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Previously published in the print anthologies The Witness for The Prosecution and Other Stories and The Hound of Death and Other StoriesWhen wealthy spinster Emily French is found murdered, suspicion falls on Leonard Vole, the man to whom she hastily bequeathed her riches before she died Leonard assures the investigators that his wife, Romaine Heilger, can provide them wiPreviously published in the print anthologies The Witness for The Prosecution and Other Stories and The Hound of Death and Other StoriesWhen wealthy spinster Emily French is found murdered, suspicion falls on Leonard Vole, the man to whom she hastily bequeathed her riches before she died Leonard assures the investigators that his wife, Romaine Heilger, can provide them with an alibi However, when questioned, Romaine informs the police that Vole returned home late that night covered in blood During the trial, Ms French s housekeeper, Janet, gives damning evidence against Vole, and, as Romaine s cross examination begins, her motives come under scrutiny from the courtroom One question remains, will justice prevail

  • Title: The Witness for the Prosecution: A Short Story
  • Author: Agatha Christie
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  • Page: 117
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie also wrote romance novels under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name Agatha Christie Mallowan.Agatha Christie is the best selling author of all time She wrote eighty crime novels and story collections, fourteen plays, and several other books Her books have sold roughly four billion copies and have been translated into 45 languages She is the creator of the two most enduring figures in crime literature Hercule Poirot and Miss Jane Marple and author of The Mousetrap, the longest running play in the history of modern theatre Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born in Torquay, Devon, England, U.K as the youngest of three The Millers had two other children Margaret Frary Miller 1879 1950 , called Madge, who was eleven years Agatha s senior, and Louis Montant Miller 1880 1929 , called Monty, ten years older than Agatha During the First World War, she worked at a hospital as a nurse later working at a hospital pharmacy, a job that influenced her work, as many of the murders in her books are carried out with poison.On Christmas Eve 1914 Agatha married Archibald Christie, an aviator in the Royal Flying Corps The couple had one daughter, Rosalind Hicks They divorced in 1928, two years after Christie discovered her husband was having an affair.Her first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, came out in 1920 During this marriage, Agatha published six novels, a collection of short stories, and a number of short stories in magazines.In late 1926, Agatha s husband, Archie, revealed that he was in love with another woman, Nancy Neele, and wanted a divorce On 8 December 1926 the couple quarreled, and Archie Christie left their house Styles in Sunningdale, Berkshire, to spend the weekend with his mistress at Godalming, Surrey That same evening Agatha disappeared from her home, leaving behind a letter for her secretary saying that she was going to Yorkshire Her disappearance caused an outcry from the public, many of whom were admirers of her novels Despite a massive manhunt, she was not found for eleven days.In 1930, Christie married archaeologist Max Mallowan Sir Max from 1968 after joining him in an archaeological dig Their marriage was especially happy in the early years and remained so until Christie s death in 1976 In 1977, Mallowan married his longtime associate, Barbara Parker.Christie frequently used familiar settings for her stories Christie s travels with Mallowan contributed background to several of her novels set in the Middle East Other novels such as And Then There Were None were set in and around Torquay, where she was born Christie s 1934 novel Murder on the Orient Express was written in the Hotel Pera Palace in Istanbul, Turkey, the southern terminus of the railway The hotel maintains Christie s room as a memorial to the author The Greenway Estate in Devon, acquired by the couple as a summer residence in 1938, is now in the care of the National Trust.Christie often stayed at Abney Hall in Cheshire, which was owned by her brother in law, James Watts She based at least two of her stories on the hall the short story The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding, which is in the story collection of the same name, and the novel After the Funeral Abney became Agatha s greatest inspiration for country house life, with all the servants and grandeur which have been woven into her plots.During the Second World War, Christie worked in the pharmacy at University College Hospital of University College, London, where she acquired a knowledge of poisons that she put to good use in her post war crime novels To honour her many literary works, she was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the 1956 New Year Honours The next year, she became the President of the Detection Club In the 1971 New Year Honours she was promoted Dame Commande

Comments The Witness for the Prosecution: A Short Story

  • Sam Quixote

    A gold-digging man is accused of murdering a wealthy old woman who took a shine to him. He says he’s innocent but the evidence looks damning. Did he or did he not dunit? His defence lawyer sets out to uncover the truth. This writer - Agatha bloody Christie! - always makes me feel like a fool and I love it! She effortlessly leads me by the nose, taking me exactly where she wants me to go while making me think I’m totally in charge and know where things are going. I thought I knew where the st [...]

  • Jennifer

    Oh, that Agatha Christie is one clever, clever girl! Loved it as usual.

  • David Schaafsma

    I took a break from Christie’s Hercules Poirot novels to listen to Christopher Lee read this Christie short story. I have read some of her stories, but had made the decision not to read all of her Poirot short stories in addition to her novels. I like the novels better. But after reading dozens of these often overlong novels in a row, where you sift through what you know to be more than 200 pages of red herrings, well, sometimes it’s time for a short story, eh? This one, “Witness for the P [...]

  • Jason Koivu

    Waitwhat?! Dang it! I've been duped again!A man accused of murdering an old woman for her money must rely upon his wife to set him free. Seems simple enough until it's discovered that the wife is not so reliable. This is one of those stories that plays well with modern readers with its twists aplenty. Highly recommended for all, especially mystery lovers looking for a quick fix!

  • ☮Karen

    Long ago, as this is a very old book, this was made into a Billy Wilder film and remains one of my favorites to this day. It has a jaw-dropping ending, and hopefully no one has spoiled it for any of you who haven't seen it yet. I found this short available as a 52 minute audio book and couldn't resist it. The ending still puts me in awe of Agatha Christie's mind. Well worth an hour or so of anyone's time, I highly recommend this, particularly if you like old films, courtroom dramas, and/or Ms. C [...]

  • Franky

    Probably best known for the 1957 Oscar-winning film it produced, Agatha Christie’s Witness for the Prosecution is fine in its own right, a short story that packs quite a punch. It is easy to see why this had the makings for the big stage and Hollywood, as it relies heavily on moments of suspense and tension, a slow build up to the resolution as we await the verdict in court. There’s also a little misdirection carefully placed by Christie towards the conclusion that, to me, make the mystery a [...]

  • Paul

    This was my first Agatha Christie story (not including television adaptations) and I really, really enjoyed it. I've been meaning to read some Christie for years and, now I've finally got around to it, I wish I hadn't waited so long! I'll definitely be reading some more soon.

  • Erin

    I think it's one of my reading resolutions this year that I will be able to brag that I figured out an AC mystery before the big reveal. However, it won't be today! In this stand alone short story, a young man stands accused of killing an older woman and his lawyer truly believes in his innocence. I won't say anymore except that the score so far is AC 3 versus Me 0.

  • Veronique

    In light of the new BBC adaptation being aired on Boxing Day, I thought it was high time I read this short story.Don't let the format deceive you - short, yes, but powerful! Christie takes on a different path, following the lawyer John Mayhew in his efforts to save his client Leonard Vole, accused of murdering Emily French, an older, rich socialite. Normally the author turns all her characters into potential culprits/killers, but here the focus is on the defense instead. Is Vole guilty or innoce [...]

  • Ceri

    The version I listened to was a BBC audio play, dramatised by Bill Morris.This story is about a man who is accused of the murder of an older lady that he has befriended to benefit from her recently changed will. The man's wife should be able to corroborate his alibi - except that it turns out that not only is she not really his wife, but that she intends to be a witness for the prosecution. Will justice be done?This was a really enjoyable mystery. I only worked it out very late on because I am a [...]

  • Joy H.

    Added 4/23/17. I did not read this story but watched the movie adaptation instead."Witness for the Prosecution" is a play adapted by Agatha Christie from her short story. The play opened in London on 28 October 1953."enpedia/wiki/WitnessOn 4/23/17, I watched the film adaptation On TCM-TV. It was terrific! I had never seen it before. Charles Laughton was superb!"Witness for the Prosecution" (1957)/title/tt0051201/?"A veteran British barrister must defend his client in a murder trial that has surp [...]

  • Chele

    My copy of this book is found in this anthology: The Witness for the Prosecution and Other StoriesBen Affleck to direct and star in film. Release date: TBD

  • Charlotte Jones

    This short story was narrated by Christopher Lee and was just 51 minutes (40 pages) long.I liked how this story was almost told from the point where mystery novels usually end; the fact that the murder had already taken place and someone accused was an interesting perspective. It read more like a court drama than a traditional crime story, though there were elements of detective fiction in there. Overall I think that this was a great mystery with a wonderful twist at the end and, though it is a [...]

  • Bekah

    Oh, that was very tricky. Very tricky, indeed. Great little story, wonderfully performed by the marvelous Christopher Lee. Too short to say anything about without leaking spoilers. But just read it (or listen to it like I did). So very sneaky.

  • DeAnna Knippling

    Listened to this on audio, read by Christopher Lee, who was so good I kept having to remind myself it was just the one guy.Short, sweet, amazing twists. Of course I went back to the beginning to see if she'd told me the trick of it at the beginning--of course she had.

  • Karen

    Such a wonderfully twisted novella -- that Agatha Christie sure knew how to write!

  • Bridget Martin

    Tightly plotted engaging mystery.

  • Ross

    Omg. Was gonna give this 3.5 stars but that ENDING! I loved Romanie, she was such a badass sassy amazing character.

  • Anna

    just the bare bones here but a very intriguing plot nonetheless.

  • Daniel Clark

    Short? Yes. Sweet? No! The true murderer is revealed at the end and it may not be who you expect. This was clever and scary in a way--because I felt the events could play out in real life. Fun murder mystery with a very satisfying ending.

  • Nanosynergy

    The Agatha Christie short story that is the basis of the excellent movie (same title as book). Watch the movie. One translations of book (short story) to movie. I believe the movie even enhances/improves the story.

  • Sara Schumacher

    Excellent short story, great pacing and intriguing storyline. Really enjoyed the central character as the unwitting participant in the story.

  • Kevin

    Far too short, but able to enjoy this standalone story by Agatha Christie.

  • Jamie

    There's a reason why I love Agatha Christie books! She pulls you right in, leads you to what she wants you to see, and then pulls the rug out from under you. I loved this short story!

  • Beth

    Clever, surprising and very enjoyable short story! I never would have guessed the ending but in retrospect, it was all there!

  • Andrea

    Having seen and loved the London theatre production of The Witness for the Prosecution, I felt drawn to this short story and I wasn't disappointed.

  • Farissa Nuri

    This is interesting short story! I think I will watch the movie/tv mini series adaptation after this.

  • Madi

    Very short, 20 pages in my book. And yet I felt the satisfaction of an entire story, and a mystery no less. How does Agatha Christie do it?!

  • Emily Weigel

    Not quite the ending I expected, but it was great! I haven't watched the movie or new BBC adaptation yet and am curious how different they are from the short story.

  • Karanam Karthika lakshmi

    Classiest of the classics

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