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Miss du Maurier has brought to the art of the biography the narrative urgency which gives such animation to her storytelling New York Times Book ReviewPursued by the twin demons of drink and madness, Branwell Bronte created a private world that was indeed infernal As a bold and gifted child, his promise seemed boundless to the three adoring sisters over whom his rule Miss du Maurier has brought to the art of the biography the narrative urgency which gives such animation to her storytelling New York Times Book ReviewPursued by the twin demons of drink and madness, Branwell Bronte created a private world that was indeed infernal As a bold and gifted child, his promise seemed boundless to the three adoring sisters over whom his rule was complete But as an adult, the precocious flame of genius distorted and burned low With neither the strength nor the resources to counter rejection, unable to sell his paintings or publish his books, Branwell became a spectre in the Bronte story, in pathetic contrast with the astonishing achievements of Charlotte, Emily and Anne This is the biography of the shadowy figure of the unknown Bronte.

  • Title: The Infernal World of Branwell Brontë
  • Author: Daphne du Maurier
  • ISBN: 9780316253659
  • Page: 274
  • Format: ebook

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Daphne du Maurier

If Daphne du Maurier had written only Rebecca, she would still be one of the great shapers of popular culture and the modern imagination Few writers have created magical and mysterious places than Jamaica Inn and Manderley, buildings invested with a rich character that gives them a memorable life of their own.In many ways the life of Daphne du Maurier resembles a fairy tale Born into a family with a rich artistic and historical background, the daughter of a famous actor manager, she was indulged as a child and grew up enjoying enormous freedom from financial and parental restraint She spent her youth sailing boats, travelling on the Continent with friends, and writing stories A prestigious publishing house accepted her first novel when she was in her early twenties, and its publication brought her not only fame but the attentions of a handsome soldier, Major later Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Browning, whom she married.Her subsequent novels became bestsellers, earning her enormous wealth and fame While Alfred Hitchcock s film based upon her novel proceeded to make her one of the best known authors in the world, she enjoyed the life of a fairy princess in a mansion in Cornwall called Menabilly, which served as the model for Manderley in Rebecca.Daphne du Maurier was obsessed with the past She intensively researched the lives of Francis and Anthony Bacon, the history of Cornwall, the Regency period, and nineteenth century France and England, Above all, however, she was obsessed with her own family history, which she chronicled in Gerald a Portrait , a biography of her father The du Mauriers , a study of her family which focused on her grandfather, George du Maurier, the novelist and illustrator for Punch The Glassblowers , a novel based upon the lives of her du Maurier ancestors and Growing Pains , an autobiography that ignores nearly 50 years of her life in favour of the joyful and romantic period of her youth Daphne du Maurier can best be understood in terms of her remarkable and paradoxical family, the ghosts which haunted her life and fiction.While contemporary writers were dealing critically with such subjects as the war, alienation, religion, poverty, Marxism, psychology and art, and experimenting with new techniques such as the stream of consciousness, du Maurier produced old fashioned novels with straightforward narratives that appealed to a popular audience s love or fantasy, adventure, sexuality and mystery At an early age, she recognised that her readership was comprised principally of women, and she cultivated their loyal following through several decades by embodying their desires and dreams in her novels and short stories.In some of her novels, however, she went beyond the technique of the formulaic romance to achieve a powerful psychological realism reflecting her intense feelings about her father, and to a lesser degree, her mother This vision, which underlies Julius , Rebecca and The Parasites , is that of an author overwhelmed by the memory of her father s commanding presence In Julius and The Parasites, for example, she introduces the image of a domineering but deadly father and the daring subject of incest.In Rebecca , on the other hand, du Maurier fuses psychological realism with a sophisticated version of the Cinderella story The nameless heroine has been saved from a life of drudgery by marrying a handsome, wealthy aristocrat, but unlike the Prince in Cinderella, Maxim de Winter is old enough to be the narrator s father The narrator thus must do battle with The Other Woman the dead Rebecca and her witch like surrogate, Mrs Danvers to win the love of her husband and father figure.

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Comments The Infernal World of Branwell Brontë

  • Jean

    The Infernal World of Branwell Brontë is a very scholarly work by Daphne du Maurier. Of all her books, this has sold the least copies, yet it is well worth a read. The author has a very readable style, and her fiction is excellent at creating tension and evoking atmosphere. This biography is meticulously researched, yet it is very imaginative within its factual boundaries. The author creates vivid impressions of daily life at the Parsonage, Branwell Brontë's work as a station clerk, his ritual [...]

  • Salma

    I've always been a little obsessed with the Brontes- I don't know, maybe I was their cousin or something in a past life. I'm also a proclaimed Daphne DuMaurier fanatic. So imagine my excitement to find Ms. DuMaurier's biography of that mysterious, supposed-genius brother, Branwell Bronte. This book is short, as was the life of its subject and his sisters. But this review's gonna be long, so bear with me. Now, I'd heard rumors- mostly college professor gossip- about Branwell during the years. Tha [...]

  • Beth Bonini

    In her introduction to this biography of the ‘maligned, neglected and despised’ Bronte brother, Daphne du Maurier concludes that the unhappiness of his adult life was caused by his inability to ‘distinguish truth from fiction, reality from fantasy’. In the last years of his life, it seems that Branwell (or P.B. Bronte, as he always signed his letters) concocted a romance between himself and his former employer’s wife; it was meant to explain his termination as a tutor to the Robinson f [...]

  • Margaret

    Hm, this is a tough one to review. On the one hand, du Maurier shows a marvelous understanding of Branwell and his imaginary "infernal world", and how living in his fantasy life affected his real life. Her storytelling ability is well used here, her writing is excellent, and her research shows, as the book is full of apt quotations from Branwell's own works (poetry and letters) as well as those of his sisters and friends.On the other hand, she's just full of bizarre off-the-wall theories, from t [...]

  • Pink

    Daphne, is there anything you cannot write? Brilliant account of the wayward Bronte boy. This really did expand my knowledge of the Bronte's childhood, their relationships with one another and their creative output. Branwell certainly had an interesting life, but for me the most interesting thing was reading about his influence on Charlotte, Emily and Anne. I feel like I have a much deeper insight into their works. Highly recommended.

  • Kathleen Flynn

    This was a weird one. It seemed to me on the border between between novel and biography, not quite either one. That its author also wrote such novels as My Cousin Rachel and Rebecca gives it authority: clearly, du Maurier was a woman who had thought long and deeply about the nature of obsession, deception and mental illness -- which gave her a peculiar insight into the mind of Branwell Bronte, regardless of whether she had all her facts straight, or whether some of them have since been disproved [...]

  • J.A. Ironside

    This was an interesting look at the Bronte sisters' infamous brother, Branwell. Du Maurier, while not entirely free of the utter rubbish put about by Elizabeth Gaskell in her 'The Life of Charlotte Bronte' nevertheless manages to present a moderate biographical account free from inclination towards melodramatics. Most biography is at least partially biased by the author because in order for the author to have written a book about someone's life, they have to find that person interesting. It woul [...]

  • Sandhya

    This is a hauntingly beautiful story of Branwell Bronte, the magnificently talented brother of the Bronte sisters. Ironically though, while all of them, Charlotte, Emily and Anne got their share of fame, Branwell alone perished in anonymity and died a lonely death at the shockingly young age of 31.The most interesting part of the book is that it raises speculations on whether Charlotte's Bronte's Wuthering Heights was actually Branwell's brain child. In any case, the story is a riveting read, a [...]

  • Niki

    I should say 2.5 stars - between "it was ok" and "I liked it" - it was ok and I liked it because it was written by du Maurier, but I don't like Branwell Brontë

  • Jonathan

    Maybe 4.5 stars really. I really enjoyed this, but have not given it an outright 5 because it came across as I half expected it would as a strange cross between fiction and fact. This is not a criticism of Daphne du Maurier's writing but more due to the lack of definitive facts about the subject. This has led the author to suggest a lot of 'maybes', especially when discussing Branwell's motivations. Although du Maurier says that she does not think her subject was quite as bad as he has been made [...]

  • Rachael Eyre

    Poor Branwell. You spend the book torn between wanting to wrest him away from his dodgy cronies and telling him to get over himself. His real tragedy seems to be that he was the token unremarkable member of a gifted family - yet his father, foolish fond, persisted in his belief that he was a prodigy. While anxiety about his epilepsy is understandable, treating him like a precious snowflake meant he couldn't cope with the outside world. It seems unjust that the sisters should be excused their equ [...]

  • Amanda Alice

    A must-read for any enthusiasts of the Brontë siblings. This book is as much about the whole family as it is about Branwell; Daphne du Maurier provides great insight into the unromantic anxieties and realities of their everyday lives. What I took away most from this book is that the Brontës were not the isolated, wasting creatures living on the desolate moors of Yorkshire we often imagine them to be. The physical landscape which surrounded them and their seeming isolation (such a defining elem [...]

  • Brian

    Daphne du Maurier renders a sympathetic portrait of a tragic and tortured soul who, despite early promise, descended into illness, addiction, and self-defeating behavior. We have probably all known someone like Branwell, bright but deluded, with failures resulting from the damning combination of poor constitution and poor choices.Some less favorable reviews of this biography criticize its speculation, but I appreciated du Maurier's fleshing out of Branwell's behavior and character. It was easy, [...]

  • Justwinter

    When world's collide. In my youth I tore through everything Brontë. I also read every Daphne du Maurier book I could lay my hands on. Imagine my delight when I found she'd written a biography of Branwell Brontë.I read somewhere once a description of du Maurier's fiction as 'romantically macabre.' Poor drunken Branwell perfect suits her world of Light Gothic.Is it a great biography? No, it's a bit over-the-top and dated. Certainly there are far more accurate and current Branwell/Brontë books a [...]

  • Michael

    Das Geschwister-Thema ist für Daphne du Maurier von besonderer Bedeutung (siehe THE PARASITES), so dass es nicht allzu sehr verwundert, dass sie sich - meines Wissens als eine der ersten Biografen - Branwells Leben monografisch annimmt.Doch ist die Gattungsbezeichnung "Lebensroman" ernst zu nehmen und wenig beleuchtet du Maurier die sozialen Hintergründe und die Ursachen der hohen Sterberate bei Kindern.Mit heutigen biografischen Standards kann das Buch nicht konkurrieren, und zumindest in der [...]

  • Eddie Callaway

    Quite interesting to read about the "forgotten" Brontë. Branwell was a genius but troubled by a desire to create great works and then overshadowed by the success of his sisters. In a lot of ways, he was an instigator or creative influence for his sisters.It is unfortunate that Branwell never was able to publish his "world" into a novel, as it would have been interesting.Du Maurier's writing was only so-so, but this was still an interesting read, especially for someone becoming more and more inf [...]

  • Quirkyreader

    This was an interesting biography of Patrick Branwell Bronte. du Maurier did a good job with presenting her research circa 1960. Many other biographies have been written since then but, this is a very informative introduction to a tortured and creative person. If Branwell had been able to get the help he needed, he would have been one of the brightest stars of the 19th century. Since it was the 19th century, the help he needed was not at hand.

  • Rebecca Jane

    I thought this was so interesting to read. I was curious about Branwell since you usually only hear about the sisters and I ended up really enjoying this book even though it's hard to say what's true and what isn't.

  • Doria

    Daphne Du Maurier has written a very good and rather scholarly biographer of the little-lamented brother of the famous Brontë sisters. I tend to think that her labors might have been better spent elsewhere, on a more deserving and interesting subject, but apparently she was fascinated by this least-talented of the Brontë family. The book is somewhat over-stuffed with quotes drawn from Branwell's unpublished writings. Ordinarily, I enjoy hearing directly from a primary source in the context of [...]

  • Silvery

    Me ha parecido una buena biografía, a pesar de lo lento que se me hizo en algunos capítulos. Un genio malogrado, ese es Branwell Brontë e irónicamente al borrarse del retrato junto a sus hermanas este se borro de la inmortalidad.¿Tenía conocimiento de las novelas de sus hermanas? ¿Ayudo a Emily en la construcción de personajes en Cumbres Borrascosas incluyendo a Heathcliff ? Sus amigos así lo afirman. Una biografía que me ha dejado más interrogantes que respuestas.Sin embargo la recom [...]

  • Diane

    I can't resist saying that reading this book was an 'infernal' experience - which would be an exaggeration, but exaggeration is certainly appropriate if speaking of poor tortured Branwell Bronte. So much about his life, and his personality was what we would call 'over the top'. It was a bit of a slog, and I really couldn't face most of the huge excerpts of his rambling poetry, almost all of which du Maurier warns the reader is terrible stuff. Branwell's mother died when he was young, several sis [...]

  • Elise Barker

    After I read Rebecca at 17, I decided I was going to read everything Du Maurier wrote, but when I saw this book on her publications list I thought, “Why would anyone care about the loser Brontë?” never suspecting that someday I would care quite deeply. I think Du Maurier’s attitude to Branwell is similar to mine, and so is her motivation for writing about and studying him. She feels mystified as to why such a talent should have failed so miserably and wants to examine why. She did a good [...]

  • Kirsty

    When my copy of Daphne du Maurier’s The Infernal World of Bramwell Bronte arrived, I was pleased to note that it had originally been purchased from the Howarth Bronte shop and still bore a sticker proclaiming this in its bottom right hand corner. Of the du Mauriers which I had planned to read during my du Maurier December project, The Infernal World of Branwell Bronte was one of those which I was most intrigued by. Before beginning to read, I knew a little about Branwell Bronte, but only in th [...]

  • Lisa

    This is a biography about the life of the troubled Brontë brother, by the remarkable Daphne Du Maurier. Her and me, we share a fascination for these siblings and their too short lives up there on the moors. Du Maurier has scoured Branwell Brontë's notes and letters for clues of what led to his degeneration, and ultimately to his death. Epilepsy, it seems, prevented him from going to school. He was deeply affected by the death of his mother and his two older sisters. It also seems as if he stru [...]

  • Denise Mullins

    Imagine a book that contains the following elements: Free Masons, a sequestered upbringing by an overbearing but doting clergyman in the English countryside of the mid 1800s, drug abuse, alcoholism, obsessive love, and kinship with three of the most well-known female Gothic authors of the time. Add that the book is penned by an author who produced such wonderfully brooding works as “Jamaica Inn”, “Rebecca”, and “My Cousin Rachel”. You might expect a real page turner, but you’d be s [...]

  • Malvina

    Branwell Bronte was brother to famous author sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne. He was born 200 years ago this year (26 June 1817 - 24 September 1848), so it was fitting to read this to celebrate his birth bicentenary. His was a sad life, marked by depression, alcoholism, laudanum addiction, and an unhappy early death. Daphne du Maurie’s biography has excerpts from his letters, juvenilia and poetry, showing the brilliant but tormented mind of a man who never realised his worth in art or litera [...]

  • Aline

    A very interesting interpretation of Branwell as a kind of Shelley or Keats figure, although I definitely question the validity of this portrayal. I wonder if he merits this kind of romanticized origin story. It was her speculation regarding Emily's Wuthering Heights and Bramwell's involvement which made me particularly unconvinced. Was he really a genius? Either way, she does a good job of incorporating primary sources to craft this disturbing and sad tale, presenting the possible influence tha [...]

  • Hajdi

    The Infernal World of Bramwell Bronte was written in a much different tone than du Maurier uses in her many novels. I was hoping she had used her poetic license to paint an intriguing portrait of Bramwell Bronte, brother to the famous Bronte sisters. Instead, this book is dry and dull, very matter of fact. Many details about acquaintances could have been left out. The outline did not flow smoothly. It was not what I was hoping for.

  • Lisbeth

    Daphne du Maurier is mostly known for her novels (Rebecca, Frenchman's Creek and a lot of others), but she has actually written some non-fiction books as well. She was asked to write a new introduction to the new edition of Wuthering Heights in 1954 and so she went to Haworth. During her visit there she got intrigued by Branwell and could not understand why he had been ignored by Brontë researchers. From Margaret Forster's excellent biography of Dahpne du Maurier we find the following note:(it) [...]

  • Catherine

    This book is a curious blend of Du Maurier's imagination and scattered details of Branwell's life. She argues against his affair with Mrs. Robinson yet documents all the proofs of the affair. Very odd

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  • ✓ The Infernal World of Branwell Brontë || Â PDF Download by ¹ Daphne du Maurier
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