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Long out of print, Jeff Lemire s Xeric Award winning LOST DOGS now returns in a newly remastered edition, soaked with blood and ink This 104 page mythic yarn follows a family man who s larger than life but even he may not be powerful enough to prevent the loss of everything he s ever known.Bold, brutal, and emotionally raw, LOST DOGS represents an acclaimed storytellerLong out of print, Jeff Lemire s Xeric Award winning LOST DOGS now returns in a newly remastered edition, soaked with blood and ink This 104 page mythic yarn follows a family man who s larger than life but even he may not be powerful enough to prevent the loss of everything he s ever known.Bold, brutal, and emotionally raw, LOST DOGS represents an acclaimed storyteller s first professional work an early exhibition of the gifts that have made his ESSEX COUNTY and SWEET TOOTH so phenomenally popular A full color 104 page graphic novel, 6.5 x 9

  • Title: Lost Dogs
  • Author: Jeff Lemire
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Jeff Lemire

Jeff Lemire is an award winning Canadian cartoonist, and the author of the Essex County Trilogy, Sweet Tooth and The Nobody Lemire is known for a his moody, humanistic stories and sketchy, cinematic, black and white art.

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  • Sam Quixote

    Inspired by Scott McCloud’s 24-Hour Comic Challenge from his book “Understanding Comics”, Jeff Lemire set out to draw a 24-page comic in a day but gave up after 12 hours. The result was the first 12 pages of “Lost Dogs” which nonetheless provided Lemire with inspiration to continue drawing/writing what would become his first book. This is the story of an 8-feet tall farmer who takes his family into the city to enjoy a day of entertainment only to wander into the wrong neighbourhood at [...]

  • Cindy

    "Lost Dogs" ist Jeff Lemires erstes veröffentlichtes Werk, das in dieser Neuauflage wieder zu lesen ist. Sein Zeichenstil konnte mich schon bei "Sweet Tooth" begeistern und in dieser kurzen Graphic Novel sieht man durchaus, dass sein Stil so in etwa schon immer da war und sich seitdem stetig entwickelt und verfeinert hat. Im Vergleich zu seinen neueren Werken wirken die Zeichnungen in "Lost Dogs" wesentlich kruder und roher, doch genau das hat diese für mich besonders wirkungsvoll erscheinen l [...]

  • Dominick

    Well, this is raw, rough, flawed work, but it has a kick to it. Enormous, not very bright guy with wife and kid leaves the farm to visit the city, ends up in the bad part of town inadvertently, which leads to the murder of his daughter, rape of his wife, his own beating and rather implausibly plotted involvement with a bare-knuckle fight on which a big wager is placed oh his behalf. And then things get worse. It's straightforward, linear, simple, possibly simplistic, and Lemire's graphic style i [...]

  • Ryan Lowery

    DarkIt was interesting to see some of Lemire's early work. While his art has changed pretty drastically over the years, his storytelling chops are still very evident.

  • priscilia

    4.5 !

  • Eric Mesa

    This originally appeared at comicpow/2016/03/09/lo - images there.----The world can be a pretty tough place and in Lost Dogs we see the worst of it. We know there are bad people out there, but we want to believe in the good of folks or that perhaps bad things won’t happen to us because we’re good people. Lost Dogs shatters all those illusions. Jeff Lemire’s first published comic book is a very fast read, but a very impactful read.We’re introduced to a simple farmer, his wife, and daughte [...]

  • Greg

    Lost Dogs is a stark graphic short story. Jeff's art using just black white and bits of red portray a story where bad things happen to a good man. It's stark in it's portrayal of the casualness with which men do horrible things given the opportunity. His protagonist is very easy to like and to feel for and hope for things not to be as bad as they seem. The story is sentimental without taking any easy outs. I enjoyed the uniqueness and raw ness of the art and the reality of the last century setti [...]

  • James

    This book is pretty much a curio. It was Jeff Lemire's first published comic and it shows; it's rough and ready and lacks the finesse of his more recent works. Lemire has written an introduction for this new edition that puts the book firmly into context and gives some interesting background details into his creative process for Lost Dogs and how he got it published. I think having this context makes the actual comic more enjoyable but it's still not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imaginati [...]

  • What the Fluff

    I picked up this book at random from the graphic novel section of the library.I am so impressed with this book. This is probably the best graphic novel I have read this year.I love Jeff Lemire's idea of only having the colors black, white, and red. It truly adds to the emotion of the book and the dramatic scenes. The way it was drawn was perfect- imperfect, rough around the edges. It made this story, with a giant in it, more realistic than you could have guessed. And the whole thing is a very qu [...]

  • Christopher

    It pales in comparison to Lemire's later works, but you can see the freshman spunk shine through every now and then. Lemire's style, which is always sketchy, here comes off as just sketches, a first draft storyboard for what he should have come back to refine. And Lemire always loves torturing his characters, but this comes off as just too much sadness without any real reason for it.

  • Sam

    This is a deeply moving and emotional tale that follows a loving family man who doesn't fit the world view of such a person and how this negatively affects his life and family. The artwork is gritty and raw and adds to the dramatic events and emotional turmoil of the story and the man's journey through love, loss and life. An excellent book that you must read.

  • Emilia P

    I know this is way early Lemire, and it shows. It's got all the elements - family, giant dudes, violent sport, an old-timey feel. But it's both visually and narratively rougher than most of his stuff, and so I say "eh, it's fine, but give me his more evolved stuff any day". Does that make me a jerk? Nah. It's an important read for a Lemire fan, and a great start, but simply that.

  • David Schaafsma

    Earlier work for him that he apologizes for in an intro, but this is powerful, brutal, shocking, humane in the way you care about his down and out characters. Violent tale told in red, black and white. Moving, in its way, certainly a hard scrabble, sad tale about family, love, loss

  • Joe

    This is an early work of Lemire's that isn't so polished - not like any of his art really shines like that, though. This one is especially dark (thematically and visually) - the back cover says it's "soaked in blood and ink" and that is quite on point.

  • Neven

    Ugh. Stay away.

  • Vittorio Rainone

    Prima opera di Lemire, dopo le "prove di disegno" che racconta di aver fatto per qualche tempo. Si vede bene il suo stile grezzo, troppo grezzo. Magari a qualcuno può piacere, ma di fatto Jeff non sa disegnare, e qui ce lo dimostra bene. La trama? Un drammone con protagonista un uomo enorme e piuttosto stupido. Carina? Boh. Forse un po' troppo enfatica in tutto. Ma lui è Jeff Lemire, l'autore di Essex County (che, di fatto, è incredibilmente meglio di LD). Bah.

  • Steven

    Nasty, brutish, and short fits this first graphic novel by Jeff Lemire perfectly. A sailor takes his wife and daughter for a walk along the wharves. They are attacked. He is beaten and left for dead and his wife raped and daughter murdered. But he survives and what happens next . . . well, you'll have to read for yourself. The art is raw, brutal, and expressionistic. Nice introductory essay by Lemire describing how he got started and the genesis of this novel and how it launched his career.

  • Keith Davis

    Lost Dogs is a brutal minimalist story about a simple man who loses everything to violence. The art is done in a very rough brush stroke style; white, black, and red the only colors. The main character looks like a cross between Popeye and Bluto. It is a bit reminiscent of the first Sin City collection, but with far cruder art.

  • Paolo Macri

    While this is probably my least favourite Lemire story I've read, I still found it intriguing and insightful into the mindset of people, which so many of his stories do. About a man who loses his family and will do anything when he finds out his wife may still be alive. A little over 75 pages its a short story with a very rough sort of art style that works for the story its being used to tell.

  • Jamie Connolly

    Great story. Grabs your heart-strings in ways only Jeff Lemire can do. Art is understandably scratchy, due to the story being Jeff's first publishable work. But like he said in the preface, "it comes from the gut" and that's what counts.

  • Zach

    Too much blood and not enough guts. Violent and empty.

  • Michael Webb

    I've gotten back into graphic novels this year, and all of Lemire's works are an absolute treat. This one is heart wrenching.

  • Lisa

    Wow. I think the intro to this new addition says it all. The art is not my thing and I think the "messiness" takes away something from the impact.

  • Stef

    A dark, disturbing story about a strong, gigantic man whose life and happiness takes a plunge when his wife and child are murdered by some thugs.

  • Jason

    For a reprinted "pre-famous" early work, this is really good. The plotting is heavy handed but the emotions pack a wallop.

  • John Muñoz

    I've always liked the idea of the comic book writer who draws his own art. Admittedly I'm not too familiar with independent or "alternative" comics so I haven't read many works with this type of creator. A couple that come to mind are Guerillas by Brahms Ravel, Optic Nerve, early Hickman, Guy Davis' The Marquis and the early work of Jeff Lemire. I was in the mood for a self-contained graphic novel that was somewhat short; I had read Complete Essex County awhile back and loved it and this being t [...]

  • Dylan

    One of Lemire's earliest efforts, Lost Dogs is an emotionally powerful story that feels like the final project of someone who went way beyond what was expected of them. Great short read.

  • Gayle Francis Moffet

    Jeff Lemire's first full length graphic story. The seams are there, but in a good way. The drawing is a bit too muddled at times, and the story has a tinge of fridge about it, but it is undoubtedly Lemire's voice. It's quiet and sparse and there's a sadness that lingers after you finish because the sadness in the story feels authentic. If you're wanting to check out early works, it's a good one.

  • Nicola Mansfield

    Reason for Reading: I had not yet read anything by Canadian artist Jeff Lemire and have wanted to for ages. This being his first book, and knowing it was a dark story prompted me to finally give him a go.For a first time reader of Lemire I was fascinated with this short novel. An incredibly dark story with a redemptive ending; the type of book I always find deeply satisfying. This is Lemire's first book and it shows. I was struck rather harshly for the first few pages at how raw the drawing was [...]

  • Robert Kristoffersen

    Lost Dogs is very much the work of an aspiring comic artist, at the beginning of his journey. Lemire has come a long way, but this book shows the potential that Lemire has more then lived up to. The Herculean quest of one giant man to find his wife after they are brutally assaulted by a group of thugs on a peer is mythic and crude. The art is as barbaric as the story's nature, and nameless main character. The color scheme - black, white, and red - aid in the violent nature of the story's deliver [...]

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