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By Shelley Pearsall | Comments: ( 812 ) | Date: ( Feb 16, 2020 )

It was a bitterly cold day when Arthur T Owens grabbed a brick and hurled it at the trash picker Arthur had his reasons, and the brick hit the Junk Man in the arm, not the head But none of that matters to the judge he is ready to send Arthur to juvie for the foreseeable future Amazingly, it s the Junk Man himself who offers an alternative 120 hours of community servicIt was a bitterly cold day when Arthur T Owens grabbed a brick and hurled it at the trash picker Arthur had his reasons, and the brick hit the Junk Man in the arm, not the head But none of that matters to the judge he is ready to send Arthur to juvie for the foreseeable future Amazingly, it s the Junk Man himself who offers an alternative 120 hours of community service working for him.Arthur is given a rickety shopping cart and a list of the Seven Most Important Things glass bottles, foil, cardboard, pieces of wood, lightbulbs, coffee cans, and mirrors He can t believe it is he really supposed to rummage through people s trash But it isn t long before Arthur realizes there s to the Junk Man than meets the eye, and the trash he s collecting is being transformed into something precious than anyone could imagine Inspired by the work of American folk artist James Hampton.

  • Title: The Seventh Most Important Thing
  • Author: Shelley Pearsall
  • ISBN: 9780553497281
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Shelley Pearsall

I grew up in a blue collar suburb of Cleveland called Parma where I used to write stories in a bedroom closet aka my writer s office I tried to get my first novel a 40 page handwritten story called I am the Only One Left published when I was thirteen As you can probably guess, it was rejected It took about twenty years before I finally had my first published book, Trouble Don t Last Knopf, 2002 Since then, I ve written four novels.Besides writing books for intermediate and teen readers, I ve written a lot of other things over the years plays, ghost stories, non fiction articles, tour brochures, and opinion columns In college, I even had the chance to write a piece for the New York Times.Since I often write about history, people always want to know about my own history I m the great great granddaughter of a Civil War veteran from Ohio There have also been Iowa pioneers in my past as well as cooks, glassblowers, farmers, and shoemakers.Today, I live in a small village in northeastern Ohio called Silver Lake with my husband Mike, stepson Ethan, and cat Marbles I spend a lot of time writing books, visiting schools as a guest author, and leading writing workshops for kids If you want to know , check out my website shelleypearsall.

Comments The Seventh Most Important Thing

  • PaigeBookdragon

    "Lots of people have done hell. Hell is easy to create. Heaven—that’s a whole different ball game,” Mr. Hampton continued. “It takes years. A lifetime. I have a lot left to do."To be honest, I didn't know this book was inspired by the real-life The Throne of the Third Heaven by James Hampton. I didn't even know that that kind of art exists which gives you the idea that my knowledge of the 20th century arts is actually nonexistent.Anyway, this is a middle grade book and it's fairly easy t [...]

  • Maja (The Nocturnal Library)

    3.5 starsThe Seventh Most Important thing is one of those quite little understated works that nevertheless conveys an important message. It’s based on the life of James Hampton, a folk artist from the 1960’s, a janitor and a recluse intent on creating his vision of heaven from scraps. His life’s work, The Throne of the Third Heaven, made entirely out of foil, light bulbs, wood, mirrors and other items easily collected on the streets, was discovered posthumously and donated to the Smithsoni [...]

  • Heather Taake

    A really interesting story, this book shows the power of redemption.

  • Michele Knott

    I loved this book. Loved the message. Loved the character development. Loved the last lines. Recommended for upper middle grade.

  • Lauren B8b

    This book is a great book if you like realistic fiction. However, I did not. The ending ended up good, but the rest of the book, I wasn't that interested. If you like realistic fiction, I definitely recommend this book to you!

  • Kristen (kaymaldo)

    3.5 stars I went into The Seventh Most Important Thing not knowing what to expect, but it wowed me. The book follows the story of Arthur, a boy who goes to juvie for throwing a brick at the "Junk Man" (Mr. Hampton) in his town. Following juvie, Artie finds himself stuck with community service…working for the very man he "attacked." Artie's not a bad kid, but he's dealt with a lot of pain lately, including losing his father. Arthur's job is to collect junk throughout the neighborhood, following [...]

  • Amanda - Cover2CoverMom

    You can read all of my reviews on my blog -> Cover2CoverMom I really adored this book.  At the core, The Seventh Most Important Thing is about not judging others, but it is also a story of loss, grief, guilt, and friendship.  I had no idea this book is based off of true events, though I won’t share which parts because it is better going in not knowing until the end like I did.  (view spoiler)[ This novel gives a fictionalized back story to the famous piece of art,  The Throne of the Thi [...]

  • Jonathan

    This is a really good book, it shows the power of being given a second chance and how you can do things for the better. Definitely recommend this to anyone, doesn't matter if you have a preference of genres/books. (I was so excited when I saw this as a Rebecca Caudill award nominee.)

  • Ella Zegarra

    ok ¿cuándo empezamos con la producción de la película? ¿Morgan Freeman cuando llega al set?Este es el tipo de película que me hubiera encantado ver cuando era chica. Digo película, porque en ese tiempo no leía.Historias como esta le falta a los niños de esta época, algo sencillo con ese ligero toque de fantasía que lleva el libro a un nivel *-*En serio, necesitamos películas basadas en libros como este y no solo para los niños.Original de: El Extraño Gato del CuentoTengo una malís [...]

  • Brody

    This is a story is about redemption through trash, I know that sounds weird but you will understand when you read it.

  • Amy

    update: I am always wary when I like a book too much, because I am afraid my personal judgement can cloud teen reading value. As predicted, though, teens are clicking to this book and they are reading it quickly. even "non-readers." All I did was read the first two pages out loud to them.I loved this book so much I can't even. I am not going to bother with a plot or book talk for now. I am just going to kvell here and edit this mess later.Reasons it's perfect for a seventh-grade boy:1. An elusiv [...]

  • Dana

    Oh so much wowness! When 13 year old Arthur, whose father recently passed away, threw a brick at the neighborhood junk man for wearing his father's hat and was sent to reform school, he had no idea that the junk man would be his source of redemption. Sentenced to help the junk man as his probation, Arthur learns that St. James, as he referred to himself was collecting junk - foil, cardboard, light bulbs and other items to create a work of art. That work of art is real and is shown at the end of [...]

  • Lorenzo Rios

    A young kid that has relied on his dad can now not. His anger beneath his skin, is shown tremendously. Until, he meets this Junk man that he connects to and puts Arthur into his place. With Arthur not quite understanding his life yet, he feels to question himself. His mom getting a boyfriend, and the Junk man dying. Has made days ruff. Arthur may be mixed up in the world but when he finds himself, he is his best person.

  • Lexi F.

    This book changed my view on our world. The way that some people are that generous to give people a second chance is amazing. This book made me think that we need to be more open minded and listen to people more that have ideas. This book makes you feel mixed emotions throughout the entire book. At times the book can be a little slow, but when you keep reading most of the parts are a page turner and you never want to put the book down.

  • Heather

    Arthur is a criminal. He threw a brick at a homeless man. But wait, before you judge him, you need to know a few things. Things have been super hard for him lately. And I know that's not the best excuse, butNow Arthur has been sentenced to community service - and his assignment is to work with Mr. Hampton, the homeless man (junk man) that he threw the brick at.An Mr. Hampton's assignment for him is odd. To go around the neighborhood collecting the 7 most important things: light bulbs, cardboard, [...]

  • Beth Honeycutt

    This is a lovely story based on a piece of art, "The Throne of the Third Heaven", which is in the Smithsonian Museum. I will definitely share this book with students!

  • Гарретт mcneilly

    this a very good book about a kid who has to help a mad but by the end he just wants to

  • Ms. Yingling

    E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineArthur, upset with his father's death in 1963, throws a brick at the Junk Man who is wearing his father's hat, breaking the man's arm. He is sent to juvenile detention, but at his sentencing the Junk Man, James Hampton, requests that since he can't work with his arm broken, Arthur should help him out. When Arthur shows up at Hampton's garage (which he can find only with the help of a nearby tattoo parlor owner, Groovy Jim), he finds a note listing seven thi [...]

  • Tasha

    Arthur can’t stand that the junk man is wearing his father’s hat, so he throws a brick at the old man and injures him. Sent to juvenile detention, Arthur has to appear in court where the junk man steps up and offers him a choice. He can either be sentenced to detention or he can do community service working with the junk man. Arthur agrees to work for the man. When he starts, all he gets is a list of items to find in the garbage. Soon Arthur is digging through the garbage himself. At first h [...]

  • Mrs.

    I really enjoy books about relationships especially between people who may not have ever been friends if not for some instigating event. That is what makes The Seventh Most Important Thing one of the best books I have read this year.

  • Brian

    A young boy decides to throw a brick at the crazy man who drags a cart around town, picking up junk. Naturally, Arthur gets in trouble but the worst part is that he is sentenced to have to work for the very man that he injured. But will Arthur's crime end up changing his life for the better? In this novel, we are treated to a spread of memorable characters. The book takes place in the past and focuses on the life of an artist that most of us knew nothing about. I thought that the main character [...]

  • Stefanie

    This book climbed to the top of my favorites list very quickly! Arthur is a 13 year old boy whose story begins with the scene of him throwing a brick at the head of a "Junk Man" on the street that is pushing a shopping cart full of trash. Arthur serves time in juvenile detention and when he is released, his sentence is to work for the Junk Man. As these two characters are brought together, we learn the reasons behind both of their actions- why Arthur threw the brick and why the Junk Man collects [...]

  • Holly

    This book grabbed me at the first paragraph and never let go. I'm not quite sure what it was, but this story made me teary throughout the whole thing. Maybe it was Arthur's obvious pain, or the Junk Man's compassion, or that beautiful things can be made from ugly things, or that everything changes when you know someone's story, or that I love stories of redemption and spiritual thinking, or any number of qualities that make this book special. Whatever it was, it moved me. It reminded me of Nicke [...]

  • Cathy

    This book sucked me in from the first page. Although it was somewhat predictable, it was also engaging. I felt Arthur was believable in his emotions and his actions. I felt for him almost immediately. About halfway through the book I read the author's note and discovered that St. James (Hampton) was a real person, and his throne is real and displayed in the Smithsonian. That was a shock! When I finished the book, I looked him up online and saw color pictures of the throne. It's incredible! Just [...]

  • Zane Jones

    Ummmm Cute story, but something's so obviously missing. How can you have heaven without God? (Spoiler: You can't.) God was so blatantly not there in this story. I'm docking one star for that reason, and another star for the bad language used a few times throughout the book.

  • Rebecca McNutt

    A book with an important lesson masked within a fabulous story of redemption and maturity, The Seventh Most Important Thing is a completely original and amazing book.

  • Amy

    Really enjoyed the journey of redemption and growth for Arthur. Different in a great way.

  • Misty

    3.5 STARS

  • Soren B

    What would you do if you saw an old man who collects junk off the street wearing your late father’s hat? What would you do with all of the anger bottled up? For Arthur Owens, that bottled up rage exploded and he threw a brick at Mr. Hampton, AKA Junkman. After being sent to juvie, Arthur is given a chance at redemption, instead of spending more time in juvie, he can stay at home and go to school on the condition that he spends 120 hours of community service, HELPING THE JUNKMAN. Arthur almost [...]

  • Arminzerella

    Arthur Owens gets in trouble with the law when he throws a brick at a trash-picking, presumably homeless man he sees around his neighborhood. He’s sent to a juvenile delinquent facility for several weeks and at his trial it comes out that the reason he attacked the man was because he saw him wearing his recently-passed-away dad’s hat (his mom threw it out and Arthur is incensed). While the judge is ready to lock Arthur up, he changes his mind when the Junk Man, James Hampton, offers another [...]

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