [...]

  • Maddy

    RATING: 4.5Garry Disher is an extremely talented author who has not received nearly the acclaim that he should outside of his native Australia. Nominated for the Ned Kelly Award and the Booker Award, Disher has written 32 books. He is best known for the "Wyatt" crime fiction series. With the publication of THE DRAGON MAN, Disher may finally see his fine work acknowledged. The first in a new series, the book is a police procedural that completely engages the reader.Detective Inspector Hal Challis [...]

  • Carol

    I anticipated enjoying, and very much wanted to enjoy, The Dragon Man. It came highly recommended from good friends. I hate being the outlier but there it is. One of the three stars is for guilt. Mine.For all of Disher's considerable talent and experience, this first work in a series came across like a one-hour pilot for the Australian version of Broadchurch. It's not a cozy mystery. Disher introduces 15 - 20 characters, as well as two lead detectives - Hal Challis and Ellen Destry. Only the det [...]

  • Bettie☯

    Bettie's Books

  • farmwifetwo

    Too many characters and I don't care about any of them. DNF

  • Laura

    From BBC Radio 4:By Garry Disher, dramatised by D.J.Britton.It's hot, it's nearly Christmas, and Hal Challis has a serial killer to catch. On the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne, young women are being targeted and murdered and the perpetrator leaves no clues. A series of recorded messages taunting the police, along with a spate of deliberate fire-setting, increase the pressure on the team to make an arrest before the holiday. But they can't find anything to connect the crimes with their only [...]

  • Linda

    I've been stocking up on Aussie mystery/crime novels in order to get a different feel. I've read so many American and English that I almost know where they're going before they get there. So the other countries' writers are alluring. And since I have a couple of Aussie mates, my current focus is there.Gary Disher is one Aussie author that is readily available in the US. There were seven of this Hal Challis series at the bookstore I bought this one at. And I'm really glad they are (and that I bou [...]

  • Chris

    This book isn’t bad. The writing and mood are good. The characters are very uninteresting however. It’s been there and done that. I wish my local PBS would reshow Water Rats.Crossposted at Booklikes.

  • Shirley Schwartz

    This series was recommended to me by . I am a fan of police procedurals and I like reading them set in different countries. This one is set in Australia in and around the small town of Waterloo, and it introduces Inspector Hal Challis. He's a hands-on copper who likes to restore old airplanes in his spare time. Hal's past life is revealed a bit in this book and we find out he has a very sad story to tell. His wife is in prison for attempted murder (his own). In spite of this, his investigative s [...]

  • Mel

    I liked this a lot. It was easy to read -and it was set during summer on the Mornington Peninsula! I've never read a novel set where I live before - I liked recognizing (or thinking I recognized) landmarks and places. I will definitely read more in this series.

  • Marcia Lopez

    It was okay, not enough characters to avoid predictably but an okay detective story in a pinch.

  • Mike

    Inspector Challis tracks a serial killer while dealing with an inquisitive reporter, an ex-wife whose been sent to a sanitarium, and a subordinate whose questionable methods could botch the entire investigation.2.5 stars - A seedy subplot and a unique setting made this a fine read, but everything else in this hard-boiled mystery seemed rather routine.

  • Ben Boulden

    The Peninsula is “a comma of land hooking into the sea southeast of Melbourne” in Victoria, Australia. It is a tourist destination known for its beaches, wineries, and coastal towns. It is sparsely populated, beautiful, and, recently, the stalking ground for a sex killer. One woman was found dead on the Old Peninsula Highway—a lonely road treading the western coast of the peninsula, cutting south and west—and another has disappeared.Inspector Hal Challis, the regional homicide specialist [...]

  • David

    This is the first book in the Detective Inspector Hal Challis police procedural series by Australian author Garry Disher. The book is set in Victoria's Mornington Peninsula and revolves around the happenings of a police station in the fictitious coastal town of Waterloo.Amidst the usual summertime madness of small town petty crimes and vandalism, there is a killer on the loose. So far, two Peninsula women have been abducted, raped and murdered and indications are that the killer will not stop at [...]

  • Abbey

    BOTTOM LINE: #1 Inspector Hal Challis, The Peninsula, Australia; police procedural. A serial kidnapper/killer, a series of arson fires during wildfire season, a lady in Witness Protection who’s being hunted (maybe), office politics, his suicidal wife (in prision), and a couple of loose cannons cum burglars, whose crimes appear to be escalating - things are never dull for Hal and his mates in the CIB. Everything is nicely woven together and the pacing is excellent, never sticking to one viewpoi [...]

  • Ensiform

    The beachside town of Waterloo, Australia (just outside Melbourne) is in fear due to a rash of abductions and murders. Inspector Hall Challis and his band of stalwart, or rather somewhat self-seeking and leaning toward the corrupt, coppers must try to find the killer. Meanwhile, a rash of fires and burglaries complicate matters.This is not so much a police procedural as an ensemble piece, with rich, fully realized characters and strings of interconnecting plots and subplots. Each character, crim [...]

  • Laura Ogrody

    The story and plot were interesting, but the author's habit of changing characters and location without even starting a new paragraph ( or indicating any names) made the book very confusing. The writing was good, but that one flaw was so egregious that I would not read any other books by this author

  • Kaisu

    Ein Krimi, der vor allem dadurch überzeugt, dass jeder ein Gesicht bekommt und man spürt, wie neben einer Ermittlun der normale Alltag weitergehen muss.

  • Bookpassion

    Absolutes Highlight! Garry Disher ist der Meister des Kriminalromans!Wieder einmal hat Garry Disher es geschafft, mich völlig für seine Charaktere und seine Geschichten zu begeistern. Und das Beste daran ist diesmal, dass es eine ganz Reihe um Inspektor Hal Challis und seine Leute gibt, von denen jeder Roman einzeln gelesen werden kann! Aber das wird man nicht wollen, weil man schnell einen Narren an Garry Dishers Büchern frisst!Garry Disher ist ein Meister darin, seine Kriminalgeschichten mi [...]

  • Bill

    I enjoyed The Dragon Man, the first DI Hal Challis mystery, by Garry Disher very much. It's an Australian police procedural that moves along very nicely, is populated with many interesting characters and has many nice little twists and turns as the police team investigate the various cases that make up the story. The basic story is the abduction, rape and murder of local women, but there are also other cases that may or may not be related; the woman from New Zealand who is living in the area und [...]

  • Stven

    This being the third of Garry Disher's crime novels I've read, I've already established that his narrative style suits me and that his characters are interesting to follow. I enjoyed reading this one and will read more, but there were some things that weren't completely satisfying about the plot.The Dragon Man is earlier in the sequence of Inspector Challis stories than the previous one I read, so I had the experience of identifying various people who could be seen to be contemplating paths late [...]

  • Cindy

    The police procedural is a name for a type of mystery which is pretty much like the name implies - it centers around a group of police officers and one or more crimes they are trying to solve. Generally there's one central case and a few others minor ones. Depending on the writer, there's also some stuff about the officers, about their home lives, their relationships, their backgrounds. It's like Law & Order or NCIS. Normally I like police procedurals. I've read a lot of them, set throughou [...]

  • Sue Law

    Top crime thriller.A young women is abducted on the Old Peninsular Highway, south-east of Melbourne. DI Hal Challis can see similarities with an unsolved disappearance several months ago. Can he and his team find the perpetrator before more deaths occur?It could be a standard procedural, but Garry Disher's team at the Waterloo Police Station are all experienced officers, battered by the job and each with a personal daemon and some close to breaking point. Will they be able to track down a serial [...]

  • T

    The first I've read of this Australian author, found this book at a used book store. Set in Australia and following the life of Hal Challis, an upper level policeman (detective?). Separated from his wife who is in prison for some crime, Hal and his cohorts are attempting to solve a case of girls being killed around Christmas time. There are two girls, a burned car, some burned mailboxes, a burned house with a burned body, lots of theftWhat's going on?

  • M.a. Adler

    I won't describe the plot because you can read that elsewhere. I will say that Gary Disher is a talented writer who creates memorable characters in interesting situations. I am a writer, and admire his ability to bring characters to life in a way I can't even describe. If you like good myteries without a lot of sex and violence you will enjoy Gary Disher's Hal Challis series and a new series beginning with "Hell to Pay."

  • Board inMalibu

    Was looking for an Australian mystery author and found Garry Disher on the Soho Publishers site. Ambivalent towards protagonist—maybe later books in this series make him interesting. Tons of characters supporting characters, most of whom I did not find like able. Nice detail on this part of Australia, Melbourne area. Unlikely to read rest of series. Note: terrible editing once again from Soho, there is NO excuse for punctuation errors.

  • Susan

    This story can be described as the opposite of a cozy. The criminals are real low-lifes. Detective Inspector Hal Challis and his team are “good enough investigators. They eventually solve crimes but make mistakes and are generally entangled in messy personal lives. The book does not make very effective use of its setting in Melbourne, but the aeronautical background is interesting.

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