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By Colleen Masters | Comments: ( 999 ) | Date: ( Dec 14, 2019 )

Two star crossed lovers racing together at breakneck speeds, barreling along at 200 miles per hour willing to destroy everything and everyone in their path Siena can t escape She s trapped now How did she fall so helplessly, recklessly in love with the one man who could single handedly turn her life upside down Harrison has her wrapped up in his strong, muscular, tattoTwo star crossed lovers racing together at breakneck speeds, barreling along at 200 miles per hour willing to destroy everything and everyone in their path Siena can t escape She s trapped now How did she fall so helplessly, recklessly in love with the one man who could single handedly turn her life upside down Harrison has her wrapped up in his strong, muscular, tattooed arms Right where he wants her Right where she wants to be Even as the championship is decided and fate comes crashing down around them betrayal, blackmail, deathl seem like nothing compared to Siena s ultimate secret A Contemporary Romance New Adult Romance novel.

  • Title: Faster Longer
  • Author: Colleen Masters
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Colleen Masters

Hey there,I m Colleen Masters, author of the Faster Series Thank you so much for swinging by and checking out my stories As an indie romance author, your support means everything to me Let me tell you a little bit about myselfI grew up in Central Jersey, and studied Theatre Arts and English at Monmouth University Going to college right next to the beach Hell yes D My dream has always been to make a profession out of writing, so I moved to NYC five years ago and have been working my butt off to make that dream come true ever since Right now, I m living on the Upper East Side with my darling fianc and our corgi, Frodo Bit of a lit nerd, what can I say All of my friends get such a kick out of my survival job, but I don t really see my writing as a day job at all it s way too fun for that These books are truly a labor of love, and I m so happy to share them with you I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them xoCM

Comments Faster Longer

  • Catherine

    Seriously girl.other damn cliffhanger tho? Why do authors do this BS?? Honestly, this "series" could have been summed up in one f**king book!! On another note, you mean to tell me ALL this time & NOBODY figured out "that person" who the one behind all this unnecessary drama? I had that figured out back in book 2.

  • Irida

    4.5 StarsI loved the story development and the suspense, but I would have loved a bit more romance or time dedicated to only Siena and Harrison. And of course for dragging so long the issue of the sabotage.I mean it wasn't hard for the reader to understand who was doing all thatI got a bit frustrated that it took her so long to figure it out even where every evidence screamed Marquez name. I figured he was the one since the first incident in book 1. So dragging the solving for 2 books made her l [...]

  • Tina Nguyen

    It was okay. I mean I do like the series, but I think that the author now is trying too hard to get the series out, which in turn takes away from the story. Yes, there's a lot of "secrets," some of which can be guessed right away from the blurb, and some from just reading the novella. I would hope that more authors would stop with this whole novella thing, but it seems to be catching on really fast. Hopefully the next installment in this series will bring everything to a close.

  • Saha

    Well this is awkward. The rate with which I have read these books has been racing speed. I have been looking forward to finishing the series so much. Yet as I approach the green flag, I can't but feel cheated.The jig is up. Twisted out of proportion of course, but that's modern media for you. Harrison and Siena face a sea of disapproval as their secret love affair hits the front page, and the rift between them is irrevocable. But these two can't keep away from each other for too long, and lo and [...]

  • iloveladyporn

    Have I told you yet that I love this series? well I do!Siena is one step behind all this chaos that is surrounding her. Just when she thinks she's going to get a handle on it things blow up. Now that her and Harrison's relationship is splashed all over the place she isn't taking things so well so she runs. Lucky for her she has a smart women in her corner and a determined lover. Things still get worse from here and she has to figure out who is behind all of it before someone else gets hurt. It's [...]

  • Sarah

    I appreciate that I learned about Formula 1 in this series but it never took over the book, or alienated anyone outside of that particular interest group. Loved the play on the classic Romeo and Juliet story, especially the balcony scene when Harrison goes to Italy. I feel like the fourth book will bring some heartbreak, but lots of joy with Enzo and Harrison's race results, an engagement, and another fun surprise that I won't spill here! Can't wait until January.

  • Vieira

    This book did not disapoint it was terrific!!! The best one of the series by far. The story was fast paced and really written well. The author had you pointing fingers at everyone it kept you at the edge of your seat. I love Harrison so much he's so sexy and with Siena wowza they were all sorts of HOT! I love the side characters too. I really adored Mamma Lazio I hope we get more from her. I can not wait to read the next book!!!

  • Nicole

    3/3.5 stars I'm glad that I came to this series late enough that book 3 was available immediately after I'd finished books one and two. I hate having to wait a long time between books in a series, and I'm always reading so many things that it tends to be a struggle to remember pertinent details of previous outings if any significant amount of time passes between when the books are published. Since I read book three in the same week that I read books one and two, I actually remembered lots of det [...]

  • Shonda Franks

    This is the third book in the Take Me Series. Siena and Harrison are head over heels in love with each other now. "Someone" releases the photos of them to the public. They come out to their families and team. Everyone is pissed. The skeevy driver that released the photos catches up to Enzo and Harrison on the leader board. They decide they are gonna be together and everything else be damned. Totally transparent book. No surprise. No mystery. No excitement. I will read the next book in the series [...]

  • Book-Bosomedblog

    The third book, Faster Longer, deals with the fall out and aftermath of the tabloids and paparazzi. Well actually book #3 treats us to a steamy bath scene first!“I would not have pegged Harrison Davies for the candles and bath salts type when we first met, but he continues to surprise me every day. My man can go from devil-may-care bad boy to sensual lover as quickly as his F1 car goes from zero to two hundred miles per hour.” —SienaAlso, readers finally get to meet “Mama” Lazio and wh [...]

  • Kathleen

    Ok, I was a little frustrated throughout this book. I love this series but this one had me on the cliff of a rating between 4 and 5 stars. I ended up giving five because I like the characters and the writing style that much but it was close.In this installment of Siena and Harrison, their relationship has been revealed to the world. With that, the media, Siena's brother/Harrison's rival, and the stalker who seems out to ruin their shot at happiness, tries to turn their romance into something ugl [...]

  • Niccisbookblog higginson

    This is such a good third book this story has had me gripped all weekend im flying through these books, ive read three in two days!I am kind off pissed that the author gave us these brilliantly talented characters but then made them so dumb that they didnt figure out who the black mailer guy was ?!?!?! i figured it out in the last book.That being said i still did like this book that was just a niggle i had. I still love the tatted, beautiful, hot, race driver that is Harrison. Harrison is such a [...]

  • Claudia

    So the excitement on and off the track was better than the previous installment. Tragedy after tragedy happened on the race track. Some friends were hurt and in that lost their careers. Though the pair that was suppose to be hurt lived with the regret. Rumors and gossip swirled around them. How Seina, Enzo, and Bed managed to keep and maintain healthy relationships I don't know. I was happy to know that their manage to survive to see the end result of the season. Though now that its over what do [...]

  • Lissa Smith Reads'~Bookaholics Bookshelf Reviews

    So much emotional shit happens in this slice of the series. Some I thought more time should have been spent on. It was brought to make you gasp, but not grab the full range of emotions. The villain is at last revealed to the clueless characters. And hot Damon it ends on a gleeful note that will have me checking out book 4 in January to see some weddings, life and death. I'm sure it will be an emotional book with the path the author has laid out. I just hope she pulls it offCOMMENDATIONS1. New Ad [...]

  • Dena

    This was a compelling story of suspense that involved all the characters. Someone is out to get them. We just don't know who it is and what they want. I was hoping Siena would get her stuff together to find out who it was. She is smart feisty and compassionate. The tabloids are out to get her and Harrison and the family is falling apart due to Alphonso dying. As the story unfolds and we see that the 2 characters are working together and their realtionship is stronger than ever because of it we s [...]

  • Anna

    Siena and Harrison seemed to act a little out of character when they jumped to conclusions about each other with other people but at least each incident was resolved pretty quickly instead of being dragged out into dreaded big misunderstandings. Also, it was totally obvious who was behind all the crap that was going on even though the author waited until the last second to have Siena to figure it out.

  • booklover

    ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT !!!!!!!!This one starts under the safety car as secrets are being exposed,and then we hit the safety car laps as lives are on the line due to 1 persons reckless driving and willingness to do all it takes to win. Then just when you think it's all clear and the safety car can go in oh no !!! Out with the red flag Once the track is cleared and the truth has been uncovered the race is back on at full pelt !!!!

  • Dana

    Series is improving! I thought this one was the best of the three I've read thus far. Far fewer editing issues, first of all. And I'm really getting into the story of Harrison and Siena. Of course, it took the whole book to get to who was messing with the drivers and I don't think it took me (or anyone else) more than the first quarter of the book to actually figure it out. But - that didn't make the story less enjoyable.About to start the final book!

  • Yolanda

    The series is progressing really good although, I don't know why it took the whole book for them to figure out who was messing everything up. Enzo really kills me with his mess and how he thinks he should be allowed to be with Shelby and Siena shouldn't be with Harrison. I guess he will get better in the next book hopefully because Harrison did help him in the end. I also, thought it was predictable because I knew what would happen in the end of the book.

  • Saunders

    I am sorry to say that this trilogy just did not tick any of my boxes. Thought the trilogy aspect wasted the story - it just got lost. the author also had difficulties with Btitish-isms. No British man would say and " and some" not would a British man address Siena's mother as "Ma'am. He would call her Mrs Lazio (unless he was addressing the Queen)! I also didn't get the bad boy racer aspect.

  • Absent

    Love this installment! It was unexpected for me. At the first 2 books i really suspected it was Shelby but it turns out to be Marquez. The story is great except the unnecessary cliffhangers, the author could've finish this story in just 1 book. At least the author chose to cut this story (again!) when everything about the tournament is cleared/concluded. ♥ I would love ti read Lorenzo's story. Hope he has his own book :*

  • Donna Repsher

    I enjoyed this installment every bit and much as I enjoyed the first and second installments. I'm still surprised by my fondness for this series, since F1 racing is the last thing I'd ever watch, but the author combines that with romance, intrigue, gossip, and some steamy loves scenes as well as a good mystery--it's a winning combination. And by the way, Harrison gets hotter and hotter!

  • Julie

    Siena and Harrison story continuesWe get more in depth and get answers as to who is sabotaging the races and the lengths they will go to to get what they want. I love seeing the teams come together as a united front to face the problems they are having. This book is still fast paced and full of action!! Harrison and Siena are hot and quite a team!!I want more of this series!!

  • Emily

    A lot happens in this installment of the series. I enjoyed it a bit more than the second book. I read it quickly and it kept me hooked for hours. A quick and easy read! I am so glad this author doesn't make you wait months for the next book. For that alone I would give this 5 stars! Keep them coming!!!

  • Erica

    Getting betterThis series just needs to end. This could have been one good novel instead of numerous mini novels. This one was much better than the other two with the majority of it focused on the scandal.

  • Leighanne Cooper nottingham

    Loved it!!!4.5 stars I love Harrison and Siena so much Harrison is a great guy to Siena you will love this book just as much as the first two lots of action, suspense, and of course romantic stuff as well

  • Casey

    Wow! I love this series. I finished reading in 5 hours! Siena and Harrison are finally able to be together publicly. The mystery blackmailer/ saboteur is now the straining factor in their romance. I was very happy with the way this series has played out. I am anxiously awaiting book 4.

  • Angarad

    Finally all is out!! Photos, relationships, false videos All is used her to discredit Siena and Harrison. But finally, everything comes to an end. The mastermind is found out ( I so wanted to shake them, it was so obvious) and we finish with a beautiful victory and quite a nice surprise.

  • Bookabulary

    Some of the irregularities from how Formula One really works still bothered me a bit. But I have let all that slide and have accepted that this series has simplified it enough to make it more readable by non-F1 fans.Full review on Bookabulary.

  • Stacy Wollett

    OMG cliffhanger! I can't wait to find out more on Siena and Harrisons story. I love Enzo and Bex and Charlie oh and don't forget Andy and his wife. I love the characters and the development of the story. So excited for the next book!!

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