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Alternate cover edition for ISBN 10 1490406794 ISBN 13 9781490406794 Fairy tales don t exist There are no knights in shining armor and for all I know there is no such thing as real, honest to God, Earth shattering romance There is only comfort and ease when it comes to real love I should consider myself lucky to have found someone who I m comfortable with There areAlternate cover edition for ISBN 10 1490406794 ISBN 13 9781490406794 Fairy tales don t exist There are no knights in shining armor and for all I know there is no such thing as real, honest to God, Earth shattering romance There is only comfort and ease when it comes to real love I should consider myself lucky to have found someone who I m comfortable with There are no waves, there are no bumps in the road so why do I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin Life for Gabriella had always been straightforward, albeit a bit boring, but a passionate, almost magical, encounter with an enigmatic stranger catapults her into evolving into stronger version of herself Her evolution does not come without consequence, though Gabriella learns the hard way that turning on the lights can reveal just as much ugly as it can beauty She discovers that the comfortable relationship she d been idling in for too long is, in fact, far dangerous than she ever imagined and finds herself desperate for the inexplicable comfort she finds in the arms of a stranger.

  • Title: Her Soundtrack
  • Author: R.Matthews
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 126
  • Format: ebook

About Author:


I d certainly like to be a fearsome thing to beholdI m a new author out of New England where I live with my husband and devoted dog My favorite activity is drinking a good white wine by the pool while reading high quality smut and pretending not to people watch from behind big sunglasses.I highly encourage lending books There s nothing like holding a great book in your hand and feeling the pages, but now that I ve succumbed to the wonders of e reading, I have to admit this whole lending option is pretty nifty.Thank you for any and all support Her Soundtrack rnesandnoble w her sfacebook renee.31

Comments Her Soundtrack

  • Renee

    You did it Renee you wrote a GREAT FREAKING book “If every word I said, could make you laugh, I’d talk forever. I asked the sky just what we had, Oooo… it shone forever. If the song I sing to you, could fill your heart with joy, I’d sing forever. Let the love I have for you, live in your heart and beat forever.” location 5543 I loved this book for all the richness it beholds. The ,main character and her family were like many I know and the one I grew up in. Gabriella was one of 5 child [...]

  • Fatima

    Fell in love with the story from the very beginning. Something about being in Italy makes you fall in love immediatly, especially if you add a very sexy man into the mix.Gabriella is in a relationship with David out of routine, comfort ant to please her parents, but as soon as she attends a masquarede party and meets Jonathan all that changes. Their attraction is immediate. It's love/ lust at first sight. Scared, Gabriella runs out on him though Dumb girl.Back in the Stated they run into each ot [...]

  • Linda

    Amalfi Coast, ItalyI really enjoyed this book, it had a little bit of everything. The story line is full of love, laughter, heartache, anger and overall personal growth. The ending was sweet, I definitely wanted more. I think the author did a fabulous job at her first novel. I'm looking forward to reading this story from Jonathan's point of view.

  • Fran

    PPFF Rating: 3.5/5 StarsLove at first sight does exist.This started out to be an awfully familiar story to me. You know, that feeling of being in a relationship which felt safe and comfortable and yet, you can't help but wonder if those are enough to make you stay. But then it also makes you ask yourself: am I willing to leave my comfort zone for the unknown? Does true love - one that's so powerful and Earth-shattering - even exist?Well, this was the dilemma that Gabriella (the heroine) was goin [...]

  • Irene

    What a beautiful romantic story this is, from the beginning it easily flowed with descriptive writing. Gabriella meets her Prince Charming on her trip to Italy with her parents. Unfortunately the romance is cut short because of a business transaction that comes between her and the handsome stranger she met at the masquerade ball.The story picks up when she is back in the US and she has to choose between David the man she has been dating and expected to marry and the super rich Jonathan Di Luca. [...]

  • Jill

    Thanks for the book rec, Fatima!!!

  • SecretNinjaGRL

    This book was good. I loved how it started out and developed in to Ella finding her self through a 'break from reality' and ending up meeting her true soul mate.I found myself coming upset and wanting to reach through the pages when she became weak and took David back and how she continued to allow him to treat her so poorly. I just wanted to yell and slap her around a bit to ensure that she somehow, someway grew a backbone and stood up for herself and her unborn child.Then, as fate would have i [...]

  • AngelinaT

    I am not sure where to begin! I looooved this story. I read it in one sitting from start to finish and couldn't put it down for a minute! From the first to last page there was so much emotion that it had me sighing, crying and holding my breath throughout. I felt for Ella from the start however there were points when she became weak that I wanted to scream. Jonathon was a dream and I know it's fiction but it still makes me want to believe in fairy tales when I read something like this. I don't w [...]

  • Tonya

    A beautiful 41/2 stars!!!!I really enjoyed this book, it had everything I fall in love with. Great characters, well written, love, some angst, and a little suspense. In the beginning I understood that Ella and David were not right for each other. She was living a life for others with the exception of her chosen profession which others were not so thrilled about but Ella loved helping people. She saw things differently. David was all about statistics and society. He wanted it all like his family. [...]

  • TeriLyn

    **Her Soundtrack generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**There’s a song for every chapter in the aptly named title, Her Soundtrack, and I loved the author’s choice to include each one. Music and reading most always go hand in hand for me so it’s especially rewarding to listen to the songs of the author’s choosing. Ms. Matthews novel follows the journey of Gabriella on a passionate journey of mystery, angst, and discovery. The romance poses as the instant love [...]

  • ♥Sharon♥

    I am really not that good at writing reviews. But here goes.Did I enjoy the book? Yes, I enjoyed reading Ella and Jonathan's love story. It was sweet and loving.What about the characters? Ella was great! She was a kind, compassionate and she knew how to give of her love. Jonathan was perfect. He was generous and loving. He had so much love he needed to give. David, well he was mean and hateful. Claudia was sweet. Did I like the story line? I thought Ella and Jonathan story touched on a variety o [...]

  • L. Duarte

    Great ReadWhen I read the synopsis for this book, I found interesting and decided to give it a go thinking it would be an Ok read. I was so wrong. This book is amazing. I immediately fell in love with Ella and then, I fell in love with Jonathan. Ella is that kind of person you want to be friends with and Jonathan is swoon worthy. I found myself rooting for Ella and broken hearted for her.One aspect I dislike on many self-published books is the manipulation of the truth on an attempt to create an [...]

  • akirE Baello

    I really love this book. Jonathan and Gabriella is one of my favorite couples after reading this book. I hope there is a sequel. R. Matthews writing is amazing.

  • Kirstie

    WOW! What a "Complete" story. This story had all the elements you can think of, a young inexperienced girl who has spent her life being the good girla billionaire playboy who has shielded his heart since the passing of his mothera holiday fling that lingers on in their mindsd a re-ignition of the passionate affair just when they both thought it was a once off situationThen comes the complicationse's already taken, he's a rival to her father's businesseven as the story progresses you are eased in [...]

  • Gloria Herrera for As You Wish Reviews

    Fairy tales do come true except in reality they do come at a price.Gabriella and Jonathan fell in love at first sight, first touch, first kiss. Fate must have intervened, because here they were two strangers whose lives were about to intersect and change the course of their lives, thousands of miles from home. Although we normally suspend our brains from disbelieving when we read a romance novel, it does take a bit more to turn off the skeptic in us to believe that two people could intersect lik [...]

  • Dawn Chic

    3.5 stars for me.I really enjoyed Her Soundtrack I was hooked from the beginning and enjoyed it the whole way through. I love a good HEA with some drama and excitement sprinkled throughout, and Her Soundtrack did not disappoint. I LOVED that each chapter was titled with a different song and artist ranging from Closer by Nine Inch Nails, Forever by The Beach Boys, to Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright, and many more.For me, I would of liked to have seen the development of Ella and Jonathan's relation [...]

  • Angela

    I love this story!! Spoiler alert. I was given this story in exchange for an honest review. Thank you :) Ella is a good Italian and Irish catholic girl from an affluent family of hard working means. She dated David all through school but something never seemed right with him - even though he was always a complete gentlemen and everyone thought they fit together. While on a trip to Italy at a masquerade ball she meets a mysterious man and the chemistry between them is hot hot hot!! When she retur [...]

  • Autumn

    Such a fabulously sweet and tender love story!Full review on Martini Timesrtinitimes/1/post/20

  • MissyGirl

    (view spoiler)[search kindle library: "181" (hide spoiler)]

  • Jenniferღ

    A really truly enjoyable read with the right amount of love, loss, sex, religion and family moments. I really am looking forward to the second book in this series.

  • Nance

    ***POSSIBLE SPOILERS PRESENT WITHIN REVIEW***I really enjoyed this novel by newcomer, R. Matthews! The author creates an inst-love romance with two wonderfully memorable characters. This novel full of romance, heat, and high-intensive drama was quick to read and most impressive. Both main characters were likeable, strongly supportive, and protective in nature.The scene where Ella and Jonathan first meet at the “masquerade” is my favorite with the romantic intrigue of who her dancing partner [...]

  • Hayley Segar

    I quite literally JUST finished this book not more than a minute ago, so I thoughtwhy not review while my emotions are still fresh?Let me first start off by saying that this was the first romance novel I have ever read. That does not mean my review should be discreditedI am an avid reader with an affinity for suspense/thriller books and chick lit. This is a book that kept getting better and better. You grow relationships with the characters. Your emotions ebb and flow WITH the characters. In the [...]

  • Kitty Berry

    The author very cleverly named her book, Her Soundtrack then entitled each chapter with the name of a different song from her eclectic taste in music. She begins the synopsis for this book by stating that “Fairy tales don’t exist” but she has proved that wrong with her first body of work. From the first time Ella and Jonathon meet the author makes you want them to be together. The characters display their emotions on their sleeves allowing the reader to experience their joy and pain as if [...]

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

    Leigh4 STARSAs the two books that comprise the Masquerade Series, these stories were simply beautiful and delight to read.Gabriella Kelly is the only daughter in an old fashioned and religious family. Raised to always do what is expected of her, she is dutifully in a passionless relationship with the son of a wealthy family, where it is expected that she will get married and settle into her life. But on a trip to Italy with her parents, Ella starts to question her life and relationships when she [...]

  • Jackie's Book Review

    Let me first say that I love to read books from new authors. I feel that this is what writing is all about. Every new author has her or his own way of telling a story and in this book I loved the way R. Matthews wrote this fairy tale love story.The main characters in this book are Gabriella Kelly and Jonathan diLuca, they meet at what else a masquerade ball in Italy while Gabriella in their on vacation with her parents. (Does this remind you of a certain fairy tale?) They meet, Jonanthan is smit [...]

  • AiraCabrera

    Gabriella is from a very religious family. She has been with her boyfriend David for years and they haven't went beyond kissing and hugging. Gabriella likes to think that this is because she is so religious and she wants to save herself for marriage, but it's not that at all. She just doesn't feel sparks when David touches her and he's more of an acquaintance that you kiss sometimes when you feel like it rather than a boyfriend. There's just nothing there. Gabriella and her parents go to Italy f [...]

  • Lola

    Let me start off by saying WOW and if you want to read a romance novel that will grab a hold of your attention and take you on an emotional/swooning joyride, READ THIS BOOK!!!I have never been so grateful for a recommendation by an author so much in my life!Let me tell you why. Two words. Jonathan di Luca! Holy cow! If there ever needs to a fictional character to come to life, it's him!! Damn that man can melt your heart because lord knows he did mine.So, aside from the #1 reason to read this bo [...]

  • Nicole

    This was a great romance book. Not only did it keep the reader interested, but it shows the change in a woman who goes from doing what others what to doing what she wants. Gabriella is a devote daughter who does everything that her parents want of her to make them proud. She has also been a loyal girlfriend to David for four years. That was until her graduation trip with her parents. Out of character for Ella, she goes to a party alone and meets Jonathan. While with Jonathan, she does things she [...]

  • Cari

    It has all the key ingredients for a great romance: a hot couple that you can't help but root for, intense attraction, passion, a bit of mystery, heartbreak with a happy ending, & good supporting characters. At first I felt bad for David as the romance between Ella and Jonathan took flight. But you can't blame them with a great backdrop in the Amalfi Coast to lose your inhibitions. I just love Italy. Ah the romance. Early on Ella stood up to be her own strong person, but a little ways into t [...]

  • Charli ღ Denae

    I'd heard that 'Her Soundtrack' by R. Matthews was a good story but I didn't think it would suck me in the way it did. Despite many typos and an annoying 'reunion' with the villian, I can certainly understand why so many readers were recommending it. As the good, Catholic daughter of a wealthy, upstanding Irish-Italian family, Gabriella (Ella) Kelly seems to have the perfect life. Newly graduated from nursing school, she accompanies her parents to Italy for a short holiday while her father's the [...]

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