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As Maggie Mitchell enters her final semester of college, the last thing she wants is a guy in her life, let alone two of them Her new lab partner, Sawyer Reed, is still the overconfident and sexy jock that made fun of her in high school The only thing that has changed is that he now uses a wheelchair, the result of a skiing accident Jude Marino is a hot actor, who all tAs Maggie Mitchell enters her final semester of college, the last thing she wants is a guy in her life, let alone two of them Her new lab partner, Sawyer Reed, is still the overconfident and sexy jock that made fun of her in high school The only thing that has changed is that he now uses a wheelchair, the result of a skiing accident Jude Marino is a hot actor, who all the girls want and would do anything to get He works at a local theater where Maggie has been assigned to complete community services hours after rear ending a police car Both Sawyer and Jude want Maggie but only one of them will be able to capture her heart This new adult romance contains mature language and content indented for adult readers 18.

  • Title: Community Service
  • Author: Dakota Madison Karen Mueller Bryson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Dakota Madison Karen Mueller Bryson

USA TODAY Bestselling author Dakota Madison is known for writing new adult, love in midlife, and contemporary romance with a little spice and lots of heart Dakota is a winner of the prestigious RONE Award for Excellence in the Indie and Small Publishing Industry When she s not at her computer creating spicy stories Dakota likes to spend time with her husband and their bloodhounds Dakota also writes under the pen names SAVANNAH YOUNG, SIERRA AVALON and REN MONTERREY.

Comments Community Service

  • Karla

    3 Stars! Nice try, not a bad read, but it could use some work.I applaud the author in her attempt to write a disabled hero, Sawyer's a paraplegic, and she did an admirable job. But, some other elements of the story, like his confession about his attraction to Maggie and when it began, didn't make sense to me. However, it held my attention enough that I stayed with it to see how it all turned out.I read on the author's blog that she's trying to write 12 books in 12 months, and it's a gallant effo [...]

  • J

    "Community Service" was an okay book to read. Fairly simple in its writing and story and a good look at Sawyer, once a robust athlete, now confined to a wheelchair. What I would have really liked in this book, and I think it would have made a better story, was to get more of Sawyer's POV. At times he got angry and frustrated, but we only heard Maggie's (a girl who he had gone to high school with and now was in college with) reasons why she thought he was. I needed to know what was going on in Sa [...]

  • Linda Sims

    I liked this story it was a fairly quick read, if I have a complaint its that this needed to be fleshed out a bit more. The two leads relationship moved very quickly. But I really liked the characters. Sawyer was a complete sweetheart, he'd had a skiing accident which had left him paralysed and in a wheelchair. Maggie had been to high school with Sawyer, but he was a jock and very popular with the girls, and Maggie knew he would never look at her. But they're both at college now, and Maggie is p [...]

  • ♡ Jeri's Book Attic ♡

    I have had this book on my TBRpile since forever finally finding the time to read it I must say it was an enjoyable read. My problems with this story were basically for one the insta love between the leading characters. And the other was that, what happend between Sawyer and Jude was explained by a fact that for me would never suffice for the extrem dislike between them.For more Reviews subscribe my Blog : jeri-ryan.wix/jerisbookattic like my FB Page : facebook/JerisBookAttic

  • Christine

    I tried the sample and was unable to connect. If I am going to pay $2.99 for a ebook, the characters and stories need to grab me. My opinion. You may love it.

  • Anna Marie

    Someone read 'Harvard Hottie' and tried to do it better and failed.The story is about Maggie, who was a 'four-eyes freak with frizzy hair' in school, and Sawyer was the school hottie who picked on her on the bus (because he *liked* her). Years later, she's doing an internship, and who should be her partner, but Sawyer who is now in a wheelchair, after a conveniently uber-low spinal injury that of course still allows him to have sex, natch. Can you say *CHEAT*??In 'Harvard Hottie', the story is a [...]

  • Majanka

    Book Review originally published here: iheartreading/book-touIn Community Service, Maggie is starting a prestigious internship in college, and runs into a boy she’s last seen in high school, Sawyer. Only now he’s confined to a wheelchair, and anything but the popular jock he used to be. Like Maggie’s life isn’t tough enough already, she also has to do community service after driving into a cop’s car. She has to do community service in the local theatre, where she has to help an actor, [...]

  • Holly Price

    Maggie just got one of two spots in a prestigious internship and finds out that her lab partner ( the other recipient) is a guy that used to tease her in high school. A guy that was also a major jock and she has a serious crush on. Now that guy is in a wheelchair, but his charm and good looks aren't lessened one bit. He's also seriously interested in Maggie. Maggie, who has her own self-esteem issues, isn't sure if he's only interested now that he's in a wheelchair or if it's more. Add another l [...]

  • Katie(babs)

    DNFed 100 pages in. Great start but the introduction of the bad boy love interest to make this a triangle failed on the delivery for me.More at Booklikes: katiebabsoklikes/post/7

  • Goddess Of Blah

    The plot was ok, but executed appallingly.I thought it was a enemy-turn-lovers type story, but it's nothing like that, I'm not sure I can safely articulate what it is without misleading potential readers.=======================================CharactersMaggie Mitchell: 21 yo science student (former geek) was always a shy nerdy creature and a late bloomer. She attended the same school as Sawyer (who was her long-ago crush but she didn't think she stood a chance). She suffers severe self-esteem is [...]

  • FicCentral

    I have to admit that the cover for this book didn't exactly draw me in.  Fortunately, I took a look at the synopsis, and that's all it took.Maggie is in her senior year of college and is one of two students selected for a prestigious internship.  Much to her surprise, the other student chosen is Sawyer Reed, the very same Sawyer Reed who had girls throwing themselves at him in high school and spent years teasing Maggie, calling her Freaky Four Eyes.  It's kind of the perfect set-up for nerd g [...]

  • Tickled Pink for Book Ink

    A love triangle which seems to have a clear choice, but when the “perfect” guy is in a wheelchair you are bound to have second thoughts.Maggie Mitchell is stunned when her high school crush, Sawyer Reed, is her new lab partner and he’s still as hot as she remembers, only now he’s in a wheelchair and seems to have a crush on her too. When she is assigned to do community service at the local theater she meets Jude Marino, the sexy playboy actor from an influential family. He’s cocky and [...]

  • Christie72

    ***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.***Community Service is one of those great books that leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling after you finish it. Maggie has just been appointed a coveted research internship in her college’s Paleolimnology lab. She is quite surprised when she discovers her lab partner is Sawyer Reed, the guy who was every girl’s dream in high school. A lot has changed since then. Sawyer was involved in a ski accident that left him paralyzed. Bu [...]

  • Jody

    As a disabled person I was drawn to this story the moment I read the synopsis. From start to finish the author managed to balance a thought-provoking topic with an intense burgeoning relationship depicted in a realistic way. While that depiction sometimes went over-the-top in relation to the secondary characters, I still applaud the author in tackling such a heavy topic in a well-meaning and responsible way.Told from only the heroine's POV gives us insight into her fears and dilemma in choosing [...]

  • Julie

    Community Service by Dakota Madison is a 2013 Short on Time publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Maggie Mitchell is in her last semester in college and is about to start her internship. She gets the shock of her life when she finds out her lab partner is Sawyer Reed. She and Sawyer were classmates in high school, but Sawyer was popular, good looking and athletic and Maggie was a science nerd. Sadly, Sawyer was in a terrible accident that has left him [...]

  • Kimber Wheaton

    *I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*This is my second Dakota Madison novel, and I found Community Service to be as lighthearted and sweet as Fire on Ice. Sometimes it's just nice to curl up with a book that will leave me happy: no major angst, no horrible broken hearts, just sweet romance. If you are looking for that kind of read, then Dakota Madison is perfect for you. And she has no shortage of titles as she wraps up her 12 novels in 12 months campaign. I hav [...]

  • Zili

    3.5 - 4 Stars in my Sky!Community Service follows Uni senior Maggie as she begins a highly sort after science internship. The other intern is the uber hot former jock, Sawyer who was Maggie's high school crush and sort-of-bully. The big difference is that Sawyer is now in a wheelchair, but is still handsome and (at least on the surface) cocky and confident.After starting the internship Maggie releases she hasn't moved on from her crush on Sawyer and he's pretty instantly taken with her. After an [...]

  • Merissa (Archaeolibrarian)

    Wow! Just wow! As a reader of any particular genre, you will find yourself reading the same (ish) story, following the same guidelines as a lot of other books. It becomes the 'thing' to try and find a book with a different angle but that isn't just about that different angle. It still has to have a story that will intrigue and fascinate you. Dakota Madison has done that superbly with this book. The love triangle, the ugly ducking/swan transformation, the nerd and the jock, yep they've all been d [...]

  • Stina Madison

    Original Post: bibliophilesthoughtsonbooks.blMaggie Mitchell has an unexpected reunion with an old high school crush when she enters the lab for her undergraduate studies. But Sawyer Reed is a lot different than he was in high school. He is now in a wheelchair after a skiing accident paralyzed him. Maggie and Sawyer begin to reconnect, when she rear ends a police car and is sentenced to community service at The Little Theater, where she meets Jude Marino. Will Maggie be able to see past Sawyer's [...]

  • For the Love of Books

    4.5 Sweet Romantic StarsIf you are looking for a lighthearted sweet easy read, then Community Service is the book for you. It is a wonderful young adult romance that will just leave you feeling happy. Sometimes you just need a book that is not filled with all the angst, heartbreak, and betrayal, and this book provides that breath of fresh air. Community service is kind of a love triangle in a way, but once you read it, there really was no argument of who to pick between the two guys. So first, l [...]

  • D.E.

    Community Service tells the story of Maggie Mitchell and Sawyer Reed. Maggie and Sawyer went to high school, but were never friends. Sawyer was way out of Maggie’s league – or so she thought. Maggie turns up at her internship to see Sawyer is her lab partner – and he’s in a wheelchair. I enjoyed the story. It was a quick, easy and enjoyable read. Maggie, contrary to many romance heroines, is a smart, fun young woman. The novel was a good portrayal of handicapped persons and issues they h [...]

  • Calatasde

    Community Service was a wonderful book to read. Writing was so perfect and I can't get enough the book. I loved all characters. Maggie just got the one of two spots in a lab.The day is came and she's wondering who'll be her lab partner.Just like a fate her big high school crush is her new partnerbut something is not right. He's in the wheelchair.But he's still good looking. Back then Sawyer always tease Maggie all the time. Maggie so serious about the intership and she's hoping that Sawyer and n [...]

  • Kirsten

    4 1/2 stars This was a very good book with subject matter that kind of surprised me. I usually read the synopsis for books when I'm going to read them, but don't when I actually pick them up to read, so this one caught me off guard. I was pleasantly surprised though. I loved the fact that Dakota centers her books around controversial subject matter at times, which is very enlightening. I never knew anything about anyone who was a partial parapalegic until I read this book. The relationship betwe [...]

  • Farrah

    Community Service was a sweet New Adult romance and a lovely read. I really enjoyed reading this wonderful book.Maggie was a good heroine, for the most part. I liked that she was realistic and likable. But, I didn't like how she was a bit immature at times. I wanted her to actually fight for what she wanted, rather than pout about it. Overall, though, I thought she was okay.Sawyer was a total sweetie. I loved how he was determined to make Maggie happy, even if it wasn't with him. He was charming [...]

  • Emily

    In highschool Sawyer Reed was the boy everyone crushed on, including Maggie Mitchell. However their brief relationship usually ended as quick as it began with Sawyer teasing Maggie on the bus and Maggie wishing she was the type of girl he would look at.Now in her last semester of college, Maggie is about to be paired with a lab partner and unbeknownst to her it is Sawyer. Sawyer still maintains his handsome looks but there is one big change, the highschool jock is now in a wheelchair. Another sh [...]

  • Selina

    This was a quick, fun read. The main character is overwhelmed after encountering her high school crush who is very different than he was many years ago. Just as suddenly, she ends up having to work as a volunteer at a community theater where the lead actor tries to woo her. She suddenly goes from no love interests to two.This was a somewhat believable and sweet romance. I thought the bad guy was a bit too played up. I would have liked to see more vulnerability there. I also thought it was unreal [...]

  • Jeanie V.

    I really enjoyed this book. I would have liked for there to be more though. I thought Sawyer & Summer were so interesting - their whole family was worth exploring but wasn't. Actually, all the characters were interesting. Maggie, Maggie's mom, Maggie's dad, even Jude & his mom. I think there was so much the author could have done adding details about those relationships. I don't think the characters got enough "time" in the book. But that's just me! I did appreciate the sex scene in the [...]

  • Anna Marie

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.This book really wowed me! Maggie is a great character, still a little unsure of herself but at the same time confident in who she is. Her high school crush was of course more popular than her in high school and suddenly back in her life as she is getting ready to graduate college. Enters Sawyer who has changed since he was the popular high school jock. The most significant change is that he is no longer the popular jock but instead after an [...]

  • Tammy

    So it's usually a bad idea when I get a book just becuase of the guy on the cover or just because it's free, but this one turned out okay! I like that the hero is in a wheel chair, becuase that is not your typical romance trope. All the same stuff can get old after awhile. A decent story overall, but I do tend to like romances better when a greater part of the point of view is from the male character. There are some exceptions, but, usually, when I don't get into the guy's head enough - and I do [...]

  • Becky Price

    I absolutely loved this book! Once I started it I could not put it down and had to read it in one sitting. I loved the different characters that are introduced and I loved all the complexity and tension that is weaved through the story. It was so awesome to read about a love interest with a disability, because it really is a complex issue that brings up a lot of questions. The ending was perfect and I am so happy that I got to read this book. I am definitely buying and reading more of Dakota's b [...]

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