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Dear possible reader of this book, I want to be a writer, just like my uncle Harold, who wrote a bunch of books about our friend Bunnicula So I wrote this story And boy Did I ever get into trouble My friend Delilah stopped speaking to me because I put her in my book Uncle Harold stopped speaking to me because I didn t put him in my book A writer s life isn t easy BuDear possible reader of this book, I want to be a writer, just like my uncle Harold, who wrote a bunch of books about our friend Bunnicula So I wrote this story And boy Did I ever get into trouble My friend Delilah stopped speaking to me because I put her in my book Uncle Harold stopped speaking to me because I didn t put him in my book A writer s life isn t easy But back to my story It s about how a talented and lovable not to mention smart wirehaired dachshund puppy named Howie saves the world from a disgusting, evil menace namedoops, that would give away the story But trust me, this menace is disgusting and evil, all right Your friend, Howie

  • Title: It Came from Beneath the Bed!
  • Author: James Howe Brett Helquist
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  • Page: 404
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

James Howe Brett Helquist

Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name See this thread for information.James Howe has written than eighty books in the thirty plus years he s been writing for young readers It sometimes confuses people that the author of the humorous Bunnicula series also wrote the dark young adult novel, The Watcher, or such beginning reader series as Pinky and Rex and the E.B White Read Aloud Award winning Houndsley and Catina and its sequels But from the beginning of his career which came about somewhat by accident after asking himself what kind of vampire a rabbit might make , he has been most interested in letting his imagination take him in whatever direction it cared to So far, his imagination has led him to picture books, such as I Wish I Were a Butterfly and Brontorina about a dinosaur who dreams of being a ballerina , mysteries, poetry in the upcoming Addie on the Inside , and fiction that deals with issues that matter deeply to him He is especially proud of The Misfits, which inspired national No Name Calling Week nonamecallingweek and its sequel Totally Joe He does not know where his imagination will take him in the next thirty plus years, but he is looking forward to finding out.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.

Comments It Came from Beneath the Bed!

  • Candice Snow

    Focusing on a new set of characters, this story takes place in the same household as Bunnicula did. I found it to be just as funny as the original, and the illustrations really helped bring the book together by adding atmosphere.

  • Ellie

    Being a fan of the Bunnicula series as a kid (heck, I still like them), how could I resist picking up this book when I saw it at the library? Very quick and entertaining, not to mention funny. :)

  • Chelsea Hagen

    This book was very cute and funny. It had some hints on writing that was helpful. It also made it extra funny for me because I own a dachshund:)

  • Randi Robinson

    I absolutely adore this book! I would give it 10 stars if I could. I am reading it to a fourth grade class and they love it. I am having so much fun reading it and being Howie and Delilah (batting my eyelashes and tossing my blonde ears) to make the kids laugh.There are several character opportunities to really put yourself into and show the joy of reading to kids. The illustrations are great but they are black and white so you will need to walk around the class for the kids to see. It also has [...]

  • Dolly

    We really enjoyed the Bunnicula series by James Howe; our girls just love them. We've also read the books in the Bunnicula and Friends series and a few of the books in the Harold & Chester series, so the characters in these stories feel like old friends. This is the first book in the Tales From the House of Bunnicula series, books that are written from Howie's point of view. The story line is very conversational and is written as a combination of journal entries and chapters from a story tha [...]

  • Suki

    It was such a relaxing book to read. What's interesting about this book is the author includes his Uncle's comments on his stories and he tries to fix it. He shows the process of him writing his stories and his creative mind of extraordinary stories. In his journals, he writes in the perspective of a child and he adds in humors in it. Sometimes i feel the way he does because sometimes writing is fun but it could be difficult to write a good piece of writing. It takes patience and time to develop [...]

  • Liam Mcevoy

    In the story “It came from under the bed” Howie the dachshund and Delilah, a fellow dachshund have to investigate under Pete’s bed because of the mysterious science experiment he has been boing and some of the chemicals fell behind his bed frame. (Spoilers ahead). Eventually Howie finds that he chemicals that fell under his bed and spilled on Pudgykins a teddy bear then causing him to grow giant and wreak half the city. Eventually they find out that he was just mislead and confused and is [...]

  • Amber Thomas

    I read this because one of my students (a non-reader) said he loved it and wanted me to read it. Well,you can't say no to that! I liked it for what it was worth. James Howe is talented, even in books like this, where it's clear he's writing badly on purpose. I was amused because it was written in the POV of a puppy Howie, and he is getting literary criticism from Harold (the narrator of Bunnicula) as he's writing his story. It's cute, it's funny, it's geared towards a third grade boy, and that's [...]

  • Mckinley Davis

    It came from beneath the bed, by James Howe I previously read bunnicula and it is just as good, it's an easy read and I guarantee you will have a good time reading it. This book is about a puppy who wants to write so badly like his uncle and struggles to write a story of his own, but when he does it IS truly a very good story. I love this book because it shows that it is okay to follow your dreams.McKinley Davis

  • Lynn

    My 5 year old has begun to explore the chapter books at the library, and this one caught his eye. Since I had read the Bunnicula books by James Howe, I thought he might enjoy this book. However, as we read the book and were halfway through it, it became too intense for him, and he asked that we stop reading it because he was getting scared. I believe we will come back to this series when he is older though.

  • Hayley Knighten

    Just finished reading this to my 9-year-old. We read the whole thing in one sitting since he wouldn't let me put it down. He loved it and was rolling on the floor laughing. I was very happy to see Howie as a character in the book and see Chester and Harold again too. A fun read for parents and kids, I highly recommend.

  • Laura

    We did this book as a read aloud per student request. They enjoyed this book very much. It was a bit hard for my language learners, but they learned all sorts of new vocab: dust bunnies, potion, doomed, etc. This was my first Bunnicula book, and it probably would have helped to read one of the first book before reading this one.

  • Stacey

    My 7 year old read this book for his November book report so I figured I would have to read it too to be able to help him. Cute enough story but I think some kids might find the switch between the story and the writer's journal difficult to follow at times.

  • Earline

    A fun new series with the characters from the Bunnicula books. I liked the journal format and thought it was a good way to show the creative writing process. I also really liked the Howie's actual mad scientist story. Hilarious.

  • Chris Eboch

    I love James Howe's Bunnicula books for their zany characters and wacky humor. This series, narrated by young dachshund Howie as he figures out how to write to wild sci-fi and horror stories, are especially fun for authors.

  • Isabel.s.f

    I read this with my mom. It was so funny. Its very short but so good.

  • Skylar Burris

    Amusing, and a good way for young kids to learn the basic "rules" of creative writing.

  • Danielle Sonye-reising

    It met my 8 yr. old son's silliness standard and got him interested in a new series. Hope the other ones are similar.

  • Stacie

    I'm not sure if I like this. The dog, Howie, writes a book which is the one we are reading about crazy stories with him and his friend Delilah.

  • Honest Bleach

    this series is good for 7+ year olds aslo read bunnicula book 1 of another series that is related to this!

  • Sydnee

    It was cute! Parker, and especially Ellee who loves anything to do with dogs, loved this funny story told by the little Dachsund puppy from the original Bunnicula series.

  • Katy

    A fun read for kids. I'm still more of a fan of the original series but this is a unique second series.

  • Donald Sharp

    This a great book to listen to, in fact I would recommend that over actually reading it. -You'll thank me.

  • T60n3

    Yes, the Bunnicula series is better than Game of Thrones. Marinate on that for a moment

  • Sherry

    grades 3/4

  • kristen

    Fun, witty book with a great point of view.

  • Ratforcekids

    This series of laugh-out-loud humor written by Howie, a dog, will have you excited to read each book. Tales from the House of Bunnicula is a sub-series of the ever-popular Bunnicula books.

  • OrryG

    Funny! With notes And do overs

  • Kathy Davie

    Ohmigodack up, roll around on the floor funny! Has a lovely time making fun of romance novels. Combine that with being from a dog's perspective and you will flat out roar with laughter!

  • Darren

    Very cute.

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ It Came from Beneath the Bed! | by ↠ James Howe Brett Helquist
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