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By Karin Tanabe | Comments: ( 247 ) | Date: ( Jan 25, 2020 )

After eight years in the American Furniture Department at renowned auction house Christie s, twenty nine year old Carolyn Everett s star is on the rise But one bad decision leads to a huge scandal, leaving her unemployed and broken Desperate to piece her life back together, Carolyn escapes New York City to work in a tiny antiques store in Newport, Rhode Island Her new jAfter eight years in the American Furniture Department at renowned auction house Christie s, twenty nine year old Carolyn Everett s star is on the rise But one bad decision leads to a huge scandal, leaving her unemployed and broken Desperate to piece her life back together, Carolyn escapes New York City to work in a tiny antiques store in Newport, Rhode Island Her new job takes her to a county auction, where she purchases a piece of Middle Eastern pottery for twenty dollars, on the hunch that it could be worth much Hoping to win back her spot in the rarefied art world, Carolyn sets out to uncover its provenance, and soon finds herself entangled with its prior owner, Marine Captain Tyler Ford, a notorious womanizer Though they are from two different worlds, Tyler and Carolyn become increasingly obsessed with the mysterious relic, and each other, until the origin of the artifact starts to reveal Tyler s dark past Suddenly, what seemed like the key to Carolyn s comeback could instead be her downfall and the man she thought she loved may prove to be someone else entirely.Set against a vibrantly drawn backdrop of gilded Newport society and the secret, dangerous world of black market art crime, The Price of Inheritance explores one woman s decision to gamble her greatest asset her heart.

  • Title: The Price of Inheritance
  • Author: Karin Tanabe
  • ISBN: 9781476758619
  • Page: 359
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Karin Tanabe

I m thrilled that my third book, The Gilded Years, is out now I appreciate everyone who has read it and has taken the time to rate and review it When I m not writing, I m reading, running, traveling, being a francophile, attempting to learn Italian, and developing carpal tunnel on Pinterest Thanks for checking out my page

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Comments The Price of Inheritance

  • Karin

    Had to rate my own book five stars - it's author law. Hope you all enjoy it and happy beach reading!

  • Georgia

    I recieved an advance version of this book and absolutely loved it!! You don't have to be an art fan to love this book. It's a great coming of age story with a great romantic element. In fact, the male love interest was one of the best I've read in a long time! I read it one sitting-- I couldn't put it down. The protagonist is chasing a mysterious object, which could be linked to the man of her dreams. I think fans of commercial fiction or upmarket women's fiction will enjoy this book. It was on [...]

  • Jessica Turrell

    Smart women's fiction that moves very fast. Perfect for the gal that loves thinking women's chick lit. I mean, I just call that literature, butI loved the twists and turns in this book. Really great character development and red herrings throughout. If you loved the movie The Thomas Crown Affair, you will fall for this book. Or if you haven't seen it and just love art mysteries, then this is a good one too!

  • Jodi

    I was loaned this book by a friend to read because she came upon it while looking for a different book I had asked to borrow from her. I must say that I am really glad I had the opportunity to read this one. It had me hooked from the very beginning. I enjoyed the main characters ups and downs and the fact that there was just enough of a little mystery, romance and average every day life to keep you interested.

  • Kelly

    The Price of Inheritance by Karin Tanabe 2014I received this ARC from NetGalley for review.This is a story about the risks one must take in life and love. The decisions made ultimately have consequences. It isn't often predicted if the outcome will be worth be risk. After an embarrassing departure from her job in New York, Carolyn attempts to start over in a tiny antique store in Rhode Island. When she purchases a piece of Middle Eastern pottery at an auction, her curiosity gets the better of he [...]

  • Naomi Kelsey

    Another author's blurb on the cover praises this author as a major talent. Respectfully, I disagree. Here's the issues with this book:Everything that happens to the character is effortless. She happens to have a rich friend who she can stay with. Her mother (who is portrayed as awful, but yet is shown to be pretty decent by her actions) comes to help her when she loses her job. She gets a job in her hometown from a former boss who agrees to pay her commissions and lets her work the hours of her [...]

  • Mary-Alice

    Just like The Goldfinch, only sans depression! Art crime, romance, LOL moments, history-- Even intense sleepiness could not stop me from devouring this book. It is highly un-put-downable. As in her debut novel, The List, Tanabe treats you to a peek into worlds otherwise completely closed to the public: this time it's art theft, auction houses and storied New England old money. Tanabe successfully telescopes the epic story of a fascinating 800-year-old object with just enough to satisfy armchair [...]

  • Fee Roberts

    My Review of The Price of Inheritance I received this book in exchange for an honest review. The Price of Inheritance was a very well written book and the characters were well fleshed out, but there were too many useless details that made the story too long and drawn out. I became bored with this book and wanted to stop reading it, but I read it just to see if anything substantial happened. Nothing exciting ever happened and I feel that it was a waste of my time. If you're into valuable antiques [...]

  • Kristin Dow

    I loved the subject matter and style of the writer. The story surprised me with its mystery elements and how the romantic relationship progressed and resolved. Strong writing, flowed well, good use of setting, and made time in my day to read this book. Smart heroine with an interesting background; she was accessible, even though she resides in an exclusive world. Flawed, but was on her side the whole time. Plan to read Tanabe's other works.

  • Sam

    Couldn't stop reading! Wish it had better closure.

  • Karen

    The start of this book was excellent, and then it unraveled.

  • Marcy

    Interesting. Kept my attention. Very light reading.

  • Tina

    Really enjoyed this book. Listened on CD during the commute and other trips in the car. Set locally in RI and Newport was an extra plus.

  • Judy Collins

    A special thank you to Atria Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewE PRICE OF INHERITANCE by Karin Tanabe is an intriguing novel into the world of contemporary art crime, and historical aspects, while weaving a tangled web of suspense, romance and mystery.Carolyn, age twenty-nine, single, a Princeton graduate-- resides in New York, a senior specialist in American Furniture at prestigious Christie's, a name and place that speaks of extraordinary art, unparalleled service [...]

  • Heather

    Carolyn Everett is a rising star in the very competitive field of antique selling, working for none other than New York's famous auction house Christie's. Her charmed New York life however, is shaken up when a piece she has recently acquired for sale ends up having questionable authenticity and could have been obtained by illegal means. The gorgeous, self-assured 29 year old crumples under the pressure and disgrace and returns to her home town of Newport, Rhode Island until the dust settles in N [...]

  • Kristina

    I just finished reading the novel The Price of Inheritance by Karin Tanabe. Carolyn Everett is twenty-nine years old and has worked at Christie’s for the last ten years (the first two as an intern). She is the Senior Specialist of American Furniture and Decorative Arts. Carolyn recently acquired a desk that sold for $12.5 million dollars. Carolyn is now asked to go to Houston, Texas to see Elizabeth Tumlinsen. Elizabeth’s husband (now deceased) was a big collector and now she might sell off [...]

  • Christine

    I read this book because I love books that center around art, especially The Goldfinch and The Art Forger. The Price of Inheritance is right up there with both of those. It focuses on Carolyn Everett, an American furniture expert who works at Christie's. She's a quirky perfectionist who is totally devoted to her job, but makes a bad decision that causes major employment turmoil for her and she ends up in the tony coastal town of Newport, RI. For anyone who loves ritzy summer resorts like The Ham [...]

  • Stephanie

    The Price of Inheritance is not a novel that I would usually read but I was on a break from crime fiction and this was the novel that looked most appealing.After losing her job and returning home in an attempt to rebuild her life Carolyn gets a job working for her old employer. It’s completely different to her job with Christie’s but she enjoys it, especially going to an auction and finding a gem. When she sees a bowl that is unusual she buys it. It isn’t her area of expertise but her inte [...]

  • Rhiannon Overby

    The Price of Inheritance was not at all what I had expected it to be. I thought that this was just going to be another run of the mill romance book but boy was I wrong This is a book with a little bit of mystery, suspense, and of course a romance with a smoking hot Marine. This book is an emotional roller coaster with a lot of highs and lows but it surely will not disappoint. Carolyn is a rising star in the antiques world until one wrong move takes it all away. Unemployed she returns home and be [...]

  • Jo Dervan

    Carolyn Everett had always been the best at everything. Summa cum laude at Princeton. Youngest senior specialist in American Furniture at Christie's. Beautiful and well bred. So it came as a shock when it was discovered that an important auction she put together contained a stolen item. After she was fired from Christie's, she returned to her home town of Newport and worked for a local antique dealer. It was while buying items for the shop at a local auction, that she came in contact with a beau [...]

  • Alison

    This book had it all, a fast pace plot, romance, and many twists and turns! Carolyn fought to avoid being involved in another art scandal but at the same time found herself falling in love for perhaps the first time in her life. Through tragedy and loss, Carolyn emerged stronger and more certain of herself. For so long she tired to fit in and be what she thought she and the world wanted her to be. Meeting Tyler and moving back to Newport helped her change for the better. Karin Tanabe’s second [...]

  • Lynn

    I received this book from Giveaways. What follows is an honest review of this book.Great book cover: Check. Exciting plot: Check. Romance: Check. Mystery: Check. Humor: Check. Stellar writing: Check.The Price of Inheritance is a novel that has it all! Everything needed to make a really good book is right here for you to enjoy! This novel easily deserves 5 stars. I love Karin Tanabe's writing! And, as an extra bonus, she has included book club guide questions and suggestions for further reading. [...]

  • Reeca Elliott

    Carolyn makes a huge mistake that costs her her dream job. She moves back home to regroup and finds herself in the middle of a black market scheme. This scheme entangles her with a hot Marine that tests her patience and her love. This novel is marketed as a beach read. I would not place it in that category. It is too intricate and thought provoking. The twist and turns throughout the story keep the reader guessing and with the information about art and the auction world, this made a wonderful co [...]

  • Talia

    RECEIVED THE BOOK FREE THROUGH FIRST READS.I entered the giveaway because I am a huge fan of history and old things, however the book had its up and down moments. To me, the beginning was very slow with too much talk about various dates and origins of the furniture and also a lot of names being mentioned in the Christie/Sotheby world that was unnecessary. Too much information/detail can be a bad thing. It picked up more after the so-called scandal. The parts that interested me the most was the [...]

  • Shannon

    I recently won an advance version of this book as a Giveaway. I could not put this book down so read it in two days!!!! When I first started the book I expected it to go in one direction however that was not the case as it changed course multiple times (hence why I could not put it down). It contains life changing events for the main character Carolyn Everett as she stumbles upon romance and scandal after being recently fired from her job. The author does a great job with details taking you on [...]

  • Amanda Mathis

    I really, really liked this book. It was very well written and I found that I was so enthralled in the story that I couldn't put it down. I am an avid reader and always have been and usually by the time I'm at least halfway through a book, I can often predict the ending. But this one kept me guessing with different twists and turns throughout. I kept suspecting certain characters, certain that they were going to end up being 'involved' somehow, but I was wrong on almost all of them. I will admit [...]

  • Tisha

    The Price of Inheritance was such a fun read! I picked this book up thinking it was going to be a romance. It was and it wasn't. What I like most about this book was exactly that. A love affair BUT more about a gal just finding herself and along the way getting a glimpse into the world of big ticket auction houses and how the "other half" collect their lovelies.I hate retelling a story because I feel like that ruins the book for others but I will say this muchI normally like "happily ever after" [...]

  • Jenny Mcintire

    I was drawn to this book because I love art and have always been interested in the auction world, but you certainly don't need to be an art lover to appreciate The Price of Inheritance. Hands down some of the best dialogue I have read for a long time. Very fast, intelligent but not pretentious, and witty. Carolyn is a likable narrator, who gets more likable as she encounters a lot of twists and turns. When the story moves from New York to Newport it really takes off. She meets a Marine Captain w [...]

  • Colette Wills

    I won a copy of this here on . Please read the whole review before you make up your mind. We'll start at the beginning. If you have ever read Anne Rice you will understand me when I say the author starts off very wordy. The first several chapters drag on and on with information you will probably think is not relevant to the plot. However, most of it does end up being so at the end of the book so read on. Still some of it could have been cut out. If you take out the wordiness issue you have a ver [...]

  • Linda Marie Marsh

    It doesn't matter if you are an art auction afficienado or like me.ow nothing, but have heard of Sothebys and Christies.Either way this book is a gem. Read and learn, and wear your running shoes to keep up with the goings-on behind closed doors and long-distance phone calls.Going from the fast paced life in NYC (where she is exactly where she had always planned to be) , to suddenly losing it all and going home is what Carolyn has to cope with. From the big house of Christie's to the little antiq [...]

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  • [PDF] Download ò The Price of Inheritance | by ↠ Karin Tanabe
    359 Karin Tanabe
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